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[SITH WARRIOR STORY]From Acolyte to Darth -The Story of a Sith Pureblood, Vel Jyc

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[SITH WARRIOR STORY]From Acolyte to Darth -The Story of a Sith Pureblood, Vel Jyc

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05.25.2017 , 01:48 AM | #1
Hello guys!

I'm kinda bored of grinding command crates, so, I decided to make a new toon and just chronicle the story. I've used up all my free slots on Harbinger ( my original server) so, I made him on the Red Eclipse, and this is a story and video log of his progression.

DISCLAIMER: If you haven't not done the Sith warrior story, you should avoid this thread. Furthermore, I did not come up with the introductory sentences for each scene. I just used the information that displayed on my loading screen. So, all credits to Bioware and its team of writers....


The Sith Empire tightens its grip on the galaxy. The Galactic Republic and its Jedi defenders lie weakened and vulnerable after the Empire’s successful military campaign. With a fragile peace negotiated, the Empire sends all potential Sith to undergo cruel and deadly trials at its academy on the harsh planet, Korriban.

Arm Yourself

Vel Jyc, one of the Empire’s most promising young warriors, has been secretly summoned by an influential overseer to face the dark side trials much sooner than expected. His first trial is to retrieve a war blade from the tomb of Ajunta Pall, which is overrun by deadly predators.

VIDEO: Prologue: Sith warrior - Arm Yourself

Judge and Executioner

For the second trial, Vel Jyc ventures into the Sith Academy jails to act as both judge and executioner and to learn to think as a Sith thinks…

VIDEO: Prologue: Sith Warrior- Judge and Executioner

Slaying the Beast

The second trial complete, Vel Jyc prepares to battle an ancient and terrible monster…

VIDEO: Prologue: Sith Warrior - Slaying the Beast / a New Master

A New Master

Having passed Overseer Tremel’s trials, Vel Jyc is summoned to meet Darth Baras, a powerful Sith Lord who has his own standards for an apprentice…

Sith Arithmetic/The Final Trial

With Overseer Tremel disposed of, Vel Jyc descends into the tomb of Tulak Hord, at Darth Baras’s command, to retrieve the shards of ancient mosaics…

Pursued by rivals, Vel Jyc begins the final trial on the path to becoming Sith, venturing deep into the tomb of Naga Sadow to uncover an ancient weapon…

VIDEO: Prologue: Sith Warrior- Sith Arithmetic / The Final Trial

Leaving Korriban/The Flight to Dromund Kaas

Having earned the right to be called Sith, Vel Jyc leaves Korriban triumphant and sets a course for the Sith capitol world of Dromund Kaas where Darth Baras awaits…

As rumors of fresh war spread throughout the Empire, Darth Baras and his new apprentice, Vel Jyc, begin their work on Dromund Kaas, The great capital of the Sith Empire.

The capital of the Sith Empire is a good Place for an ambitious Sith to make a name…

VIDEO: Prologue: Sith Warrior - Leaving Korriban / The Flight to Dromund Kaas

The Transporter/Pull the Plug

Darth Baras’s spy network is under attack by a sinister and unknown enemy. A precious cargo, en route to Kaas City, could reveal the threat, but will the cargo make it to Baras….

While Darth Baras interrogates his prisoner for the information that will set his plans in motion, he sends his enforcer into the midst of a slave rebellion to cover up his own involvement and protect his powerful reputation…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story- Prologue (The Transporter / Pull the Plug)

Laying Waste/An Ancient Answer

As Darth Baras’s plans come into view, he sends Vel Jyc to put down a rogue Sith Lord and to see how his other apprentices greet his new enforcer…

Certain that his network of spies has been compromised but unable to break his prisoner, Darth Baras sends his enforcer, Vel Jyc, into the deadly halls of the Dark Temple to acquire an ancient and terrible device for extracting secrets…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story- Prologue (Laying Waste / An Ancient Answer)

Leaving Dromund Kaas

Vel Jyc leaves the confines of Sith space, setting a course for war torn Balmorra and the Hutt-controlled moon of Nar Shaddaa…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story- Prologue (Leaving Dromund Kaas)


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05.25.2017 , 01:49 AM | #2

As tensions rise between the Empire and the Republic, Darth Baras sends his enforcer, the powerful young Sith Vel Jyc, to secure his network of spies against a mysterious Jedi Padawan who possesses the unique ability to detect a person’s true nature.

Vel Jyc sets a course for Balmorra, where Darth Baras has given orders that his undercover agent must be silenced and his identity hidden permanently.

Vel jyc arrives on war-torn Balmorra, it is apparent that reaching Commander Rylon deep behind enemy lines will not be easy….

Contact Made / Erase the Past / Silence the Son

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story:Chapter 1-The Padawan's Fall (Contact Made/Erase the Past/ Silence the Son)

To Kill a Legend

VIDEO 1: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story:Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (To Kill a Legend)

VIDEO 2: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story:Chapter 1-The Padawan's Fall (To Kill a Legend)

Seek Your Contact

Vel Jyc sets a course for the Hutt-controlled world of Nar Shaddaa, where both Republic and Empire do business with the Underworld. Once on Nar Shaddaa, Vel Jyc awaits Baras's orders...

Disrupt Negotiations / An Army of One

Once on the Hutt-Controlled world of Nar Shaddaa, Darth Baras sends Vel Jyc to eliminate his former spy, Agent Dellocon, who has taken refuge under the protection of Baras's hated rival, Lord Rathari.

Drawing out Agent Dellocon means forcing Lord Rathari into a confrontation. Vel Jyc sets out to single-handedly undermine Lord Rathari's power plays on Nar Shaddaa, breaking a slege between Rathari's forces and the Republic and laying waste to the Sith Lord's soldiers.

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story:Chapter 1-The Padawan's Fall (Disrupt Negotiations/An Army of One)

Distress Call / To Kill a Sith Lord

Enraged at Vel Jyc's attacks on his power base, Lord Rathari strikes back, sending attackers of his own against Vel Jyc's contact and ally, Halidrell Setsyn

Having struck at Lord Rathari's power base, Vel Jyc has lured Lord Rathari into a duel and now prepares to battle the powerful Sith Lord and defeat Agent Dellocon's protector...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (Distress Call/To kill a Sith Lord)

A Thread Leveled

As the effort to to protect Darth Baras's network of spies continues, a new threat revels itself. Someone is tracking Vel Jyc's ship, and Vel Jyc sets out to hunt down the source of this mysterious tracking signal...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (A Threat Leveled)

Shake Down / Knock Knock

As Vel Jyc deals with the Padawan's family and master, Darth Baras's plan to lure the Padawan out of hiding bears fruit. To this end, Vel Jyc sets course for the Padawan's homeworld of Aldaraan, a planet wracked by civil war, to track down the Padawan's family.

With the help from House Thul's Duke Kendoh, Vel Jyc ventures into Republic-aligned House Alde to investigate a noblewoman's connections to the Padawan's family.

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (Shake Down/Knock Knock)

Front Lines / Battle Organa

Learning that the Padawan used to be the Handmaiden of an Organa General, Vel Jyc charges into the middle of the Alderaanian civil war...

Having confronted general Gesselle Organa, Vel Jyc goes to House Organa to find the family of the Padawan Jaesa Willsaam...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (Front Lines/Battle Organa)

Deal with Kendoh

The Padawan's family has been dealt with, nut Duke Kendoh of House Thul has proven to be a less-than-forthright ally. Vel Jyc returns to House Thul to express Darth Baras's displeasure...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (Deal with Kendoh)

Seek Answers

As tensions throughout the galaxy rise between the Empire and the Republic, Darth Baras sends Vel Jyc to flush the Jedi Padawan who threatens his spy network out of hiding by destroying everything she holds dear.

Vel Jyc arrives on Tatooine to follow in the footsteps of this Jedi Padawan and to discover and destroy her Teacher, an old Jedi Master who has taken refuge among the wastes of Tatooine.

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan’s Fall (Seek Answers)

Demon’s Blood / Oasis

Learning that the Jedi Padawan went into the dessert and faced the Sand Demon but did not kill it, Vel Jyc sets out in search of the Sand Demon in an attempt to discover the Padawan’s path…

With the Sand Demon’s Blood, Vel Jyc ventures into the territory of the wild Sand People unscathed and follows the Padawan’s path to a mysterious Oasis…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (Demon's Blood/Oasis)

Guru in the Dunes

Vel Jyc having wrestled with the visions at the Oasis, heads into the deadly Dune Sea to meet the mysterious Jedi Master Yonlach, at long last…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (Guru in the Dunes)

The Plan is Working / Padawan’s Exposed

The Padawan, Jaesa Willsaam, goes behind her Master Nomen Karr’s back and arranges a meeting with the Sith enforcer Vel Jyc….

VIDEO: SWTOR:Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (The Plan is Working/Padawan's Exposed)

The Padawan’s Exposed (end of Chapter 1)

Vel Jyc’s tactics have flushed the Padawan’s Master Nomen Karr, from hiding, and the time comes for Vel Jyc to face Nomen Karr and the Padawan and eliminate the threat to Darth Baras and the Sith Empire…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 1- The Padawan's Fall (The Padawan's Exposed- Ending)


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05.25.2017 , 01:50 AM | #3

As war heats up between the Empire and the Galactic Republic, Darth Baras sets in motion a plan to ensure swift and brutal victory for the Empire, and to elevate himself to the Empire’s highest ruling body, the Dark Council.

For helping Darth Baras defeat Jedi Master Nomen Karr, Vel Jyc earns the title of Sith Lord and prepares to assist his master’s rise to power.

Lord Vel Jyc prepares to meet Darth Baras and begin the next stage of his master Plan

Setting the Table

Plan Zero’s initial targets are the four generals of the Republic Strategic High Command.

Baras’s enforcer and apprentices, Lord Vel Jyc, strikes out to launch Plan Zero. To first targets have been sighted on the devastated world of Taris…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Setting the Table)

Check in

War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic is inevitable. As a preemptive strike, Darth Baras hatches PLAN ZERO to eliminate the Republic’s top military leaders.

Lord Vel Jyc sets a course for Taris to eliminate the Republic’s entire Strategic High Command, knownb as the War Trust—composed of four of the Republic top generals.

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Check In)

General Frellka / General Minst

With the help of the ambitious Lieutenant Pierce, Lord Vel Jyc tracks the first of the War Trust, General Frellka, by targeting Republic supply caravan and tracing them back to the master strategist…

Lord Vel Jyc hunts for General Minst near an old power reactor, but learns that the General is not easily caught...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (General Frellka and General Minst)

General Durant / General Faraire

Having learned of the War Trust’s secret operation, Lord Vel Jyc rushes to the aid of the besieged Lieutenant Pierce, who is locked in battle with the third member of the War Trust, General Durant…

Having Defeated the War Trust Generals, Lord Vel Jyc zeroes in on General Faraire and seeks to shut down Project Siantide…

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (General Durant / General Faraire)


With Plan Zero underway, Lord Vel Jyc hunts down the elusive Admiral Monk. Word arrives that Admiral Monk has captured the ship of Moff Masken, and Lord Vel Jyc sets out to liberate it...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Ambush)

Debriefing / Rescue Lanklyn

Baras's scheme leads Lord Vel Jyc to the Ice planet Hoth, where the Empire has laid plans to lure the Republic into a deadly and unwinnable conflict. On these frozen wastes, Lord vel Jyc pursues Jedi Knight Xerender, the final target of Plan Zero...

Lord Vel Jyc sets a course for Hoth, in pursuit of Jedi Knight Xerender, one of the Republic's finest military leaders. Xerender has come to Hoth to uncover a powerful weapon for the Republic. But, on arriving, Lord Vel Jyc finds that Commander Lanklyn, Darth Baras's contact on Hoth, has been captured, and he alone can help Lord Vel Jyc find Xerender...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Debriefing / Rescue Lanklyn)

Interrogate the Talz / The Master's Weapon

Having rescued Commander Lanklyn, Lord Vel Jyc ventures into the base of a crack team of Republic Talz commandos in search of the Jedi Master...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Interrogate the Talz / The Master's Weapon)

Jedi Master on Ice / Power Play

Lord Vel Jyc discovers that the weapon Xerender seeks is a powerful Jedi Master who once defeated Darth Baras himself in battle...

Having tracked Jedi Knight Xerender, Lord Vel Jyc ventures into the body of a destroyed superdreadnought to confront both Xerender and the weapon he sought, the indomitable Jedi Master Wyellett...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Jedi Master on Ice / Power Play)

Power Play (Ending)

With the War trust, Admiral Monk, and the Jedi Xerender and Wyellett neutralized, Plan Zero has been a complete success. Darth Baras summons his enforcer, Lord Vel Jyc to Dromund Kaas for the next stage of their plan...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 2- Plan Zero (Power Play) Ending


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05.25.2017 , 01:50 AM | #4

With the defeat of DARTH VENGEAN, Darth Baras has claimed his seat on the Dark Council and risen to new prominence within the Sith Empire.

