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09.29.2017 , 11:03 PM | #1
Quick disclaimer.
This deals with the aftermath of Umbara, and as such there are spoilers. If you do not want to know who the traitor is, as depicted in the cut scenes, do not read any further. I don't want to spoil it for you.

Also rewrite because Emmynn is going to be a bigger part of the story so she saved Vette from Vaylin, while Emmogen saved Torian. Instead I subbed in an original character.

Emmogen, Kaitia, and Emmynn are my characters, Vintilk, Aleks, Lyoban, Max and Distiago are borrowed from friends. The rest belong to EA/BW.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you will enjoy it.


Chapter 1

POV : Emmogen

“You need to eat something.” Lana pushed a tray towards me. “We are all concerned about you.” I could hear the slight tremor in her voice. I knew she was hurting too. After all Theron hadn’t only betrayed me, he had turned his back on the whole Alliance. Everything we had built, everything we fought for.

“Thanks Lana.” I replied weakly. I avoided looking at her directly. I didn’t want to see the pain in her eyes that would only magnify my own. I picked up my fork and started pushing food around my plate. “Any news about…his whereabouts?” I couldn’t bring myself to say his name out loud. Theron had been gone for four days, and so far we had no luck in finding him.

“You will be the first to know Commander.” Lana gently squeezed my arm and got up from the table, quietly leaving me to my thoughts. I dropped my fork onto my tray. No one was around to make sure I ate. Maybe some fresh air would help. I headed towards the hanger and freedom. I needed to get away from everyone for a while. Where I wasn’t the Alliance Commander, and had to put on a brave face.

All the structural damage had been repaired weeks ago. Debris was cleared so we could strengthen our defenses, but the trees and ground still bore the signs of our recent battle. Black scorch marks showed where fires had burned, leveling areas of ancient forest. Blaster marks from walkers as their bolts sizzled through trees. Vaylin and her forces had taken a toll on Odessen, and the Alliance had paid a hefty price. How long would these scars take to heal?

I stood at the small mound where Kaitia was buried. My composure cracked. I had failed her. I wasn’t there when it had really mattered. Vaylin captured her, just to torture me. The universe was cruel. After all that we had done to bring peace to the galaxy, Kaitia was gone. Funny, generous, brave, Kaitia. Tears blurred my vision. How much more pain could one soul carry?

A soft voice called from behind me. “Emmogen?” I knew his voice like I knew the sound of my own heartbeat. Torian! He must be on my security detail today. He moved to stand next to me. He took my hand in his, and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He looked at the little hill which was already covered in new grass that swayed slightly in the breeze. “If I could take her place…” he trailed off.

How could he suggest such a thing? My heart jolted at the thought. As painful as losing Kaitia was, Torian, my first love? I dried my eyes with my free hand. “You know why I chose to save you first?” I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. The breeze ruffled his hair. “Why if faced with the same decision one thousand times the outcome would always be the same?” I paused. “You were once my home.”

“But not anymore, I gave you your freedom.” He replied gently.

I looked away and gathered my thoughts. My heart was ripped to shreds and we were going to have this conversation now? He had horrible timing. “Ni cuy' Ni ceta.”1 I whispered in Mandalorian.

“Gar ganar naas at apologize par.”2 He replied. The corners of his mouth lifted in a brief smile. When he resumed, he spoke slowly, trying to find the right words. “When you disappeared six years ago I lost my home, I lost my way. Once again I found myself without a clan. I spent time with Mako, hunting for a bit. But it was Mandalore who saved me. She gave me shelter, somewhere to belong. I waited for word, a rumor, anything that would tell me of your fate. Finally I accepted that you were killed in the explosion and you were lost to me forever.” We stood in silence for a couple minutes. “When I walked into that tent on Darvannis and saw you standing there…” Torian closed his eyes. “You were alive! But you were changed, tougher, more mature. You were the Alliance Commander, larger than life. I couldn’t claim you. You weren’t my Emmogen anymore.”

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder. “So much changed so fast after Lana rescued me. I received your letter, telling me goodbye. You were moving on. So I tried to do the same. I put all my time and energy into building the Alliance. I was hoping one day to be free of Valkorian and his children, but not hoping for much else.” I paused to take a breath. “I was surrounded by strangers. The only people who knew me from my previous life were Lana, Emmynn and Theron. They became my life lines. Naturally Lana became my closest friend and Theron…” I glanced at Torian before I continued. He nodded. “Before I knew what was happening I found myself in love with him.” I looked into his eyes. “I am sorry.” I repeated.

Torian held my gaze. “A clean break, a fresh start. We both deserved that. I don’t begrudge you for finding love again. You deserve it. I just wish I could shield you from this pain.” He looked into my eyes. “Gar Kelir ratiin cuyir ner alit.”3 He dropped my hand, kissed the top of my head and turned towards the base. “Don’t stay out here too long or Lana will send a rescue party.” I watched him ascend the slope.

