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The Lost Ones

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10.05.2017 , 04:56 PM | #11
Episode 6

Planet Virgillia 7 in the Outer Rim

A basket of muja fruit fell to the ground and the reddish yellow orbs rolled out onto the windblown grass as Kira Carsen stared in disbelief at what was left of her resistance cell's hideaway.

Smoke and flames of plasma belched and churned from a crater the size of a volcano where their mountain base of operations used to be only half an hour before.

Slowly, she bowed her head, hoping to still the raging emotions at the loss of so many of her friends and fellow fighters.

She wasn't sure how long she stayed this way, but a gentle hand on her shoulder interrupted her mourning.

Turning, she was surprised to see Sumalee standing just behind her and another young woman she didn't recognize beside her.

Sumalee looked past her at the devastation and sighed heavily before sitting down.

"W-what happened?" asked the younger woman Kira didn't recognize.

"Zakuul found us out" Kira replied, her mind turning over the possibilities of how they could have known.

"How?" Sumalee tiredly asked, wondering the same thing Kira was contemplating.

"I don't...know. We were so careful. Everyone was carefully screened..." Kira replied almost listlessly, her mind drifting back to the people she had spent the last year and a half with.

"We thought the heart of the mountain would be safe from bombardment...even if they did find out about us, but...this...w-we never thought they could blow up the mountain itself" Kira wondered aloud.

She felt a gentle tug on her arm and turned to find Sumalee looking at her intently but with a pain in her gaze that Kira knew all too well, especially now.

"We should go. Those ships will still be in orbit and they may send down a patrol to sweep the site" she muttered before casting a glance skyward at the distant faint outlines of a several Eternal Fleet ships.

Kira found herself being led back away from the smoking cratered ruins of the Resistance mountain base back toward the City of Ragero.

Kira felt like she was sleepwalking after suffering the shock of the terrific explosion and running out of the city to behold the wasteland that was left of everything she'd worked towards for almost the last two years.

Before she knew it, they were in a dimly lit hangar approaching Sumalee's shuttle.

They were in for a rude surprise, though.

Five heavily armed men slowly walked out from behind nearby shipping crates with blaster rifles trained on them.

"You, Tortuga, what is your name?"

"First of all, it's Togruta. Secondly, I'm not in the habit of chatting with strangers pointing blaster rifles at me" Sumalee snapped back.

"She's not scared at all. She must be the one..." muttered another of the men eyeing them over.

"If you don't put those toys away and start explaining, I'm afraid I'll have to notify the City Marshals" Sumalee continued before casting a warning glance back over her shoulder at Kira.

Coming out of her shocked state of mind, Kira sensed there were two more assailants up on the walkway behind them, likely with sniper rifles or even something heavier.

"I don't think you'll be calling the City Marshals. Not many Tortugas show up in the Outer Rim worlds, and Bounty Boards only have one Tortuga listing. So that must be you" the one in the middle replied before motioning with his blaster rifle as he finished.

"And here I thought it was just my killer looks" Sumalee retorted with a small smirk, before briefly striking a pose with her hands on her hips.

It was only a moment, but it was enough for the eyes of the men to flicker briefly down her body for the three women to spring into action.

Grabbing a fuel container through the force, Sumalee pulled it in front of the front group of gunmen before drawing her blaster and firing into it, blowing it up in a plume of purple.

Aris had ignited her newly constructed lightsaber and was ready to deflect any shots that got through.

Kira leaped sideways and ignited her lightsaber, spinning and parrying away two shots from the snipers behind them.

She saw the plume of flame from a rocket round whistling toward them, and extended her hand, force pushing the rocket round away and back toward the wall, exploding where the walkway met the side of the hangar, sending it hanging partway on the ground.

Blocking another sniper shot, Kira then flung her lightsaber in a wide arc, its green dual blades spinning and humming through the air before slicing the middle supports to the walkway, sending it and the two assailants tumbling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Sumalee had taken the offensive to the front group.

Somersaulting in, she kicked one of the rising gunmen off his feet before sweeping a lightsaber blade to the right to finish another one rising from the ground.