Declaration of War

From his position of authority, Darth Baras plots his next move. Baras's apprentices, Lord Vel Jyc and Lord Draahg, now share their master's power. Together they will crush the Republic for the glory of the Empire...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3 Emperor's Wrath (Declaration of War )

Strong Arm

Betrayed by Darth Baras, Lord Vel Jyc escapes an early grave to become the EMPEROR'S WRATH and oppose Baras's bid to become VOICE OF THE EMPEROR.

At the command of the Emperor's Hand, Lord Vel Jyc journeys to Belsavis to stop Darth Baras from freeing his sister, the deadly Darth Ekkage, who has been imprisoned there for decades.

In the quest to stop Lord Melicoste from freeing Darth Ekkage, Lord Vel Jyc gains the help of an unlikely ally...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Strong Arm)

Locate the Enemy

With the help of Jedi Master Timmns, Lord Vel Jyc finds Lord Melicoste's trail...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Locate the Enemy)

A Mass of Assassins / Thwart the Rescue

Having thwarted Darth Baras's assassins, Lord Vel Jyc heads deep into the Belsavis prison to stop Darth Ekkage from being freed...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (A Mass of Assassins/Thwart the Rescue)


To Strike against Darth Baras and end his power bid, Lord Vel Jyc sets the stage for an alliance with DARTH VOWRAWN, Baras's rival on the Dark Council. Lord Vel Jyc makes for Hoth to free Armageddon Battalion from Baras's command and lend them to Darth Vowrawn's battle on Corellia...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Reallocation)

Request an Audience/The Pain of healing

At the command of the Emperor's Hand, Lord Vel Jyc sets a course for the strange planet of the Voss to find the Voice of the Emperor, who has gone missing. Guided by the Emperor's Hand, Lord Vel Jyc heads for the planet of the Voss to continue dismantling Darth Baras's plans...

Having received guidance from the Mystic hermit Madaga-Ru, Lord Vel Jyc makes a pilgrimage to the most holy of Voss locations, the SHRINE OF HEALING...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Request an Audience/The Pain of healing)

The Voice of Darkness

Having received the Blessing of Oneness, Lord Vel Jyc ventures deep into Gormack territory, to retrieve the Pendant of Bone from the Voss commandos stationed there...

Having completed the necessary rituals, Lord Vel Jyc sets out for the terrible and ominous DARK HEART, to find the Voice of the Emperor...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (The Voice of Darkness)
VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (The Voice of Darkness)

Protect Vowrawn

Warned by the Emperor's Hand, Lord Vel Jyc sets out to defend the Dark Council member Darth Vowrawn against Darth Baras's treachery. But a blockade of the Corellia system places Lord Vel Jyc's rescue mission in danger...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Protect Vowrawn)

Squeeze the Spy / Jedi Spy

Darth Vowrawn opposes Baras's power bid from the battlefield on Corellia. Darth Baras will stop at nothing to see Vowrawn dead.

Having survived Quinns betrayal, Lord Vel Jyc speeds towards Corellia to protect Darth Vowrawn and thwart Darth Baras's plans to become Voice of the Emperor. he sets a course for Darth Vowrawn's corporate penthouse to slay a treacherous officer...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Squeeze the Spy, Jedi Spy)

Baras's Lair

with Darth Vowrawn's help, Lord Vel Jyc sets out to strike at the heart of Darth Baras's secret operations on Corellia...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Baras's Lair)


Allied with the Dark Council member Darth Vowrawn, Lord Vel Jyc sets a course for Korriban to confront Darth Baras. Bolstered by allies, Lord Vel Jyc prepares to storm the Dark Council chambers and end Darth Baras's bid to become the Voice of the Emperor...

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 3- Emperor's Wrath (Retribution End) Kill Darth Baras


Chapter 5: Shadow of Revan

Vowrawn and the Wrath

NOTE: This takes place during the SoR arc and is the only continuation of the class-specific story line area; hence, he could not be included in the SoR part because it wouldn't fit fluidly with the rest of the story, since it is, essentially a side quest.

Darth Vowrawn has contacted Vel Jyc and wants to meet privately. Vel Jyc must seek him out in Raiders Cove and find out what he wants.

Vel Jyc's one time ally Darth Vowrawn claims that he is being followed and watched by droids with advanced cloaking technology. Vowrawn has given Vel Jyc a Gree device that will disable their stealth fields. The Wrath must use the device in secluded jungle areas and try to find out the mysterious droids' purpose.

The droids turned out to be hostile and the Sith Lord has to destroy them. he, now returns to Darth Vowrawn to tell him what transpired. However, upon returning to Darth Vowrawn, Vel Jyc found Servant One waiting instead. What could Servant one be doing on Rishi?

VIDEO: SWTOR: Sith Warrior Story: Chapter 5- Shadow of Revan (Vowrawn and the Wrath)


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05.25.2017 , 08:38 AM | #5

War continues to rage as the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic battle for control of the galaxy. After crushing the Republic in countless battles, Lord Vel Jyc struck down Darth Baras before the Dark Council and was officially recognized as the EMPEROR'S WRATH.

Duty, now, calls the Wrath to VAIKEN SPACEDOCK, the staging area for the imperial fleet, where Lord Vel Jyc must lead the charge against all who oppose the Sith Emperor...

Battle Of Ilum

VIDEO 1: SWTOR: ILUM: First Strike

The Challenge of War / Shoring up Defense

VIDEO: SWTOR: ILUM: First Strike -The Challenge of War / Shoring up Defense

A New Order / An Empire Betrayed

VIDEO: SWTOR: ILUM: First Strike -A New Order / An Empire Betrayed

VIDEO: SWTOR: ILUM: First Strike -An Empire Betrayed(ending)


Wealthy neutral world MAKEB has been seized by the Hutt Cartel in a bold bid for power in the galaxy, and the Republic has come to Makeb's rescue. Taking advantage of the chaos, the Empire plots to seize Makeb's most precious assets right from under everyone's noses....


Darth Marr of the Dark Council has requested the help of Darth Vel Jyk at an Imperial space station orbiting the planet Makeb for an important mission.

To Pierce the Heavens

The Hutt Cartel has taken control of the newly Republic-aligned planet makeb. Darth Marr, of the Dark Council, has asked Darth Vel Jyc to use the chaos to seize makeb's most valuable resource, the rare and powerful isotope-5, which the Hutts intend to use to become a major force in the galaxy.

Gravity Hook Seven has been identified as the ideal instrument to safely and covertly transport Imperial forces to and from the planet's surface. Control of the gravity hook must be wrested from the Hutt Cartel's mercenary force, the Interstellar Regulators. Darth Vel Jy must secure Communications Bunker 72 and activate the communications console to check in with his Orbital Support team.

After securing Bunker 72, Darth Vel jyc must take the Gravity Hook Seven elevator up to the Docking ring and slice the security panel to access the control room.

VIDEO: SWTOR: ROTHC: To Pierce the Heavens

The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk

Imperial agent Katha Niar has identified mining executive Solida Hesk as the one who betrayed Makeb. Darth Vel Jyc must spearhead a covert assault on Solida Hesk's estate and retrieve the location of the Hutt's stockpile of isotope-5 from her.

The first order of business is to secure a holoterminal at the guard outpost on the outskirts of Solida Hesk's estate to check in with the support team. The holoterminal secured, Darth Vel jyc must make his way to manju, Khobisho and Prodoranya the Hutt's landing pads near the guest houses of Solida Hesk's Estate. However, Darth Vel Jyc is met with resistance and must, therefore, defeat the Hutts' Salver Commanders, Nikto Commanders, Bodyguards and medics in order to sabotage the landing pad to isolate the mesa from reinforcements..

VIDEO: SWTOR: ROTHC: The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk

A World Aflame

The Hutts are keeping their stockpile of isotope-5 inside Makeb's treasury vault, Stronghold One, which is guarded by the Hutt's InterStellar Regulator mercenaries. Darth Vel Jyc must orchestrate a full-scale civilian revolt that the Regulators will be forced to attend to. But, first, he must destroy the hovertanks patrolling the occupied fields of the Westwater settlements so that the civilians are free to rebel against the Regulators.


Stealing Thunder

The Hutts are keeping their stockpile of isotope-5 inside Stronghold One, which is built into a volcanis mesa. Darth Vel jyc must attempt a daring mission to break into Stronghold One and claim the isotope-5 for the Empire. He must, first, plant explosives inside the southern cave of the volcanic mesa's Scorching Grotto.

VIDEO: SWTOR: ROTHC: Stealing Thunder

Descent into the Core

The only way to mine isotope-5 is to save the planet from destruction. Katha Niar has asked Darth Vel Jyc to travel to the planet's core to conduct an experiment to stabilize Makeb. he must secure a holoterminal at the abandoned mining mesa's drilling site to coordinate his descent with the support team.

VIDEO: SWTOR: ROTHC: Descent into the Core

Recruitment Day

Makeb's skilled engineering chiefs are needed to operate the mining lasers that will save the planet from destruction. Katha Niar has asked Darth Vel Jyc to locate and round up these engineers on Perekta Mesa. They are being held under "protective custody" by the Archon's Phobium Squad, who have turned groundquake shelters into makeshift prisons.

VIDEO: SWTOR ROTHC: Recruitment Day

A Cure for Armageddon

Imperial Scientists have determined that accelerating Makeb's destabilization will cause the planet to become uninhabitable -- yet intact for isotope-5 mining. Darth Vel Jyc has been asked to activate the laser drills at the Cartel mining mesa. However, the drilling platforms are protected by isotope-5 droids, specifically, programmed to kill the Darth on sight.

VIDEO: SWTOR ROTHC: A Cure for Armageddon

Revenge on the Archon

The Archon's Regulator forces have captured Katha Niar and other imperials for interrogation. Darth Vel Jyc must attempt a daring rescue by storming the Archon's heavily fortified palace at the Hutt Stronghold before the Archon discovers the true nature of the Empire's plot on Makeb.

VIDEO: SWTOR ROTHC: Revenge on the Archon


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05.25.2017 , 08:38 AM | #6

With the planet Makeb saved from certain destruction, the Sith Empire now has complete control over the once-doomed world and its valuable resources. Darth Marr and the rest of the Empire's forces return their attention to the conflict with the Galactic Republic, devising new plans to halt their enemies' advance and retake lost ground.

The most powerful of the Empire's heroes gather at VAIKEN SPACEDOCK, prepared to strike at the armies of the Republic wherever an opportunity arises...


A hidden threat endangers the future of the entire Sith Empire.

Forged Alliances: Part I

The war against the Republic rages on, with a new Strategic opportunity offering the chance to strike deep within the heart of the enemy. Dark Arkous has requested a face-to-face audience with Lord Wrath, noting that he will play a vital role in a plot to shake the Republic to its very core.

Assault on Tython

Darth Arkous, the Dark Council member in charge of military offense, has discovered a weakness in the Republic's defenses on Tython. he has asked Darth Vel Jyc for his assistance in exploiting the weakness to sack the legendary Jedi Temple.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 1)- Assault on Tython

Korriban Incursion

Republic forces have sacked the Sith Academy on Korriban. Darth Arkous considers their very presence on the planet an affront that must be remedied immediately. Hence, Darth Vel Jyc has been asked to destroy the Republic forces and return control of the Sith Academy to the Empire.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 1)-Korriban Incursion

Forged Alliances: Part II

After sacking the Jedi Temple and reclaiming the Sith Academy on Korriban, Darth Arkous and Lana Beniko seek to further cement their newfound alliance with the Emperor's Warth.

Darth Vel Jyc has received a transmission from Lana Beniko to meet her in the cantina on Vaiken Spacedock in the Imperial Fleet.

Depths of Manaan

Imperial droid A7-M1 has provided the coordinates of Darth Arkous's advisor, Lana Beniko. She is awaiting Lord Wrath's arrival on the ocean world of Manaan to Discuss a matter of importance.

Darth Arkous of the Dark Council, who masterminded the attack on Tython, appears to be working against the Empire's interests, and may in fact be working with a Republic colonel. Arkous's apprentice, Lana Beniko, has enlisted Darth Vel Jyc's help in finding the truth where Arkous was last spotted: a genetics laboratory on the ocean world of Manaan.

Clues from the attacks on Tython and Korriban suggest that high-ranking personnel may be colluding with the enemy. Darth Vel Jyc has followed these clues to an underwater genetics laboratory. In securing the lab, Darth Vel Jyc also freed the Wookiee smuggler, Jakarro, who was betrayed by Arkous and Darok. Both Arkous and Darok are within the facility, as well as, a Selkath geneticist named Gorima, who leads the facility's research projects.

Heading deeper into the facility, in pursuit of Arkous and Darok, Darth Vel Jyc discovered some ancient Rakata Techbase Terminals within the research station. Lana Beniko has requested that Darth Vel Jyc open an uplink to the technology so that its purpose may be further investigated. However, he came under attack by keeper Ortuno, a member of the Order of Shasa, an organization of Force-sensitive Selkath.

Colonel Darok and Darth Arkous have confirmed that they are working together to create an army of augmented cybernetic warriors through the use of ancient Rakata technology, but only before making their escape while also destroying the facility's support structure. Darth Vel Jyc must find a way to escape the facility before it sinks to crush depths and implodes.

