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Invasion of the Gold Sellers to the GTN

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Invasion of the Gold Sellers to the GTN

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08.30.2017 , 06:51 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
There are so many weird things going on on The Progenitor's market at the moment, I don't know what to make out of this anymore. Not just shady looking things, but also stupid things or things that just make no sense at all.

The worst, of course (but that is not the topic here) are the ridiculously high prices. Just yesterday I saw someone selling one low level purple gem for 400.000 credits. That is, one single gem. Why do people do this? Or why do people put supplements on the GTN for 2.000 credits when it costs 800 at the vendor?
Some could be just not understanding the market, or what's a fair price, but it really all comes down to greed. I know someone mentioned to me buying crafting things like travella cloth from the npc merchant and selling it on the GTN for more. Not everyone knows there's a vendor that sells things like travella cloth. Not everyone seems to realize there's a decoration merchant that sells guild banks, cargo bays, legacy banks, etc either. I see people selling these for far more than the cost of the Prefabs, if you bought them off the GTN.

Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
What about those mats sellers who sell 20 times 1000 mats of the same kind at the same time? Can I assume these mats were botted? Or are people dropping off their jawa scrap? How much unused scrap is there in the game by now?

What about those dye sellers who sell 40 times the same dye at the same time for less than half of the current market price? Is this just an aggressive scheme by a new force in town trying to push away competitors? Or are these mats obtained illegally?
I've listed 20-30 dye up at the same time and undercut by a large amount. While 20-30 is not the norm I always undercut by a lot. I undercut, because otherwise if I play the penny undercut game, I sell a lot less sometimes none that day. I undercut because I disagree the current prices are "fair." I undercut because if I'm not selling something I'm not making credits. If I'm sitting around with too much inventory that I cant make more dyes to sell I'm losing out on potential market sales.

I can make them easy and in large bunches because I spent time finding an efficient gathering route, gaining some fair rating on my companions, (Higher rating is more criticals which doubles dyes, not to mention reduces overall crafting time. Translates directly to more dyes in less time), and using my time efficiently. For instance I set all my companions to craft dyes when I'm logging out. Why? This is the most time intensive part; I might as well do it and let the time pass when I am not around anyway and continually run the shorter duration missions for materials while I do play.

I've gotten mail from time to time complaining about my strategy. People suggesting I penny undercut because otherwise I'm ruining the market. It always felt like attempts to get me to price collude, so I ignored the advice. Especially so since I often thought the price the person wanted to collude at was unfair to the customer.

I've seen people buy up all my low priced things to resell. Depending on the market I usually then list up a fair bit and penny undercut, then list more at my normal low price. The low price stuff sells fast: high volume low profit. The penny undercut stuff sell slows, but at higher profits. You can essentially play both sides of the market that way. Also stops people from trying to play futures market or whatever you want to call it while I do all the actual work.

Now you might argue that I can't make credits this way, but I've a few hundred million sitting around and I've plenty of nice things. Granted I mostly craft when I'm playing, but I like it. It's fun, so *shrugs*

I really didn't want to write this here, and I imagine there must be others who don't want to or didn't for the same reason: I've essentially given out my tactics to possible competitors. But I felt it was necessary. It's a game. I want others to play and have fun too since this is a collective effort. It will only thrive and grow so long as we have players.

So, not all us undercutters and such are gold sellers, if any are even, we're just ruthless dye crafters and etc. I welcome competition. I'm also susceptible to flattery if someone wants ideas on how to get started.

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09.24.2017 , 02:34 PM | #32
My little group of (jedi covenant) has somewhat settled down. The main one is still active. It recently changed selling characters. Named with a couple of alt special character, Y with a squiggle at the top. Im guessing it.realized it was being tracked by a lot of the legitamate crafting community members. Will be more.difficult to hunt down....

Considering going on a propaganda campaign against em, probably would not effect much. Even if peeps were aware, lrobably wouldnt change clicking on the cheapest crafted item by 1 credit.


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