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Is a cathar a good bounty hunter species? Or would it conflict with their history?

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Is a cathar a good bounty hunter species? Or would it conflict with their history?

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02.07.2018 , 12:53 PM | #11
You are obviously invested in the lore, I was unaware the Cathar had a history with the Mandalorians until this thread. If you care so much to create a thread about the topic, its likely this will bug you all during the time you play the character. If you can reconcile that (i.e. you aren't very obsessive-compulsive), then go for it. But if it bugs you too much, then you'll resent your character and then it won't be any fun for you.
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02.07.2018 , 02:31 PM | #12
You start as a bounty hunter. The cathar have an issue with mandalorians. Not all mandalorians are bounty hunters, not all bounty hunters are mandalorians. All the interaction you need to have with them is attending to that hunting game they're hosting.

As for the Chiss: the imps are a meritocracy first, theocracy second, race is only an issue for those that fall trough both sieves. Chiss culture is very similar, so those deemed fit to be sent to the empire will likely be the best of the best, and will have little problem fitting in.

There is another issue with the chiss agent: At best you're that weird blue guy everyone is curious about, at worst everyone knows that your people are isolationist allies of the empire. Both make undercover work a little difficult.
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02.07.2018 , 05:10 PM | #13
Chiss might be the most popular choice for Imperial Agent but I'd argue it is the species and class combo that makes the least sense in the game.

Chiss are very rare outside of Ascendancy space and the Ascendancy is a vassal of the Empire. That should make Chiss an extremely poor choice for a secret agent, as they should stand out like a sore thumb in Republic territory and the last thing you should want your secret agent to be is noticeable. They should immediately fall under suspicion. Humans or aliens that could easily blend in to the background in Republic space (Twi'lek, Mirialan, ect)
would be a better choice for the Agent.

Chiss are a better choice for the Sith Inquisitor (Chiss force users are extremely rare but do exist) or the Bounty Hunter.

As for Cathar bounty hunters...

The species actually makes a lot of sense for a bounty hunter giving the species reputation for being skilled hunters. Mandalorians? Less so, given that the Mandalorians are a mortal enemy of the Cathar who nearly drove them to extinction.. That said you don't necessarily have to become a Mandalorian during the Bounty Hunter class story. You can refuse it.