However, a prototype of Arkous and Darok's cyborg army stands between Darth Vel Jyc and escape. He will have to defeat the prototype before the plummeting facility reaches crush depths.

VIDEO 1: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 2)- Depths of Manaan
VIDEO 2: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 2)- Depths of Manaan

Forged Alliances: Part III

In the debriefing, Lana Beniko introduced Darth Vel Jyc to Theron Shan, an SIS agent who claims to be an ally. Lana and Theron believe that Arkous and Darok are working for the "Order of Revan," a shadowy cult that has been gaining influence in the Empire for some time.

Jakarro, the Wookiee smuggler that was freed from captivity within the lab, has agreed to seek out information concerning these Revanites. Darth Vel Jyc endeavors to meet with Lana Beniko on the Imperial Fleet to discuss the results.

Legacy of the Rakata

Lana Beniko, aided by Agent Theron Shan, has tracked the traitor Darth Arkous and his collaborator Colonel Darok to Rakata Prime, where the pair are using pieces of the fabled Star Forge to mass produce their Infinite Army for the Order of Revan. With Theron, Jakarro, and C2-D4 waiting planetside, the time has come to shuttle to Rakata Prime, raid Arkous and Darok's facility, and hopefully put an end to the Revanite threat.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 3)- Legacy of the Rakata

Chapter 5: Shadow of Revan

Darth Vel Jyc has successfully stopped Arkous and Darok, but the unexpected arrival of Revan himself forces his team to scatter. Darth Vel Jyc must rendezvous with Lana and Theron on Manaan to plan their next move.

Darth Vel Jyc has unraveled a plot by the Revanites, but their true plans remain mysterious-- as does their leader, apparently Revan himself. Vel Jyc's allies Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, Jakarro, and C2-D4 have been forced into hiding to continue the search for Revan and his followers.

The ship's navicomputer has mysteriously developed an obsession with a planet called Rishi, a world known as the haven for pirates. Someone clearly wants Darth Vel Jyc there. He travels to Rishi to find out whats going on.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)- Shadow of Revan Prelude

Welcome to Rishi

A great threat to the Sith Empire--and to the Galactic Republic -- has surfaced on the Outer Rim pirate haven Rishi: an enigmatic cult led by none other than REVAN himself.

Following the mysterious clues, Darth Vel Jyc has traveled to the remote planet Rishi, home to pirates and other criminals of all types. Strangely, the locals seem to think that he is a famous pirate captain and leader of the Howling Tempest Gang. One local in particular, someone named Gorro, seems to have talked the Sith Lord up a lot before his arrival. Gorro is itching for a showdown....

A Scoundrel's Debt

The leader of the Corellian Run Scoundrels, a man named Kai Zykken, may have information about the reason Darth Vel Jyc was lured to Rishi. However, the Sith Lord must question Corellian Run Scoundrels in Raiders Cove to discover where Kai Zykken can be found.

Monkey-Lizard Business

Kai Zykken claimed to have a holorecording of the person who told him that Darth Vel Jyc was coming to Rishi. The Sith Lord will have to find Zykken's datapad to see if he was telling the truth. Supposedly, the datapad is located in a nearby lock-box.

The datapad was in the lockbox Zykken described, but a monkey-lizard managed to grab it before the Sith Lord could. Follow that money-lizard!

Catching that monkey-lizard will not be easy. Darth Vel Jyc found that the Carida Corsairs have a lot of monkey-lizards. One of them must have the datapad he's looking for,. But, which one?

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)-Welcome to Rish/A Scoundrels Debt/Monkey-Lizard Business

The Cove Crier

The mysterious person responsible for luring Darth Vel Jyc to Rishi, also, arranged for the local town crier droids to spread the word of his arrival. The Sith Lord must find a way to stop one of the Crier Droids in Raider's Cove so he can speak with it.

In plain Sight

Darth Vel Jyc has finally learned the location of the person or persons responsible for luring him to Rishi and convincing everyone that he is a famous pirate. The Sith Lord set out to investigate the coordinates given to him by the Crier Droid. However ,a local thug named Grumm is determined to avenge his "brother" Gorro. Lord Vel Jyc must dispatch him and continue his search.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)-The Cove Crier, In Plain Sight

Making a Mark

Woeking together, sith Lord LANA BENIKO and Republic SIS agent THERON SHAN have enlisted the help of Vel Jyc in stopping the Revanite conspiracy before it dismantles both galactic powers from within.

The first step: find the Revanite base. Posing as the leader of a renowned pirate crew, Vel Jyc must challenge the Revanites' local allies, the powerful NOVA BLADES...

In order to establish his cover as a pirate rival of the Nova Blades, Darth Vel Jyc will need to assault their supply camp on the island. There's a signaling device in the jungle on the way to the camp. He must use it to call in the "allies" who'll help him to complete the mission.

The Slavers
Having gained the attention of the Revanites' local allies, the powerful NOVA BLADES, Vel Jyc must now take the pirate rivalry to the next level by dismantling thew Blades' slave operations...

Vel Jyc has been informed that the Nova Blades maintain a camp of captured slaves on an island nearby. It is up to him to bust up the camp and stop the Blades' slave trade. The best way to reach Slave Island is to stow away in one of the Nova Blades' transport crates.

Broken Blades

The Nova Blades have critical information about the Revanites on the computers inside their main base, a crashed ship called the Aggressor. But to gain access to the base, Vel Jyc will need decoder modules from Nova Blade communications towers.

He must tag the communications towers around the Aggressor to have Jakarro disable them. Then recover the decoding modules from the wreckage of the towers.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)- Making a Mark,The Slavers, Broken Blade Blades

Heart of the Aggressor

Now that Vel Jyc has access to the Aggressor, it's critical that he retrieves any information the Nova Blades have on the Revanites. The Nova Blade computer network is defended by slicers at various security terminals inside the Aggressor. Vel Jyc will have to defeat the slicers before deactivating their security terminals.

Having defeated the slicers, Commodore Margok stands between Vel Jyc and the vital information on Revan contained in the Nova Blades' network.

As it turns out, Commodore Margok powered down the whole network, so, Vel Jyc must power the network back up to give access to his allies.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)- Heart of the Aggressor

Torch's Flame

A Mandalorian known as "Torch" may have useful information on the Revanites. It's Vel Jyc's mission to reach Torch's Island and find out everything he can.

Blood Hunt

Having recovered evidence that a Mandalorian clan based on Rishi used to have ties to the Revanites, Vel Jyc traveled to the clan's island hideaway to find out what they know. However, while approaching the Mandalorian Hideout, his ship has been shot down and has crash landed on the beach.

While searching the island, Vel Jyc found a Kyramla Gemas'rugam standing in his way. He must defeat the beast and continue his search of the island. Vel Jyc managed to vanquish the Jungle Wampa and survived the Mandalorian ambush. However, Torch has challenged his worth--- he must prove he is worthy by defeating her three challenges...

Completing all the challenges, Vel Jyc pursues Torch into the heart of Tracyn Island Hunting Lodge...

Torch's identity has been revealed: she is Shae Vizla, legendary mercenary of the Great Galactic War. She won't reveal anything unless Vel Jyc defeats her in battle...

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)- Torch's Flame, Blood Hunt

The Revanites Revealed

Theron Shan has been captured by the Revanites and taken to a hidden base on Sky Ridge Island. Darth Vel Jyc will need to establish a new base of operations before beginning his search. The native species, the Rishii, have a village on the island. Vel Jyc must speak to their leader, Arankau, to gather information about the Revanites location.

Traitor's Burden

Darth Vel Jyc has discovered the location of a group of Imperial traitors who've joined the Revanites. He must fight his way into the traitor's bunker and confront their leader....

To disrupt Order

Darth Vel Jyc must rescue Theron Shan and Save the Empire from the threat of the Revanites.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)-The Revanites Revealed

Frontal Assault

Darth Vel Jyc has discovered the location of a Revanite signal Jammer that is allowing the Revanites to ambush Imperial and Republic flagship fleets over Rishi. The Sith Lord must secure a shuttle to the Island from Jerwo Vhob.

Battle of Rishi

Revan's forces have lured massive fleets from the Republic and the Empire into a trap! The only way to warn them of the infiltrators aboard their ships is to shut down the powerful signal jammer the Revanites are using to block all communications in the Rishi System. but, the path to the jammer is crawling with Revanite defenders...



The end nears. On YAVIN 4, Revan intends to revive the dreaded SITH EMPEROR -- so he can be truly destroyed. But the resurrection will only allow the Emperor to achieve his twisted desire: to consume all life in the galaxy. With DARTH MARR and GRAND MASTER SATELE SHAN forming a temporary truce on the densely wooded moon, the responsibility falls on Vel Jyc to rally the coalition forces against the Revanites.

Before the hunt for Revan and his Revanites can begin, however, the coalition's position within Yavin 4's hostile swamps and jungles must be secured...


Tensions are high between Imperial and Republic forces who've come to Yavin 4 to stop Revan. Securing the jungles and swamps near the factional forward camps could ease these tensions and provide much-needed intel on nearby Revanite positions.

The Devoted Ones

Darth Vel Jyc has learned that the Imperial Guard, elite shock troops and protectors of the Sith Emperor, have a training base on Yavin 4 -- and it's been overrun by Revanite forces. Investigating the base could reveal valuable clues.

Fates Unsealed

The Revanites are based in a Sith temple containing an ancient device capable of wiping out all life on Yavin 4. To gain access to the temple and stop Revan, Darth Vel Jyc has to disable several locking mechanisms spread across the temple's perimeter.

VIDEO: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)-CONFEDERACY

Enemy Within

The temple held by the Revanites brims with Revan's most powerful allies. To stop Revan in time, Vel Jyc must win the trust of the coalition or form a handpicked assault team before the galaxy is doomed.

Lord Wrath has tracked Revan to his final hiding place and has defeated him, but it seems the Emperor has escaped into the galaxy once more.

VIDEO 1: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)-ENEMY WITHIN
video 2: SWTOR: SOR: Forge Alliances (Part 5)-ENEMY WITHIN


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Revan is gone, and his devotees no longer constitute an Imperial threat. Security has returned to the Sith Empire via the newly formed Sith Intelligence helmed by Lana Beniko. But the war rages on. And somewhere out among the stars, the crazed former Sith Emperor lives once more, eager to take every last drop of life from the galaxy.

The most powerful of the Empire's heroes fortify their power bases, scramble their starfighters, and gather at VAIKEN SPACEDOCK, prepared to strike at all enemies wherever an opportunity arises...


In the wake of ominous events on Yavin 4, an immortal presence makes itself known on the historic Imperial hub of ZIOST, where Lana Beniko has been meticulously constructing Sith Intelligence. As thew world starts to go mad, Lana hopes to reach out her trusted all before it's too late...

A Presence on Ziost

A crisis looms on Ziost, a major seat of Imperial power. Lord Wrath has been called upon to help resolve the matter.

VIDEO: SWTOR: ZIOST- A Presence on Ziost

Implements of Disaster

The former Emperor has taken over military personnel and is killing Ziost's citizens to fuel his power. His progress must be stopped if he's to be defeated. The armory has been cleared of the former Emperor's puppets. It is now safe for Lord Wrath to plan his next move.


Now that the armory is secure, the next step in keeping the former Emperor from obtaining more power is to lock out the outpost's considerable defenses so they may not be used by his possessed puppets. Air defense turrets must be synchronized and connected to a system in order to override their programming. Lord Wrath must grab a pair of scanners used by Imperial Air Defense spotters to connect to the air defense guns, and connect them to the local network.

VIDEO: SWTOR: ZIOST: Implements of Disaster, Powerless


Taking advantage of the chaos on Ziost, the Republic has launched an invasion by way of humanitarian rescue mission. The combined Republic and Imperial forces, plus the Sixth Line Jedi commandos, are providing the former Sith Emperor with all the possessed puppets he needs to power himself through the murder of others. Darth Vel Jyc must work with Agent Rane Kovach to implement a plan that will stop these puppets - - preferably without killing them.

A severe alert has been issued. Lord Vel Jyc must investigate.

Agent Kovach has a plan to free those under the former Emperor's thrall using electricity. However, Lord Wrath must release the electrical system dampener lock so that it can be controlled manually.

Wit h the dampeners powered down, all that's left is to access the fail-safe console. it is located somewhere inside the Metro Security Center. Unfortunately, a force field blocks entry into the Metro Security Center. Perhaps the Security Console can be overloaded somehow...

Lord Vel Jyc must find the controls to override the electrical system's failsafe so Agent Kovach can use the city's grid to shock the masses free of the former Emperor's control. it's not going to be that easy, as a monstrous creature blocks his way to the failsafe console in the Metro Security Center. it must be defeated.

Having defeated the Monolith, Vel Jyc must complete the failsafe override sequence so that Agent Kovach's plan can go into effect.

Dead Center

Lana Beniko has devised a desperate plan to stop the former Sith Emperor from growing in power through the murder of living beings on Ziost. However, the plan requires Darth Vel Jyc to put himself up as bait in the heart of New Adasta.

Darth Vel Jyc has gotten the former Sith Emperor's attention and his possessed puppets are on their way. Vel Jyc must get to the top of the tower to help Theron Shan prepare the weapon that will knock the puppets unconscious. But, master Surro has followed you to the top of the People's Tower and survived the electrobomb...


