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The Old Republic Series

RezusGr's Avatar

05.12.2017 , 08:43 AM | #1
Hey everyone, I know like me you all want Netflix to make a live TV show of Star Wars The Old Republic. Based on my desire for such a thing I created my own TV show (based on the amazing game we play) of The Old Republic. Every scene is fully edited to make it more real and feel like it is not a game walkthrough. Check it out if you want and tell me if you like it.

Have fun

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05.12.2017 , 10:56 AM | #2
I think this thread belong in "community content". ;]

I wonder about the general idea though... Many SW fans seems to be strangely disinterested in the Jedi Order as an organization, the galactic politics and the in-depth look at the mystical aspects of the Force, the things Old Republic universe focuses on. They like the adventure and flashy effects (considering how many loved Episode VII ;p). I wonder if a series in this setting could even find its place in the market - after all, the whole thing was created for a video game and the kind of storytelling a video games support.

RezusGr's Avatar

05.12.2017 , 11:22 AM | #3
It is true that most people loved Episode VII but I think that is because most haven't played this game. For example if you see how many people LOVE the trailers of Old Republic cause of the action of many sith and jedi fighting and the whole war plot, you can tell that it would be amazing to see this as a movie or series on the big screen. Sorry if I posted it on the wrong category :P . But as I was making my series I have to say that putting them together with the edit and the star wars music I included in, it felt like a good series that I could watch on TV. Plus I gave it to a friend of mine who doesnt have the time to play the game and he loved it.