He was probably right. Lana would notice my absence soon enough. I knew it wasn’t right to cause her anymore stress. She was suffering too. Lana considered Theron her brother. How many times had the two of them been in exile with just each other to depend on? His betrayal cut her to the core. It didn’t help that she blamed herself for not sensing his treachery before it could do damage to the Alliance, and to me.

I headed back to the hanger. Once inside I made my way to the command central for a sit rep. Every time I walked into this room I instinctively looked for him. Hoping he would be standing by his holo station, his nimble fingers flying over the keys, his golden eyes scanning every possible threat. But it was just Lana and I.

She looked up from her data pad as I entered. She offered me a sad smile. “Still nothing, but we are not giving up.”

“Thank you Lana. Is there anything else that needs my attention?”

“No Commander, everything seems quiet at the moment.”

“Alright, I will be in my quarters on my ship if any need arises.”

“Very well Commander. Before you go, may I have a word in private?”

I looked around the room. “We are alone now Lana.”

Lana shifted her weight nervously,” Teeseven is right over there.” She pointed to the station the little astromech droid was plugged into. “And look, here is Koth.” She said as he sauntered into the room.

“Looking for me Lana?” he asked.

“Not particularly.” Lana replied, shaking her head. “Just making a point.”

I nodded a hello to Koth, and then turned to Lana. “Lead the way.”

We walked in silence through the base. Each of us lost in our own thoughts. I was dreading this conversation. I didn’t need to be reminded of our losses. We walked to the landing pad of my ship before either of us broke the silence.
“Commander? Why are you exiling yourself out here?” She waved her hand to indicate my old freighter. “Your quarters weren’t damaged during the siege.”

“This is the only place that holds no memories of him.” I opened the air lock and we stepped onto my ship. The door slid shut behind Lana. “I can breathe easier here.” I looked down at my boots wile I fought the tears that were threatening to fall.

We climbed the stairs up to the seating area and took chairs facing each other. “Jen, I know you are the Alliance Commander, you are Mandalorian, Champion of the Great Hunt,” Lana paused. “But you have also seen so much tragedy, Ziost, the countless atrocities committed by Valkorian, Arcann and Vaylin. We lost Kaitia in a violent, needlessly cruel act. And Theron…” She trailed off. “Jen, I promise we will find him. I want answers too. Meanwhile, you need to take care of yourself. The Alliance needs you.”

“I am aware of my duties Lana!” How could she question my dedication? Hadn’t I sacrificed enough.

“You misunderstand me. You need to take time and grieve. I can handle day to day operations for the time being. But keeping everything inside is not doing anyone any favors. You are no good to any of us on autopilot.”

“Lana, I can’t.” I was terrified at the idea. “If I give into my grief, I am scared I won’t ever be able to pull myself back together.”

“That is what I am here for.” Lana smiled at me as she patted my leg.

“Thanks Lana, I mean that.” I returned her smile with a halfhearted one of my own.

“Can I ask you something? When we find Theron, what is the plan?

I sighed. “You are going to think I am crazy. Call it grief or stress, but hear me out. What if he didn’t betray us?”

“Jen, if he isn’t a traitor then what was Umbara? If he isn’t the traitor that means there is someone else out for your blood.”

“He is a spy. What if he went undercover to find the real traitor, and he staged Umbara to make them believe he was joining their cause?”

“It would explain why I didn’t feel his betrayal before it happened.” I could see the hope spark in Lana’s eyes. The same hope that filled my heart. “That still leaves us in the dark about who the real traitor is. And why wouldn’t he tell us? Give us a warning of some kind?”

The hope that had filled me evaporated. “He didn’t trust us.”

“Or he is the traitor. I know you want to believe he is still protecting you. But we have to face the very real possibility he won’t be rejoining us. I am sorry Jen.”

I nodded. Lana was right. If Theron had found a lead he would have said something. He wouldn’t leave us in the dark. Just in case he failed his mission.

“Will you be alright? Or would you like me to stay?”

I looked at my closest friend, “I’ll be fine, my security detail is outside if I need anything. Koth is probably looking for you anyway.”

Lana chuckled. “He can wait. Getting you back in form is my top priority.”

“I appreciate that, but the last thing we need right now is a grumpy Koth.” I teased.

Lana stood and made her way to the stairs, I followed. “Alright, I am going. Good night Commander. She was in a better mood as she excited my ship. She turned back to me. “Are you sure you want to stay out here?”

“Good night Lana.” I pushed the button to close the door. I was finally alone! I turned my back to the door and slid down until I was sitting on the floor. I rested my head against the cool medal of the door, and closed my eyes. What was my plan? Prison? Exile? Execution? All of those options punished me as well. Understanding? Forgiveness? I could give him that.

