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Theories on the Order & Traitor (Umbara spoilers)

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Theories on the Order & Traitor (Umbara spoilers)

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08.24.2017 , 02:58 PM | #1
Share your theories/thoughts on the mysterious "Order" and the traitor that's revealed in Crisis on Umbara. I'm guessing they're involved in the Uprisings and Iokath as well, so I'm gonna info dump stuff about them.

These start occurring right after your character takes the Eternal Throne. The original five involved criminal groups and rogue Sith/Imperial groups. The latter five involved Republic/Jedi groups. Not sure if it matters or not but it's interesting that no group involved maintained loyalty to the Empire. The Sith/Imperials involved were all defectors. This is in contrast to the Republic groups, most of which still claimed loyalty to the Republic (even though they were acting on their own).

1. Crimson Fang (Port Nowhere)
A group of pirates led by the Red Huntress takes over Port Nowhere and has a major weapons stash on board. A note reads "They are coming for you, Huntress. Port Nowhere is a marvelous prize - one you must defend against our enemy. Do not fall to the Alliance." The codex on the Red Huntress says she was previously a bounty hunter in Wild Space known for always killing her targets. It is unlikely she would be able to assemble and lead the pirate gang and that the pirates were unlikely to work together on their own.

2. Done and Dusted (Tatooine)
The Dust Viper gang, led by Bel Neroidia, ambushes an Alliance patrol and steals Odessen security data, which they plan to sell to the highest bidder at an auction. However, a note to Bel Neroidia reads "The auction is a ruse. Many will bid on the Alliance data, but you will sell it to our proxy: A Twi'lek representative of the Faronis TechCorp. Comply, and our enemy will fall." The codex mentions that the gang was irrelevant until Bel Neroidia took over and started hitting convoys across the Outer Rim. It is still unlikely that the gang would be able to intercept a secret Alliance patrol and steal classified data.

3. Firefrost (Hoth)
A group of White Maw pirates, led by Droub, take over a factory that stockpiles old military equipment to melt down and make new ships and weapons. The codex notes Droub's rise to power was sudden and unexpected. There is also a note to him that reads "Production levels in your factory have dropped recently. If you cannot meet your quotas, you will be replaced with someone who can."

4. Fractured (Vanguard Station)
A rogue Sith Intelligence faction led by Major Korven (former Imperial cipher) and Lord Anril (Sith Lord) who are launching attacks on Alliance settlements. The codex mentions that Korven was known for being ruthless and too extreme when she was part of Intelligence. She disappeared when no one wanted to work with her anymore and was a suspect in anti-Imperial terrorist attacks. It's unknown why the Sith defectors would follow Korven when she had a reputation for betraying her own people. A log from Korven can be found that reads "I am being watched. Last night, I discovered a tracking device sewn into my uniform. I sliced the transmitter and found records of burst transmissions to something called the 'Conclave'. Anril thinks me paranoid, but he is wrong. Dead wrong."

5. Inferno (Ord Mantell)
A radicalized Sith splinter group led by Lords Adacin and Zanisk, who are known to be ruthless. The codex says Adacin and Zanisk disappeared when the Sith bowed to the Eternal Empire and remained hidden even after the truce. The sudden aggression from them is unexpected since it exposes their operation, which goes against their previous methodology. They also have no known connection to Ord Mantell and it's unclear how they setup so quickly without notice. A note to them can be found which reads "We are impressed with your efforts. The Alliance has no choice but to respond. If you wish to prove yourselves true agents of chaos, you must eliminate the Revenant."

After completing the original five there is this codex entry about them:
Alliance Intelligence Report: A Cause for Concern
Subject: A Theory on the Recent Galactic Uprisings
Status: Unsubstantiated

As a rising power in the galaxy, it is inevitable that the Alliance will encounter opposition from various factions. However, analysis of several recent incidents has brought to light a number of striking similarities. In many cases, a small group of criminals or political defectors under the control of an unlikely leader has quickly risen to prominence without warning.

These unexpected outbursts of dissension could be simple coincidence. They may also be mere symptoms of some flaw in Alliance political policy that is inciting these hostilities. However, we must also consider the more sinister possibility that these uprisings are all somehow connected.

The emerging pattern of these seemingly random events make more sense if considered as part of a greater, concealed whole. It may be the enemies we have faced were merely pawns, set against us by a more cunning and formidable foe to test our responses while chipping away at our strength. However, until Alliance Intelligence can find concrete evidence, this theory remains pure speculation.
6. Destroyer of Worlds (Makeb)
A group led by Jedi Master Adelade goes to Makeb to wake a creature called Gethul who is buried deep inside the planet. The codex notes that Gethul has some sort of force sensitivity and an ability to influence people via a "song" that fills his followers with light and seemingly calls for the world's demise and the death of the Alliance. Gethul contains genetic markers for dozens of species, including Rakata, and seems to have originated on Belsavis but was later moved. Adelade found Gethul from intel received from an unknown third party, which included precise coordinates and a claim that she would find one of the Force's greatest mysteries.