Pivoting left, she cut the blaster rifles the other two were holding in pieces as she spotted Aris out of the corner of her eye engaging another of them.

Aris had been prepared to block blaster bolts, but the gunmen had been intent on taking them alive. Unfortunately, she wasn't ready for the stun beam that came flying in a bluish circle at her.

She tried to block it as best she could, but it still didn't stop her left arm and left side from seizing up in pain from the shock as she fell to one knee with a groan.

As she looked up to see the gunman leveling his gun at her for a follow up stun, Kira's green dual bladed lightsaber came flying in from the right and sliced across the lightly armored gunman's torso before being yanked back in the air to Kira, who stepped up beside Aris and gently helped her to her feet.

Still partly paralyzed from the stun hit, Aris had to be helped into the shuttle as Sumalee kneeled over the remaining gunman.

Dazed from hitting his head on a Cargo crate, it was easy for Sumalee to reach into his conscious mind and suggest a favorable outcome.

"When you wake up, you'll remember you weren't attacked by a Togruta....or a Tortuga" she added bemusedly before continuing "You were attacked by wild...ugnaughts".

"We were attacked by wild ugnaughts..." murmured the entranced man before Sumalee thumped his head against the cargo crate and sent him into unconscious slumber.

As the shuttle slowly rose into the atmosphere, Aris nearly vomited on Kira as she tried to get her situated.

" stomach feels...wrong" she meagerly apologized between coughs.

"You're going to wish you had gotten hit with the full stun" Kira eyed her over briefly before strapping her in and retrieving a blanket.


"Because on a full stun, you're out cold for the worse symptoms, and your system would've taken the hit in its entirety. A partial hit means your body's still trying to sort itself out, and you won't be able to sleep for awhile" Kira continued, looking down at the younger woman as she coughed and occasionally spasmed.

"In the interest of getting out of there quick, I didn't ask before, there anyone else from the cell left that we should notify?" Sumalee cautiously announced before glancing back over her shoulder at Kira with a slight frown of concern for her fellow ex-jedi.

"Not that I can reach. Local contacts will know what happened and keep a low profile, but all the codes and holo-frequencies for our allies in nearby systems were in the base or logged in TR-4's memory core. I would be guessing if I tried to reach out to them, and that would be too dangerous" Kira replied before slowly sitting down on the floor.

"Then we need to make contact in person..." Sumalee replied before trailing off thinking over what they needed to do.

"Not right away....Zakuul will be watching for anyone fleeing into nearby systems and is probably on the lookout for any more Resistance fighters. We need to lie low somewhere for a little while before we try making contact" Kira murmured, looking sadly at the floor.

"I know somewhere..." Sumalee murmured as she typed in the coordinates and punched the hyperdrive controls, flinging them into the blurred lines of hyperspace.

"By the way, what'd you mind trick that bounty hunter back there with?" Kira queried.

"Oh, I told him that they'd been attacked by wild Ugnaughts" Sumalee smirked as she spun her chair around.

"B-but there's no s-such thing as...wild Ugnaughts" Aris murmured from her chair, still shaking occasionally.

"There's no such thing as Tortugas either, but they don't know that" Sumalee replied before casting an intent look at Kira, who was looking sadly at the floor.

After a long pause, Sumalee slowly got out of her seat and sat on the floor next to Kira.

"I know it probably doesn't help any, but I'm sorry about what happened down there" Sumalee murmured, clearly uncomfortable discussing any emotional issues.

"It's...not my first....Zakuul massacre" Kira replied almost absently.

"It never gets any easier to handle" Sumalee answered, staring at her hands clasped in her lap.

"Just when you think you're making progress, making new friends, getting new contacts, training new recruits..." Kira started to bemoan before trailing off.

"Speaking of recruits, did you find....or hear of any other Jedi?" Sumalee perked up, genuinely curious before softening her tone, aware that it might bring up painful emotions.

"Yes, we had two of them with our group for awhile. We got them as a couple"

"A Jedi couple?" Sumalee mused.

"Yeah, Bottas Koare and Yaliri Kurswa. They were both adequately trained in their force capabilities, but were....lacking in some other important areas" Kira stated, growing less sad and more pensive.

