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My thoughts on "crisis on umbara" update. (bugs, design choices i dont like... jucy!)

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My thoughts on "crisis on umbara" update. (bugs, design choices i dont like... jucy!)

slukslaksla's Avatar

08.26.2017 , 04:50 AM | #1
first off i want to say i am not hating on the update or the game. and i will try not to include spoilers.


most of the kolto stations does not work/activate when you step on them, this is the case for MANY uprisings as well. i suggest changing back to the old "click stations" as they work just fine

respawining at medcenter on last boss will put you back at train, meaning a wipe will make it impossible to finish the flashpoint and also you wont get your loot should allies finish for you.

not sure if its a bug but the train part seems terribly optimized. my computer run the game on ultra np even in huge battles with 24+ ppl on yavin worldboss. but this simply beeing in train area makes it laggy and kind of ruins my experience. (all graphics are on ultra etc, including new shadow system). the preformance is returned to normal once i step off the train into the jungle.


I HATE THE GAR CAP, i do have geared chars but still! i want to be able to que for mastermode even on my "bad geared chars". i have done hard mode OPS in 220 dps gear without setbonus AS A TANK during recent updates. sure i got carried hard but it just means that i had a grp of skilled players WHO DONT NEED 242 GEAR to be gud! i see NO REASON WHATSOEVER for this system to be a good thing. as if you find new or bad players thats the risk of doing pug. (i want old system back cus if you enter manualy (as you still can) you wont get the "finish any flashpoint in groupfinder" quest done!) the weekle 3x mm will finish but not the other one that works on all modes.

Umbara tokens:

first off having to do it 10/6/3 times on solo/vet/mm is a bad idea. i am no casual so im fine but others are not. (neither do i like to grind). i would suggest changing it to 6x solo 3x vet 1x mm. this would make it alot more balanced as it simply cuts down the time needed to get it not how hard it is.

next one i must admit i HATE with PASSION! (yes im a powerfull sith indeed):

you can only have 50 tokens EACH WEEK! pardon my language here but w-t-f??! i was looking forward to getting on music and grinding it out over night to then im the end have an amazing stronghold (Wich i have not yet looked at so it will be a surpeise for me)

i suggest a simple fix for this: REMOVE THE TOKEN CAP COMPLETLY! nothing more to add there. again sry for the hatefull nature of this. if anything its a good source of power.... mhm...anyways!

any thoughts or replys are as always, apreaciated.