I pushed myself up off the cool floor and climbed the stairs once more. I turned down the ships lights, and made my way to my cabin. After all those years sleeping in carbonite, or in the Alliance base, it was great to come home. The familiar beeps of the instruments, the low buzz of the lights, and the hum of the air circulating through the ship brought back feelings of a happier time. Before Zakuul.

Once I was ready for bed I pulled out my datapad. I reread Theron’s last letter. He said he loved me, he always would. I wanted to believe him.

I lay in bed, looking at the ceiling, wondering where Theron was. Slowly a memory formed. The first time I saw Theron on Odessen. He was happy to see me again after my five year disapperance. His eyes glittered with excitement when he announced that he had a surprise for me. My D5-Mantis! He remotely flew it to this very landing spot. He had felt bad that none of my crew had been found yet, but he was happy to bring me a piece of my former life. A reminder of who I was.

Then a thought hit me like a punch in the gut.Had he wandered through my ship? Touching consoles I had touched? His fingers fluttering over keys while he ran diagnostics.I could see him standing in the common area, trying to envision the fights, celebrations, the life that had been lived here, a small smirk on his face. That smirk. It was my undoing. I rolled over and punched my pillow. Now even this place was home to a ghost of Theron. Tears silently slipped down my cheeks. Sadness washed over me in waves, threatening to drown me, if only I let it. I was so tired of fighting it.

1. I am sorry
2. You have nothing to apologize for
3. You will always be my family
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09.30.2017 , 12:17 AM | #2
Chapter 2
POV: Theron
What was I doing here? Wherever here was? I scrubbed my face with my hand. I had work to do. The sooner I finished the sooner I could return home. If I was still welcome there. My eyes burned from lack sleep and I was in desperate need of a shave. I tossed my datapad on my bunk in frustration. I was no closer to finding out who was behind the threats to the Alliance. The longer I spent here, the less sure I became that I would be able to stop what was unfolding. I had made a promise to do whatever it took to protect the Alliance, and its Commander.

Emmogen. My heart ached at the thought of her. I had played my part well, broken her heart, lost her trust. My last memory of her face, crumpled in pain, the catch in her voice as she begged me not to go. So unsure of herself, of us. Of all the assignments I had undertaken this was the hardest, the most cruel. The stakes were high. If I succeeded in finding the real traitor I could return to the Alliance a hero. If I failed…hunted as a traitor to the Alliance I helped build. Emmogen dead. I could not fail. The last time I saw her could not be the last time I saw her. I had to see this through to the end.

I got up and poured a glass of whiskey and downed it in two gulps. I returned to my bunk and picked up my data pad. I thought of sending another letter to Emmogen, but what more could I say? I sat my data pad on my desk and laid down. I had been here nine days, trying to infiltrate the order that was behind the attacks on Emmogen. I had already been here too long.


I lay there reminiscing about the first time I saw her. I was landing my shuttle on Manaan. The first time I worked with Lana Beniko. I arrived in the middle of a mission she was conducting, and she was in over her head. She needed me to prep an escape pod and rescue her partner who was trapped in the underwater base, while she meditated on the location of our traitorous superiors, Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok. I sliced the console and opened a channel to let Lana’s friend know she was good to go. I couldn’t be sure, everyone looked blue on these things, but it looked like the trapped woman was a Chiss. I had never seen one in person.

Lana and I were in her office discussing strategy when the bounty hunter walked in. She had a large Mandalorian with her. He should have intimidated me, but I was too intrigued by her, to pay him much attention. Introductions were made, Emmogen and her husband Torian, of clans Lok and Cadera.

Just as I had suspected she was a Chiss. Her red eyes contrasted brightly against her blue skin. Her darker blue hair was pulled up in pigtails. Unlike her husband, she wore very little armor, and what armor she did wear couldn’t offer her much protection, which I am sure she used to her advantage. Who would see Torian coming?

Here I was, a Republic spy, in a room with a Sith and two Imperial aligned bounty hunters. Instead of feeling completely out of place, Emmogen put everyone at ease with her quick wit and friendly nature. I hadn’t expected that. She was employed by the Empire, we should have been natural enemies, but she held no prejudice against me. It was refreshing.

I wasn’t sure what to think, or how to feel. But I was relieved I had arrived in time to save her. I knew I wanted to know more about her. Why she became a bounty hunter, how she became Mandalorian, what was her favorite color, what made her tick, what made her laugh? Things that wouldn’t be in a personnel file. I knew I shouldn’t be so interested in a married woman, and an Imperial one at that, but surely these were things a friend could know.


Looking back, it was too late for me then, I had never stood a chance. I rolled over and switched off the lights. “I love you Emmogen.” I whispered into the dark. I closed my eyes and conjured images of her face to lull me to sleep.
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09.30.2017 , 12:58 AM | #3
Hey! I'm so glad you got around to posting your story. Welcome to the fanfic section.