Sumalee gave her a puzzled frown for a response.

"They were very young, little more than teenagers fresh out of Academy, thinking they'd run off and save the world"

"And found out the World is a lot more different than what they tell you in the Academy?" Sumalee posited.

"Not just that. They did not truly know themselves very well, and things just went poorly from there. I tried to train them, but it became obvious after a few months that this wasn't what they really wanted. Finally, I just asked them to leave" Kira replied matter-of-factly.

"That bad, huh?"

"They came to us as a couple, but when they left, she was pregnant...and he wasn't the father" Kira finished, looking over at Sumalee as if inferring something unspoken.

"I-I don't...understand.." Aris murmured, knowing there was something important there, but she didn't get what they meant.

"I see you were successful in finding a protege" Kira smiled for the first time in awhile as she got up and looked down at Aris.

"I found a few other Jedi and even an old Sith acolyte, but they all wanted to be left alone, just happy to be alive and trying to do something that didn't involve the Force" Sumalee replied before rising to her feet as well.

"Your name is Aris?" Kira smiled down encouragingly at her before kneeling next to her chair.

"Aris V-vauranelle" Aris coughed again.

"Well, Aris, sometimes, when a Jedi leaves or gets forced out of the Order for one reason or another, they thrive, adapt, learn new things, figure out how to get along without a code or Council to arrange their life around" Kira briefly glanced at Sumalee before continuing "But sometimes, once they get outside the Order, some of them don't know what to do without all the structure and rules that came with being a member of the Order. They can't adapt. They can't find any balance, and instead swing wildly between indulging their passions and being focused and disciplined. They lose focus, and eventually lose their way."

"Y-you mean the Dark side?" Aris asked.

"Occasionally, but mostly it's just confusion....confusion that leads to frustration....which leads to poor decisions"

"Meditation is supposed to help clear the mind" Aris replied, now finally starting to feel her body calm down.

"What if you're still confused about something after meditating on it?" Kira asked.

" some more?" Aris replied with uncertainty.

"Maybe, but just remember that sometimes, it's okay to not know the answer to something. Too many Jedi think that if they don't know the answer to something, that means they are failures and can't figure out anything"

Aris nodded and they were all silent for a moment Kira looked down and found Aris staring at her again.


"I j-just can't believe it's really you....everyone said you were dead" she murmured.

"Oh, well I'm not dead, and I'm not sure who at the Order would've declared me dead without any proof" Kira frowned for a moment.

"These days, the Republic prefers dead Heroes to living inconveniences" Sumalee almost growled.

"That bad, huh?"

"You would probably be the one vomiting on the floor if you knew who was on the Council now"

They were all silent again before Aris spoke up.

"M-master you think you c-could tell us a story?"

"I'm no Master. Just call me Kira"

"Could you tells us a story?"

Kira was a little taken aback for a moment, but then she noted the hopeful look on Aris' face and even a hopeful look on Sumalee's countenance, even though Sumalee was already familiar with any story Kira would've shared.

Even as she was reflecting on this, she felt in her pocket one of the Muja fruit. Somehow, one of the ones she'd dropped had gotten into her pocket somehow.

Perhaps it was appropriate to talk of the past.

Remembering the good times would help get them through the bad ones. Zakuul wouldn't always have better technology. Eventually the rest of the Galaxy would rise up. Eventually, someone would put an end to Arcann, just like all tyrants.

"Please tell us about the Hero of Tython?" Aris begged.

Sumalee immediately fired Kira of look of deep concern, knowing Kira's closeness to him, but Kira breathed deeply and beamed a smile back, casting her mind back to cherished memories.

"You know, he did have a name" chided Kira before continuing "Adan Drexel......."

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10.16.2017 , 08:28 PM | #12
Episode 7

Asylum Space Station

"By the Omnipotence of Izax.....with the Compassion of Scyva....through the rage of Tyth....for the passion of be tested by Esne....and hated by Nahut..." droned the repeated chants of the Scions of Zakuul in one of the innermost chambers of their enclave.

