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Stronghold Planet

corneliussky's Avatar

07.25.2017 , 05:21 PM | #1
First post here so bear with me.
Returned after some abscense when I heard that there was finally a new stronghold. Purchased it all, only to realize that I actually like the Sky Palace layout (exept the fact it's missing a bridge to the SS-hook).
What I DON'T like with the Sky Palace is Nar Shadda itself!
I just don't like the ambience and background. And as many others investing time in building a stronghold, I am concerned with RP. (Just don't feel a place like Nar Shadda fits my Sith-Lord)

Then a question, why restrict a stronghold like the sky palace to a single planet? This particulary SH could easily fit in a number of contexts without interfering with existing content.
The background is simply a loop, and the exit is just a question of changing some of the codes already in place.

CrazyScruffy's Avatar

07.25.2017 , 06:20 PM | #2
Nar Shadda is not the new SH. the one on Manaan is the new one. Followed by one on Umbara coming in August

EHKodiak's Avatar

07.25.2017 , 09:41 PM | #3
Nar Shaddaa has been in since the launch of Strongholds. You want Manaan, which has an even worse Starship slot

casirabit's Avatar

07.25.2017 , 10:18 PM | #4

Faction restricted
Drumond Kaas (you can take your republic characters there at a cost, smugglers get a discount-but only to the stronghold itself)
Corscuant- see above

Neutral Strongholds:
Nar Shadda

Newest one:

Upcoming one (august 22)
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