I enjoyed your take on the betrayal very much and look forward to the evolving story. I especially appreciated the lovely screenies you included, of the more poignant moments of your story.

Looking forward to more! And again, welcome and have fun. ^^

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09.30.2017 , 01:04 AM | #4
Thank you! Fleshing out chapter 3, and writing chapter 6 now. Droid noises are hard to write, lol.
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Chapter 3
POV: Lana
I listened as Hylo gave her report. “Hoth needs more supplies, and the last shipment we sent to Tatooine never arrived. We are running as many supply runs as we can, but our stocks are running low.”

“Send more aid to Hoth, and track that ship that was in route to Tatooine. We can’t afford to lose it, or its cargo.” I looked over to Jen. She looked exhausted, there were bags under her eyes, and she was trying to stifle a yawn. “I’m sorry Commander, are we boring you?” I teased.

Jen looked at me. “No. Sorry I need more caf.” She raised her mug. “Five minute break?”

I looked around the table. “Make it ten.” Good, this would give me a chance to speak with her. Everyone started clearing the room. Koth grabbed Jen and I’s mugs, and gave me a wink on his way out the door. I grinned at his back and then turned to Jen. “Commander, that is your third caf today. I was under the impression that you were doing better.” I had been routinely checking on her moods and had felt her normal optimism returning. What had happened to reverse her mental state?

Jen shook her head. “It isn’t what you think. The nightmare about Vaylin…it’s back.” She whispered.

“Oh Jen!” I knew what her nightmare was. I had witnessed Vaylin’s final act of cruelty, snapping Kaitia’s neck right at Jen’s feet. “Have you talked to Dr. Oggurobb or Dr. Lokin? Maybe one of them could give you something for the nightmares.”

“Nightmare, Lana.” She corrected me. “It is always the same, and I am powerless to change the outcome.” Jen looked down at her empty hands. I could sense her fear, through the force.

“Ahem.” Koth cleared his throat as he rejoined us. “Here are your caf ladies.” He took his seat as everyone else started filing back in. We thanked him and I resumed our briefing. I wanted to finish this so I could get Koth alone. I had an idea to run by him. I hoped he would be willing to accommodate my request. Lately he wasn’t feeling like doing me too many favors. He wanted a promise from me first, one that I wasn’t ready to give.

“…Alderaan’s crops are almost ready to harvest. Ilum is also ready with more crystals whenever we can send a transport to pick them up. Hoth reports that more debris have been cleared…” It went on like this for another hour.

I stood at the counter in my quarters brewing tea. The day’s briefings over. My nerves were frayed. Being on the precipice of war was getting old. Koth padded up behind me and put his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. He rested his head on mine. I relaxed against him. I could feel a peaceful glow in my chest. I closed my eyes and savored this moment. Using the force I could feel Koth’s contentment, but underneath there was also frustration. “I respect the Commander, and I know what we are doing here is important but I wish I could take you somewhere.” Koth sighed. “Being cooped up in this base is making me crazy. I belong on a ship out there among the stars.”

Why did he have to ruin this rare moment? I turned my head and gave him my most piercing glare. “You belong where I tell you.” I hissed as I pushed him away. “Do you forget who I am? A Sith Lord is not someone to be trifled with.” Venom dripping from every word.

His eyes widened for a second, and then crinkled into a smile. “Is that so?” He saw through my ruse. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me up the short flight of stairs to my bed. We fell onto my sheets, laughing. Tea and the day’s worries forgotten.

I woke up with Koth’s arm wrapped around my waist. I slowly rolled over and kissed him awake. He opened his eyes and gave me a sleepy smile. “Why don’t we stay here in bed all day? The Alliance can survive for one day without us.” His arms tightened around me. I squirmed a little and he growled into my hair. “Marry me Lana.” It was not a question.

I scooted away from him so I could see his face. “Koth, I told you, now is not the time.”

Koth released me and got out of bed. I could feel his resentment boiling over. “One day I am going to stop asking.” He said angrily. Why did he have to ruin a perfect night by bringing this up again? He started throwing his clothes on as we argued.

“You know why I can’t say yes right now. You sit in those same briefings. We stand on the edge of war.” I was trying to keep my composure. I loved this man dearly, but he needed to see reason.

“We are always at war with someone.” He said flippantly.

“We don’t know what Theron’s planning.” I replied.

“We will cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Jen is not in the best frame of mind.” I pleaded.

“All the more reason! Give the Commander a much needed distraction and everyone else something to celebrate.” He shouted.

“She is hurting Koth.” I said softly.

“She isn’t the only one.” He said sadly. I reached out again and felt his emotions. There was pain, anger, but also his stubborn bravado. He would ask until I gave him the answer he wanted, until he bested me in this game, until we hated each other. I didn’t want it to come to that. I wanted to go to him, kiss him, tell him that I loved him, but I could see in his mind that would only encourage him.