Walking slowly forward between the kneeling chanters, Ashara Zavros had divested herself of her old robes she had worn as both a Jedi and a Sith apprentice.

She now wore a simple one piece tunic made of Inyakid hide.

Walking forward, she ascended a few steps to where Heskal, their leader, stood with an expressionless visage, his light blue eyes shining brightly beneath gray eyebrows.

"Be reborn" he exhorted amongst all the chanting, stepping aside and gesturing behind him to a small pool with an old sculpture of some sort placed in the middle.

As he did so, two Scions stepped in from the side and poured large pitchers of what Ashara knew to be the blood of an Inyakid Matron into the small pool.

Heskal then extended his hand and activated the statue somehow through the force.

Its eyes glowed yellow before causing the pool of Inyakid blood to swirl and bubble, sending up wreaths of reddish orange plumes that swirled around the pool area in misty clouds of reddish orange, punctuated only by the glowing yellow eyes of the statue itself.

Then the chants changed.

Instead of all of the Scions chanting the same verses back to back, they now broke into groups with each one chanting one phrase of the chant repeatedly but also at the same time as the other.

The cacophony of chants immediately ratcheted the tension up, and Ashara balked for a moment, wondering if she would be harmed if she stepped in the fountain, or if this was all a big mistake on her part.

"There is no going back now..." hissed Heskal quietly just behind her.

He was right. There was no going back. She had come to them. This was her path, painful though it might be.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and stood silently as the two Scions by the fountain came to her sides and helped her out of the Inyakid hide tunic.

The chanting then increased in volume, growing louder and louder.

"Remember to keep your eyes open..." hissed Heskal again from behind her as she stepped right to the edge of the pool.

Ashara was surprised to hear Heskal's exhortation, particularly since Oramis had told her the same thing earlier, but she hadn't expected to get advice at all from him. Until she was reborn as one of them, she was still deemed an Outsider.

Raising her arms out to each side, Ashara took a deep breath as the chants continued to increase in volume, now to the point of shouts.

Then she stepped into the fountain.

Immediately, her entire body was sprinkled and misted by the Inyakid Matron's blood.

Her gut reaction was to recoil, close her eyes, and cover herself.

Instead, she kept her eyes open, gritting her teeth even as her eyes began to sting and burn from the mist getting in them. Keeping her arms out to her sides, she heard no more chanting, but was vaguely aware of a growing rumbling.
Using every ounce of will power to keep her stinging eyes from closing, she tried to focus on the glowing yellow eyes of the statue.

Just as she opened her mouth to scream in agony, it seemed as if everything faded away and she was suddenly lying on a snowy plain.

Getting to her feet, she was surprised not to be cold as well as finding herself dressed in her old Jedi robes, but her marvel was short lived as a distant rumbling grew louder and louder.

As she turned to see what was causing the noise, she was surprised to see Arcann, the hated adversary of the Scions, walking slowly towards her.

He said nothing, and Ashara readied her lightsabers as he withdrew his and ignited it.

Then, to her surprise, he kept on walking, ignoring her completely and continuing to walk further away.

Unsure of what else to do, Ashara followed him at a distance for a short ways until she saw figures kneeling on the snowy tundra.

As she got closer, she saw that they were Scions...all of them were Scions, though some of them were with their families as they knelt.

Arcann still said nothing and to her horror, immediately set about slaughtering them with his lightsaber and considerable force powers.

"Wait! STOP!" Ashara screamed as she ran closer.

As she ran, though, she was aware of a vague, distant presence in the Force, as if she was not the only one watching what was unfolding in front of her.

She had felt this before. There had to be a Force Spirit nearby or somehow connected to this vision.

She froze for a moment, conflicted over her course of action.

If she stopped to meditate, Arcann would continue cutting Scions and their families down, their screams echoing across the frozen plateau, but if she tried to intercede, she would likely not find out anything about the mysterious Presence in the Force.

Trying to block out the screams of those dying to Arcann's fury, Ashara sank down onto the frozen ground, tears slowly streaming down her cheeks as her conscience stung her with a guilty pang over her choice.