7. Divided We Fall (Coruscant)
A group of rogue Republic security agents led by Commander Kallin plot a false flag operation to attack the senate tower and place blame on the Alliance. Kallin seems to believe he is still loyal to the Republic and is an outspoken critic of the Alliance, claiming the Alliance brought death and destruction to the Republic. The codex mentions he has connections to Saresh, which is how he may have been able to acquire explosives (via mutual underworld contact). The operation required high slicing expertise and it's noted that it matches SIS techniques.

8. Landing Party (Rakata Prime)
Former Zakuul military personnel led by Battalion Commander Tassar begin building a new and improved Star Fortress using Rakatan self-repairing technology. The codex mentions Tassar was instrumental in the original Star Fortress program and disappeared when it fell apart. Her discovery of Rakata Prime and its technologies resulted from interception of an Alliance transport which was carrying samples to Dr. Oggurobb.

9. Trench Runner (Denova)
A group of Republic loyalists led by General Amos Rike seize control of baradium mines, claiming the Alliance stole them from the Republic. It's mentioned that the Alliance had no interest in the mines until Rike seized them and that baradium is used in explosive material and holding the mines will be a drain on resources. Rike being able to move such a large force into position without challenge suggests further anti-Alliance conspirators in the Republic military.

10. Trial and Error (X7-Cratus Lab Station)
A small group of rogue Republic scientists led by Alirra Semhess running an experimental lab. Two chemicals involved: RS-33 turns soldiers into killing machines (and was developed from RAK-5) and RAK-5 turns people into rakghouls. RAK-5 was developed by Rahser Poth, whose research was significantly aided by an anonymous scientist. The codex claims funding for the project was falsely obtained through a Republic endowment for disease research and treatment development. It required significant slicing skills to alter the data.

After all Uprisings, there is this codex:
Alliance Intelligence Report: A Common Thread
Alliance Intelligence has confirmed that a single person or group was behind the recent spate of uprisings. These findings are based on months of comprehensive research--as well as numerous common threads that link the events, including but not limited to:

- Anti-Alliance hatred fueled by manufactured propaganda.
- Funding by several front companies originating in the Outer Rim
- Connections to various deceased persons of note.
- Transmissions via a unique encrypted algorithm.
- Presence and usage of rare cybernetic implants at each uprising site.

This evidence directly connects the uprisings to a single conspirator. Their motives remain unknown, but they likely acted to destabilize galactic peace and weaken the Eternal Alliance. The scope and breadth of such a conspiracy speaks to an individual or group with substantial funding and expertise in the art of subterfuge and manipulation.

Alliance agents are currently investigating all possible perpetrators, including Sith Intelligence, the Republic SIS, and the Star Cabal.

This conspirator cannot hide forever.
So I think it's clear it wasn't just the traitor (Theron) doing all this by himself. I'm also assuming the Conclave and the Order are either the same or related, and the Revenant refers to the Outlander. The presence of cybernetic implants at each site is interesting, and it makes me wonder if Theron's implant was sliced or something and that's how they monitor him. It's impressive how much information this group seems to have, though. How did they know about an ancient, buried force creature that no one else seemed to? And were they planning on doing something with it's mind control abilities? Did all these people really hate the Alliance so much that they just threw everything away to die to them, or were they being controlled somehow? There's not a lot to go off of here but it shows the scope of the conspiracy.

Okay, so we know now the traitor on Iokath was Theron. We know he lured the Empire, the Republic, and the Alliance to Iokath at the same time by alerting them to the presence of the superweapon. I'm guessing this was under orders from the Order (I'm not sure how they learned about the superweapon before us). Now supposedly Theron also sabotaged the throne when we sit in it in an attempt to kill us. But I'm going to argue he actually saved us.

When we go to the weapons factory, we find a dead body of one of the original Iokath creators in what used to be the main superweapon command throne. There is no sign of trauma on the body and Theron says it was the last one to use that throne. Theron also mentions that it activated the superweapon which resulted in wiping out all life on Iokath. Note that the person who activated the superweapon was left dead on the throne.

When we go to confront either Acina/Malcom, we find that they've built their own throne as a backdoor into the superweapon. Acina can mention that the schematics were a "gift from a trusted ally". It's unknown if it was really a trusted ally, or perhaps Theron impersonating a trusted ally. Either way it's interesting that both the Republic and Empire receive these schematics, but NOT the Alliance. It's also noted that there is missing data in the schematics. When activated, the backdoor does not work as planned. It works long enough to wake up the gods, but not to completely access the superweapon. The throne then basically explodes and kills whoever is in it. I suspect that the missing data in the schematics was a way of sabotaging the backdoor thrones.