I stood my ground. “You are not going to give this up are you?”

“Not a chance.” He walked past me to the door. “Just think about it.” And then he was gone.
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09.30.2017 , 01:46 PM | #6
Chapter 4

POV: Emmogen
My blood turned to ice in my veins. My voice caught in my throat. This wasn’t how it happened! Vaylin used the force and tossed Lana at my feet. Her eyes were full of terror as she looked up at me. I tried to close my eyes. I knew what was going to happen next. I didn’t want to see. Vaylin flicked her wrist, SNAP! Valyin’s cruel laughter filled the air.

My eyes flew open and a scream escaped me. Tears sprang from my eyes. It took several breaths before I realized I was on my ship. I was safe. Lana was safe. Vaylin was dead. She would never be able to hurt anyone again.

The nightmare had changed. It was time to go see the good doctors. I headed to the Research Lab in hopes that between Dr. Oggurobb and Dr. Lokin we could find a solution. I was no good to the Alliance if I was scared of ghosts.

After being poked and prodded by Dr. Lokin I was sent to Dr. Oggurobb to evaluate my mental state. No surprise, having the Sith Emperor in my head for the better part of the last six years had taken its toll. The added stress of Kaitia’s death, and Theron’s betrayal had Dr. Oggurobb concerned. He wanted to confine me to the med bay so I would be forced to rest and he could monitor me.

He holo’d Lana to tell her his recommendations, and he got an ear full! Did Hutts have ears? I didn’t get a chance to find out before Lana was standing there in person. Anger pouring out of her. Her yellow eyes flashed dangerously at Dr. Oggurobb. “Commander, we are leaving.” She pulled me to my feet and then turned to the Hutt. “Just try to stop us.” She dared him.

Once we were in the corridor I looked at my friend. “Thanks for the save back there, but I think I could have handle him alone.” I jerked my thumb back the way we had come, and gave a little laugh. Lana looked at me angrily. “Lana, are you okay?” Now it was time for me to be concerned.

“No Commander. I can’t believe he suggested confining you to the med bay! Do you need rest? Yes. But being caged up in there with only him and Dr. Lokin running tests on you? You aren’t some lab animal for them to experiment on.” Her tone softened as her fury fizzled out. “After all we have been through, all we have witnessed; none of us should be alone…” All the color drained from her face, and her eyes stared beyond me. “What have I done?” Her eyes refocused on me. “We need some privacy.”

I was bewildered at her rapid change of behavior. I fell in step beside her as we hurried through the base to her quarters. “Lana, you are scaring me. What is wrong? What did you do?”

We had reached Lana’s door and she all but shoved me inside. She slid the door shut behind us before she answered me. “Koth asked me to marry him. And I sent him away without an answer.” She looked at me with such profound sadness in her eyes. “I didn’t feel like it was the right time. With the state of everything else, I didn’t want you to have to pretend to be happy for me.”

I almost laughed with relief. “Lana, you are always putting me first. I am afraid you will make a terrible wife.” I teased. “I don’t have to pretend. I really am happy for you.” I hugged her. “Now go find Koth and give him your answer.” I nodded towards her door.

She put her head in her hands. “I can’t, he is on Rishi. I sent him on a supply run.” She looked up from her hands. “I didn’t even see him off.” Her eyes filled with tears. "I am such a damned fool!"

She looked around her sparse room, and her face brightened, having mastered her tears. "I have an idea though.When he comes home I will be waiting, with an official my quarters.”

“Fill out the request and I will approve it.” I smiled.

“While we are on the subject of moving quarters, you need to move back into yours. I do not agree with Dr. Oggurobb confining you to the med bay. But I would feel better with you right down the hall.” I started to protest. “Your ship is too far away, and if the Republic, or Theron attack us you would be cut off from any help.” She had a point about the Republic.

“Theron wouldn’t attack me.”

“He already did, on Umbara.”

“He shot out the window so we could escape.” I countered.

“Jen, we have been over this.”

“Lana, we gave been through too much for me to not give him the benefit of the doubt. If your roles were reversed I would be having this same conversation with Theron.” I needed Lana on my side. It would take both of us to convince Alliance personnel not to shoot him on site. “I have to believe he defected to infiltrate some order, like the Revanites, so he could take them down from the inside. The alternative makes no sense.”

“Your theory is not without merit. And I would love for it to be true, for your sake. But you must know how hated Theron is with Alliance personnel. It will be hard for anyone to trust him if he ever came back.” She cautioned.

“I am aware of that. I also understand that no one will take my word that he is not a traitor to the Alliance. Because of our relationship everyone will assume my judgement has been compromised.“

“Honestly Jen, he could walk in here right now, knife in hand, and you would welcome him back. You would smile as he cut out your heart.”