Summoning her willpower, she nervously assumed a meditative kneeling position on the snowy ground, but she could not block out the screams of the dying. The pain, loss, and agony kept interjecting themselves into her thoughts like scything blows.

Putting her hands to her ears, she clenched her eyes shut and desperately tried to focus on the ghostly presence.

She hunched over on her knees, almost bringing her face to the ground, but was finally able to focus enough on the mysterious distant presence.

As she focused more and more on it, the closer it seemed to get.

Suddenly, it seemed almost next to her, and she opened her eyes, startled to see a figure in a dark cloak emerging from the frozen ground nearby.

It appeared out of nothing, but rose up out of the frozen ground slowly, as if ascending invisible stairs.

It...briefly turned to regard her, and Ashara froze. The face was a shifting pallet of faces, some old, some young, some male, some female. Most appeared human, but they appeared so briefly, she couldn't tell.

She watched as the mysterious apparition walked slowly toward Arcann, who seemed oblivious to it.

Ashara thought for sure something would happen when the apparition reached Arcann, but instead, it merely followed in his trail as he continued to cut down the Scions and their families.

The she noticed that the apparition was growing in size.

Moving closer, she noticed that as it followed in Arcann's wake, it was absorbing the essences of those Arcann was killing, then she noticed for the first time that the Scions weren't fighting back at all.

She had thought they were just helpless in the face of Arcann's power, but they weren't resisting at all. Some even eagerly offered themselves and their loved ones in a horrific display of sacrifice as Arcann gave them no regard or quarter before cutting them down, the apparition moving slowly behind Arcann to absorb what was left.

Growing larger and larger, the thing was now several feet taller than any normal human and still growing.

"Wait! Can't you see what you're doing!" Ashara screamed at her fellow Scions that were left.

Then the apparition turned to look at Ashara, and she saw its face again.

This time it wasn't a changing series of images, it was the face of an old man, looming large over her.

She couldn't recall seeing that face before, but his eyes immediately drew her gaze, his pupils black like the heart of a black hole.

He was still growing in size, even as he took several steps, advancing on Ashara.

Then a terrible laughter rumbled out of him and shook the frozen tundra.

Ashara tried to get a sense of the apparition's intentions, but she immediately was rebuffed as if a much greater force had swatted away her efforts.

She began to realize this was a mistake as the apparition grew even larger, put his arms out to his sides and opened his mouth, sucking in the essence of the Force from all around, devouring, consuming, destroying everything.

Ashara heard the loud cracking in the frozen tundra as an earthquake rumbled and threatened to destroy all beneath her as the apparition continued to devour all before it.

Fleeing was futile, as the vortex around the devouring maw of the apparition was so great that Ashara could not stay on her feet.

Stabbing into the ground with her lightsabers, all she could do was scream before she was wrenched from the ground and drawn into the growing darkness of the void...

"NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ashara screamed as she bolted upright.

She glanced around wildly to find the faces of Heskal, Tersu, Berusal, and Oramis all regarding her with intense scrutiny.

Breathing wildly, and relieved she was back in the Enclave, she sank back onto the mat on the floor, closing her eyes and reopening them to ensure she was back with the Scions and not still in the vision.

Thankfully, none of them asked her immediately about what she had seen. Instead, she was given water and food before being allowed to rest. At some point during her Vision, they had clothed her in basic Scion robes and given her a complete set upon waking.

After a day of rest recovering from the experience, she was unsurprised to see Heskal, Oramis, Tersu, Berusal, Zaxun and several other Scions whose names she didn't know enter the general quarters area where she had been given a rudimentary sleeping pad for a bunk.

Seating themselves cross legged on the floor around her, Heskal broke the silence.

"You are one of the first to be blessed with a Vision in some time. Tell us, what have you seen?" Heskal declared, fixing her with those bright, almost white eyes.

"I was on a frozen plain, dressed in my old Jedi robes...." Ashara began, growing more confident as time passed.

Some time later, when she had finished reciting what she had seen several times, the Scions were silent, all of them seeming to be lost in thought.

"Visions are not usually this long" Oramis finally replied, a slight frown marring the usual stoic expression on her face.

