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10.04.2017 , 03:41 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Vigilark View Post
i have all mine run around naked.
I like to dress my toons and their favorite companions a little bit look-a-like. Call me racist, but I have some matching couples in my toon list:

I have:
- male human smuggler, a male concubist to her royal highness of Dubrillion
- male cyborg trooper, he loves the humming of his 4X's circuits and it sparkles between them ;-)
- male human agent, there is so much love to Raina
- male human sage and his Nadia, both wearing identical pure white robes and amethyst lightswords. Adorable.
- male togruta corruption light side sorc, finally he buttered Ashara...
- a strange acting female human agent, turned on by bug pheromones
- male trooper, married to Elara (one of the easiest romances beside that inquisitor-pirate-thing)
- male rattataki agent. erm... yes... Kaliyo. They both wear leather coats. C'mon, I wanna have sunglasses for them! :-D

I'm planning:
- male zabrak smuggler, chastising that wild mandalorian red-zabrak b***h
- female pureblood dark jedi knight (what a combo!) - you know it's gonna be Scourge, right?
- female twilek bodyguard and Skadge... thats gonna be a nice thing. No love either, but who knows?
- male twilek sith warrior - yea, you bet it's Vette.
- male human sith warrior and Jaesa (the same thing with my pureblood sucked somehow)
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