After the backdoor is used, it sends a power flux that knocks out the superweapon's defenses and kills the signal that had the ships in lockdown (so the Eternal Fleet is active again). It also makes the superweapon start powering up like crazy, and Theron slices into it to buy time for us to get to the real throne.

Now when we get to the real throne, we sit in it and communicate with Tyth. Tyth immediately comes across as hostile and calls us sacrifice prime. When you ask what he means by "sacrifice", he starts charging up. This is when the traitor (Theron in a cloak I guess?) places something on the console that sends a shock and seemingly disrupts your connection with the throne (and also electrocutes you). It pulls you out of your conversation with Tyth, meanwhile Tyth says "you will fall and the gods will rise", and hits a ship of the Eternal Fleet. However, since you're now awake (from being shocked) you're able to tell the Fleet to open fire on Tyth. This puts him in a weakened state and stops the superweapon from killing everything.

So based on all that, my theory is that the Order wanted Theron to get the Empire, Republic, and Alliance on Iokath. They wanted the superweapon activated, knowing that it would eradicate all life on the planet. They'd be able to kill off all three of the leaders and a large chunk of their forces in one go. This is also why they provided backdoors, to ensure it got set off by someone.

However, I think Theron perhaps sabotaged the backdoors to make sure that they did send the power flux to knock out the defenses but didn't let them fully activate the superweapon and he purposely didn't give the backdoor information to the Commander, since he knew they were sabotaged. He let Acina/Malcom take that bullet. Then when you take the real throne, he disrupts the connection to prevent you from becoming the sacrifice and allowing you to call in the Fleet. This puts Tyth in a weakened state, which puts you on more even footing in a fight with him.

Note that the result of all this is being able to control the superweapons (after fighting them in the operation). It ends up being a plus for the Alliance's control of Iokath. I believe 'Theron helping the Alliance get control of Iokath' is going to be a theme, possibly in relation to the resource crisis going on. Hylo sends you a mail at the end of Iokath saying that the Alliance should hold on to Iokath with everything its got since it may be the only hope to fixing the problem of scarcity of resources in the galaxy.

Not a ton to say on this one, except that it's mentioned Theron left some Adegan crystals behind when he left. Lana and the Commander think this is strange, but I think it goes with the getting control of Iokath thing. Lana mentions at the end that the crystals will be of great use on Iokath. I believe they can be used as a power source, and again could be used in helping with resources.

So yeah I'm guessing (or maybe hoping) Theron isn't really a full on traitor, and that he's being monitored by the Order so has to play along a certain way, but is actually helping you by giving you weapons/resources to help the Alliance on Iokath.

So sorry for the novel of a post but I just wanted to put everything related together. Anyways please share thoughts and other theories on anything potentially related to the Order/Conclave/Theron.

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08.24.2017 , 03:03 PM | #2
Good read ... only fault I think is the hooded figure on Iokath ... wasn't that a woman?

For the overall plot ... I think the Eternal Alliance will get annihilated ... the player and surviving companions will then be forced back into whatever faction they sided with on Iokath.

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08.24.2017 , 03:21 PM | #3
Makes sense as to why he gets soooo upset when Jace dies if you go that route, because he is the one who killed him hoping you'd choose to side with the republic rather than the empire. He didn't want his father to die even though they have such a strained relationship, but he would pick your character (especially if you romance him) over Jace any day.

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08.24.2017 , 03:40 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Paulsutherland View Post
Good read ... only fault I think is the hooded figure on Iokath ... wasn't that a woman?

For the overall plot ... I think the Eternal Alliance will get annihilated ... the player and surviving companions will then be forced back into whatever faction they sided with on Iokath.
From what I understand the hooded figure on Iokath is technically a female model in a hooded robe, but I don't think that's information the player is "supposed" to have. Just going by the cutscene you really can't tell for sure if it's male or female. So since all they wanted you to see was the back of the robe they could have just used some generic model so that the real identity wouldn't be leaked by datamining. I could be wrong though.

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08.24.2017 , 08:25 PM | #5
Good read. I'm hoping with all the hints dropped during Umbarra that he's really not the enemy and is just playing a role. All of his backstory (book and comics) show that it's within his character to infiltrate an enemy faction and do what he does best. Things like swapping blasters and only stunning Lana, shooting out the window of the train before telling the Commander what he was doing (giving him/her an escape route), not taking the crystals even though he said he was there to steal them. It just all screams that there's more to this story for sure. And then the added stuff you get if you romanced almost seems like he's trying to tell the Commander without actually saying anything ("I'd do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to protect you.")

