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What does everyone think about the future of SWTOR?

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What does everyone think about the future of SWTOR?

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12.27.2011 , 06:10 PM | #1
I have played SWTOR excessively for the past 2 weeks and I can say it is a fun game and a great respite from WoW or any other game I have been playing.

Now this thread is not going to be a comparison thread at all, I do not wish to compare WoW to SWTOR to any other MMORPG since everyone seems to be constantly doing it. I am just interested in the future of this game, and what the community thinks is going to happen.




One thing many other MMORPG's don't have is the ability to Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA). I feel Bioware does a great job letting the players develop their character and choose their own adventures through quests and instances. This is a huge advantage for SWTOR.

2. Companions and Crew Skills

The thing I absolutely despised in WoW and other MMORPGs is the time wasted on leveling crafting skills. The ability to have your companions to manage your resources while you are questing or instancing is a huge relief. Companions are also a great part of the game. Whether it's Mako or Khem Val, there is a story between your companion and your character and the companions can handle themselves too. This leads to number 3...

3. Story

I will admit I am not a Star Wars fan when I started playing SWTOR. Sure, I watched the movies once and maybe the 4th, 5th, and 6th movies twice, but I have never been a Star Wars fan. I certainly did not dislike Star Wars but I was a bit anxious about the story in this game.

All I have to say is that the story is absolutely brilliant and encompassing to the player. I personally did not expect the story to be great but this has exceeded my best expectation of the game having a decent story. Maybe it is just me, but in my opinion, SWTOR truly has some excellent story telling that is told by NPC's and your character through... (yep leading to number 4...)

4. Voice Acting

The voice acting by Lucas Arts is par to Skyrim. I played Skyrim for over 70 hours already since it's release and I think the voice acting in SWTOR is just as great as Skyrim. SWTOR is the only MMORPG I believe to have voice acting and it does set a tough benchmark for any other MMORPG to reach. This is one major plus to this game. And if you don't like voice acting... just turn on subtitles, and press spacebar once you read (or don't read).

5. Ship

Now, many MMORPG's are vast and expansive but I cannot recall a single MMORPG that gives you personal property (except for Runescape constructing -> Houses... but it's Runescape...). When I play a MMORPG, I want to feel I own things. I want to feel that I actually am receiving compensations for all the time I put in the game. This is why I loved Bethseda Elder Scrolls because of the HOUSES! But Skyrim and Oblivion were single player games and many other major MMORPGs such as WoW do not give you a personal home. SWTOR does not give you a personal home, but gives you a ship that you actually do use often and can be customized (I will go into detail about the controversial ship battle later). The ship gives the feeling of ownership and seeing it fill up with companions does it's job to make the player feel all powerful and mighty.

6. Content

There is a TON of content in this game. Every class has it's own story. Every faction has it's own story. And there is content for every choice you make. The content in this game exceeds the expectations of a NEWLY released MMO. I can assure you that SWTOR raises the benchmark for new MMOs that are to be made.



Disclaimer: As you read above, I obviously love SWTOR right now, but I am not a delusional fanboy who says SWTOR has no flaws. All MMORPGs will have it's flaws and SWTOR being a NEWLY released MMORPG certainly does not escape the flaws of many MMORPG's.

1. Bugs

Yes. All MMORPG's have bugs. SWTOR being just released 2 weeks ago makes it have even more bugs. I do not have to go into detail about these bugs but they DO have an impact on gameplay and some frustrations in the game.

However, this will hopefully go down in Con's as Bioware fixes the bugs. Remember, it took them over THREE YEARS to make this game and it will take longer than 2 weeks to fix all the bugs in the game. Yes, there is the argument that Bioware shouldn't have released the game with so many bugs but Bioware wanted to keep it's customer's the promise for the release date to be 12/20/11, which they succeeded. This reason is enough for me to turn my head against this major con.

Hopefully, as everyone and Bioware says, these bugs will be addressed and patched and I have already seen some bug fixes. Hopefully Bioware keeps this up and polishes this game to be supreme.

2. Imbalanced Factions

Now, I am not 100% sure about this but I RARELY see any republic players. I understand that being evil is awesome and everyone wants to be an evil awesome sith (including me) which brings up the problem, imbalanced factions?

This is all the republics I have seen so far in my 2 weeks of playing:

2 Jedi's in Tatooine. Though one of them was hilariously funny and tried to gank a 16 man Ops group taking down Trapjaw, the World Boss.
1 Jedi in Nar Shadaa, in the Lower Promenade.
~20 Jedi's in PvP, over the span of 10 games (most games I end up playing against other empire teams).

This is not something that Bioware can fix by themselves. Obviously people choose between Empire and Republic but Bioware CAN make the Republic faction look more tantalizing. Make some ****** Republic champions or something but this is a growing problem that will affect PvP (which is the server type I am playing on). This leads to...

3. PvP

I will admit that I love the warzones. Huttball is a fresh new modification of Capture the Flag and the other 2 warzones are just as good, but the major flaws in PvP are balancing issues right now.

Right now, I DO NOT see a HUGE problem with PvP. I do see problems with it but not big enough problems to make me not want to PvP. I do see many imbalanced issues though, such as slows and knock-aways being king of Huttball.

There is also the issue of lvl 50's PvPing against lvl 10's. Originally, I was a HUGE fan of this bolstering idea. But as I leveled up, I realized how ridiculously unfair PvP is to low levels. Low Levels do not have the spells or talents of a high level and the armor of a high level. Sure, their stats are bolstered but even a bolstered lvl 10 cannot beat a lvl 50 in a fair fight, no matter the conditions (maybe some matter in skill level but that's another factor).

