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Confused by story ending of Crisis on Umbra **spoilers**

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Confused by story ending of Crisis on Umbra **spoilers**

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09.27.2017 , 01:21 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Swingkittie View Post
The writers should put together several story endings for us to choose from. One reason why I always loved the imperial agent story was because of the multiple ways you could take your character through the story. It would be nice if they could be creative like that again.
Not a bad idea. But that can't happen. Not yet, at least.

To have a divergent ending like you say would mean the end of the SWTOR story, and thus the end of SWTOR. The game is (planned) to have at least a few years more of life, so the "endings" to each expansion or story update can't be radically different. or it will be too difficult to move forward with future story updates. The eight class stories, as well as Republic/Imperial stories, have all merged into one "epic single story", and everyone's opinion on this is different, but the Devs have made claim that the last two expansions were their best, so we can guess they will stick to the "epic single story" concept. Though I can still appreciate what the devs have done in giving us choices to make our characters a little more unique (dictator v peacekeeper, Imperial supporter v Republic Supporter, Romances). But every story will have to follow the same guidelines to make it possible for future content.