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Starting up a new guild! More detail in the description

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Starting up a new guild! More detail in the description

VazahIn's Avatar

09.01.2017 , 08:47 AM | #1
I want to start up a new guild, designated for Heavy Role-Play and mild to medium PvP elements.

With this guild, I want to have it revolve around the sort of notion of a unit of the Empire, Unit Epsilon-01 (Code name: The Red Hand). As always, the power rests at the top with the Warriors and Inquisitors. From there, the Agents are third in rank, and Bounty Hunters/Soldiers have the fourth.

Leave any suggestions, and drop a reply if you're interested in starting things up!

PhantmFett's Avatar

11.01.2017 , 01:11 AM | #2

I know of two persons looking to join a Heavy-Casual RP Guild. I had a question however on your ranking structure.
Although the SITH Lords are powerful, I think you would have to be of at least a Darth to at least out rank the Admirals and Sector Moffs. However Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Grand Moff Tarkin were powerful in their own right. However its your guild. You can send Jochim or Vempriass a pm in game if you would like to meet. Vempriass has a Dromund Kaas Home that she has made into a recruiting HQ and an Emissary HQ. She works with Sith Assassin, and Imperial Intelligence, and outsources contracts to her BH friend Jochim.

Best regards,

Evra's Avatar

11.06.2017 , 11:57 AM | #3
I am returning to the game this afternoon and would definitely be interested in this.
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Animefans's Avatar

11.08.2017 , 10:06 PM | #4
would be cool to see the imp guild do a pvp rp vs republic guild pvp just like that one video on belsavis lol i would join