Ouch! She really thought that Theron was capable of that? And that I was foolish enough to let it happen? “You may be right Lana.” I lowered my voice and let the anger I felt seep in. “I may be blind when it comes to those I love. But I never heard you complain when I forgave Koth time and time again for your sake.” I turned my back on Lana and left her quarters.
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09.30.2017 , 03:00 PM | #7
Lovely, just lovely. I liked seeing Lana with Koth, their's was always a very plausible pairing to me. And, I enjoyed this line very much and speaks to the Theronmancer in me.

“Honestly Jen, he could walk in here right now, knife in hand, and you would welcome him back. You would smile as he cut out your heart.”

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09.30.2017 , 09:43 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
Lovely, just lovely. I liked seeing Lana with Koth, their's was always a very plausible pairing to me. And, I enjoyed this line very much and speaks to the Theronmancer in me.
Thank you so much! Stalemate was a fun chapter, and I want them to be happy, even if I don't really care for Koth myself. :P

As hurtful as Lana's line is, I think Emmogen can see there is truth to it. I wouldn't really know how Lana is handling it though, she has stopped talking to me.
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10.01.2017 , 12:31 PM | #9
Chapter 5

POV: Theron
I hacked into the Alliance database using a back door I had left myself. I searched for any news about Emmogen. I scrolled through daily briefings, requests for aid, wait, what was this? A report to Lana from Dr. Oggurobb. He was suggesting confinement to the medical bay for Emmogen. Citing extreme exhaustion, melancholy, and a long list of other symptoms, as his reasons for wanting exclusive access to her. I didn’t see anything to suggest physical harm. I started to panic. Had Valkorian done more damage than we had thought? The throne on Iokath? Toxic fumes from the train crash? Was this my fault? Damn it! I need to get home to her!

I had been with her on countless missions. I had seen her in action. Her healing capabilities were impressive, why had she gone to Dr. Oggurobb? Of course he would try to get his hands on her. He had wanted to study her since Ziost. Thankfully the report concluded with a request that Emmogen return to the medical bay at her earliest convenience. My fear subsided and I thought of a plan.

Well if she needed a doctor there was someone on Odessen that would be discreet, and would more than likely be sympathetic to my cause. I sent an encrypted letter to Odessen.

Subject : Discretion

Major Quinn,
I need your help. I know you have no reason to help me, but I am asking just the same. I know I am a traitor to the Alliance, but maybe you will understand where I am coming from. My hand was forced, and you know better than I, rarely are things black and white.

I am concerned about the Commander. She needs medical attention. I know you to be a capable healer. I am trusting her into your hands.

Please keep her out of Dr. Oggurobb’s clutches.

In your debt.
Theron Shan

Now all I could do was hope that between Lana, Major Quinn, his wife Emmynn, Torian and a small handful of people Emmogen would be protected. Surrounded by them she would be loved. It was the best I could hope for from this distance. She would never know the lengths I had gone to just to keep her safe.


I thought about the first time she came to my rescue. We had set up a base on the planet Rishi. Lana and I were reckless and we acted on some intel we received while Emmogen was meeting with the Mandalorians. Lana let me be captured. After a few days, or weeks, I lost count, Emmogen and Mako found the base I was being held in and shot their way through. She came to rescue me?

I had some cuts and bruises, but nothing life threatening. I assumed she had brought Mako along in case of the worst case and she needed help bringing me around. I didn’t mind, Mako was cute enough. I much preferred her company to that of Gault.

Emmogen saw my cuts and set to work treating them. In all the time we had spent together this was the closest I had ever been to her. Our faces were inches apart. I could feel her breath fan across my cheek. Her deft fingers tested the skin above my eye. “Ow.” I flinched.

A low chuckle escaped her. “Don’t be such a baby Theron.” She looked down at her supplies. I was mesmerized by the way her dark eye lashes lay against her cheek. I could see where the color in her cheeks went from blue to purple. She was a beautiful creature. I fought the urge to kiss her. Could I fake delirium? Even in my state she would probably punch me.

Once she found what she was looking for her eyes met mine. “This may sting a little.” She used a kolto syringe to numb the area and set to work stitching my head back together. When she finished she reached for a small jar and dabbed some kolto gel over my sutures. She leaned back a little and I could see her whole face. She looked satisfied with herself, a smug smile spreading across her lips. “With any luck, you won’t even scar.” She ruffled my hair as she stood up. “Come on Theron, let’s get you back to base.” Her casual touch shocked me. She helped me to my feet. Everything ached. She hooked my right arm over her shoulder and Mako did the same on my left side.

Once we reached Rishi Cove Emmogen’s demeanor changed from friendly to one of extreme anger. “Torian.” She called out.

He came to us, kissing her briefly, before taking her place at my side. “Ner kar'taylir darasuum.”1

“Please help Mako get him inside.” Her voice turned deadly. “I am going to find Lana.”

