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Teleporters in SH please

Zhedzaban's Avatar

09.10.2017 , 10:49 PM | #1
I have fully decorated several of my strongholds, but I rarely see them because the strongholds are huge. Like most people I use my strongholds to access legacy storage or other utilities. But going to the far ends of strongholds is not convenient, so I never go there.

Typically, like Tatooine for example, I'll have everything I use in the room where you first enter and that's as far as I ever go. If we had a teleporter (like an elevator console) right at where you spawn in each stronghold that allowed you to instantly move to various parts of the stronghold, that would allow me to spread out.

Manaan is a classic, if the elevator console was right next to the exit console (near where you spawn), it would be fantastic. But because I have to run all the way to the far end of the stronghold to access the elevator, i'm just not inclined to go down there.
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