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Star Fortress balancing

LordFell's Avatar

09.30.2017 , 09:28 PM | #1
I'm having a problem with Star Fortresses.

So.... before I go on to Iokath, I want to finish up all the loose ends, and for most of my characters that means doing the Liberate (some planet) quest line, for my characters as many as three times. The big problem I'm having with this is, Star Fortresses are NOT current content. Lots of people are DONE with them, and have no interest in running them. My characters are already using 228/230 gear, and are level 70... so I can almost solo these. ALMOST. Usually, it's the final boss that stalls me out.

Specifically, there's one boss (or boss ability) that is a massive self heal, with very little cooldown. Or, at the very least, the cooldown on this ability is a LOT shorter than the cooldown on my Interrupt. Trying to solo this boss on my Shadow tank... he couldn't kill me, but I couldn't kill him, either. I literally fought him for 20 minutes (not even exaggerating, I checked my clock) before I jumped to my death because I was DONE WITH THIS FOOLISHNESS.
...I was able to recruit a helper, and we curb-stomped him in about 90 seconds.

In addition to being Massively Tedious and Not Even Slightly Fun, the other problem with a 20 minute fight is that the "Star Fortress is going to explode any second!!!"
...ok. But not until after this literally 20 minute fight is over.

Twenty Minutes.

I'd like you guys to revisit the Heroic Modes for Star Fortresses (btw, to Liberate the Planet, you have to do the Star Fortress on Heroic, but there's a misnomer between quest and quest giver; this should be Veteran mode now, even though this is the same thing, this caused me a great deal of confusion). I think, you should be looking at scaling Star Fortresses to level 65... and definitely revisiting giving your final boss a massive self-heal that he can Spam.

Someone told me that "no one does Star Fortresses anymore, because they don't drop nice loot anymore." I guess you're only going to see CXP boxes now. Really, most players who ran a lot of Star Fortresses back when they were current content got all the Stronghold Decorations from them that they wanted, but I wouldn't mind seeing these returned to the loot tables.

kukumburr's Avatar

09.30.2017 , 09:54 PM | #2
Hmm I don't remember having a problem with the exarch healing up but yeah the heroic Star Fortresses are real slogs solo. I recently did one on an alt in 230 gear with low influence companions and it was a bit rough sometimes but I got through it. Felt like it took forever though.

I made sure to get my advisors to influence rank 10 so I could get those four special abilities and used the buff thing at the start. I also used heroic moment on all the tougher fights. Those help a lot.

I wish they'd make them more appealing to do, too. There's really no reason to do them more than once right now.

YlliyaXor's Avatar

09.30.2017 , 10:25 PM | #3
Be ready to have an even harder time in the future, the exarchs were buffed to lvl 70 so they now do things they weren't supposed to when they were made, plus all classes will be nerfed, so we have stronger bosses and less dps.

The reward for doing the Star Fortress weekly (5 runs) is 1 alliance crate, that shows how much they care about that content.

MikeCobalt's Avatar

09.30.2017 , 11:22 PM | #4
When they were current I ran them so many times, too many times I think. They weren't too bad then I actually enjoyed running them. I have *thought about doing those more. Interrupting their regen at the end became common; at that point they became just a series of steps. They're probably what burned me out come to think of it.

MaximusRex's Avatar

09.30.2017 , 11:41 PM | #5
You should be able to do all these with only a companion. Try leveling up your companion more. If you have a high enough rank with your alliance section leaders you will also gain access to special buffs and abilities in the Star Fortress that will be of significant help.

Good Luck.

orangenee's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 11:18 AM | #6
Tried them once about a month ago. Spent a few times in the escape prison minigame, then I looked to see if they are worth bothering with. Turns out they aren't.
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CrazyScruffy's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 11:25 AM | #7
Yeah I always solo these on heroic, they are easy. not sure why everyone needs help with them. And the only Exarch that heals is the Voss one, even with a tank I easily defeated him. you just have to play smart. There is no reason to dumb things down when something gets too "hard". we need harder content and always calling for nerfs is not a good route. Devs have listened to that too much and this game is a cake walk now. I want this game to be like when it was released, actually a good fight, and just walk in and poke something and it dies.

jacquelee's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 03:47 PM | #8
I did the Alderaan one today ( my second time soloing a heroic one). Was quite proud that I did not land in prison even once, but then I was on my stealther so the first part was relatively easy. Died a few times to the groups before the exarch (less than the first time though) and then died because of how bad I played about five times in the exarch fight. I just couldn't stop flying off of that damn platform.

But I honestly agree with not nerfing it. I never tried getting a group for it but I guess it would be possible, even though the incentives are ridiculously small once you did all six of them one time and got that sun reactor deco (the reason I'm doing them in the first place). I'm really not sure why the normal ones drop decos but the heroic ones don't, that seems very counterintuitive.

Anyways, it is challenging to solo (even as a healer with a level 50 healer companion and all the specialists' buffs and gadgets) and while I'm the first to say that I'm mostly here for the more relaxed content, I do enjoy a challenge every now and then and this fits the bill nicely.

PiiTarr's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 04:32 PM | #9
Were you using the special items you can obtain after getting each of your alliance specialists to 10 influence? That gives you a second interrupt (yes, the CD is lengthy, but so is the fight, so you'll have multiple opportunities to use it) and the turret, which is designed for tanking but still generates additional damage to help you wear the exarch down more quickly.

ForfiniteStories's Avatar

10.01.2017 , 06:01 PM | #10
This and the Eternal Championship.

Either that or have more incentives for players to group up for them. And allow us to form a custom group via group finder tool like you can do in WoW, so we don't have to sit there typing LFG in chat. This will also allow others to see what other players want to group up for from anywhere in the game and would therefore liven the game up a bit, so we don't perceive everything as ghost town central and that other players aren't actually doing anything.