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03.02.2012 , 02:54 PM | #81
(for now)

Full Name: Xygnalia (pronounced Zig-nah-lee-uh) Kupohvi
Callsigns/Nicknames: Xygna, Xy (Zee,) Ziggy, Kupo
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'7" / 170cm
Weight: 135 lbs / 61kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Dark Green
Species: Mirialan
Birthplace: Mirial
Current Residence: BT-7 Thunderclap and a rarely used apartment on Nar Shadda
Allegiance: Galactic Republic
Profession/Rank/Title: Commando/Corporal/Rider of the Maelstrom/Centurion
Weapons: Assault Cannon (primary,) Blaster pistol (secondary)
Armor/Gear: Heavy - Patrol Set

Personality: Xygna is tough and sarcastic. She enjoys dancing, strong drinks and the occasional cantina brawl. She believes strongly in what the Republic stands for but respects some of the Imperial principles as well. Xygna despises those that discard their beliefs for personal gain. When necessary, she will play the social games required to accomplish her mission, occasionally bending the rules so long as it benefits others.

Biography: Born on Mirial, she was put into training at a young age. Her father, Wistre, is a kind and generous trader. Cheanne is more reserved and intelligent, working as an instructor within a Mirialan academy. Geillam, the first born child, died at the age of 10 during his early training when Xy was 4. Tovid died serving in the Republic forces at the age of 22 when Xy was 18, which prompted her enlistment. She excelled in much of the traditional training which allowed for her to achieve several facial tattoos in a relatively short time. Joining the Galactic Republic military furthered her skills and, with her upbringing, she quickly became a member of special forces. During her time in the service she has met a few romantic interests but hasn't acted on any of them for various reasons.

She spent much of her early years training with Raulom, her childhood friend and daring but loyal sweetheart. His twin brother Ruelen, however, was reckless and domineering. Xygna immediately befriended Raulom, tempering his impulsiveness with her quick thinking while her active personality fed his need for adventure. Ruelen mostly followed his own "superior" agenda during these childhood exploits. Many thought Xygna and Raulom would wed but there was one striking difference in their opinions that eventually caused them to part ways. Shortly after, Raulom chose to join the Imperial forces with his brother. Despite loving each other deeply, neither was willing to compromise their ideals. They parted with mutual respect of the strength it takes to fight for what you believe.

Compilation Picture of Raulom, Ruelen, Xygna and her parents.
The Kupo Legacy
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03.07.2012 , 03:31 AM | #82
bloo bloo bloo in progress etc

I'm a fan of giving people what they want.
Wrong place, wrong time, right lady.
Species/Race: Zabrak
Name: colle
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Gender: F
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Corellia
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 61 kg.
Hair Color/Style: White, styled like so
Facial Appearance: Wide chin, clear eyes, strong square almost mannish jawline, rosy cheeks, very pale. Eschews makeup. Gave in to peer pressure and got a tattoo oop. 5 horns on forehead decorated by a small gold chain.
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Has a female muscle fetish and the somewhat discomfiting physique of a female bodybuilder (but without the steroid use [or whatever they're called here, stims idgaf]). 0.7 waist-hip ratio okay.
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa
Current Residence: Aboard her XS Freighter named the Spike Valentine
Allegiance: Hutt Cartel
Profession: Mercenary
Source of income:
Armor/Clothes: Leatheris bomber jacket
Primary Weapon(s): Blaster pistol
Secondary Weapon(s): Scattergun
Miscellaneous Item(s): Never seen anywhere without her slavish and anxious ship droid

A down-and-out lounge singer-turned-merc, the the cynical and capricious C___ has always had a taste for the finer things in life. Her natural habitat is decadently lounging in a smoky cantina puffing on a spice hookah.

Born on Corellia, she had always had an eccentric fascination and admiration for the hedonism of the Hutts, even going so far as to proclaim them cute ("They look like vine kittens!"). They know how to live! she would think whenver she saw holofilms of them on the news and the racier holodramas. And so when she left home with dreams of pursuing a musical career, she quite naturally gravitated to Nar Shaddaa, finding work in its nightspots and cantinas. But work as a musician is hard to come by, especially during a war and so she eventually drifted into the unlikely field of mercenary work to make ends meet.