For Ziost

With the help of Lana Beniko and Theron Shan, Lord Vel Jyc has freed Master Surro of Darth Vitiate's control, and appear to have severed his tie to the Imperial and Republic forces in and around New Adasta. However, a war still rages on and Vitiate is not yet defeated. Lord Vel Jyc must provide a status update regarding the events on Ziost, to Darth Marr.

The End of it All

The situation on Ziost is being closely watched via a large network of sensors.

VIDEO: SWTOR: ZIOST: The End of it All


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The Immortal Sith Emperor has disappeared after devastating the planet Ziost. Meanwhile, twin conquerors have carved a path of destruction across the Republic and the Sith Empire both. Determined to hunt these enemies down, Darth Marr has enlisted help from both fractions, including a stalwart ally from the battler against Revan...

VIDEO: STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer


It is a time of chaos. A mysterious army led by twin Conquerors has carved a path of destruction across the worlds of the warring Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, then disappeared into uncharted space. Meanwhile, an older threat still looms: the former SITH EMPEROR, revitalized after annihilating all life on the planet Ziost, has similarly vanished without a trace.

Determined to hunt down these dangerous foes at any cost, Imperial leader DARTH MARR gathers allies from both factions to join his incursion into the far reaches of Wild Space...

Darth Marr has been leading an unofficial coalition of Republic and Imperial forces in a search for Darth Vitiate. He's called upon Darth Vel Jyc to meet him aboard his ship in Wild Space to discuss what he's found. But your meeting was interrupted when Marr's ship came under attack by a massive, unidentified fleet of warships. Vel Jyc rushed to the nearby compartments to repel the enemy.

The invading droids are attacking the shield generators. Darth Vel Jyc rushes to the shield generator room to protect it from enemy attacks...

The ship's turbolaser banks are under attack by enemy boarders. Vel Jyc makes his way to the turbolasers to repel the boarders.

Vel Jyc's attention is needed everywhere at once. His companions aboard his ship are pinned to Marr's ship due to damage to the docking clamp. He must get to the airlock and repair the docking clamp. But, an advanced Skytrooper bars the way to the docking clamp.

The enemy is relentless. After repairing the docking clamps, Darth Marr has requested Vel Jyc's aid in main engineering where he hopes to restore the ship to fighting order. Main engineering contains auxiliary controls that can restore power to vital systems on Marr's ship. Vel Jyc and Marr head to the engineering compartment to restore the main power. They need to access the secondary controls in engineering, but there is an elite enemy droid in the way....

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 1 - The Hunt (1/3)
VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 1 - The Hunt (2/3)
VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 1 - The Hunt (3/3)


Disaster! Republic and Imperial forces, hunting the former Sith Emperor into unexplored space, have discovered an overpowering new enemy: THE ETERNAL EMPIRE.

Now calling himself VALKORIAN and ruling over the planet Zakuul, the Emperor's triumph is cut short by the murderous betrayal of his own son, Prince Arcann. With Darth Marr and Emperor Valkorian dead, Prince Arcann seizes the Eternal Empire's throne and imprisons Vel Jyc in carbonite as Zakuul begins its conquest of the galaxy...

A Dream of Empire

Emperor Arcann has frozen Darth Vel Jyc's body in carbonite, trapping him inside his own mind. Shocking visions of the past and future threaten to overwhelm him. He must fight through this nightmare dreamscape to survive.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 2: Dream of Empire


Encased in carbonite by ARCANN, Vel Jyc has endured unsettling visions of the past, the present... and possibly the future. Now, at last, a team of rescuers has come, led by an old ally - - LANA BENIKO. But the deadly servants of the Eternal Empire won't allow their most dangerous prisoner to escape without a fight...

Vel Jyc has been freed from his carbonation prison by Sith Lord Lana Beniko. Aided by a pilot named Koth Vortena the astromech T7-01, Lana intends to free Vel Jyc from Zakuul, but he will have to fight his way out as High Justice Vaylin and her forces hunt him down. To exit the carbonite storage facility, Vel Jyc must first escape the facility's secure wing then use the lift that leads to the extraction point.

Escape to the Skyridge

However, Koth can no longer reach the original extraction point, so Vel Jyc and Lana have been redirected to a neighboring location across a Skyridge. But an Alert-Response Walker has blocked the path. They must cut down the walker to cross the bridge.

The Droid Factory Lobby

Vel Jyc and Lana hastily devised a backup escape route which requires them to pass through a Skytrooper factory.


The Extraction Point

Koth has been delayed by enemy forces. Vel Jyc and Lana must fight to the extraction point as Koth does his best to reach them before Vaylin does.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 3- Outlander 2


After five years of imprisonment in carbonite, a daring mission has rescued Vel Jyc from the capital of the Eternal Empire. But the escape has only just begun. Joined by rescuers Lana Beniko, Koth Vortena, and HK-55, Vel Jyc makes a desperate flight into the wilderness of the planet Zakuul in a risky attempt to evade their pursuers. The planet's swamps may offer the heroes a brief respite from the agents of the enemy, but they also hide a dangerous secret from Zakuul's ancient past...

After successfully, escaping Zakuul's capital city, Vel Jyc and his rescue team have crash-landed in a swamp on the city's outskirts. HK-55 has detected a large technological object somewhere in the vicinity. While exploring the swamp with HK-55, Vel Jyc encountered a viscous swamp rancor.

The technological object turns out to be a legendary starship known as the Gravestone hidden deep in Zakuul's swamps. Vel Jyc need to work with Koth, Lana, and HK-55 to see if he can repair the ship and escape. However, the ship is infected with wildlife. They must clear the ship of these wildlife so that they can continue assessing its potential as an escape vehicle.

With the ship cleared of beats, Vel Jyc has spotted a sealed door nearby.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 4 - The Gravestone 1/3

Readings for Groundwater

Vel Jyc helps Lana search for clean water to drink while Koth works on the Gravestone. They discovered an underground fresh water source, and so they returned to the gravestone to assist Koth. To continue the repairs, Koth requires parts that he ditched as the shuttle was crashing. Vel Jyc sets out with Koth to assist him in locating these parts in the Endless Swamp. Having secured the part you need, a priority holocall from HK-55 requesting a rendezvous somewhere in the Endless Swamp.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 4 - The Gravestone 2/3

Strange Sounds

Vel Jyc and his team have restored power to the Gravestone. The Sith Lord hears strange sounds which seem to come from the lower decks of the ship. he sets out to investigate these strange sounds.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 4 - The Gravestone 3/3


Either by chance or fate, Vel Jyc has stumbled across THE GRAVESTONE, an ancient alien warship lauded by legend as the only vessel to stand victorious against the Eternal Fleet. Unfortunately, the Gravestone has fallen into a stake of disrepair. The heroes must work quickly to the fix the ship's engines before Arcann's forces discover their location. But first, Vel Jyc must come to terms with the internal threat of Valkorian, who has once again cheated death by stowing away in the Outlander's mind...

Vel Jyc has gathered the necessary materials and supplies to fix the Gravestone, but Arcann's forces have closed in on his location. The Skytroopers have invaded the Gravestone, and are trying to take control of the bridge!

Vel Jyc and his team have successfully repelled the Skytroopers' attack. However, enemy reinforcements have arrived and waves of Skytroopers and Knights of Zakuul are moving in on Vel Jyc's position. He must defeat the Skytroopers to buy Koth time to get the Gravestone's engines running.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 5 - From the Grave 1/2

Vel Jyc and his crew have successfully restored the Gravestone's engines so he can escape Arcann's forces on Zakuul. The Eternal Fleet is closing in on his position, he must use the Gravestone's omnicannon to defend the ship.

Dark Sanctuary

HK-55 discovered a strange area on the Gravestone, but Senya interrupted his exploration, Vel Jyc set out to investigate this area and speak with Senya.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 5 - From the Grave 2/2


Vel Jyc has escaped Emperor Arcann aboard legendary alien vessel THE GRAVESTONE, an ancient warship armed with enough firepower to annihilate the Eternal Empire's fleet. Heavy damage sustained during the battle has forced the heroes to flee for ASYLUM, a shadowport of refugees, criminals, and fugitives where no one is exactly what they seem. Desperate to repair the Gravestone and gain allies to defeat the Eternal Empire, Vel Jyc must uncover Asylum's hidden threats before they extinguish an hope of victory...

The Free Zone

Vel Jyc has come to Asylum to find allies Senya says are hidden among the people. Tora, one of Koth's crew, has gone missing in the free zone area of Asylum. Vel Jyc and HK-55 set out to look for her before meeting with Senya.

Having located Tora and now that she's returning to the ship, Vel Jyc sets out to meet Senya and find out about these mysterious allies.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 6 - Asylum 1/2

A Test of Destiny

Vel Jyc's new prospective allies, the Scions of Zakuul, want to test him in a series of trials. His first trial is to defeated the Scions Maral and Tersu. After defeating them, Vel Jyc and Senya move through the enclave to the next trial. As his second trial, Vel Jyc must defeat the Scions Vanat and Berusal.

Now that he has passed the first two trials, Vel Jyc moves deeper into the Scion's enclave for his next trial. The final trial is to defeat the Scion Heskal.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 6 - Asylum 2/2


With the help of Senya Tirall, Vel Jyc has completed the rigorous trials of the prophetic Scions of Zakuul, potentially gaining a powerful new group of allies. But at the trial's conclusion, Senya stunned Vel Jyc's entire crew by revealing that she is the former consort of Valkorian and mother of Arcann and Vaylin!

As Senya's loyalties are brought into question, the crew learns that they'll need the help of another enigmatic and dangerous ally: an information broker known as THE LADY OF SORROWS...

A mysterious information broker known as the Lady of Sorrows may be able to assist in repairing the Gravestone's ancient hyperdrive. But first, Vel Jyc will have to find her hideout in the lower levels of Zakuul's capital. While he was preparing to go to Zakuul to find the Lady of Sorrows, the Gravestone's hangar controls had a power outage. Vel Jyc heads to the generator room to try and get the controls working again.

Vel Jyc tried to get the power generators working, but there were odd fluctuations. He decided to check the fuse box to clean out the relay junctions. He discovered that Wingmaws have chewed through the fuse. Vel Jyc found some replacement fuse laying about and decided to use them to repair the faulty connection in the fuse box. Now, that the fuse relays are repaired and the hangar controls are working again, Vel Jyc heads to the shuttle bay to take off for Zakuul.

VIDEO 1: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 7 - The Lady of Sorrows 1/4

The Old World

Vel Jyc and Senya met up with T7-01 in the undercity resource network. They make their way to the undercity through the maintenance transport tunnels and transport station. They made it out of the undercity resource network tunnels and into the undercity's maintenance transport tunnels. They must must proceed to the transport station into the undercity.

T7-01 needs help with the Surveillance feeds. So, Vel Jyc heads to the first surveillance feed and command T7 to access it while he protects the droid from enemies. Having accessed the surveillance feeds, Vel Jyc must now use the local access terminal to get in touch with T7's contact.

T7's contact provided valuable information on a high-data surveillance feed. Vel Jyc must now accompany T7 to the last command access for the rest of the intel. T7 accesses the last of the intel but Senya is in trouble on Platform 6 cantina, and needs Vel Jyc's help.

VIDEO 2: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 7 - The Lady of Sorrows 2/4

The Tram Market

Vel Jyc and Senya got information from Reg about a contact named Mona Gale. To get in touch with her, they must travel to the tram market. Having arrived at the tram market, they need to find Mona gale. Perhaps they may be able to learn more about her location from the bystanders. So, they decided to speak with one of them.

Vel Jyc and Senya found Mona Gale and learned that the Exalted, leader of the Heralds of Zildrog, has information about the location of the Lady of Sorrows. The Heralds' stronghold is in Breaktown. When Vel Jyc and Senya arrived in Breaktown to look for the Heralds of Zildrog, they made their way through the access gate into the stronghold.

The Exalted

They made it through the Heralds of Zildrog's stronghold and found their leader, the Exalted. Vel Jyc and Senya must speak to him about the Lady of Sorrows. However, the Lady of Sorrows called the Exalted during the meeting. She asked him to meet her to get his son, and he left, ordering his Heralds to Kill Vel Jyc and Senya.

Having defeated the Exalted's lieutenant and Heralds, Vel Jyc and Senya took the lift to the rear entrance of the Heralds of Zildrog's stronghold. However, they need to find a way to shut down the Heralds' security grid in order to get past it. Somehow, they have made their way out of the Herald;s courtyard. So, Vel Jyc and Senya head to the Razor to meet up with the Lady of Sorrows and the Exalted. But the Razor's laser grid has been reprogrammed, and T7 is not there to bypass it. Therefore, Vel Jyc and Senya must locate the local power generators and destroy them to gain access through the Razor's gate.

