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The alliance Templars's present : A Holiday Special

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The alliance Templars's present : A Holiday Special

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10.02.2017 , 02:21 AM | #1
Let us make one thing clear to start, we're not all to serious about this event, hence the name, yes you can join if you're not in our guild or in a another one but that said:
We will not tolorate rude behaviour and or trolling this is suppost to be fun for all !

So yes all we are doing a holiday special, so what's that all about

well, in this case, we aim to do the seeker droid quest on Saturday the 14th, so the more the merrier

We now take questions from the audiance ...

Q: What's a seeker droid quest?

A: take a look at :

Q: how do we start?

A: Well we start at the guild ship/fleet and from there on we will go and get the quest and so on..

Q: At what time do we start?

A: 20.00 CET , that's 8 o'clock in the evening central european time

Q: That's boring!

A: not a question but we'll allow it

Q: I'v already done the quest but couldn't find anyone to do the Heroic 4

A : also not a question but now you're change .. right?

Q: why holiday special

A: eeeeehmmmm, we didn't want you to get your hopes up, we couldn't think of a better title (we're really lazy) or
the Star Wars Holiday special is ...the best movie ever! - just pick one

So come join on Saturday the 14th for the spectacular holiday special and remember :

They seek it here they seek it there

those darn templars seem to seek it everywere

Is it on Alderaan or is it on Vos?

We seem tobe totally at a loss

Like our smallest compagnion is Treek

It's the quest giver that we still seek

See ya all!