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A Question About Ziost And The Sith Empire

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A Question About Ziost And The Sith Empire

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08.29.2017 , 07:59 AM | #1
So I had a question about Ziost and mainly about the fact whether we know, or perhaps the story team could shed some light on this, when exactly the reconstituted Sith Empire under Vitiate's rule had managed to reclaim the ancient Sith homeworld? Because on the Wookieepedia page on New Adasta there is this bit that very broadly points to when the recolonisation had occured:

"New Adasta was constructed by the Sith sometime between the Great Hyperspace War and the Great Galactic War, during a period of Sith recolonization, when the empire reclaimed many of its holdings lost during the former conflict."

However, the page on the Orbital Defense Command Centre located on Ziost gives us a different view and answer to the question, adding the possibility that Ziost was only reclaimed when the Sith Empire returned to the known galaxy in 28 BTC:

"The Orbital Command Center was constructed following the Sith reconquest of their ancient capital world of Ziost at some point before or during the Great Galactic War."

The page on Ziost itself doesn't offer a lot of clarity on the matter either, as it also vaguely states that the planet was resettled by the Sith at some point in time prior to or during the Great Galactic War, or at least is alluding to such:

"Eventually, the planet was resettled by the new empire, once again becoming a major Sith holding. It served as capital of Imperial buffer space and, eventually, housed the Orbital Defense Command Center, headquarters of the Ministry of Logistics. The city of New Adasta was established on the surface of the planet by Imperial forces to serve as the world's capital, quickly overshadowing the Sith Citadel, political center of the Old Empire. The city quickly became a major trade hub, leading to the planet's being nicknamed the Gateway to the Empire."

So I mainly ask this out of curiousity and as a Star Wars loregeek whether it is safe to assume that Ziost had been resettled by the reconstituted Sith Empire under Vitiate several centuries after the Great Hyperspace War but also several/a few centuries prior to the Great Galactic War aka return to known space? Or has Ziost been conquered during the war with the Republic and only become a major Sith holding after they had emerged from the Unknown Regions?

I am very curious as how the other players interpreted this but I naturally would like to invite the story team or Charles to answer this question about Ziost! Their/his view would be greatly appreciated just like it was with the question what a suitable justification would be for a Sith Pureblood slave
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