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Returning Player LF Guild

VelothUndermine's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 09:37 AM | #1
Seems I've been reading a lot of threads like this, and hope I'm successful.

I'm looking for an active guild that can help me get back into the game. I'm enjoying the changes and would like to stay somewhat active. I'd prefer a guild that raids weekends since I have other game commitments on T/R/Sun. Preferably want the guild to be 18+. While the hardcore raiding is fun, I don't want to be part of that scene in this game. Just something to come on and clear out and move forwards at a reasonable pace. I've got Imperial and Republic characters I enjoy playing, so either way would work.

Hope to hear from you! If you would like, you can contact me in the game @ Ve'loth (republic).