"Or in such detail" Berusal added.

"Still, the Force has given us a glimpse of something, symbolic, it seems" Heskal ventured "It will take some time meditating to sort it all out. In the mean time, I suggest you show our newest sister the Protection Ward" he continued, nodding to Oramis as he finished.

Wordlessly, Ashara departed her quarters, following Oramis through a series of corridors further into the heart of the enclave.

She was surprised to find herself being led into a thick doorway guarded by two Scions and two guard droids. None of the other rooms or hallways had guards that she had seen so far.

Entering a room that was larger than it first appeared, she found herself looking at a number of enclosures with....people in them.

The enclosures were about the size of a normal set of bunk beds with walls at the each end and force fields on either side and over the top, but Ashara's gaze was immediately drawn to the people inside the enclosures.

They weren't Knights of Zakuul, lowlifes, or enemies of any sort.

They were Scions, or at least had been. Most of them wore the robes of the Scions, though many of them had torn and ripped them.

Moving closer to one of the enclosures, Ashara stood transfixed as she looked at the young woman inside.

Haggardly thin, her hair had been shaven off and her eyes fluttered around wildly as she rolled around languidly on the floor. Her arms were restrained by the particular cloak she wore, apparently designed to be a strait jacket of sorts.

"What happened to them?" Ashara asked, kneeling and trying to look into the unsteady gaze of the young woman inside.

"The Force is the most powerful thing in the Galaxy, but the only so powerful. Sometimes the visions are too much" Oramis replied sadly as she walked on past.

"The Visions themselves are too powerful?"

"Or what they see in a Vision proves too difficult for the mind to accept"

"They cannot be...saved?" were the only words Ashara could think of, walking past another enclosure where a man who would've been a foot taller than her huddled in a corner, tear streaks marring his cheeks as he muttered incoherent things to himself.

"One cannot unsee what has already been seen" Oramis replied, continuing to walk on "One can only learn to make sense of it and accept it for what it is"

"Why not allow them to get some sort of...treatment?" Ashara queried, looking at the twisted bodies and empty stares as they walked by enclosure after enclosure.

"It would be both dangerous...and impractical" Oramis replied as if it was obvious.

"I can understand with Arcann hunting us how it would be dangerous....but why impractical?" puzzled Ashara.

"There are no medicines or doctors who can fix what ails those here. Only being able to reconcile what they have seen will bring them back, and there is no one that can do that for them" Oramis replied, stopping before one particular enclosure.

"But...if they could find some sense of peace--" Ashara started to reason before Oramis cut her off.

"Look at him" she nodded toward the bald older man sitting in the corner of the enclosure, passively staring lifelessly, almost as if asleep "He has plenty of peace, but he lacks purpose"

Ashara stared at the passive eyes for a moment before Oramis continued.

"The Scions are not in the business of finding peace, like the Jedi. Nor do we seek power, like the Sith. No, the Scions are in the business of seeking and fulfilling the purpose for ourselves, for Zakuul, and for the Future. Is that not why you came to us?"

"Y-yes...I suppose so" Ashara replied timidly, still staring at the vacant eyes of the man in the enclosure.

"Heskal instructed me to show you the Protection Ward as a warning. If you cannot handle the Visions granted to you by the Force, you may end up here"

"Have any of them ever recovered?" Ashara asked as they moved on.

"Not...recently, but back when we served Emperor Valkorion, many did recover"

"Why do you suppose that is?"

"Too many Scions do not know their purpose anymore, and lack the resolve of both mind and body to perform their duties" Oramis answered coldly before softening her tone "but...also, the Emperor seemed to have a way of clearing confusion, and making our paths clear"

Ashara was weighing asking more about Valkorion, but found Oramis staring intently at her.

"You have been blessed with a Vision, but be careful. Peering into the mysteries of the Force is not for the faint of heart. I do not wish a fate like this on anyone" Oramis declared, strongly at first before turning and muttering the last part as they looked at the enclosures.

Ashara silently contemplated this as they moved to depart, but Oramis stopped at one of the enclosures.

