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Dogs of WÓr: Established Imperial "casual VM" raid team looking for rDPS

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Dogs of WÓr: Established Imperial "casual VM" raid team looking for rDPS

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09.07.2017 , 06:13 PM | #1
I've been trying the 'friend of friend' thing for too long, giving a shoutout here in the forums...

Who: You!

What: An rDPS Joining Dogs of War, an Imperial focused "casual" VM (HM) raid team
(Note: we are affiliated with <Fortitude> Pub side, but our members come from several different guilds; joining the Guild itself is encouraged but not required)

Where: Jedi Covenant server

When: Saturdays, 9-11:30pm Eastern

Why: Because we're a group of chill, experienced Republic progression players wanting to kick back and relax still doing harder than average raid content on oft-neglected Imperial toons we love. We're open to SM-level raiders wanting to take on the challenge of learning their roles better and kicking it up a notch to the requirements of Veteran Mode Operations. Dreaming of a chance to HM raid? We're willing to teach, as long as you're willing to learn and work on improving.

How: I'm not on the forums much anymore, so the best way to reach me to express interest is on Discord (; my handle is Alix#1542--or Saturday nights around 9pm during the raid: do a /who search on 'Dogs' and anyone showing the "Dogs of WÓr" guild is most likely running on the team.

Please ping me if you're interested in this kind of opportunity!
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