I would say make brackets. You do not have to do the WoW Brackets of 10-19, 20-29, etc, but the simple bolstering brackets such as 10-29 (where people are bolstered to the stats of a lvl 29) and 30-49, and a 50 PvP bracket.

Also, this is not a con but I personally would LOVE to see a PvP Arena with teams and such.


Now, this is just some Pro's and the major Con's I can think of. I love SWTOR but I am willing to admit this game does have it's flaws.

But this is what I am wondering. Will SWTOR be a hit? Sure, it has over 1.5 million players, but from what I see, people are dropping like flies due to some technical issues or the PvP.

I personally will hang on to this game for at least 2 months (my 2 months of prepaid time ). But I REALLY do want to see SWTOR succeed.

I do not hate WoW but I will admit I have had enough of WoW for my lifetime. I have not tried some other MMORPGs but SWTOR was truly captivating in all of it's pro's.

I have made a poll with what you will do. I want to know if YOU want to see it succeed. I want to know if YOU like the game.

I think SWTOR will succeed but only if Bioware acts fast. The modern gamer does not have patience (even I have limited patience) and if Bioware cannot balance itself before gamers run out of patience or another MMORPG updates/releases, SWTOR will fall swiftly. I would say SWTOR has a good 3+ months to fix major issues right now before people drop completely.

Also, for all the people that are hating the game because of a technical issue, please do some research. My patcher stopped due to, "Unable to retrieve patch... etc", and I did as Roy from IT Crowd would say:



Just my thoughts on this game and addressing some issues. Flame away or comment away or troll away, I am invincible!

EDIT: I did not see an option to create a poll when creating this thread... so just comment your thoughts. *scribbles onto Con List* FIX FORUM THINGIES AND ADD SEARCH OPTION!!!!!!

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12.27.2011 , 06:13 PM | #2
I don't really care about the voice acting. It's kind of neat, but it just takes soooo long that I would rather just read it.

Frankly, I'd rather they had spent the time and money they invested in voice acting into guild and multiplayer functionality.

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12.27.2011 , 06:14 PM | #3
"From what I see, people are dropping like flies"

And what do you see, exactly? People complaining on the forums? That's hardly an indicator of people "dropping like flies". There are a lot of people that are really, really enjoying this game.
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12.27.2011 , 06:16 PM | #4
If they don't fix the stabilities for people it will be very short lived for a lot.

It's not a taxing game for people's machines, that's why they made it like that so they could get more subs, bit when people are suffering constant problems through this totals stupid error 9000 and the constant disconnects, it's irelivent how much content they add, as people won't pay for something they can't play.

It's a server issue that seems to be affecting all sorts who have totally different systems, ISP's etc. I can live with stupid in game bugs, but any that are game breaking where you can't play, is a deal breaker for many!

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12.27.2011 , 06:18 PM | #5
yeah once I get through the story line I'm quitting and going back to a real MMO.

This isn't a real MMO. I'm a fan of mmo's and the social aspect of it. I shouldn't have to go out and search for the social part in a MMO. It should be right there. There could stand to be something like rifts public questing system. Something to add a dynamic flavor that grabs the peoples attention and gets them to work together. And this game has so much potential in that.

You level as Republic and the story line makes you hate sith with a firm passion due to the story line.

You level as empire, well you pretty much hated jedi to begin with and the story really doesn't give you much more reason to anyway.

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12.27.2011 , 06:18 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Sinister-Sith View Post
"From what I see, people are dropping like flies"

And what do you see, exactly? People complaining on the forums? That's hardly an indicator of people "dropping like flies". There are a lot of people that are really, really enjoying this game.
In my journey of researching to fix my patching problem, I saw many forum threads about how so and so is leaving because of some problem.

Maybe it's just a pissed off customers trying to scare Bioware, so I may be wrong about that comment.

On the other side though, I do see many people that do love this game, including me.

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12.27.2011 , 06:24 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Sinister-Sith View Post

And what do you see, exactly? People complaining on the forums? That's hardly an indicator of people "dropping like flies". There are a lot of people that are really, really enjoying this game.
Yeah it's such a condescending attitude.

"I really like the game and I want it to succeed but people are dropping like flies and a lot of things suck and if they don't do exactly as I say the game will be F2p in a week and I still can't help but wonder will anything ever be good as WoWzorz!!!"

Please give me a break.

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12.27.2011 , 06:27 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Jett-Rinn View Post
Yeah it's such a condescending attitude.

"I really like the game and I want it to succeed but people are dropping like flies and a lot of things suck and if they don't do exactly as I say the game will be F2p in a week and I still can't help but wonder will anything ever be good as WoWzorz!!!"

Please give me a break.
I do not play WoW and I have tried my best to not compare this game to WoW or any other MMO extensively.

I said people are dropping like flies due to what I saw in the support forum. Obviously I might have done a half-assed assumption but I am not wanting this game to be like WoW (Actually I wish it to be as far away from WoW, that way people can stop comparing those 2 games), and since when did I talk about a free 2 play option/demand in my thread?

You sir, seriously misread my post or are trolling me

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12.27.2011 , 06:29 PM | #9
If people want to keep bringing up on my comment "people dropping like flies", I will remove it so that people can actually discuss SWTOR and not what I think.

I want to hear what people think about this game, and not what you think about my writing and thoughts.

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12.27.2011 , 06:29 PM | #10
good write up OP.

I haven't played the game much, but I can see it settling in to it's own niche. However, there are a heck-uva-lota players in the game right now. So it might have a bigger niche to settle in to.