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We want new classes!

Vercundus's Avatar

10.06.2017 , 06:09 AM | #21
We all want it? No, we don't.

Plus, this topic is obvious trolling and a click bait.
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daveOreally's Avatar

10.06.2017 , 08:46 AM | #22
Actually, no. It's not clickbait nor trolling. I was expressing opinion of my own as well as something I've seen said multiple times on the forums.

BaserkerK's Avatar

10.07.2017 , 03:26 PM | #23
Personally I think that it would be awesome to be able to replay some classes with the abilities of another class,
For example to play the Imperial agent story line as a sith Inquisitor or Jedi Knight turned Fallen Jedi

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

10.08.2017 , 02:59 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by daveOreally View Post
Actually, no. It's not clickbait nor trolling. I was expressing opinion of my own as well as something I've seen said multiple times on the forums.
Really? You've seen *EVERYONE* saying they want a new class? Including me? No. You haven't. You've seen *some* people saying it. And I've seen plenty of people over the last four years that I've been following the forums say that they don't want a new class, or at least that they are indifferent to the question.
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psandak's Avatar

10.08.2017 , 09:25 AM | #25
To those suggesting that there would have to be new chapters 1-3 to parallel the original 8 stories...I disagree. They could create a new shorter story that parallels KOTFE/KOTET but meets up with the eternal alliance after those events, where this new class simply can never be the alliance commander and therefore cannot partake of the ongoing story; once this new class story is's done FOREVER. This would alleviate the requirement for mirrored classes because this class could be faction independent, but at some point - probably at the end of this new class story - the character would have to choose between the empire and republic (much like we do on Iokath).

That said, the issue is RESOURCES. As someone else pointed out, the resources involved in development of a new class are monumental. With the "surprise" of server merges it is clear that this past year has been dedicated to that project; the lack of playable content is the result of resources being funneled into the server merges technical and logistical issues. So, the question is: would we be OK with another year like 2017 if we could get a new class from it? My answer is no thank you.

The additional advanced classes/new disciplines for existing ACs is the more likely solution to this request, but as someone else pointed out already, the greater the diversity the more difficult balance becomes. I remember when the Deathknight was added to WoW, it was completely outta OP. Or when paladins and shamans flipped sides (originally paladins were alliance only and shamans were horde only) rebalancing had to be done because there were unintended/unanticipated synergies.
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SaerethDL's Avatar

10.08.2017 , 06:19 PM | #26
I do think the next expansion needs to be a full expansion the size of gw2 or wow type expansions and charge full price.. a new class should be included along with a new storyline, new planets, new companions. etc
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AshurDarksoul's Avatar

10.08.2017 , 10:57 PM | #27
As much trouble bioware seems to have "balancing" existing classes, i would be surprised if they decided to add more making balancing even more of a nightmare for them....

That said, would love to see a Tera Kasie (sp) martial artist themed class like the swg version or the blind guy Chiro in Rogue One


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10.08.2017 , 11:43 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
I don't want it. So, no, it is not the case that "we all want it". Speak for yourself, not for me.
Gotta agree with Steve here.🎅
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Paulsutherland's Avatar

10.09.2017 , 04:56 AM | #29
I'd rather they go back to the original eight ... or failing that ... Imp vs Pub ... or failing that .. Force User & Non Force User.

Matulandi's Avatar

10.10.2017 , 09:04 PM | #30
I don't understand the mindset of the people on here who oppose this idea, especially those who seem emotional about it. New classes are an *addition* to the game, they would literally add something new to the game. Why would you not want anything that can add to your game? If this is an actual poll from BW and they're saying "would you like to add new classes into SWTOR *but*..." followed by some sacrifice/trade off like increased subscription, then yeah, I'd get that, but this is just one of us voicing his opinion. There is no trade-off in this scenario, nothing that you have to sacrifice to get the new classes. Why some of you would oppose this with a passion is beyond me.
I would have loved to get new classes. Of course realistically, I don't see that happening. But in terms of what I want to have, not what is possible, of course I would want that. Why would you be a player of this game and not want this?
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