While struggling as to find work as a lounge singer, she made herself useful to local small-time Hutt gangs as a courier, sometimes falling back on her "charms" when all else failed, but eventually rising to become a trusted freelancer often found on the other end of their holocall frequency. Sharing many of their values and goals, the skeptical Hutts eventually learned to trust (as much as they could) her. What separates her from other mercs is her natural affinity for Hutt mores and values.

As cynical as it gets when it comes to politics and the various factions maneuvering for power in the galaxy, she is proud to be an ally of the Hutt Cartels, rather arrogantly thinking she can afford to stand above the Republic/Empire fray. True, much of her business comes from the Republic, but she tells herself that business is business and sneers at mercs who would ideologically ally themselves with them.

Of late though, she has run into some trouble. One of her biggest employers and contacts, Ziere Bolba Jica was ousted in a bloody power play among crime lords and has now taken up refuge on her ship. Not only does she find herself giving him sanctuary on her ship against her will, she also finds herself wanted as one of his most renowned associates...


Tatooine blues, yerk, credits, loyalty, provoking people for reactions, verbal sparring with Risha, feminism


Taking sides, lasting consequences, having her time wasted, ****-wail, lift-tube music

Proudest moment

Selling Corso Riggs and Guss Tuno into slavery.


Natural rapport with Hutts, sense of diplomacy/tact/charm


Slight spice addiction, racist against Twi'leks


Bax Modda the Nautolan: A charming merc who has a talent for showing up in unexpected places, and who she has more than a passing interest in...

Ziere Bolba Jica the Hutt: A fugitive crimelord who takes up space and food supplies on her ship but who occassionally makes himself useful by passing along lucrative leads as well.

Liss the Trandoshan: A devout Trandoshan, good to have as a partner.

(Later similar artists:

Rappertunie, Far Cry)

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03.07.2012 , 04:39 PM | #83

It's not that I'm a bad guy, it's just that I'm better than you all.
Species/Race: Miraluka
Name: lolle
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Nickname: "The Force Insensitive"
Gender: F
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Age: 25+
Height: Average
Weight: (See Body Appearance)
Hair Color/Style: White mohawk
Facial Appearance: Olive skin. Scarred in a criss-cross pattern down right cheek and neck. Paints on fuchsia makeup with a lipslit. Freckled. Sharp chin.
Eye Color: No eyes. Covered by a blindfold of soft leather rags.
Body Appearance: Has a female muscle fetish and the somewhat discomfiting physique of a female bodybuilder (but without the steroid use [or whatever they're called here, stims idgaf]). 0.7 waist-hip ratio okay.
Home Planet:
Current Residence: Wherever her Defender is docked
Allegiance: The Force
Profession: Slicer, merc
Armor/Clothes: Dislikes robes and Jedi loose breeches
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): Focus
Miscellaneous Item(s):


A spoiled rich party girl who grew up in a consequence-free environment, Sheila was inducted into the Jedi Academy when she was discovered to be Force-sensitive. With a blithe lack of regard for the feelings of others, Blithely uncaring of the effects her actions have on others, she cares little for politics and the responsibilities of a Jedi and were it not for her natural talents in proving herself, she would have been summarily kicked out -- although they are much more undeveloped than they could be as she is not particularly interested in hard work either.
enjoys saying things just to get a reaction
She's not a bad person, but she just doesn't care about others. Arrogant and nonchalant, taking it as unquestioned her value over others, she cares little for the feelings and opinions of others and will blithely speak her mind. Unchecked impulses amuse her.

a spoiled obscenely rich party girl who grew up in a consequence-free encironment, lolly ide always got what she wanted, and when she was inducted into the jedi academy after being discovered to have above-average force sensitive powrers, little changed. it's not that she's evil, but she doesn't take no for an answer.

has a difficult time taking anything seriously, including her jedi career.

make no mistake however, growing up rich didn't mean she turned out shallow, vapid, or stupid. she

with little heed for consequences, shayna jeddis
grew up in a large family with a priveleged luxurious upbrining but was inducted into the jedi academy when she was discovered to be a force-sensitive.

lazily nonchalant about her training and not one for responsibility, she would have been summarily kicked out were she not able to skate by on the talent she had, rather than the talent she could have had if she'd trained harder.