They managed to gain access to the Razor, but the Heralds of Zildrog are guarding the front lobby. It's unlikely they'll allow Vel Jyc and Senya to pass. They cut down the Heralds blocking the way in the Razor. They must now take the penthouse lift to the Lady of Sorrows. Reaching the Lady of Sorrows is not going to be easy. Vel Jyc and Senya are accosted by Novo and Balisk, Knights of Zakuul. Novo despises the outlander and wants to bring him in and Senya. But the Sith Lord will have none of it. He quickly cut down Novo while Senya dispatch Balisk.

VIDEO 3: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 7 - The Lady of Sorrows 3/4
VIDEO 4: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 7 - The Lady of Sorrows 4/4


After navigating the Zakuul underworld, Vel Jyc uncovered the true identity of the Lady of Sorrows: SCORPIO, a hyper-intelligent mechanical being obsessed with personal evolution. Intrigued by the Gravestone, SCORPIO has agreed to ally with Vel Jyc, but it is clear that she is not being entirely forthcoming about her motives for fighting Arcann. Vel Jyc and crew now return to the safety of Asylum to begin planning their next move against the Eternal throne...

Having successfully recruited SCORPIO, the Lady of Sorrows, Vel Jyc is on his way back to Asylum. Heskal has signaled that he wants to meet the Sith Lord alone. Vel Jyc heads to the Scion enclave on Asylum to meet Heskal in secret.

Heskal, acting in the name of destiny, has revealed Asylum's location to the Eternal Throne to force a confrontation between Vel Jyc and Arcann. Now all of Asylum is under attack. Vel Jyc must face Arcann in the Scion enclave's main chamber.

The sudden crash of one of Zakuul's transportation shuttles has separated Vel Jyc from Arcann. He must escape the ruins of the Scion enclave and return to the Gravestone. However, the Sith Lord has encountered Knights of Zakuul dragging Heskal from the ruins of the Scion enclave. Vel Jyc defeated the Knights and confronted Heskal.

The Sith Lord has gotten clear of Arcann and his forces at the Scion's enclave. he sets out to meet up wit his crew at the Gravestone.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 8 -Taking Flight 1/4

Arcann's forces have locked the docking clamps, preventing the Gravestone's escape. Vel Jyc has to fight his way to the Control Spar to override the docking commands and free the Gravestone. Koth and HK-55 have gone ahead. The Sith Lord sets out to meet up with Koth at the security substation in the Free Zone.

Vel Jyc needs a speeder to reach the Control Spar, but a Zakuul walker stands between him and the launchpad. The Sith Lord cut down the walker and heads to the Free Zone launchpad to procure a speeder.

HK-55 is farther ahead, clearing a path to the main override station at the top of the Control Spar. Vel Jyc advances on HK's location. However, Knights of Zakuul have invaded the Control Spar. The Sith Lord must dispatch the Knight Captain, Lazna Delothrea, and her forces at the cargo access.

Koth and HK-55 are holing the line against Zakuul invaders. Vel Jyc must hurry to the Control Spar and release the Gravestone.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: CHAPTER 8- Taking Flight 2/4

Vel Jyc has released the docking clamps and survived the fight with Arcann, but at great cost. He must return to the gravestone before the Eternal Fleet can destroy it.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: CHAPTER 8- Taking Flight 3/4
VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: CHAPTER 8- Taking Flight 4/4


Asylum lies in ruins after Emperor Arcann's devastating invasion. The gravestone's crew barely escaped the confrontation and has fled into deep space to mourn its losses. The stalwart droid HK-55 sacrificed itself to save Vel Jyc from certain death and saved the galaxy's best hope of victory over the Eternal Empire. As old friends and new allies gather on the remote planet of ODESSEN, the enemy tightens its grip on the conquered Republic and Imperial systems and prepares to strike again...

The Alliance War Room

After escaping Asylum, Vel Jyc and his crew have arrived on Odessen to establish a base of operations for his new Alliance. Vel Jyc's allies have invited him to join them for a small celebration in the cantina on Odessen. After he joined his companions for a small celebration, Koth pointed out that Senya is missing. Vel Jyc went in search of her outside the cantina.



The ruthless Emperor Arcann and his Eternal Fleet tear the galaxy apart hunting for Commander Vel Jyc's hidden Alliance base in the uncharted regions of Wild Space. The Alliance has recruited powerful new allies to overthrow the oppressive Eternal Empire, but without a foothold on the enemy's planet of Zakuul, there is no hope of victory. A mysterious figure known only as FIREBRAND has bombed Arcann's capital city. Vel Jyc must infiltrate the Spire to learn if this rogue anarchist is a potential friend, or a dangerous new foe...


Theron Shan wants Vel Jyc to head Zakuul and meet up with the notorious anarchist known as Firebrand.

The security systems were engaged when Kaliyo rigged the junction with the explosive. The Overwatch is tracking Vel Jyc's every move through specific security hubs. He must destroy the security tracking hubs to move around freely on Zakuul.

Having destroyed the security hubs, Vel Jyc heads to the Undercity for Junction 754, where he intends to plant explosives.

Vel Jyc defeated Tayvor and retrieved the data he needed, but Knights of Zakuul are on their way. The Sith Lord must escape the Overwatch.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 10 - Anarchy in Paradise


Terror has seized the galaxy. Emperor Arcann and his viscous sister, Vaylin, destroy innocent worlds to force the Alliance from its secret base. The Republic and Empire do nothing to stop the carnage. those who oppose the Eternal Empire turn to Commander Vel Jyc for leadership in this dark time. On Zakuul, the elite commandos of HAVOC SQUAD fight a desperate guerrilla war against Arcann's skytroopers. Vel Jyc must join forces with these rebels for the war ahead...

Theron wants the Sith Lord to meet with a former SIS contact on Zakuul. They set out to rendezvous with the SIS contact in the Zakuul swamps.



War with the Eternal Empire rages on. From his throne of power, Emperor Arcann commands the unstoppable ETERNAL FLEET. Alliance operatives have uncovered a mysterious GEMINI FREQUENCY, which Arcann uses to control his invincible armada. On Odessen, Vel Jyc commands a secret mission to sever Arcann's hold over his fleet and permanently turn the tide of war against him...

Vel Jyc has ventured into the wilderness of Odessen to speak to Valkorian and gain his insight into a dangerous mission on Zakuul.

The Sith Lord set out to speak with Valkorian but he has stranded him in the wilderness of Odessen. Vel Jyc lost consciousness after a fierce struggle with Valkorian, only to awaken inside a vessel of unknown ownership. He decided to explore the ship and the area outside to discover clues about the ship's owner. The clues Vel Jyc found suggest that the camp belongs to a Jedi from the Republic.

Deep in the forest, the Sith Lord encountered Satele Shan, who wants him to follow her deeper into the wilderness... The Sith Lord follows Satele Shan who recounts tales of her fight against an unstoppable enemy.

The most powerful among us couldn't stand against the endless legions of Zakuul. Even the Sith Empire learned that lesson too late. On countless worlds I watched Jedi sacrificed themselves to delay inevitable defeat. We will not let you suffer the same fate.

I went to Zakuul in Secret to see the Eternal Throne myself. I still bear the scars of that journey.

Vel Jyc soon encountered the spirit of Darth Marr, who has been communing with Satele for some time now. Satele and the spirit of Marr claim they want to aid in Vel Jyc's battle against Arcann. They say that there are secrets waiting for Vel Jyc in the wilderness... and that the will of the Force will guide him to them.

Darth Marr's Spirit speaks:

Arcann won't be conquered through passion, or righteousness. He has emptied himself of weaknesses like sentiment and morality. The Sith Code teaches us to break our chains. But freedom is not your ultimate goal. You must anchor yourself to power. When Arcann lies defeated, your destiny is to take the Eternal Throne. Any other path will lead only into chaos.

Vel Jyc Managed to locate several items in the Odessen wilderness. He now takes them to a dark cave nearby for further study.

Satele Shan speaks:

The Force is in motion, and we must follow. The old ways aren't enough. We'll show you the new way.

The spirit of Marr speaks:

In life, I dismissed the Jedi Code. I was wrong. There is no death. There is only the Force. And it has a plan. The will of the Force is a flowing current. You can follow or fight it, but it is always there.

Vel Jyc discovered the necessary items to build a new weapon and an ancient forge where the work can be completed. He uses the forge to create a new weapon to battle Arcann.

The Sith Lord, under the guidance of Satele Shan and Dark Marr's spirit, has created a powerful new weapon using the forge in the dark cave. He, now, travels to the nearby oasis to meet Satele Shan and the Spirit of Darth Marr.

Darth Marr's spirit speaks:

Forget what your old Masters taught you. Not even Valkorian understands. The Force is not an ally, slave or transaction. The force is a paradox. it empowers and imprisons. it destroys and unites. it binds the galaxy together and tears people apart. it has a will...but needs a commander.

Young Jurgorans have ambushed the Sith Lord, Vel Jyc, and in a flurry of red blades, he cut them down! Inside the Oasis, Vel Jyc is confronted by the mother of the young Jurgorans, but the creature did not attack when he decided to stand his ground, it choose to leave instead.

Satele Shan and the spirit of Darth Marr has departed. Vel Jyc uses a climbing ledge to escape the oasis and find a path back to the Alliance base.

Having made it back to the Alliance base, the Sith Lord heads to the war room to check in with Lana Beniko and his other allies.



The galaxy suffers. The Eternal Empire conquers and plunders countless worlds, adding to Zakuul's vast wealth. The Alliance has learned that the bulk of this stolen fortune sits aboard a massive floating treasury called the GILDED STAR - - the greatest collection of wealth in known space. On Odessen, Vel Jyc plots a daring heist against impossible odds to raid the Gilded Star and strike a serious blow to the Eternal Empire....

Vel Jyc has been told by his advisers that Hylo Visz has something to tell him. She can be found overseeing the transfer of "cargo" in the Alliance hanger.

the Galactic scoundrel Gault Rennow has joined up to help steal the wealth of the Eternal Empire and fund the Alliance. Vel Jyc is on the planet, Vandin, for the heist, and Gault says there is one more crew member to recruit nearby.

After cajoling the forger Dretcher into joining Gault's crew, there's one more thing Gault needs. He sets out with the Sith Lord to meet his associates in the private docks of Vandin's north district.

Now that they have everything they need, it's time to meet up with the crew to hear the details of Gault's plan, at his hideout on Vandin.

Captain Kenrik Fost has reported the bomb threat to the security forces. The central district is in lockdown. Vel Jyc must recover security spikes from the security droids to slice through the lockdown.

The plan is ready to put into action. Vel Jyc sets out to meet up with Gault in the Skyhook. However, security has locked down visitors to the Skyhook, therefore, Vel Jyc must recover a security access card from a guard captain and use it to deactivate the security alert.

The next step in the heist requires Vette going into the ductworks of the Gilded Star. As the rest of the team gets into place, Vel Jyc sets out to meet gault at the treasure ship's vault door to complete the plan. The plan is working, and Vle Jyc's compatriots are extracting all of the atomized wealth of Zakuul. Now its time to meet them in their ship to escape the Gilded Star. But the ship is in lockdown, and all ways to Vel Jyc's compatriots are blocked. The only way out now is the way he came in, through the Skyhook.

The only way off the ship is through it, up to its surfacem over to the Skyhook's exterior, and down the cables. They hightail it to the outside of the ship to continue their daring escape.

The good news is we can reach the Skyhook from here.

And the bad?

If you've got a fear of heights, there will be plenty of time to get over it on the way down.

Kaliyo Djannis and Aric Jorgan are back from their covert mission. Vel Jyc must debrief them on their mission in the Alliance hangar.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 13 - Profit and Plunder



Emperor Arcann tightens his tyrannical grip on the galaxy. The Eternal Fleet, commanded by a legion of GEMINI droids, remains a devastating threat to peace and freedom. New Alliance intel recovered from the Eternal Empire's capital reveals a possible hope of conquering Arcann's Warships: the mysterious GEMINI Prime.

Commander Vel Jyc and a fierce Mandalorian clan lead a dangerous assault on the weapons factory of Darvannis to capture GEMINI Prime and seize control of the Eternal Fleet.

Mandalore's Revenge

SCORPIO has more intelligence on the GEMIMI protocols and the Eternal Fleet. The Mandalorian forces on Darvannis want to use the droid factory's perimeter defense guns to target the factory itself. Vel Jyc enters the automated defense bunkers around the factory to reprogram the defenses. After using the droid factory's guns to soften its own defenses, it's time to return to camp and confer with Shae Vizla.

Vel Jyc has volunteered to head off reinforcements at the Zakuul tactical outpost so his Mandalorian allies aren't outflanked. Zakuul's droid armies are emerging from the armory, ready to outflank Vel Jyc's Mandalorian allies.

Khomo Fett: All right, you pathetic excuses for warriors... three barrels of spice tihaar to anyone who scraps more droids than clan Fett!

Jos Beroya: A Fool's bargain. You drank the last of the tihaar last night.

Khomo Fett: All the more reason to try and best us!

Shae Vizla: Keep talking, and even the newcomer will beat you.

Valk Beroya: Yenko Farr and his three sisters are dead!

Khomo Fett: Stranger, tell us you've kept the reinforcements at bay.

Vel Jyc: The droids are contained. Keep fighting.

Khomo Fett: keep fighting? What else is there? Ha!

Jos Beroya: Both power stations are down!

Khomo Fett: All forces, begin withdrawal. Soon, we march into the guts of the machine!

Shae Vizla: Torian! See if you and the newcomer can shut down the perimeter sensor. Cover our retreat.

Vel Jyc has prevented Skytrooper reinforcements from outflanking his Mandalorian allies. Now Shae Vizla requests that he deactivate the perimeter sensor to cover his allies' escape. The Mandalorians were successful in their attack. Vel Jyc regroups with them back at the command tent in the Mandalorian camp.

The time has come to complete his mission and capture GEMINI Prime. Vel Jyc makes his way through the Darvannis droid factory to locate GEMINI Prime.

Shae Vizla: Report in, Verde!

Khomo Fett: On our way to the armory. Enemies thick.

Jos Beroya: Security office is well guarded. Still doomed.

Dalash Ard: Ion bombs are ready. We'll demolish their assault force.

Khomo Fett: It's a blasted maze in here! We found the armory, but I lost half my crew.

Shae Vizla: You're on your own, Fett. We've got Skytroopers to deal with.

Dalash Ard: Die well, brothers.

Khomo Fett: Dalash!

Valk Beroya: I can still rig the place to blow.

Shae Vizla: Torian and the newcomer - - they need time. They promise the end of the Eternal Fleet!

Khomo Fett: Then we buy them time. With our lives, if need be.

The time has come to complete the mission and capture GEMINI Prime. But, ZT-001D, an elite Skytrooper is barring the way.

ZT-001D: Warning: Intruder approaching central link. GEMINI Prime will be protected. Weapons online.

Torian: Haar'chak! We have a problem!

Vel Jyc has completed the mission to recover GEMINI Prime. He now holds a meeting with his commanders in the War Room on Odessen to plan what's next.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTFE: Chapter 14- Mandalore's Revenge


The time has come to strike back. After revealing secrets locked within GEMINI PRIME, the Alliance holds the key to controlling the Eternal Fleet and its droid captains. To wrench the fleet from Arcann's grasp, Commander Vel Jyc must board and capture a single vessel. The Alliance risks everything to launch a surprise attack that will tip the balance of power forever. From the Gravestone, Vel Jyc prepares to ambush a lone Eternal Fleet Warship drifting in the void between worlds...

GEMINI Deception

Darth Vel Jyc takes on a daring mission to board an Eternal Fleet battlecruiser and install GEMINI Prime as captain, gaining control of the Eternal Fleet and turning the fleet against the Eternal Throne. The Sith Lord spoke to Alliance members on the Gravestone's bridge about the mission.

Vel Jyc;s found his way out of the hangar, he must now reach the bridge of the battlecruiser to confront the GEMINI Captain.

SCORPIO was able to reestablish communication with the rest of Vel Jyc's team and plot a new path to the bridge of the battlecruiser. However, SCORPIO has been lost to a battle with the GEMINI Captain. Senya is en route to rendezvous with Vel Jyc, who now heads to her location. Once they've met up, they seek out Lana, who's found something that may be of great interest.

The GEMINI Captain destabilized the ship's Sun Generator power source. Vel Jyc must escape the room housing the Sun generator and continue to Lana's location. While on his way to Lana's location, Vel Jyc discovered a small Skytrooper factory aboard the ship. He defeated the Skytrooper Constructor overseeing operations and destroyed the droid factory.

Vel Jyc met Lana in the brig and helped her free a group of political prisoners on their way to Zakuul to stand before Arcann. The GEMINI Captain has dispatched Skytroopers to stop the Sith Lord from reaching the bridge.

Vel Jyc gave instructions on how the prisoners should be handled, then set out to defeat the GEMINI Captain. However, the GEMINI Captain will not go down without a fight. So, the Sith Lord had to cut her down. Before the died, the GEMINI Captain set the battlecruiser to self-destruct. Vel Jyc must escape before it is destroyed, so, he hightailed it to his ship's hangar.



SCORPIO has seized the throne. From her new seat of power, the former ally now commands the devastating strength of the Eternal Fleet. Meanwhile, Emperor Arcann keeps an iron grip on loyal vessels. His personal armada lurks in the deepest reaches of Wild Space, waiting for a chance to destroy the Alliance. Faced with two deadly foes vying for control of the galaxy, Commander Vel Jyc must launch an assault before the enemy strikes first...

Battle of Odessen

SCORPIO told Arcann the location of the Alliance base on Odessen. Vel Jyc heads to the Gravestone shuttle access panel to meet Arcann's threat.

Arcann has arrived to destroy Odessen. Together with his alliance, Vel Jyc must work to stop him. The Sith Lord can board Arcann's ship using a shuttle in the Gravestone's Hangar.

The boarding party survived the assault in Arcann's hanger. Vel Jyc decides to finalize battle plans with Lana before proceeding. Senya lefty to distract Vaylin, while the rest of the team set off for their respect assignments. Vel Jyc proceeds to the security sector in Arcann's ship.

Lana: Do you think Senya is capable of killing her own daughter?
Vel Jyc: Time will tell.
Lana: It does make a habit if doing so.

Vel Jyc edges closer to the bridge of Arcann's ship, and sets about infiltrating the deck. However, SCORPIO has ordered the Eternal Fleet to fire on Arcann's flagship. Vel Jyc hightails it to the bridge to confront Arcann.

Lana: Still no word from Senya.
Vel Jyc: She told us not to Wait.
Lana: I know. But her prolonged silence is worrisome.

Vel Jyc reaches Arcann on his flagship and engages him in battle. The Sith Lord defeated Arcann, foiling his plan to destroy Odessen. However, explosions rock the flagship, and Vel Jyc must find a way to escape before it is destroyed. Making his escape, Vel Jyc arrives on Odessen, and heads to the war room for a full debriefing.

VIDEO: SWTOR KOTFE Chapter 16 - The Battle of Odessen


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A new threat rises. In the wake of Emperor Arcann's defeat, his depraved sister Vaylin has seized control of the ETERNAL EMPIRE and begun spreading terror across known space. The galaxy's only hope is the ALLIANCE: a bold resistance group that wages a daring campaign to overthrow Vaylin and end the tyranny of her Eternal Empire. As the Alliance grows in strength, Vaylin sets out to dominate the galaxy with the fearsome might of the Eternal Throne. her conquest begins with the peaceful world of Voss...

VIDEO: STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – "Betrayed" Trailer


Empress Vaylin and her Eternal Empire have launched a devastating attack on the world of Voss. As commander of the Alliance, Vel Jyc lead the charge to save the besieged planet. He has landed in the capital city of Voss-Ka. The Sith Lord must secure his drop zone by defeating all enemies on the landing plateau.

Lana: Reinforcements incoming!
Theron: Commander! Lana! Nice of you to join the party.
Vel Jyc: Theron. What's your status?
Theron: I can hold the Tower of Prophecy a bit longer, but the Alien Enclave could really use your help.
Lana: We're on our way. To the bridge, commander.
Torian: The Alliance never fails!

Torian: I'll hold the line. See you on the other side, Commander!
Theron: Heads up, Commander. We've got reports of a battle droid in your path. Looks like a big one.
Vel Jyc: We'll handle it. How are you doing?
Theron: Touch and go. The sooner we secure Voss-Ka, the better.

Vel Jyc and Lana engage the battle droid.

Lana: Stay close! Don't give it room to breathe! .....The Droid's neutralized!
Theron: Good, but our fight isn't over just yet. Friendlies are pinned down on the norther plateau. They could use your help.
Vel Jyc: We're on our way. Hold your position and keep me updated.
Theron: Roger that, Commander.

Imperial forces are pinned down on the northern plateau of Voss-Ka, Vel Jyc sets out to liberate them.

Lana: Incoming! Get down! it's gone...
Vel Jyc: Theron! Change of plans. They destroyed the Northern Plateau.
Theron: Wait, what?
Vel Jyc: We're coming to reinforce your position.
Lana: Find us another way to reach you.
Theron: Head for these coordinates. Last I heard, some Voss commandos were cooking up a shortcut.

Vel Jyc's path to Eastern Voss-Ka is blocked by a wide chasm. He must find a way across the gap.

Lana: Incoming! Get down!
Theron: Commander! They're hitting us hard. Don't know how much longer we can hold out.
Vel Jyc: Hold your ground, Theron. We're on our way.
Theron: I'll do my best.

Theron: Commander. Vaylin's forces are gunning for civilians near your location. There's still time to save them.
Lana: Are you mad? We can't save everyone!
Theron: It's your call, Commander. Sending coordinates.

Theron Shan is pinned down at the Tower of Prophecy. Vel Jyc must reach him before the tower is overwhelmed. Zakuulan forces are storming the Tower of Prophecy in Voss-Ka. Vel Jyc must defeat the attackers and hold his position. The Sith Lord finally reaches to Theron.

After saving the capital city, Vel Jyc made an alarming discovery: Senya and Arcann are hiding on Voss. He can either help these dangerous fugitives or bring them to justice, but first he must track them to the Shrine of Healing.

Torian: Commander. Got a toy incoming for you.
Theron: Is that a Walker? Let me give you a hand.
Torian: Her name is Storm Rider. hop in and take her for a spin.
Vel Jyc: Good work, Torian.
Torian: Make them hurt, Commander.

A battlefield stretches between the Sith Lord and the Shrine of Healing. To reach his targets, he boards the Storm Rider walker at his landing zone in the Old Paths.

Lana: Lana here. Mandalorian strike tea moving on the shrine. May the Force serve you, Commander.


Lana: This is Lana. We have heavy resistance, light casualties. Comm silence in effect.

The Sith Lord must fight his way, in he walker, through the Old Paths to reach the Shrine of Healing.

Lana: Lana here. Recon walkers spotted on the battlefield. Be careful.


Theron: That was close.
Vel Jyc: The shrine is ours. Let's find Senya and Arcann - - before it's too late.

The Sith Lord exits Storm Rider and enters the Shrine of Healing.

Gormak Warrior: Stop or we shoot!
Voss Commando: Wait! It's the Alliance Commander! hurry inside. We'll cover you.

Theron: People once traveled across the galaxy to see this shrine. Now look at it...

A ray shield is blocking Vel Jyc's path in the Shrine of Healing, so he uses the ray shield generator to disable the barrier.

The Sith Lord has defeated Senya in battle, but Arcann managed to escape. Vel Jyc is now hot in pursuit of Arcann to stop his escape.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Chapter 1 - Wrath and Ruin


The Alliance has saved Voss from the onslaught of the Eternal Empire, but the war rages on. Empress Vaylin plans her counterattack as she scours the galaxy for her brother Arcann, who has escaped into Wild Space. Meanwhile, Empress Acina, leader of the SITH EMPIRE, has invited the Alliance to Dromund Kaas, proposing a partnership against Vaylin. Commander Vel Jyc journeys into the storm-ravaged heart of the Sith Empire to consider her offer...

Minister Lorman

Empress Acina has invited Vel Jyc to Dromund Kaas, capital of the Sith Empire, to discuss a potential alliance against the Eternal Empire. He must rendezvous with Minister Lorman who will take him to the Citadel. After arriving at the Citadel, the Empress invites Vel Jyc for a meeting on her personal shuttle. While Vel Jyc was meeting with Acina, her shuttle crashed, stranding them both in the deadly jungles of Dromund Kaas. They must find a way back to Kaas City.

Acina tried to reach her security personnel via comms, but someone is blocking the comm signal. The Sith Lords must locate the wreckage of Acina's shuttle and retrieve the locator beacon to call for help.

Empress Acina: Stay alert. Deadly predators stalk these wilds.
Darth Vel Jyc: You could say the same thing about your cities.
Empress Acina: City predators won't eat our remains. Usually.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::
Empress Acina: The storms are fierce today. It will make a rescue attempt difficult.
Darth Vel Jyc: I never liked relying on others to save me anyway.
Empress Acina: A sound philosophy, one the Sith code embraces.

Upon reaching the crash site, the Sith Lords discovered that the elite GenoHaradan bounty hunters have been contracted to eliminate them. A fierce battle ensued between the Darths and the GenoHaradan scouting party.

If Vel Jyc find the bounty hunters' camp, there may be something there to help him return to Kaas City. The Sith Lord cut down the Genoharadan and took their navigation coordinates to pinpoint their camp.

Empress Acina: A small part of me is enjoying this. As Empress, I am rarely able to test my martial skills anymore.
Darth Vel Jyc: I prefer to lead by example. Stay on the front lines.
Empress Acina: Among the Sith, being on the front lines just makes it easier for someone to stab you in the back.

A huge bolt of lightening almost strikes the Sith Lords dead.

Empress Acina: That was too close. The lightening strikes can be deadly out here! If we recalibrate the electrical towers, they will draw in the power of the storm and keep us safe.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :
Empress Acina: I fear the storm is getting worst.
Darth Vel Jyc: It'll cover our approach to the GenoHaradan camp.
Empress Acina: I see why the Alliance follows you. Where others see problems, you see opportunity.

The Sith Lords came upon the GenoHaradan camp and set about investigating the Equipment to see what they can find.