Mako and Torian helped me to a chair and the three of us watched as Emmogen went toe to toe with Lana. Torian looked as confused as I felt, while Mako watched with a smile playing around the corners of her mouth. “You let Theron get captured!” She was defending me, against a Sith Lord? We were friends, allies against the Revanite threat, but I was still a Republic agent. One day soon we would go back to our respective homes, the truce over, enemies. My heart broke at the thought of that day. “You owe Theron an apology.”

“At the risk of seeming egotistical, I will not apologize for being right.” Lana replied stubbornly.

“Do it.” Emmogen demanded, not backing down. Her red eyes bored into Lana’s yellow.

Lana turned to me. “Theron…I recognize that I betrayed your trust, and for that I am sorry.” It was the best I would get from her, at least she sounded sincere.

Satisfied with Lana’s apology Emmogen dismissed everyone to prepare our ships for flight to Yavin 4. She asked me to stay behind so she could look me over one more time and make sure that I was medically fit for the trip. Everyone filed out behind Lana leaving Emmogen and I alone. She pulled out her medical supplies and got to work. She retested my stitches, and looked at my other minor cuts, dabbing more kolto gel onto my cheek. She rubbed her thumb across the cut on my bottom lip, and smiled lightly at my sharp intake of breath. She turned away and looked back into her bag. She pulled out a small bottle and shook two pills into her hand. She fixed a glass of water and brought them to me. I took them from her, and quickly downed the pills. I grasped her wrist to get her attention. “Thank you Emmogen. For coming to rescue me, for defending me, for patching me up Thank you for not being what I expected.” I released her.

She went to the other side of the desk to pack up her supplies. “Of course Theron. What are friends for?” She smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders.

I stood and moved around the desk, crossing my arms. “Must be losing my mind, opening up to the Empire’s most infamous bounty hunter. I’m the enemy…at least I will be again, if we live through it all. Gotta say though, I have enjoyed this while it’s lasted.”

“It has had its charm, hasn’t it?” she smiled sadly.

“You could say that…”

She leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek before collecting her medical supplies and leaving the base that had been home to our band of misfits. My heart leapt when she kissed me and then shattered as she walked away. It was time to go to Yavin, and put a stop to Revan. It was almost time to part ways.


How our lives would have been different had that been the last kiss I had ever received from her instead of the first.

1. My love.
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Chapter 6
POV: Quinn
Beep beep…beep…beep. I rolled over in the dark hoping to silence my data pad before it could wake Emmynn. She was sleeping peacefully, her breath slow, a smile on her lips, her hair a mess of auburn curls. Stars how I had missed her! Now that we were reunited I hated to spend any time away from her side. Beep beep…beep…beep. My data pad trilled again. Begrudgingly I slipped out of bed and took my data pad down the steps to our sitting area. I opened my messages. It took me a minute to comprehend what I was reading.

Theron Shan wanted my help? He had committed the worst offense a man could commit. Fury rose in my chest, and then shame rose to overshadow it. I knew first hand. I had been forced by Darth Baras to betray Emmynn. It nearly killed me to do his bidding. I knew enough of Sith politics, had his plan succeeded, Emmynn killed, her power base would also have to be destroyed. My life was forfeit, along with Pierce, Broonmark, Jaesa and Vette. Six birds with one stone. I fought his mind control with every ounce I had. Trying to tell her how sorry I was, even as I turned the droids on her. My deepest shame was that I had not been strong enough to shut him out. I was weak when Emmynn had needed my strength.

I had heard all the theories floating around about Theron’s betrayal. Had his father’s death been the last straw? Had this been part of his plan all along? Had someone hacked his implants? Was he being controlled by a Sith, or a Jedi? Where his ties to Revan stronger than anyone had known? Was Satele Shan being held hostage? I had my own theory, perhaps tempered from my own experience, but this letter supported it. The only thing that would take Theron from the Commander’s side was a direct threat to her life, that he felt he alone could stop.

I looked at the time on my data pad, it was too early to go see the Commander. As I slipped back into bed Emmynn’s blue eyes opened. “Sorry I woke you my love.” I whispered.

“I missed you Malavai.” She purred. Her lips found mine. I wrapped my arms around her and drug her closer to me. Our kiss started out tender, but built until I was crushing my lips to hers. I held her beside me with one hand on the small of her back, the other tangled in her long hair. She broke off our kiss and looked at me, her eyes full of desire. “I love you.” She whispered. And then her mouth covered mine.

My internal clock told me it was time to wake up, but I was having a wonderful dream and I did not want to wake up. I could still feel her warmth next to me. I could feel the light weight of her arm on my chest. Her tangle of curls tickled my chin. I could hear her soft breaths. I knew when I opened my eyes she would vanish again. “Malavai.” Her voice a whispered prayer. Great, I had lost my mind. So be it. I loved hearing my name on her lips. I closed my eyes tighter. I felt the mattress dip beside me, and then there was more weight on my chest. Soft lips barely brushing mine. She giggled softly. “Malavai. What are you doing?”

