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SWTOR Autumn Roadmap 2017

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Eanelinea's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:01 PM | #111
Server merges are awesome, HOWEVER, I have ONE major question to ask...

What is going to happen to people's names?

I had to rename my characters TWICE when we did the first merges, I DO NOT want to have to rename my characters again. Especially if I've had my names for almost 6 years and some newbie comes in or I go in, and I have to change my name cause it competes with that person's name on another server or whathaveyou.

Please tell me, you guys figured out a way to make the change easily and NOT have us have to rename our characters. It's extremely annoying.
Bioware, please remember our companion spouses when doing new expansions. I want scenes, letters, or something from them, saying they're worried!

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10.02.2017 , 03:02 PM | #112
Keith and the dev team, I want to hug and kiss you right now! Thank you so much for the Roadmap and thank you so much for the amazing content you have in store for us! Finally we are going to see the Chiss more, how exciting is that! And Copero is the planet where the Chiss ruling family Mitth comes from... I see what you did there, Bioware, catering to the Thrawn fans is a very nice notion It is an understatement to say that I am content with what will be coming to SWTOR this year and early next!
ATTENTION: Include the Twi'lek into the 3 new eye colours from Appearance Options: Expanded Selections in the next patch. It was a huge mistake to not do this from the start as they are being grossly neglected as a playable species.
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10.02.2017 , 03:02 PM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by Quraswren View Post
While interesting.

That still the next TWO MONTHS with no NEW content.

Then after two months of no new content what we do get isn't what one would call "a lot":

NAHUT - The 3rd Boss Encounter for Gods from the Machine Operation
New Flashpoint on Copero – Find out what Theron’s been up to with the Chiss
New PvP map
New GSF Map set in the Orbit above Iokath

Thats the new content for the next 3 months. Two of which gives nothing.
Yeah, 'cause a lot of those two months are going to be spent making sure the giant server merges go off without a hitch. Not a lot of room for releasing new content in among that mess. I'm okay with waiting - I just hope said merges go smoothly!
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10.02.2017 , 03:02 PM | #114
I have a question regarding strongholds. I currently have six fully decorated strongholds. I only have one legacy on one server.

As I was not playing when the last server merges took place, I would like to clarify how this will be handled.

My understanding is that I will retain all my strongholds (even if they were bought with credits, not cartel coins) and that I will keep all my decorations.

Is this correct? And would I be also correct in assuming that my strongholds will lose their decorations, meaning I will have to decorate them again?

Not complaining, just clarifying. Thanks to anyone who answers.

BenKatarn's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:04 PM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Partially correct. Yes you will go up to 156 characters on that server, the limit is staying at 52 (the 50 is a typo I am working on fixing now). In fact, that 52 number is likely to go up with the update, just locking down details on it.

I am not sure how the server character caps will affect transfers, let me look into that.

This has some interesting possibilities for RPers with extensive legacies. A legacy of 156 characters? To quote Doctor Oggurobb, "I salivate to contemplate the contributions" of such an occurrence. I think I will need to make several more characters this week in order to prepare.
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menofhorror's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:04 PM | #116
There are seriously people here who want to remain in their dead servers, what the actual hell.

Aluba's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:04 PM | #117
Server merges could be good. So, my question is: Will there be adjustments in correlation with a higher population, such as spawn rates etc.?

FlameYOL's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:06 PM | #118
Well that was a pleasant surprise. I think it's good that Nahut is coming along and that the story will progress with another flashpoint, also good to know GSF will finally get a new map as it has been dying for an update. I think it's somewhat disappointing however that we won't have gods from the machine complete this year as it was previously stated if memory serves. And good to know we're getting server mergers, which In think the game is in dire need of.
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Cowoline's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:06 PM | #119
Well that was...... MEH... it's the best word I have to describe how I feel about this.

And I am guessing Vector is not going to be returning anytime soon then? Seems a little odd to keep putting him off and then introduce Temple instead (and I know she fits in with the Chiss).

mrobviousinaz's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 03:07 PM | #120
There are some excellent and very positive changes here.

On companions, can you please review companion balance and performance?

Some examples include: Shae Vizla is by far the highest DPS companion, HK-51 has the lowest DPS of almost any companion, Treek is hopelessly broken in all stances.

Nice community thread here: