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Loot rolling/splitting

turtlelords's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 04:27 PM | #1
How will your raid leader handle loot?
Can't use master looter as it doesn't work (no /roll, and give to random person doesn't work if you want to give to a random sith warrior or such)
Need b4 greed gets messy with companions, pugs, and item mods.

Lets say you have an item that drops from a raid boss
Heavy armor
-armoring (str/endur)
-Enhancement (will/surge)
-mod (aim/endur)

This is clearly a merc item (heavy armor + aim)
But a sorcerer, marauder, bounty hunter, and juggernaut can all benefit from this item

(assuming heavy armor has 0 stats aside from 25 armor base and once a player finds a good piece of armor they will replace the pieces instead of the whole)

I personally would divide the item mods into classes, then let each of those classes pick a number between 1/100 and completely ignore the base item (heavy armor, lightsaber, etc) as in this game, the base item means completely nothing unless i'm mistaken