“If I open my eyes this dream will be over…” Pain ripped through my chest. “I will lose you…again.”

“Malavai, please open your eyes. I am here and I don’t plan on going anywhere ever again.”

I opened one eye, hoping if this was a delusion I could slam my eye shut quick enough that she wouldn’t disappear. And there she was, looming above my face. Her smile reached her beautiful eyes. Her hair framed her face and descended like a curtain around me as she leaned in to kiss me. Would she ever know the depths of my love? Knowing what a new round of kisses would start I needed to head her off before she distracted me. “Emmynn…” I said between kisses.

“Mmm hmm?” She hummed as she scattered kisses along my bottom lip, trying to entice me to reciprocate. Damn if she wasn’t tempting. I flipped her on her back and held my face just out of reach. Her wrists pinned near her head. “You are making me unhappy Malavai.” She pouted.

“Emmynn, my love, that is not my intention.” I leaned towards her and gave her a slow gentle kiss. I pulled away again. “I have to go meet the Commander this morning, I would like you to join me.”

“She can wait. We have seven years to make up for.” Emmynn replied greedily.

“My love, we have the rest of our lives.” I vowed, my voice thick with emotion. I crushed my lips to hers, sealing my promise with a kiss. My willpower dissolved. She would get her way. I wasn’t in a position to deny her.

I was going through my supplies trying to decide what I would need. I heard Emmynn’s light step as she entered the room. I slowly turned to face my wife. “Are you ready to go?”

A devious smile flashed across her face. “Now you ask me? After I got dressed?” Her eyes sparkled with amusement.

I put my hand to my forehead. I had walked into that one. I was out of practice deflecting my wife’s aggressive flirtations. “The Commander is waiting for us.” I picked up my bag and crossed the room to Emmynn. I took her small, gloved hand in mine. She beamed up at me. We walked hand in hand through the base to the Commander’s quarters. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt this happy, this light.

I pushed the intercom to announce our arrival, the door slid open and Toovee ushered us in to the small antechamber. The droid asked us to make ourselves comfortable while he went to inform his mistress we were waiting. Emmynn claimed a seat and arranged her long skirt. She looked every bit a noble woman, and nothing like the Sith warrior I knew her to be. The Commander joined us with a puzzled expression on her face. I gave her a small bow. “Commander.”

“Quinn! Emmynn! To what do I owe this honor?” She broke into a smile. Emmynn bounded to her feet and rushed to her friend’s side. The two women embraced. When they broke apart I took one of Emmogen’s hands and lightly touched the back of her hand to my lips. Her cheeks deepened to a pretty shade of purple with her blush. “I haven’t seen much of you since we returned from Iokath.”

Emmynn looked at me. “We have had much time to make up for.”
I indicated the bag at my feet. “I am here to offer my services as your personal medic. Should you need one. I could come here, with Emmynn, under the guise of visiting an old friend. No one else need to know the real reason for our visit.”

“You have planned everything so prettily.” Emmynn’s voice glowed with pride.

“Yes Major.” Emmogen agreed. “Just one question. How did you know I was seeking medical attention?”

“To borrow a phrase. A little bird told me.”

“He speaks stool pigeon.” Emmynn completed the line. Hearing Vette's oft repeated phrase made everyone smile.

Toovee entered the antechamber with a tray which he sat before us. “In honor of your guests I have brought tea Master.” The insufferable droid sounded pleased with himself. He bowed and left us alone.

Emmynn was pouring tea into the delicate tea cups while Emmogen explained why she had gone to Dr. Oggurobb and Dr. Lokin in the first place. “I am afraid to sleep. Since the nightmare has changed, I see faces of everyone I love, Lana, Mako, my parents…I can’t go on like this. I have tried every remedy that I was taught in my field medic training.” Her voice was tired, defeated.

Emmynn looked from Emmogen to me. “I have an idea. I hate to suggest it but, what if I used the same technique that Arcann and Senya used when you fought Valkorian for control of your mind? I could join you in your dream and try to lead you down safer paths.”

Emmogen looked at Emmynn, her face showing signs of distress. “I hate how many people have had access to my head. But at least you asked. And if you think it will help…let’s do it.” She found her resolve.

“I will give you a sedative, and monitor your vitals while you sleep.” I reassured her. I picked up my bag and started pulling out all the instruments I would need. I had Emmogen get comfortable and I administered the sedative. Her eyelids fluttered and then she was asleep. Emmynn slipped to the floor, kneeling next to the small sofa Emmogen slept on. She gave me a quick smile, and then bowed her head and began meditating. I settled in with my datapad and watched for any anomalies in Emmogen's vitals.
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