Isn't it also possible that he's not actually the original Iokath traitor? He could have just said that because he hasn't been able to uncover that person yet, and he's going through all this to flush them out (or maybe it's wishful thinking on my part). He says so much in that scene that just doesn't match up for any Commander other than the absolutely worst Dark 5 cackilingly evil characters.I ran though the FP with both a Republic Non-Empress "Malcom still alive" Knight and an Imperial Empress "Malcom dead" Warrior and he says pretty much the same thing to each, the only difference being that one is a symbol of oppression versus a dictator. And neither is true...and he knows it. He largely approved of all of their decisions (other than the one choice on Iokath for the Warrior), so what motive could he possibly have? Even the Empress choice right at the beginning of Iokath was light-sided for my warrior (solve the uprising peacefully). That's why I just see this as a whole bunch of grandstanding for show on his part. He knew someone was listening. But, if you watch him and his facial expressions, his eyes say something else. BioWare made it a point to change up their level of emoting with Iokath, and they did that here too.

Isn't it also possible that Lana is in on all this? It just seems so perfect that he whips out a stun gun to "knock" her out, he shoots out the window and for all intents and purposes tells the Commander to jump ship, and then she takes the Commander on a romp through the Umbarra wilds, giving Theron time to escape convincingly. In order for any of this to hold water for his successful infiltration, the Commander needs to stay in the dark for authenticity. But Lana's herp-a-derp "I dun notice this?" comment is so unconvincing. She knew. They're in on it together.
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08.24.2017 , 08:35 PM | #6
Wow this is really interesting, thanks for posting!
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08.24.2017 , 10:00 PM | #7
I have no idea what the order is and kind of don't care unless it's a fun big baddie like Jadus or Malgus. If it's something like the Scions or some other group of generic shadowy strangers ... meh.

I do think Theron is infiltrating them. I can see him going into this recklessly, thinking there was no way to tell the Commander about it, justifying it to himself why doing it alone was the best way.

It does kind of suck that every single class gets the same lines. You'd at least think the Warrior could get a nice big wailing "NOOO WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME CONSTANTLY?! I MAKE BAD LIFE DECISIONS" or the Agent could be like "Okay, Theron. All right. Yep, there's a big bounty on your head. I'm reaaaaall mad." *winks* *blows kiss*

I don't think Lana's involved in this. I don't think Theron trusts her enough, and I think she's way too square to do it without involving the commander. I can see her running and telling on Theron before I can see her going along with any of his schemes. I'd believe she was working with someone like Malgus before I'd believe she'd go along with Theron's half brained suicide run.

I think she legit dove in front of the Commander because she's OBSESSED with them and will be for all time, even tho the Commander could have easily dodged that literal bullet. I mean, come on Lana. Tone it down a notch. Jesus. Why didn't you just use your damn saber reflect instead of your stomach? Oh yeah, cause we wouldn't have seen it was a stun gun instead of a real one. *taps forehead*

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08.24.2017 , 10:10 PM | #8
This is one of the most well thought out posts regarding "The Traitor and Why He did It" that I've read so far. I admit that I haven't made it that far in the expansions yet, but your reasoning makes sense.

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08.25.2017 , 12:28 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Ralei View Post

I don't think Lana's involved in this. I don't think Theron trusts her enough, and I think she's way too square to do it without involving the commander. I can see her running and telling on Theron before I can see her going along with any of his schemes. I'd believe she was working with someone like Malgus before I'd believe she'd go along with Theron's half brained suicide run.

I think she legit dove in front of the Commander because she's OBSESSED with them and will be for all time, even tho the Commander could have easily dodged that literal bullet. I mean, come on Lana. Tone it down a notch. Jesus. Why didn't you just use your damn saber reflect instead of your stomach? Oh yeah, cause we wouldn't have seen it was a stun gun instead of a real one. *taps forehead*

Please don't kill Theron. Please. Pretty Please. No kill option. No kill option. No kill option.
I agree RE: Theron and Lana. I honestly don't think she's in on this. The sheer shock on her face when she heard Theron click the gun, and the split-second dive in front of the Commander...that wasn't staged IMHO.

And IMHO Lana's sweetness was one of the few things in this that didn't leave me sniffly and cold. She legit would have taken a bullet for the Commander there. Although you're right, girlfriend has a lightsaber and would have deflected a blaster know, like she has done about a million times before in the game. *facepalm*

And I didn't like that the Commander doesn't react when she's unconscious on the floor. At least for a LS character or a character who is romancing her, one would think they'd yell her name or run over to her or something.

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08.25.2017 , 03:17 AM | #10
I absolutely loved reading this! I'm always a sucker for digging around in characters' minds and trying to figure out motivations, as well as trying to notice little details and fit them all together to make sense of what happens. I was actually going to do this for Umbara, but you pretty much said everything I wanted to and then some!

I'm probably one of the few people who is loving this little plot twist and really curious to see where it goes.
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