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The Jedi Consular Story (Light Side)

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The Jedi Consular Story (Light Side)

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07.17.2017 , 03:01 AM | #1
The Jedi Consular story has been touted as the most boring of class stories. But, it's almost a replica of the Inquisitor's story, without the force lightening. I am re-playing it and chronicling the story as it unfolds. Perhaps, some will come to appreciate it better.

DISCLAIMER: All credits go to Bioware. All ideas, dialogue, etc are products of Bioware; I might paraphrase, for coherence, but there are no original ideas here, from me.


An uneasy peace has come to the galaxy. As the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire recover from a costly war, the Jedi Order has returned to its ancient homeworld of TYTHON to regroup. A promising young Padawan, Juwe, has been sent to Tython to study alongside the order's wisest masters and face the challenges of the JEDI TRIALS.

The Path of a Jedi

Juwe has arrived on Tython to train as a Jedi. He finds himself at the Masters' Retreat, and Syo Bakarn is there to great his arrival. Tython is the ancient homeworld of the Jedi. Believing he has great potential, the Jedi Council has made him Padawan to a noted Master, Yuon Par. Unfortunately, Juwe arrived during a crisis. The native Flesh Raiders have begun raiding the Gnarls, where several ancient "teaching holograms" have been uncovered.

As a first test, Master Yuon Par has sent Juwe into the Tythonian Gnarls to recover these priceless artifacts before they are destroyed. But, Juwe must contend with the viscous Flesh Raiders, who are always hungry...

When Juwe recovered the holograms, he discovered that one of them had been stolen. He, now, takes the path that leads out of the valley and returns to Master Yuon Par at the Jedi Temple. Master Yuon Par has tasked Juwe with locating and retrieving the missing hologram of Rajivari, the first fallen Jedi. She suspects that someone from the Twi'lek village of Kalikori may be responsible and that Bashenn, captain of the village guard, may know more. So, Juwe, crosses Tython's mountain paths to the beleaguered KALIKORI VILLAGE, in search of the thief...


In Kalikori, Bashenn told Juwe that Nalen Raloch "found" a holoprojector and that Nalen has a camp out in Flesh Raider territory. Upon reaching Nalen's camp, Juwe discovers that he is not there. The Padawan searches Nalen's belongings for the missing holoprojector. Nalen shows up, soon after, and is collapsing the cave around Juwe! Juwe fights his way through the Flesh Raiders that Nalen attracted and escapes from the collapsing cave.

After encountering Nalen, Juwe recovers the missing hologram of Master Rajivari. The Padawan decides to report back to Master Yuon Par, at the Jedi Temple, as soon as possible.

The Trials of Kaleth

Studying alongside Yuon Par, the Padawan Juwe has been charged with finding the FOUNT OF RAJIVARI, an archive of dark knowledge created by the fallen Jedi Master. With clues leading into the ruins, seeking a mysterious "First Blade" left behind by the ancients....

After watching the holorecording of Master Rajivari, Master Yuon Par has tasked Juwe with finding the Fount of Rajivari, an archive of long-lost knowledge. The first step is to find the "first blade" that was mentioned in the holorecording. Yuon suggested investigating an area in Lower Kaleth where several ancient weapons have been unearthed. Juwe ventures to the Lower Walls of Kaleth, in search of the first blade.

The Padawan encounters an ancient droid in Lower Kaleth guarding the first blade, which he needs to find the Fount of Rajivari. Juwe has completed a series of tasks, set out by the droid, to prove himself worthy, and now claims the blade. Having passed the ancient droid's trials and claimed the first blade, now just a hilt, Juwe returns to Master Yuon Par, who wants to study it for clues to the Fount of Rajivari.

Hunter's Eye

Master Yuon Par has deciphered the second clue from Rajivari's hologram. She has asked her Padawan, Juwe, to take the hilt of the first blade to a cave where the founders of the Jedi Order once meditated, and look for some way to use it.

Alongside the renowned Trandoshan hunter, QYZEN FESS, Juwe carries the hilt of the ancient weapon into the mountains, seeking the forgotten meeting place of the first Jedi Council....

Inside the Flesh Raider cave, Juwe found a recording that gives coordinates to the Fount of Rajivari. He cannot interpret the coordinates himself, but Master Yuon's expertise may help him understand them. Juwe returns to the Jedi Temple to speak with his Master.

The Footsteps of the Fallen

Racing the fallen Force adept NALEN RALOCH for the Fount's secrets, Juwe searches Upper Kaleth for clues to surviving Rajivari's deadly traps......

Qyzen Fess has gone to explore the waterfall caves to find where the Fount of Rajivari is located. Unfortunately, Juwe has learned the Fount is guarded by traps. Master Yuon Par believes that information stored on the old terminals in Upper Kaleth may hold clues that will help her Padawan get past these traps safely. She sends Juwe to Upper Kaleth to gather clues.

In Upper Kaleth, Juwe found several recordings left by Rajivari's apprentices. They contain clues that may help him get around the traps, but he still needs the Fount's location. Juwe surmises that Qyzen must have returned from the Waterfall caves ,by now, so, he returns to the Jedi temple to learn what Qyzen has reported to his master.

Rajivari's Legacy

With the last clue in their possession, Juwe and Qyzen Fess race to the Fount's location. But Nalen Raloch, twisted by the dark side, has a head start...

Qyzen Fess went to explore the waterfall caves for clues on where the Fount of Rajivari is located, but he has not returned. master Yuon Par has grown worried and asked Juwe to look for the Trandoshan. There may be clues to Qyzen's whereabouts in the waterfall cave. While searching the Waterfall caves, Juwe found Qyzen trapped in a cage, by Twi'lek guards! Juwe had to defeat the Twi'leks, holding Qyzen captive, in order to free him.

Having rescued Qyzen from Nalen Raloch's men, the Trandoshan now claims his capture has left him feeling ashamed, and he decides to regain his honor by teaming up with Juwe, who is seeking the Fount of Rajivari.

Juwe now has all the coordinates to the Fount of Rajivari and clues to protect himself against the traps. He sets out for the Fount of Rajivari in the ruined acropolis. Upon reaching the Fount of Rajivari in the ruined acropolis, Juwe encountered several traps protecting it. After facing each of Rajivari's challenges, the shadowy form of Rajivari himself appears.

The Forge

Following a grim warning from Master Rajivari himself, Juwe climbs into the Tythonian mountains towards THE FORGE, where the Order's lightsabers are made. But the crazed Nalen Raloch seeks the Forge, too - - not to create, but to destroy...

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07.17.2017 , 03:02 AM | #2
Chapter one: The dark plague

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07.17.2017 , 03:03 AM | #3
Chapter two: The rift alliance

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07.17.2017 , 03:40 AM | #4
Chapter three; the children of the emperor

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07.17.2017 , 03:40 AM | #5
The battle of ilum

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07.17.2017 , 03:41 AM | #6
Rise of the hutt cartel

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07.17.2017 , 03:41 AM | #7
Shadow of revan

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07.17.2017 , 03:42 AM | #8
Knights of the fallen empire

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07.17.2017 , 03:42 AM | #9
Knights of the eternal throne

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07.17.2017 , 03:43 AM | #10
Iokath: The forgotten world