make no mistake though, her high-class upbringing did not instill her in a taste for cultivated tact. true to her childhood, she can be rather impatient sometimes, thinking that her force powers make her a natural aristocrat and that other subhumans are beneath her.

her arrogance might seemingly make her intolerable but most of her compatriots understand that at heart she is not a bad person, just one who might not make the greatest jedi.

she enjoys mocking people, prodding for reactions, and playing tricks on others and cares little for politics. she is known to speak her mind just to get a reaction and regards the world with faintly amused detachment.

in the future, she turns to a dark jedi as she follows her heart and falls in love with a man, then a woman. she summarily leaves the order on her own, wandering and making money off her skills but bears the order and her old lifestyle no grudge.

oddly enough she is best friends with kira carsen, the two of them sharing opposite upbringings but similiar tastes.

dislikes: responsibility, being a role model, doing the right thing because she is expected to
likes: loyalty, cuteness, furriness, droids

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03.09.2012 , 08:24 AM | #84
Species/Race: Twi'lek
Name: Cyr'rianish
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: Ryloth
Age: Approx. 23
Height: 1.65 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Hair Color/Style: She's a Lethan Twi'lek, her skin is ruby red.
Facial Appearance: Check the picture below.
Eye Color: Light pure blue.
Body Appearance: Slightly underweigh, her body is thin and slender and she still cares alot about her fitness shape. Being a dancer and a courtesan taught her how to be at the top of beauty all the time.
Home Planet: Ryloth
Current Residence: She prefers to keep moving around the Galaxy, settling down would be too dangerous.
Allegiance: Neutral
Profession: Sith Sorcerer
Armor/Clothes: Light Armor
Primary Weapon(s): One Handed Light Saber
Companion: Andronikos Revel, who is both a faithful and cunning ally in battle and her lover.

** Her Picture **

Cyr'rianish was an enslaved Twi'lek prostitute before becoming a Sith Sorcerer. Exported from Ryloth when she was only 16, she started working as an entertainer for a minor Hutt autority in Nar Shaddaa, who bought her because of her valuable red skin color. In fact, Cyr'rianish is one of the few Lethan Twi'lek among the galaxy, so having her as a slave would have been a nice show-off for her greedy owner.
He forced her to prostitution and slavery, taking her away all what she gained and leaving her completely without money, to discourage any attempt of escape.
Her life as a slave was rather miserable, humiliations and mistreatment happened way too often, so she had to stand the wickedness of her owner -and occasionally the other slaves too- for ages. This low quality life channeled her wrath and frustration through the Dark Side of the Force, making her unconsciously a Force sensitive slave.

The final prove of her new powers came when she managed to kill her Hutt owner. Blinded by rage, as a consequence of another cruel joke by him, she force-choked her merciless master, provoking the panic among all the other servants who ran away to warn Hutt Cartel police about this crazy insubordinate behaviour.
She stole as much money as she could, planning her getaway from Nar Shadda, even though she knew she wouldn't have gone far. They would have caught her in less than a hour and her life was probably doomed to end that very night. She started almost to regret her desperate act of rebellion towards that fat worm, when one of her regular clients came into the brothel looking for her. He was a very powerful Sith Lord, whose name cannot obviously be revealed, but his presence became the only ray of hope for her.
Hopeless and desperate, Cyr'rianish confessed her crime to her mighty client who, filled with compassion, decided to take the Lethan Twi'lek out of Nar Shaddaa with him. The two managed to escape the surveillance, hidden like shadows in the darkness of the night, and left the Smugglers Moon on the Sith Lord's spaceship.

Through recommendation, good words and alot of powerful friends, the Sith Lord managed to make Cyr'rianish enter in the Sith Training Academy, giving her a temporary protection from the Hutt Cartel's persecution and the chance of creating a new life thanks to her astonishing affinity with the Force. Unfortunately he could no longer follow her on her way, he had other businnes to care about and he wanted to avoid to spread the rumors about him hanging around with killer prostitutes. So he vanished from her life and Cyr'rianish found herself totally on her own, as always.

But a very interesting life was awaiting her in the Sith Academy on Korriban, a life of true power, revenge and total, unrestrained, absolute Freedom...

Cyr'rianish doesn't care about serving the Empire at all. Actually, her personality grew strong but kind, tolerant, even caring sometimes towards people in troubles. Being a slave taught her the virtue of respect, mercy and altruism, without forgetting how to turn into a fierce fighter to defend herself. Being a Sorcerer means conquering back the lost dignity and worthiness, doing exactly whatever she wants and setting her own rules.
She's smart, bright and independent, she craves for power only for rebuilding her life from the ashes and making sure her past won't become her future again. She doesn't have any interest in Siths way of living but at the moment she needs to live like one of them.
I can't say she cares very much about the destiny of the Galaxy, as long as it won't affect negatively her life and Andronikos one, the only guy she really fell in love with.

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03.11.2012 , 05:21 PM | #85

Hey guys, this character idea just hit me today, which I might possibly use for my fanfiction, and if it is possible I would love feedback and constructive criticism on it. I want to make this character powerful in her respective field but I dont want to make her unbelievable in this universe.

A common thing I do with balance is make them strong in one area but weak in another, but Im trying to find a way to get around that where I can make her strong overall but still balanced. If theres any way I can do that then please help

Species/Race: Human

Name: Elise

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1995 ABY

Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas

Age: 18

Allegiance: Dark Side / Sith Empire

Profession: Sith Assassin

Place of training: Malachor Station (Remember, this is for a fanfic) She has been training since the age of 4.

Height: 5' 6"

Facial Appearance: Click on the link here. Hooray for SWTOR character creation, right?

Current Residence: Ziost

Armor/Clothes: Depends on mission, but normally wears simple unassuming black robes.

Primary Weapon: A single violet lightsaber

Powers and abilities: As an assassin, she is very strong in use of the Force. She has rarely killed her target by her own hand. She has VERY strong Force Persuasion and Dominate Mind techniques that can accomplish many things like have a target killing them self or someone else killing the target.

She rarely gets into one on one combat, so most of her lightsaber forms arent all that well developed. She is most proficient in Ataru however. Normally if she must take a target out herself she employs a telekinetic lightsaber ability or a saber throw when the target is least aware.

She focuses mainly on persuasive techniques with subtle nudges of the Force if she is out to convert someone to the Sith or have someone see her side of things as correct. Using this technique Im going to have her convert my main character in my fanfic.

I also want her to be able to pose as a Jedi fairly easily. I dont have too many ideas on this, but when I did this Im thinking a lot like how Darth Zannah can just waltz in and go undetected into the Jedi temple.

So if theres anything at all I can improve, please respond. As much as I love people praising or condemning my work, these dont help unless theres something to go off of. Thanks in advance
The Black Knights: Dark Lord
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03.12.2012 , 11:28 AM | #86
Species/Race: Human
Name: Sleth
Middle Name: -Removed from Imperial Intelligence Databanks-
Last Name: -removed from Imperial Intelligence Databanks-
Nickname: "Sly" "That balding guy" "Sparky"
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 21 BTC
Place of Birth: Presumably Kaas City
Age: 31 (Used the force to make himself look 51)
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Grey, balding in the front and bushy in the back to his ears.
Facial Appearance: A pale brown, dirty face with small wrinkles around the eyes.
Eye Color: Orange, naturally brown.
Body Appearance: Surprisingly fit for someone who looks as old as he, though no lumberjack or athlete, he is well toned and somewhat muscular.
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas
Current Residence: Dromund Kaas
Allegiance: Sith Empire, Dark Council
Profession: Inquisitor/Interrogator
Armor/Clothes: A black hooded robe usually covers him. He wears some dark black gloves and a solid silver belt, with the lower half of his robe matching his belt more than the upper part of his robe. The clothing is singed in many places, some more obviously than others, and a few are torn up quite a bit, giving him a raggedly look.
Primary Weapon(s): Double-bladed yellow lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force, Lightning
Miscellaneous Item(s): N/A

Biography: -Removed from Imperial Intelligence Databanks-
(Ask him IC, if you are Vrook Lamar. He is pretty forthcoming about himself.)

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03.14.2012 , 11:25 PM | #87
Note: This is my Forum RP Characters. I will post my other Characters later.

Species/Race: Trandoshan
Name: Farssk
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: N/A
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Dosh
Age: 38 (Human Years)
Height: 6'9
Weight: 189
Hair Color/Style: N/A
Facial Appearance: Has a Scar on his left eye/
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Appearance: Bulky.
Home Planet: Dosh
Current Residence: Nomadic
Allegiance: Whoever pays, although he is towards The Empire more.
Profession: Assassin, Bounty Hunter
Armor/Clothes: Standard Bounty hunter Armor
Primary Weapon(s): Blaster Rifle, Sniper rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): Blaster pistol, Electrostaff, knife
Miscellaneous Item(s): 2 IG-100 Series MagnaGuard Droids.
Biography: RP to find out.

Species/Race: Togruta
Name: Raakla Taa'ra
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: N/A
Nickname: Lord Raakla
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Shili
Age: 30 (Human Years)
Height: 6'4
Weight: 148
Hair Color/Style: Lekku
Facial Appearance: Has Sith Corruption around her eyes and mouth. She also wers Togruta Face paint
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Slim
Home Planet: Shili
Current Residence: Dromund Kaas
Allegiance: The Sith
Profession: Sith Lord
Armor/Clothes: Black Robes, leather vest and pants.
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber, The Force
Secondary Weapon(s): N/A
Miscellaneous Item(s):

Biography: Rp to find out.

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03.17.2012 , 06:31 AM | #88
(occ this is my main car, on the lord idelis server, for those who are wondering....assuming anyone cares, not sure about that)

Imperial Intelligence Personnel file 1258G6
Name-unknown (was never given one)
Skills-infiltration, interrogation, knives, search and destroy, surgery
Agent Background
Agent Meanken was raised on the world of Hoth by a band of pirates. It is unknown if his parents were killed by the pirates and he was taken in, or if he was born into the pirates. Due to this, Agent Meanken was never taught things like empathy, or sympathy, instead learning the harshness of life on a world of ice from a young age. However, he proved far stronger then all of the rest, and had taken complete control of them by age 10, having killed their leader and his toughest supporters.
It was at this point he was given the nickname Meanken by the pirates. He has refused to reveal his true given name even today, either because he wants to keep it a secret, or because he does not remember it. By 12, he had taken control of all the major pirate bands in the area. However, by this point, Agent Meanken had grown tired of Hoth, and wanted to wreak havoc throughout the galaxy. He ended up stealing a ship from an unlucky smuggler who tried to break a deal with him and take both his goods and the cash. Said smuggler was later found in a republic spaceport by republic military with all his internal organs cut out and with his face cut off. This form of brutality in his kills would continue throughout his career.
After leaving Hoth, Meanken became a bounty hunter. However, unlike most bounty hunters, Meanken only used a rifle, knife, and a stealth belt he stole from an early kill to slay his targets. This continued for a few years until he was hired by a Republic general to assassinate a Moff of a minor, but strategically important system. He completed the assassination, but was sold out by the Republic to Imperial authorities, as the republic believed he was too dangerous to be allowed to continue his killings. Meanken was found guilty, but the Keeper at the time saw the report, and believed that Meanken would be more useful alive then dead.
Psych Profile
Agent Meanken has proven tough to get a psych profile on. He has no real desire to sit down and talk with one of our profilers. This has meant that they must go on whatever facts can be ascertained to create a profile. At least one profiler refused to complete the profile, out of fear that Agent Meanken would "gut him". Here is what could be ascertained: It is clear that Agent Meanken prefers violence as a solution to all problems, no matter what they are. He is also one of the best interrogators in recent history, having managed to capture a Jedi Master and extract the necessary info. In the few interviews we could get him into, Agent Meanken has said that he considers interrogation "his own personal art" and that nothing gives him higher pleasure than performing this act. He then went into quite graphic detail about how to properly interrogate someone, which caused the interviewer to lose his appetite (and his lunch) for the next week.
As to the question of his loyalty, he only seems to be truly loyal to himself. He cares little for the Empire as a whole, but hates the Republic for selling him out. However, the only real reason Agent Meanken has remained, profilers surmise, is because of his work. He was once quoted as saying "I get to lie, cheat, steal, murder, and blow stuff up, and I get paid for it. What’s there not to love about my job?" However, one should never make the mistake of trusting that Agent Meanken will remain loyal. Constant attention should be kept on him, as he may leave if some other organization comes by with a better offer.

