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LACK of letters from certain NPCs after Iokath/Umbara...

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LACK of letters from certain NPCs after Iokath/Umbara...

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09.03.2017 , 10:11 PM | #1
One of the things I liked about Iokath and Umbara: the various letters from companions and LIs. One thing I was noticing though, which I am now wondering about:

tl:dr: Does it mean anything that Acina and Malcom go verrrry silent after Iokath and Umbara?

My Commander sided with the Empire, chose not to spy on everyone, and did not say anything to Acina to accuse her of betrayal. When it was discovered that all three factions had been lured to Iokath by the same intel, she told Lana to keep it under wraps. In other words, she played her cards close to her chest and was investigating the traitor quietly.

During KOTET the Commander gets lots of letters from Acina congratulating her, but after Iokath and Umbara...nothing. No "I'm sorry, we have your back" or "we will be sure to investigate this in the Empire" on the betrayal, or even a "thanks for maintaining your alliance with the Empire and bailing us out!" after Iokath.

Similarly, there's nothing from Satele Shan after the betrayal - and this is someone who somehow was able to send me an email from the Odessan wilderness during KOTFE and was friendly with my character in her message at the end of KOTET. Her kid just tried to kill me, one would think she might possibly have something to say about it...

And the two companions that are the representatives for the factions have pretty serious histories...even if the character isn't a Sith Warrior, Quinn's someone who has a history of ingratiating himself, defending the Empire to a fault, and being ruthless to get ahead. If the character IS a Sith Warrior, Acina's handpicked the person left in the Empire who has the closest personal knowledge of the Commander and was able to lure them into a trap once before...and it's said that she specifically pardons them just before KOTET Chapter 3. Similarly, Elara Dorne is someone who is seen as being extremely cold, rigid and dedicated beyond question to the Republic, with a lot of tactical information.

Even if you side with their faction they could be there to observe and help with subterfuge.

It makes me wonder more and more if both factions, and/or Satele, are involved in this Order and subterfuge in some way, regardless if you ally with them. That could be as active players, or as pawns that Theron and whomever he's working for are manipulating to their best advantage.