There were several saved holo recordings:

GenoHaradan: Found bodies at the crash site.
GenoHaradan Leader: Acina and the Alliance Commander?
GenoHaradan: No. Our people.
GenoHaradan Leader: That means the targets are still out there. Find them!

2nd recording:
GenoHaradan: Found out why Grek Squad didn't check in. Lightening strike.
GenoHaradan Leader: Survivors?
GenoHaradan: None. All of them fried to a crisp.
GenoHaradan Leader: Salvage whatever gear you can and keep moving.

3rd recording:
GenoHaradan Leader: Status report. Any sign of the targets?
GenoHaradan: No visual contact yet. Hard to track them through the storm. Rain's wiped out the trail.
GenoHaradan Leader: Keep looking. Find them before they find us.

Lord Vel Jec located a datapad and decided to examine it for any useful information. The information on the data pad revealed that former Republic Chancellor Saresh has hired the GenoHaradan to eliminate Vel Jyc and Acina.

Just as the recording ended, the GenoHaradan arrived and drove the Sith Lords into the Sith tombs and collapsed the entrance behind them.

Empress Acina: This reminds me of my earliest trials as an apprentice; clearing vermin from tombs on Korriban.
Darth Vel Jyc: I remember those days, too. It's like our lives have come full circle.
Empress Acina: No matter how much we change, some things remain the same. An important lesson, I suppose.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Empress Acina: The ancient Sith Lords are revered on Dromund Kaas... but to move forward, we must abandon the old ways.
Darth Vel Jyc: Easy to say, harder to do.
Empress Acina: I understand your skepticism, but I will prove myself to you in time.

As the Sith Lords search for an alternative exit from the Sith tombs, they are cornered by Minister Lorman and the GenoHaradan. The GenoHaradan revealed that Saresh wanted the Sith Lords dead so she could take control of the Alliance and fight the Eternal Empire. A deadly fight ensued but the GenoHaradna failed. However, Vel Jyc discovered that Saresh is will on her way to Odessen. He quickly hops into Minister Lorman's shuttle which is parked at the tomb's rear entrance, and set off for Odessen before Saresh can address his troops.

Vel Jyc arrived on Odessen in time to stop Saresh but now Acina offers an alliance and Vel Jyc needs to decide if he wishes to ally with the Sith. He deices to go to the Alliance war room to use its holoterminal to contact Acina and give her his decision.

On the way to the war room he was stopped by Gault:

Gault: Never believed you were really dead, Commander. Not even for a second. Can't con a con artist, right? By the way....if anyone contacts you asking about a life insurance policy that paid out in your name, just say you don't know me, okay?

At the entrance of the war room he was greeted by Torian:

Torian: Good to see you back in one piece, Commander. Don;t know what the Alliance would do without you.

Vette was waiting for him at the holoterminal:

Vette: Seeing you standing here, alive and well... I can't believe I almost fell for Saresh's lies. Welcome home, Commander.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Chapter 2 - Run for the Shadows


Vaylin and SCORPIO have hijacked the Gravestone. Vel Jyc must find a way to stop them and reclaim his ship. After boarding the Gravestone via assault pod, Vel Jyc must make his way to the bridge to confront Vaylin.

Vel Jyc has boarded the gravestone, but his path to the bridge s blocked. He must use the mouse droid control terminal to remotely pilot a mouse droid, which can reroute power to the power supply room exit door. Once power is restored to the power supply room exit, Vel Jyc must clear a path to the bridge.

After boarding the Gravestone, Vel Jyc teamed up with Koth, who planted a hidden quantum bomb aboard the ship. Vaylin is now dangerously close to triggering this catastrophic fail-safe!

Koth: I told you SCORPIO was bad news. Now look at us.

Koth has plated bomb fuses all over the Gravestone as a fail safe if it ever got hijacked. Now he and Vel Jyc must disable the fuses so that SCORPIO do not accidentally set of the Quantum Bomb.

Koth: One down. Let's not think about how many are left.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Koth: I'm not loosing my ship to Vaylin. Not today. Not ever.

Koth: I just wanted to save people. never thought it'd come to this. We're close. just one more left.

To disarm the bomb. Vel Jyc disabled the last fuse panel on the deck. But now one of Vaylin's Guards, Tragus Rova, stands in the way. The Sith Lord must cut down the Horizon Guard before he can reach Vaylin.

Tragus Rova: Hahaha! This is your final battle! Your rebellion ends here!

A viscious battle ensured but Vel Jyc finally cut down the Horizon Guard.

Tragus Rova: No! No!

The Horizon Guard screams as Vel Jyc launches his lightsaber in a Viscous Throw that strikes him across his chest in a deadly, crushing strike that sent his lifeless body crumbling to the floor.

Koth: We're close. Just one more left.

Vel Jyc must now make his way to the bridge to confront Vaylin and SCORPIO and disable the bomb's fuse.

Koth: Let's finish this, Commander - - and save the Gravestone.

Vaylin is battling Lana in the belly of the Gravestone, right on top of the quantum bomb. Vel Jyc hurries to the Dark Sanctuary to help Lana defeat Vaylin.

Koth: Bet you anything I can outrace you.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::
Vaylin: Time to die, Father! The ship is mine, do you hear me? Mine - - forever!

With Valkorian's aid, Vel Jyc defeated Vaylin, but she was able to escape. Even worse, the quantum bomb has been triggered and is ticking to detonation! Before Vel Jyc pursues Vaylin, he must disable the power relays near the Dark Sanctuary so Koth can disarm the quantum bomb.

Koth: We are running out of time! The shield is still up! Kill more power relays!

Warning: Thirty seconds until detonation.

Vel Jyc disabled all power relays, but he still needs to return to Koth to disarm the quantum bomb.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Chapter 3 - Dark Reunions


The Gravestone has jumped to hyperspace of its own volition. The ship is taking its captive passengers to an unknown destination. Enraged at SCORPIO's betrayal, Vaylin is sabotaging the Gravestone's systems, leaving the ship defenseless. Vel Jyc rushes to the Omnicannon to get it back online.

After being rendered unconscious, Vel Jyc awoken in a mysterious alien environment, separated from the Gravestone and his crew. He sets about exploring his surroundings with a new remote companion and trying to find his crew.

ARIES: ...exercise caution...biome under reconstruction...error...responsible for your own injuries....

There are several technoliths which appear to be some kind of information kiosks on this strange place. Maybe they contain information about what is going on.

ARIES: ...a reminder that...obey established... additional support...helpful chemical reactants...Subjects who reject....negative reinforcement. Thank you.

Vel Jyc happened upon Torian, however, his reunion was interrupted by several Knights of Zakuul and a hostile swarm of droids.

After defeating the new enemies, Vel Jyc received a holocall from Theron. He and the rest of Vel Jyc's crew are together in some kind of temple. The Sith Lord makes his way to the temple to rendezvous with his people.

Vel Jyc finally manages to locate Theron and the rest of his allies in an abandoned temple called the Tributary. Vette has discovered something about this world and Vel Jyc must speak with her. However, the temple came under attack from purifier droids. The crew barricaded themselves in the mysterious Tributary complex, but Vette has discovered a set of passages that may provide a way out. Vel Jyc decides to explore the tunnels with Vette. While exploring the nearby tunnels, they discovered another technolith at the center of a large chamber.

Vette: Hey! Over there! Another of those techno-thingies!

To reach the technolith, Vel Jyc needs to recover powercells from nearby technology to activate the light bridge.

Vette: Gonna need some power for these bridge controls.

Vel Jyc manages to recover a powercell fro ma nearby wall.

Vette: Nice. A power source. Two more and we'll be good to go.

They manage to recover another power-cell in an adjacent corner.

Vette: Getting close. Just need one more.

They finally wrestled a power cell off the remains of a Caretaker Coordinator droid, Vel Jyc just cut down.

Vette: Let's connect these to the bridge and get it up and running.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Where Dreams Die


Vel Jyc is stranded on Iokath, the mysterious alien world that gave birth to SCORPIO, the Gravestone, and the Eternal Fleet. The planetary overseer ARIES is now trying to exterminate the Sith Lord. ARIES has sent an army of purifier drones into the Necropolis to him Vel Jyc. However, Vel Jyc manages to thwart the killer droids sent by ARIES, but he is now cut off from the way he came in. Vette has opened a tunnel in thew hopes that they will find another way out.

The exit from the Necropolis is barred by an inactive door. Vel Jyc must acquire enough power-cells to reactivate the door. Having acquired the power cells and reactivating the door, Vel Jyc's escape from the Necropolis has led him to a room with a colossal war droid. He will have to defeat the droid before he can reach his crew.

The gravestone is the only hope of escape from Iokath. Vel Jyc must hold his ground at the Tributary while Theron uses his tech implants to remotely pilot the Gravestone's shuttle. Vel Jyc takes command of the colossal War Droid to defeat the army of purifier droids sent by ARIES.

while Theron leads a team to reclaim the Gravestone, Vel Jyc strikes out to disable ARIES's superweapon - and the planetary shield that he's using to block Vel Jyc's escape from Iokath. Vel Jyc manages to reach ARIES base. He must now find the droid and stop it from firing the superweapon.

ARIES: Your attack will not delay me. This battle is pointless.

ARIES sends his purifier drones to stop Vel Jyc from shutting down the superweapon. Vel Jyc must dispatch them to continue his mission.

ARIES: Prepare to fire weapon on my command.

Vel Jyc now corners ARIES in its base. The Sith Lord must cut down the droid before the superweapon reaches maximum power.

ARIES: My creators would want me to eliminate you. If you are impatient to die, stand still.

Vel Jyc has defeated ARIES, but his superweapon threatens to wipe out all life on Iokath. He must use the nearby console to shut down the superweapon. But, the Sith Lord finds out that he cannot shut down ARIES's superweapon. His only hope is to outrun the blast. He hightails it from ARIES base to reach the extraction point in time.

Vel Jyc escapes Iokath and returns home to Odessen. The Gravestone is back and Vel Jyc's crew is once again home. The Sith Lord goes to speak with his adviser Lana Beniko to get an update on the status of his Alliance.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Chapter 5 - Ascension


Empress Vaylin is throwing a festival in the heart of the Eternal Empire. With a team of Alliance operatives, Vel Jyc leads an undercover mission to infiltrate the party - and overthrow the Empress. He boards the transport in the Alliance base military hangar on Odessen and departs for Vaylin's party.

Vel Jyc and Theron have landed on the Spire while disguised as Kinghts of Zakuul. They made their way into Vaylin's palace.

Zakuul Socialite 1: You didn't tell me there would be HoloNet drones at the party.
Zakuul Socialite 2: Isn't it wonderful? Our faces will be broadcast all over Zakuul!
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Knight of Zakuul: No Tickets? No entry. Period.
Zakuulan Socialite: Where's your supervisor? I will not be treated like this!
Knight of Zakuul: Become a Knight of Zakuul, I thought....Live a life of glory and intrigue.

Vel Jyc's Zakuulan contact is ready to coordinate the next stage of his attack. The Sith Lord must rendezvous with Indo Zal at the specified location in Vaylin's palace.

Announcement (Indo Zal): Exiting the party is strictly forbidden -- but, honestly, who'd ever want to cut such a fantastic evening short!

After infiltrating the party, Indo Zal gave Vel Jyc ion charges to plant throughout the palace. The plan is to detonate them during Vaylin's speech, and free the captive rebels. Vel Jyc set about planting the ion charges on the marked control nodes in the palace. He has to pay attention to his surroundings and take advantage of any opportunities to further infiltrate the palace.

To plant the first Ion charges, he needs to get past a kitchen attendant.

Kitchen Attendant: I'm sorry, but the kitchen's off limits.
Theron Shan: We've got clearance. You need confirmation, take it up with Indo Zal.
Kitchen Attendant: I'll take your word for it. I've had enough of Indo to last me a lifetime.

Once inside:

Theron Shan: Rations for the guards. This might come in handy.

Vel Jyc picks up the gaurds dinner.

Kitchen Droid: The glazed kell is done.
Chef Areta Foss: Wrong again, droid. This food isn't fit for a starving dog. Make another!
After planting the first ion charge in the kitchen, Vel Jyc and Theron took rations for the guards in the guard barracks upstairs as a ruse to plant the second ion charge.

Vel Jyc: Anyone order food?
Knight of Zakuul: It's about time. Go on in before they chew their arms off.
Initiate Alus: The food's here!
Knight of Zakuul: Finally. Thanks for dropping it off.
Captain Frem: Many years ago, the Eternal Empire sent sleeper agents into the Core Worlds.

Vel Jyc quietly takes the captain's shield and slips out of the guard barracks.

Initiate Alus: To spy on lowly outlands!
Captain Frem: Precisely. The most successful of these agents was code-named Watcher Izax. He was a strong, loyal son of Zakuul. Until the day he abandoned his homeland.
Initiate Alus: Poor fool got homesick?
Captain Frem: No. he was stronger than you'll ever be, but still he turned his back on us. Such are the temptations of the outlands.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::
Theron Shan: Look out. Horizon Guard.
Knight of Zakuul: Stand back, captains only.
Vel Jyc flashes the captain's shield. I am a captain. Now let me pass, before I demote you to sanitation.
Knight of Zakuul: My apologies, sir! Make yourself at home.

