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Low XP on story after level 65?

Trance-Gemini's Avatar

09.23.2017 , 11:12 PM | #1
Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. But I've noticed that I'm getting 10% of the XP from story missions as compared to 65 and lower. This is on Harbinger and Shadowlands.

Thanks in advance.

orangenee's Avatar

09.23.2017 , 11:28 PM | #2
It definitely should be in 6 digits by that point, what ball park are you getting?
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Trance-Gemini's Avatar

09.24.2017 , 09:26 AM | #3
Previous story missions were rewarding approximately 600k, now they're 60k. That's with no boosts either.

Trance-Gemini's Avatar

09.24.2017 , 08:58 PM | #4
I should probably also add that I noticed this a few weeks ago during the XP boost event but didn't take time to figure it out, just switched to dailies and get it done on my other toons.

Xeromem's Avatar

09.26.2017 , 10:13 PM | #5
I noticed that drop in XP on Class Missions as well. I was wondering if it was just my setup or if it was affecting other players too. I hope they fix it ASAP. I wonder how long it's been like that?

Trance-Gemini's Avatar

09.29.2017 , 12:19 AM | #6
Got this reply. Doesn't quite help answer the question. If it's displaying the wrong XP amount and I'm supposed to get a higher amount, that's not happening, I'm getting what is being displayed in logs. I'll play through another chapter to verify.

Sadly, the experience provided by a chapter or a quest is not something that is decided at customer support level and on which we have controls. It is true that the difficulty of the quest, if there is a bonus xp event are, if you have use a xp boost etc are things that will change the amount of xp a quest will provide you. It is also true there was an issue with the amount of xp displayed in the quest log for kotfe and kotet chapters , but the xp received was the one that was initially planned.

I have passed the information to our development team, but in the meantime, I would also recommand to post on our official forum :

It is frequently reviewed by the development team. Developers might not comment on every topics, but they are keeping on eye on the feedback coming from the community.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused you and I would like to thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime, should you require further assistance with any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

I wish you a very good day and a very good game.

Trance-Gemini's Avatar

10.05.2017 , 11:40 AM | #7
After playing one mission with XP boost, I only got 72k. I most likely will get to 70 before I start KOTET so won't be able to figure out if those missions give low XP too. They should re-balance the XP across the expansion levels so it's a smooth leveling experience. like 400k or something, whatever makes it so that you finish up the expansion at about level 65.