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streched helmet bug. please fix has been around for over 6 months

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streched helmet bug. please fix has been around for over 6 months

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10.04.2017 , 11:09 AM | #1
the following is taken from a post that i wrote 6 months ago regarding a bug. i posted it in the new player forum and maybe moving it here will get it fixed
ive recently returned to the game and have been playing thru the kotee story again.

ive noticed in several cutscenes the bounty trackers hat from the bounty hunter event artifacts. this occurs at the same point every time in each of the cutscenes effected. only with that hat equiped (have tried 4 diff helms as well as helmless)

i have some screen shots of one time it occured with pics of it happening with the helm and not with another

with diff helm and no bug

with bounty tracker helm and the bug


gtx 1070 founders edition 8gb
i7 4790k at 4ghz
16 gigs of ram
windows 10

everything else runs absolutely fine. ive played ghost recon wildands and for honor recently with no problems. as well as verious other less recent games with no issues as well
copied this from my old post that i posted around 6 months ago in new player help , the bug is still there and i found an additional costume thats affected now

the thorn containment outfit now has this bug as well. hoping for a fix soon but seeing as it hasnt been fixed sinse i last played (6 months ago) i have low hopes
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