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Kalizo's Canada Birthday Stream - Operation Marathon

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Kalizo's Canada Birthday Stream - Operation Marathon

Joran-Koon's Avatar

06.30.2017 , 01:23 PM | #1
Hello Friends!

I will be doing a Stream starting at 6:30pm PST that will be a countdown to midnight (ie. Canada Day). Promoting diversity and celebrating 150 years is something everyone can share in. Some of the plans for tonight include:
- All HM (Veteran mode) Operations
- As many NiM (Master mode) operations as possible
- Healer PoV commentary on why I heal things the way I do
- Me representing my country on camera

If you're looking for a showcase of all swtor's operations/raids, some insight on healing, or simply just a good time, I invite you all to join me on Twitch in raising our glass to 150 years AND to the amazing library of content that swtor has amassed over the life of this great game.

Stay Friendly
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