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Folks not to run into.

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07.29.2017 , 06:27 PM | #1
Ladies and Gentlemen of all races and shapes and sizes I admit I have been noobish in the past and tried learning so it fair and fun for everyone as much as possible but for a few individuals (Which I will not name because they are not worth it) are far from redeemable. I used to run in a Pirate guild however when one character said something the Guild leader didnt like I admit I was hesitant because it was sudden. My character lost an eye because of that encounter. Next two days the leader's wife pulls me to a corner asking why my character has such hatred (To lie was a bad idea) So I told the truth and she held me in the air with the force and slammed me hard to the ground. The Guild leader expected me to stand up and stay still but my character had a stealth device on him going invisible. The guild leader said "Show yourself and nothing will happen" They was pirates even if I did I knew they was lying. I tried suggesting a roll duel the leader didnt like it so I went his way with emote emote emote (Which I hate FYI) I taken more hits then he did by far and emoted I was struggling yet for the guild leader he dodges/ blocks all except one slash on the arm and yet he doesent react the results till after the fight. During the fight was no different if I did an emote the guild leader didnt like he instantly called it "Power emoting" I tried to do something to escape while he wasnt there yet he wanted a screenshot of what I did however I never did screenshotting before and didnt know how to do it. The Guild leader even suggested a way for me to get away I try to take it he immediately denies it and has something to block it the very next second. Worst of it all he constantly tells me "Actions have consequences" and yet I have been taking these consequences constantly and yet when I try something he cannot be touched. I have now been kicked by the guild so I cant see friends as often. Moral of this post here is if you are dealing with someone who refuses to take at least half as many hits as you and you have been denied constantly of every single attempt then they are Folks not to run into simply deny their attempts to force kill you or bully you. If folks are not being fair during RP they are not worth your time.