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GSF Discussion: Friction Points

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GSF Discussion: Friction Points
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07.06.2017 , 03:02 PM | #31
A minor issue, and a superficial one at that, but it does put me off playing GSF on alts, which is a shame because of all the ships to master - customisation.

- The rest of the game has much more option to customise things to your character, so for example, I end up having very particular colour-schemed characters, and have no trouble finding vehicles, pets and colour crystals to go with them. Even eye colour and for the most part, hair colour.

- e.g. However, taking orange as an example, although the Republic can get a ship looking just right for an orange-themed character, for the Empire it's imposssible.

- e.g. Multiple gas canisters or engine reactors of very similar shades of one colour e.g. blues or yellows (that claim to be orange!) instead of actual variety.

- Need for a wider variety of colour options for paint jobs, reactors and canisters.

- Additionally, it is off-putting having to buy the above for each time for each character.

- It might be preferable if GSF could somehow be tied together with Legacy, if colours could be unlocked legacy wide and ships, and also Fleet Commendations.

(Just my thoughts, I don't know what's good for GSF or what's not! Thanks! )
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07.06.2017 , 03:04 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
  • The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?
That's one of them for me personally, progressing on one character doesn't carry through the whole legacy. I mean if it was a legacy hanger as well as being able to use all characters to upgrade those ships? That makes things a little bit quicker by doing daily missions to earn the upgrades.

Also, I'd still like to point out that I would probably play GSF far more if it had controller support in-game without using third party programs. It's the one biggest gripe that I had with GSF from inception and still carries through to today.

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07.06.2017 , 03:05 PM | #33
I really wanted to like GSF when it was released. I played it a few times but I just couldn't get the hang of it. I found that the tutorial didn't teach me how to chase moving targets (players) and that I wasn't having fun just being dead weight on my team.

I went back to regular PVP because I know what I'm doing there and I feel like I can contribute in a meaningful way. I'd love to try GSF again but I think the team really needs to buff up the tutorial. No one should have to watch YouTube videos for an hour to learn how to play your game with minimal proficiency.

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07.06.2017 , 03:11 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by JamaicanCastle View Post
So I had a specific problem that made me stop playing GSF, and then when I heard there were changes a couple weeks ago I tried it and quickly remembered why I stopped in the first place. Basically, my experience with GSF goes something like this:

- Join the match. Fly towards an objective. Get blown up by a gunship.
- Respawn. Get blown up by a gunship.
- Respawn. Fly behind a rock this time so the gunship can't find me. Get blown up by a different gunship.
- Respawn. Attack a gunship that's busy blowing someone else up and dump rockets into it. At 30% health it boosts away. I get blown up by a different gunship.
- Rinse and repeat.

Now maybe this is just me being bad at GSF, I'd believe that. But it's very discouraging to think that, in any given life in GSF, I'm more likely to get blown up off the cuff than actually contribute to my team winning. In regular PvP, even when I die horribly, I usually can do something - guarding nodes, or running interference, or pulling people away so my team can hit an objective - to help the team. Failing that, I can at least point to a mistake on my part ("huh, one person attacking a point with three people there isn't a very good idea, who knew?"), whereas in GSF all I've been able to conclude is that I shouldn't be flying things that aren't gunships.

Compounding this, I find it very hard just to keep track of where my team is and what they're doing. Unless someone literally flies in front of me with an enemy on their tail, I have no idea where they are, or who they're fighting. It's a lot harder - again compared to regular PvP - to team up on people, or go where your group is, or otherwise make all these decisions that come smoothly in a warzone or arena situation.

Finally - I don't think gear progression belongs in any PvP system, but it's especially poorly suited for GSF, where there's not even the pretense of a rating system or matchmaking to keep you in games with similarly-geared people.
Hey! Do you mind if I PM you? I can help with everything you've had trouble with, and I'd like to, if you're willing!

Don't feel too bad about dying a lot; everyone does at first. That's PVP for you.

I am not saying this as an attack, but yes, it is a problem in the way you're approaching things. That's not your fault; you don't have the experience necessary to know that yet, although it sounds like you already suspect that might be the case. In general, circle around outside of their line of sight and firing arc to pressure gunships from behind, but only do so in a ship with high evasion. Avoid being in the open for long and always have your escape route planned as you make your approach. Grab powerups if you can get them.

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07.06.2017 , 03:21 PM | #35
Matchmaking issues

Not a single GSF game opened on Vanjervalis Chains in the last few weeks that I tried.

Needs game modes with lower number of pilots to increase likelyhood of a match starting.
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07.06.2017 , 03:30 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by DakhathKilrathi View Post
You need maybe 30 games to gear a ship right now. I feel like that's more than reasonable. You still need to play CXP if you want to gear up your ground PVP alts, so how is this any different? The power difference between mastered and stock (with the right components) is small, and you need only a few games to get the low tier upgrades. A stock ship can and does perform well in the hands of someone who understands what's going on.

It's not a gearing issue; it's a player issue. Someone who has played six thousand games is going to annihilate someone who has only played two.