"Oh dear, we'll have to shave her head again"

Ashara sadly noted the young woman inside, who's shoulder length blonde hair was disheveled and bits were pulled out and laying on the floor. She wasn't wearing the same Scions robes that the others were.

Instead, she wore a loose brown tunic and lay on her side while drawing shapes on the floor.

"Who is she?" Ashara asked, noting for the first time there was nothing on the enclosures to identify those contained inside.

"Yvenna....Yvenna?" Oramis gently called her name to no avail.

"Yvenna?" Ashara knelt and called gently to her, but the young woman simply turned away from them.

"She is Heskal's daughter. Two years ago, she was sent with a group of Scions to a shrine on Voss to investigate the possible Visions we might receive there, but the Knights of Zakuul attacked. They killed all of them but Yvenna, and then tortured her for the location of Heskal. Refusing to give in to them, they tormented her for days, even broadcast some of it to try forcing Heskal out of hiding. Eventually....her mind broke, but the Knights of Zakuul had grown lax and were ambushed by Gormak. I suppose they saw no threat from her and let her be after slaughtering the Knights. We found her like this, surrounded by the dead on Voss"

Ashara could see scars of cuts, burns, and force lighting running across any expanse of skin that showed outside the brown jerkin.

"So she was not driven mad by Visions, but still she is confined here?" Ashara snapped back faster than she meant to.

Oramis gave her the briefest frown back.

"We tried keeping her in a regular room, but you see how she is" Oramis nodded at her torn and knotted hair.

Ashara tried to keep the bile from rising in her throat as she angrily considered the tormented girl's plight.

"Still, somewhere, there is still a light in the darkness of her mind" Oramis muttered as she knelt down and stared at some complex etchings made in the end wall of the enclosure.

Their musings were interrupted by Berusal.

"We have questions regarding the Vision" he announced while demurely gesturing out of the Protection Ward.

None of them said anything as they departed the Protection Ward, but Ashara's mind turned back to her vision and the only conceivable explanation to the strange entity.

There was only one person or thing that could devour life on such a scale....the Old Sith Emperor Vitiate, but he was supposed to be dead, defeated by Darth Nox and her strike team 4 years ago.

She knew she would have to confront them with the possibility that their "benevolent" Emperor Valkorion was either possessed by or at least influenced in some way by the former Sith Emperor.

But would they believe her?

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10.19.2017 , 07:53 PM | #13
I decided against putting the author's notes at the end of the last chapter because they were quite lengthy. So here goes:

Author's Notes for Episode 7

1. The Scions aren't developed very much in the game. They're just kind of there whenever the plot requires them to be. So it's a fun puzzle for me to develop what an order of Force Seers would believe,act, and behave like. Ashara was the obvious candidate due to both her disillusionment with both Jedi and Sith codes as well as her ease of connection to Force Spirits.

2. There's a huge disconnect that I feel I have to address that gets glossed over in the KotFEET chapters. The player character confronts Valkorion in the throne room at the start, and knows from the presence he senses that it is the same as the Sith Emperor, but after that chapter, Valkorion is gone. Realistically, no one else would know this was true. The Zakuulans would've known nothing of the Sith Emperor, and certainly wouldn't believe "Outsider propaganda" that their dear leader was in actuality, a planet eating murderer. Even the people in Republic/Imperial space and even the Player character Companions would not know that Vitiate/Valkorion were the same except perhaps some of the most powerful Force users, and there would be no reason for the general populace to believe them.

In the story, when characters like Senya and Koth get confronted with this, they resist the idea for all of a couple lines of dialogue before accepting it for some inexplicable reason. It's what the first season of KotFE SHOULD have been about. Convincing others to join your cause despite the obstacles thrown at you by this dilemma and all the while narrowly avoiding Arcann and his minions and having Valkorion whispering doubts in your mind.

3. Ashara's vision is highly symbolic and I spent a lot of time trying to fit in as many symbolic details as possible. Of course, we as players have the hindsight to know what a lot of it means, but these characters do not.

4. The fic is getting plenty of views, but no one is saying anything. So, I must be doing something right...or wrong. Not sure.
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