Vel Jyc has rigged ion charges throughout the palace, but Vaylin's speech has already begun!. He heads to the ballroom to make his dramatic entrance.

The Sith Lord infiltrated the party and was about to defeat Vaylin when disaster struck. Arcann, the former Emperor of Zakuul, attacked the party and is racing to hunt down his sister. To make matters worst, Vaylin has thrown Indo Zal and his bad of rebels in to a rancor pit. Before Vel Jyc can catch up to Arcann and Vaylin, he must defeat the rancor in the Beast Pit of Vaylin's palace.

Vaylin is heading to the Skydeck to escape, but the Sith Lord has come too far to let the Empress escape now. However ,Arcann was battling Vaylin and she manages to escape on a speeder. Arcann now faces the outlander.

Arcann: This time, I destroy you!
Theron: Let's show him what we've got!

Lightsabers clashed!

Arcann: Zakuul belongs to me! I won't fall to you! Not to you! You will not take what's mine! This is the end outlander!

After a grueling battle, Vel Jyc finally defeated Arcann.

Arcann: No... I cannot fail now....

Vaylin escaped Vel Jyc's ambush thanks to Arcann, who launched his own misguided attack during the party. In a fit of rage, Vaylin has ordered the Eternal Fleet to bombard her palace. Vel Jyc must escape the palace before it is destroyed y the orbital bombardment.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: The Dragon's Maw


Vel Jyc's search for Vaylin has led him to the desolate planet Nathema, where the mysteries of the Zakuulan royal family lay buried. The Sith Lord makes his way t o the Sanitarium - - the lone Nathema building showing signs of life - - to explore the dark secrets of Vaylin's past. However, Vaylin has placed Horizon Guards to protect the entrance to the Sanitarium. Vel Jyc cuts down the guards' captain and pursues Vaylin inside.

The sanitarium is a labyrinth of corridors and dark passage ways. Vel Jyc must explore the Sanitarium and try to locate Vaylin. A sealed door blocks his progress in to the Nathema Sanitarium. He searches for an access card, or some way to bypass the door, so he can continue his hunt for Vaylin. While exploring the Sanitarium, Vel Jyc found HoloJournal recording from Jarak.

Jarak 1: Valkorian has given me free rein over his child. Death is the only line I am forbidden to cross. Fortunately, he has provided numerous subjects to test my more radical experiments on first.

Vel Jyc finds a security access card and uses it to open the door. he now ventures deeper into the facility after Vaylin.

Jarak 2: I made Vaylin observe our dissections today. Showed her each twisted, broken corpse from every failed experiment. I let her see the damage caused by the implants and chemicals. Now she knows what lies ahead.

Jarak 3: Vaylin killed another keeper today. She must learn that defiance has consequences. Isolation. fear. Pain. Sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective.

Jarak 4: Conventional methods only go so far. But the last subject I brought to the chamber went mad and clawed his own eyes out. I must recalibrate the machines before I use them on Vaylin.

Jarak 5: I thought Vaylin would scream. Or cry. Maybe even beg for mercy. But when the pain from the machines became too much to bear, she started laughing - a hideous, high-pitched cackle. The glorious sound of her spirit breaking.

Jarak 6: I have returned to Nathema, years after I once helped Valkorian to tame his child. Now Vaylin wants me to undo her conditioning. Failure is not an option.

While exploring the Nathema Sanitarium, Vel Jyc found another security access card. This should allow him to go deeper into the facility in pursuit of Vaylin.

jarak 7: Vaylin hunted Senya to the shores of Ord Mantell. She eliminated her mother's knights - but let Senya live. Is this a sign of familial love? Or a predator toying with her prey? Only time will tell.

one of the mysterious labs in the Sanitarium is filled with strange, nightmarish creatures. Vel Jyc cut down the beats and continues on his way.

Vaylin's attempts to break her conditioning have gone horribly wrong, causing her to unleash a wave of destructive Force energy. Vel Jyc hightails it to the vault, the only place that may be safe from Vaylin's deadly outburst. The destruction has sealed the vault, trapping Vel Jyc inside. But according to Jarak, there should be a backup generator that can restore power to the vault door. However, Valkorian has sealed deadly guardians inside the vault to protect its valuables and Vel Jyc's presence has awakened them. He must defeat them if he wants to survive.

Freed from her father's shackles, Vaylin is destroying the Sanitarium that once caged her. Theron awaits Vel Jyc on the surface of Nathema. But, the Sith Lord must escape the Sanitarium before it collapses on top of him!

Theron Shan: At the evac location, Commander. Just waiting on you.

An escaped specimen lunges at vel Jyc, but Lana cut him down.

Lana: That's the end of that one.

Theron: That place is about to come crashing down! Get out of there! ..... Got you on my Sensors! You're close. You can make it!

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Chapter 7: Into the Void


Empress Vaylin has unleashed the full force of the Eternal Empire against Odessen. Her attack threatens to obliterate the Alliance. Vel Jyc needs to get the Gravestone airborne, if the Alliance is going to survive the day. However, crossing the enemy lines will be difficult.

Lana: We could use more firepower. Maybe we can find something to clear a path through this battle.

Vel Jyc commandeers a command walker and hurries to the dry dock to help the Gravestone's crew.

Lana: Hurry! We can't afford to loose the Gravestone!

A Zakuul Knights charges the Sith Lord and Lana Beniko: Justice for Valkorian!, He shouts, saberpike raised high as he lunges forward in a Force -imbued somersault, only to be expertly cut down by Lana Beniko.

A team of Zakuul Knights have converged on the Gravestone and are attacking it. Vel Jyc must feat these enemy forces, at the dry dock and save the Gravestone.

If Vel Jyc is going to stop this battle, he must find a way to lure Vaylin to the planet's surface. he heads to the front lines of the battle, where Vaylin can find him. But, he was ambushed en-route, by the enemy. Vel Jyc must commandeer a Zakuul Walker and use it against the enemy forces.

Bey'wan Aygo: Sana-Rae is leading our force-users in a counter strike against the enemy flank.

Vel Jyc cut down enemy troops in his way in order to get to the front lines where he plans to lure out Vaylin. During the battle both Vette and Torian were pinned down. Vel Jyc must decide which one of them to help first, which could mean that the other will be sacrificed to the enemy. he choses to help Vette and charges to her location.

Lana: We have to keep moving. Vette needs our help.
Theron: She's a good kid. We won't let her down.

Moments later...

Theron: This is taking too long. Vette can't hold out forever!
Lana: Vette's tougher than she looks. She'll survive this.

Vel Jyc has drawn Vaylin down to the planet's surface, but she has taken Torian hostage. He must confront Vaylin at the Alliance Base Landing Platform to save his Mandalorian ally.

Bey'wan Aygo: The south perimeter has been breached! Fall back to the rally point! Sana-Rae's forces are being pushed back. Reinforcements heading her way.

Vaylin struck down Torian right in front of Vel Jyc, killing him in cold blood. The Sith Lord must defeat Vaylin or she will kill each and every one of his friends and followers.

Valyin: Once you fall, Odessen will burn!

The battle with Vaylin is over! The Empress is dead, her troops are routed, and Odessen is saved. Vel Jyc heads to the War Room to talk with his Alliance followers about what happens next.

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: Chapter 8: End Times


Vylin's death has triggered the wrath of the Eternal Fleet. The masterless warships now rampage across the galaxy, bombarding planets in a destructive quest to protect the Eternal Throne. Vel Jyc must claim the throne, if he wishes to stop them. The Sith Lord is aboard the Gravestone, racing to storm Zakuul and seize the Eternal Throne. He heads to the bridge to speak to his crew.

He has landed on the Spire of Zakuul, which the Eternal Fleet is bombarding in its mindless quest to protect the throne. Vel Jyc must push through the battlefield and head for the tower of the Eternal Throne.

Vel Jyc has claimed the Eternal Throne, only to fall prey to Valkorian's treachery. He has taken control of Vel Jyc's body and cast him in to the abyss of his own mind. To free himself from Valkorian's influence, Vel Jyc must find the Immortal Emperor's holocron somewhere in his mindscape. But the Sith Lord's corrupted memories are blocking the path to his inner Mindscape. Vel Jyc must cleanse his memories to weaken Valkorian's grip on his psyche.

Vel Jyc: Valkorian has poisoned your mind. Cleanse your corrupted memories, or you'll be trapped here forever.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::
Valkorian 1: When you helped my son strike me down, I refused to surrender to mortality. My spirit invaded your mind in search of a new host. You resisted.
Valkorian 2: I pretended to abandon you on Odessen, but my departure was a ruse. Trapped in your mind, I silently observed how you behaved in my absence. Your strength grew. Your vulnerabilities festered.
Valkorian 3: Locked in your mind I conducted experiments to sate mt curiosity. I offered you my power, and you accepted. I pushed you to defy Arcann, and you finally ended his life.
Valkorian 4: In time, my curiosity eroded -- and a plan began to take shape. I would hollow out your mind, take possession of your body, and ascend to the Eternal Throne. But first, I required new weapons to conquer your psyche.
Valkorian 5: I urged you to hunt Vaylin. And when she threatened your life, I made her "kneel before the dragon of Zakuul." By striking her down, you unleashed her spirit - and gave me the key to your ruin.

Vel Jyc has weakened Valkorian's grip on his psyche. He must now locate the holocron to regain control of his mind.

Valkorian has absorbed the spirits of his children and has commanded them to destroy Vel Jyc.

Valkorian: You are a tool. A toy. A puppet? Haha...

VIDEO: SWTOR: KOTET: The Eternal Throne

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The Eternal Empire has fallen. While the galaxy recovers from Vaylin's tyrannical rule, the Eternal Alliance mounts a vital mission to recover a powerful super-weapon from the dangerous, unexplored planetary mega-structure known as Iokath....


The bizarre planet of weapons manufacturers known as Iokath is once again safe for organic life. Lana Beniko scouts the planet for the Alliance, looking for a rumored super-weapon. Meanwhile Republic and Imperial forces race to Iokath in an attempt to capture the planet's advanced weapons for themselves.

The Fleet Spire is filled with hostile Iokath droids that control the landing protocols. Vel Jyc must set up landing beacons and upload Alliance codes into the computer terminals to allow his Alliance ships to dock freely with the Fleet Spire.

Theron: We have landed on Iokath
Lana: Perfect timing. Meet me at these coordinates, and watch out for droid sentries.
Vel Jyc: Clear the area. We need the Fleet Spire safe before we make camp there.
Lana: Understood. May the Force ever serve you.

Vel Jyc heads to the courtyard to access the Iokath Terminal Node in order to unlock the Terminal Transportation Network. Meanwhile, Lana Beniko has signaled Vel Jyc and wants to meet him deeper in to the base the Alliance is capturing.

Vel Jyc has sided with Empress Acina and the Empire in the battle for the Iokath Superweapon. No sooner had he made the decision than the Republic launched their attack on the Imperial base. Vel Jyc must defeat Republic commandos invading the base.

Empress Acina: The Republic thinks they can defeat us. Impress them with the might of the Empire -- and the Eternal Alliance!

A technolith stands in the command center. Activating it may allow access to the Iokath defense in the area. After activating a local technolith, Vel Jyc may be able to activate Iokath technology and improve the base's defenses.

Empress Acina: The Republic persists, but our defenses are holding strong!

Shots Fired
Empress Acina: All forces, fire on the Republic position! We have them on the run. Let no one escape!

The bulk of the Republic forces have been pushed back. Vel Jyc must find Empress Acina and coordinate with her forces.

The Lost Arsenal
The Alliance and Vel Jyc's allies are moving against the hostile forces of Iokath. A nearby weapons factory provides a necessary strategic target. Vel Jyc must secure the weapons factory for the Alliance. The Iokath weapons factory is in low power mode. Vel Jyc must activate the reactors to get the factory up to full power.

Lana: Commander. Acina briefed me on your plan to seize the weapon stockpile.

Having taken control of one of the Iokath Monitors, Vel Jyc must use the monitor to collect power cores and feed them into the factory systems he's powering up. One of Iokath's automated defense droids has detected Vel Jyc's presence and has come to stop the threat. he must defeat the Protector Droid before returning to meet his allies.

Vel Jyc has captured the weapons factory for the Empire. He, now, returns to the Imperial Forward Base to coordinate with Empress Acina.

Lana: Commander. We've received your intel. I'm dispatching teams to secure the rest of the weaponry.
Vel Jyc: Meet me at Acina's base. It's about time we take the fight to the Republic.
Lana: I'll see you there. And I have something to discuss once you arrive. Lana out.

Lana has an update on the progress of Vel Jyc's Alliance. He heads to the Imperial Forward base to speak with her.

Showdown on Iokath
Supreme Commander Jace Malcom has created a way to control the super-weapon and is trying to activate it now. Vel Jyc must stop him, if his Alliance is to survive. The Sith Lord rushes to the Republic Forward base to confront Jace Malcom.

Vel Jyc has reactivated the Eternal Fleet. He, now, heads to the super-weapon compound to take command of the Iokath super-weapon.

VIDEO: SWTOR: IOKATH: The Forgotten World