With that said, I wouldn't mind making gearing even easier if only to end arguments like this one.
I think it's stupid in PVP also. I'm offering my personal opinion on the state of GSF and why I personally hated even endeavoring to try it.
But hey, if the GSF community want to keep the status quo and only have changes that directly help them with how they currently play GSF instead of making it more accessible for everyone else well then have fun playing with the other 10 GSF players.
Just don't complain when you still get no new content because BWA is never going to develop content for such a small, niche playerbase.

Seems to me the purpose of these topics is clearly to get feedback on what would get more people playing PVP than making those already playing more comfortable.

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07.06.2017 , 03:53 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by DakhathKilrathi View Post
The single biggest change you could make that would help is to add some flytext or color change to indicate when:
You miss due to evasion/deflection/RNG.
Your damage is reduced because of damage reduction.
Posting in COMPLETE agreement.

The miss from a bad shot versus the miss from to-hit roll absolutely MUST be included. The combat roll is a huge part of GSF, and separately, so is the skill-shot. The player MUST be told this distinction immediately. I truly cannot express how important this is. This is one of the biggest problems a new player faces, and I hate it every day as a long time GSF fanboy. Fix!
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07.06.2017 , 03:54 PM | #38
  1. Learning Curve: We need some sort of area to go to with "friend" to test on ships and learn to fly similar to dueling could be limited to 4 flyers
  2. Ship Imbalance: GSF should be about flying ie strikes and scouts as the main ships too many matches become a chess match with teams flying 5 gunships, and 1 or 2 bombers and a single strike or scout...Reduce the range of gunships weapons from 15k to 10k...limit the number of gunships and bombers allowed in a match
  3. Remove the box from the deathmatch map
  4. Make all ship requisitions and fleet requisitions legacy and convertable (some fair conversion rate 10 ship to one fleet)...GSF is the only aspect of the game that requires one to pay for conversion or you have ships like one of my ocula's that has over a 500k ship req points just sitting their, and Legacy Hanger would be nice

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07.06.2017 , 03:54 PM | #39
Simple solution to GSF woes:

1. Cross-Server queues, folks need to get flight time to improve and level their ships. Waiting hours to go against oriented and coordinated teams stinks for newer players.

2. Additional game modes, possibly even using existing maps:
  • a. More objectives for those who just stink at pvp objectives to participate and help their teammates.
  • aa.. IE: In death matches, each 4 powerups collected do something for the team for 60 seconds, this would also benefit counter-camping teams.
  • ab. IE: in 3 cap map, a resource gatherer added for defenders to be doing something while just sitting around, and for those who stink at combat to be able to run to someplace and collect something and bring it to starting area or the a/c cap points for added defense or points. This would keep folks moving throughout the game and again counter-camping efforts
  • ac. IE: new map where there are pve objectives while pvp still being the higher point collector, get all ppl who play the game engaging in GSF and moving into comfort with it. Every successful, if we're honest, pvp arena game/match/map in mmo history has pve objectives in addition to all out combat because all involved must be doing something.

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07.06.2017 , 03:55 PM | #40
"Is the learning curve too steep to get into?"
There is no learning curve, you have new players that do not know how to play and vet players that will kill them with glee because they are free points, if the new player is feeling masochis enough, it will go to google an look for guides that will tell you that it does not matter what ship you like to fly you need to go bomber, gunship or maybe a meta scout and then suffer the process of gearing it out, while you try to get geared you still need to suffer to learn how to fly It because a youtube video isn't gonna be as good as your own painful experience.
"Is ship balance preventing you from playing?"
Its not preventing me for playing, but since the only ship i like to fly is strike fighter i find myself mostly useless in deathmatchs and only marginal useful in dominion matchs (a fully upgraded strike fighter can get one shoot by a medium gunship, been gunned down by bombers heavy lasers or destroyed in two seconds by meta scouts)
Make deathmatchs strike figthers only map.
"Matchmaking issues?"
The limited number of players may this almost a moot point, i would love to see tiers and matches were only solo players can join (to prevent pre-made slaughters, something that ground pvp should also have) and leave pre-mades fly against each other.
"The fact that GSF is character based and not Legacy?"
This is what bother me most, my main has all ships with all upgrades maxed out, my main ship have more than 400k requisitions stacked with nothing to use then in, since requisitions are comms they should be a way to transfer them to other toons, like gruond pvp used to have when it was comm based.

Also the kick system really needs a serious rework, pilots can go afk and move the ship every couple of minutes or kill themselves the full match and you cant kick them, but if you are in a deathmatch and have 5 ships on you trying to kill you and you are just skilled enough to prevent them to kill you but if you ever stop to aim are dead (so no damage done for your part) you get the kick warning for doing no damage.

May not be the place but what really annoys me with pvp in general in this game is that players can quit a game and suffer no penalty at all, while a pve player that quit or is kicked out of a group get 15 minutes lock out on group finder. even if they kick you because they want a guildy in their ride team an you have the bad luck to be on the top of gf queue list. So a player that quit a game should be penalized as well.