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248 drop rate after 300

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248 drop rate after 300

ShaneDavies's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 03:53 PM | #1
Is it me or is the drop rate of 248 after 300 appalling?

RooRider's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 04:00 PM | #2
I'm pretty confident they quietly nerfed the drop rate. It was really good for a few weeks after T4 was introduced, then it suddenly went to trash in every crate.
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Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 04:16 PM | #3
It is atrocious. Since hitting 300 I haven't got a single piece of useful gear in weeks, despite opening multiple crates daily. On the rare occasions a piece of yellow 248 set bonus gear drops, of course it is a piece I already have.

If they aren't going to up the drop rate for 248 set bonus gear they should introduce two other changes to make grinding GC crates post-300 bearable. The first would be to allow 242 yellow set bonus pieces to still drop instead of blue or purple gear. At least then the player could take that piece of 242 set bonus gear, and assuming they have the "currency" for an upgrade, transform it into a useful 248 piece. The second would be for the system to initiate gear checks and not drop duplicate pieces. Already have 248 set bonus gauntlets and boots? That 248 drop is going to be a belt, a helmet, or a chest piece instead.

In any case, something needs to be done.

Stellarcrusade's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 07:17 PM | #4
I agree, it has been a couple hundred crates since my last BiS. Not only did they nerf it after t4 was released, I think they nerfed it further since then because I have seen BiS drop before, but just not in the last couple months.

Please devs, you need to keep drop rates at a constant rate. It is very unfair to change drop rates without reporting it in the patch notes. Can you please confirm the issue we are having is either a ninja nerf(s) or a bug that should be fixed so we know if 1.) We should be putting in bug reports, or 2.) we should simply quit the game because devs hate players. Either way it would be nice to know because it has obviously gotten way worse than it was.

thepilk's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 07:28 PM | #5
Itd also be nice if Relics and Implants looted the generic UA token instead of the actual piece. That way you could trade it in for which version you want instead of having to bank on a random chance for a relic/implant and then another random chance of it being the type/stat you need.

ShaneDavies's Avatar

09.22.2017 , 01:55 AM | #6
Yep me too probably had like 3 relics in over 200 crates

Wimbleton's Avatar

09.22.2017 , 06:39 AM | #7
You should have experienced the 242 drop rate in 5.0, it would help put this "new" drop rate into perspective.

The whole gearing idea is horrible.

dethslovinembrac's Avatar

09.27.2017 , 06:54 PM | #8
What is this 248 gear you speak of? It must be stuff of legend.

Wimbleton's Avatar

09.27.2017 , 07:01 PM | #9
Yes, it's stuff of legendary.

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

09.28.2017 , 05:05 AM | #10
I've lost count of the number of boxes post 300 - but probably 300-400 or so in addition.
IIRC 2 x 248 drops so far.

Good thing unassembled components are abundant if you do your PvP and GSF dailies and weeklies. - Since I have kitted out a second character with RHS 248 gear after my main was full 248.

So yeah, drop rate is low. - Whether it was always low, or intentionally low, or just plain awful after 300 is anyone's guess.
-Storm Cutter.
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