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merc and commando reflect animation

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merc and commando reflect animation

AlCorazon's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 06:59 PM | #1
Sup guys, since forum is quiet, I will ask it.
Do you notice that commando reflect bubble animation is less obvios? Sometimes i notice hitting the bastards with it on. While mercenary animation for reflect is obvious.
So goes for energy shield for mercs and mandos, mandos is more obvious.
Energy shield I care less about, since i find it pretty useless.
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Wimbleton's Avatar

10.02.2017 , 04:50 AM | #2
They are switched for mando/merc. Blue for merc is ES, for mando its safeguards, yellow for merc is safeguards, for mando its ES. It's pretty simple and both are very recognizable from a visible perspective. Visually and audibly detecting the melee defensives is much more difficult. But regardless, they are all fine, with time noticing them is second nature.

MercenaryPlayer's Avatar

10.04.2017 , 01:36 PM | #3
Of all the animation choices you could possibly cry about and you pick one that doesn't even matter. How about complaining about something like....oh....idk....maybe MAG SHOT?!?

The animation for Merc Reflect is fine as is and, doesn't in any way affect Merc's ability to dps or use other abilities.

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WickedGonzo's Avatar

10.06.2017 , 11:49 AM | #4
My pet peeve is with the new shroud. I can't for the love of me see when the enemy activates it, especially if the ****er already has deflection up. To think that I played sin since 1.2 (until 5.0 when they ****ed it) just to not even recognize my main of 4 years anymore...