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03.19.2012 , 10:40 PM | #89
Species/Race: Human

Name: Nezrae

Middle Name: Apyr

Last Name: Felth

Nickname: Whether its to compliment or insult, people tend to default to calling her "Princess" more often than not.

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Kaas City, Dromund Kaas

Age: 20

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Hair Color/Style: Short black hair with parted bangs, wears a noble headpiece
Facial Appearance: Thin, dark, vaguely heart shaped and serious. Unconventionally pretty in a cold and impersonal kind of way.

Eye Color: Light blue

Body Appearance: Athletic but devoid of callus or scars

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Current Residence: Nar Shaddaa

Allegiance: Ideals of the Sith Empire

Profession: Imperial Agent

Armor/Clothes: At first glance she looks no different from any other criminal low life, lightly armored around vital regions but mainly clothes and fabrics. A floor length overcoat she always wears and a nondescript bright orange bracer on her left arm.

Primary Weapon(s): Vibroknife

Secondary Weapon(s): Blaster Rifle

Miscellaneous Item(s): Fragment of a Sith artifact, pure aurodium ring with the initials ADF inscribed on it, miniature EMP generator, Intelligence knick knacks.

Personality: Flexible. Nezrae is a manipulator at heart and will always be exactly who you expect her to be. As she can't get away from her aristocratic looks, a certain distaste for getting her hands dirty and penchant for melodrama is usually present in some manner. However everything else, her name, her sense of humour, her favourite color, her morals and maybe, even, her loyalty fluctuates.

Biography: Ezer and Dia Felth were small time merchants restocking in the Imperial Capital when their daughter was born. The girl was promptly taken by Imperial Intelligence and her parents compensated generously for her. The Dark Council had signed off on several projects designed to create better agents via genetic manipulation or social tampering and the child of an insignificant and not very well known family was perfect for it.

Nezrae grew up believing her handlers to be her parents and was subjected to engineered scenarios for the sole purpose of molding her character. Loyalty to the Empire, ingenuity, intelligence, charisma, patience, adaptability, flexible morality. As she got older, she began to strain the scenarios with her meticulous attention to detail and off the wall thinking. As a result, she was inducted into Imperial Intelligence several years earlier than the norm and she excelled.

After the Watcher eugenics program was officially scrapped, many other graduates of the unofficial "Cipher" program were also eliminated. Nezrae herself and a few others were deemed too "promising" to neutralize by Darth Jadus. No one expects the Dark Council member to explain what he means by it, but everyone is watching Nezrae's first mission on Hutta with interest...

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03.24.2012 , 11:38 AM | #90
I think i'll use my current character.

Name: Parius Tremarr

Race: Human

Appearance: Light blue eyes, dark brown hair, light skin, tall, slightly muscular.

Gear: (though not current in game gear) gold-amber armor, brown jedi robe with hood up.

Weapons: Dual lightsabers, blue blades, silver and blue handle on one, silver and brown on the other.

Story: Born in a remote settlement on Tython, he discovered his aptitude with the Force at the early age of 5. The rest of his childhood was spent in preparation for the Jedi Trials. He became completely devoted to the light side, and will follow it wherever it will take him. One day, he left on a week long hunting expedition (The settlement was not very advanced, it's first generations of inhabitants were humans abandoned in a shuttlecraft, and built the village from it's wreckage). When he returned, he saw the Flesh Raiders escaping with the remaining population. Only him and two of his brothers, Parian and Pariak, were left alive. They followed the Raiders, but found only an abandoned Flesh Raider camp, and the remains of the villagers. They went their seperate ways after that. Parius went out in search of the Jedi Temple. Parian boarded the first shuttle to Coruscant, to begin training as a Republic Soldier. And Pariak stowed away on a cargo freighter, so he could strike out on his own as a freelance pilot and smuggler. Parius found the temple, and succeeded in his training. But when the Flesh Raiders attacked, he had an opportunity for payback, and he couldn't refuse.

So here it is, now I can begin to RP on the forums!
Reminder: Mechanized posting is for non-trolling business only. Enjoy your stay.
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