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02.15.2012 , 10:25 PM | #71
Biographical Information
Full Name: Vakama [Does not possess a last name.]
Aliases: “Draka”
Callsigns/Nicknames: “Web Weaver”
Gender: Male
Age: 40 BTC
Born: 3,693 BBY
Species/Race/Skin Color: Rattataki, Chalk white
Homeworld: Rattatak
Birthplace: Rattatak
Current Residence: Imperial Controlled Space
Profession(s) & Title(s): Sith Inquisitor
Abilities/Skills: Force Lightning: Shock Technique, Force Meld, Dun Moch, Makashi
Siblings: Nakama
Spouse: None
Children: None
Parents: Rattataki Assassins [Unknown whereabouts]
Significant Others: None

Physical Characteristics
Height: 6” 2’
Weight: 175 Ibs.
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color/Style: Bald
Body Description/Condition: Slender, tall statured and cunning would best fit
Distinguishing features: Stripe tattoos on temples that go along the side of the skull along with symmetrical stripes at the corners of his mouth

Chronological and Political Information
Allegiances: Sith Empire, Dark Council, Imperial Intelligence
Known Instructors/Commanders: Orokai Savex
Known Subordinates/Apprentices: Cava Diq, Jenna Smith
Partners/Sidekicks: None

Additional Information
Armor/Clothing: Elegant long robes with yellow intricate trimming on collar, cuffs, and edges, a belt with a buckle that is the symbol of a web, an emerald-colored crystal amulet hanging on a gold chain on his neck
Primary Weapon(s): A dark violet lightsaber with the hilt of a hollowed out Terentatek tooth.
Secondary Weapon(s): Has a scroll on his belt for malevolent purposes in sorcery.
Transportation: Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor

Optional Statistics
Habits (smoking, drinking etc.): Occasionally indulged luxurious wine.
Hobbies: Reads thick books and scrolls aboard his ship.
Personal Quotes: “What do you see, Vakama?” “Hope.” Vakama replied to a tutor when showed a lesson on the Great Schism.
Speech patterns: Slightly drags out the S’s in words, able to translate Mando’a, Huttese, Wookiee, Binary, and Twi’leki.
Weaknesses: Curious to know everything, unconfident when leading forces at times.

Has calm, soothing way of moving. Intelligent and cautious at times when other Sith are present. Possesses leadership at times but does not know if he is worth the position or is unsure on what to do. He is indecisive most of the time, leading him to decisions that most Sith wouldn’t have chosen. Courageous and valiant, Vakama will do what is necessary believing the ends justify the means.

Given to wet-nurse at birth by his parents who left in a great hurry; Vakama was brought up with a difficult life at such an early age alongside his sister. With fights everywhere on the planet of Rattatak, Vakama had to learn how to use his mind to avoid getting killed. He was a thief, a choice that wasn’t his to make but it provided him food and clothing. Around the age of ten, the Sith Empire had returned to the galaxy. Vakama had heard stories about them from an old bard who lived near him. When the Empire came to take over the planet, Vakama thought he might be able to get away from all the terrible fighting; so he joined and later found out that it is not what he expected.

They took him as a slave, taken away from his sibling, to work hard on the desert planet of Korriban. Day in and day out, it was terrible work. The supervisors were cruel and often punished him for no reason. Staying smart left him alive among the workers. This went on for a year until a blood test was to be had for the ranks of the Empire needed to be bolstered to fight the Republic. Two of the supervisors threw Vakama into the Academy to see if he was worthy of being trained.

A simple test, a free-for-all fight between three of the slaves brought in. The last one would be taken to be trained. Three weapons, one for each; the first one chose a vibroblade, the second chose a staff, and Vakama chose a dagger. The one with the staff went down quickly by the one with a sword; she seemed to have never fought before. It left Vakama and the other slave, both circled around trying to see the others weakness. Vakama had more patience though and as soon as the slave charged; he dodged the sword barely. The Rattataki then locked blades with the slave, Vakama’s dagger was cut through which led to his opponent falling, back exposed.

With the test completed, Vakama was put into the classes of the Sith Academy. The days were long and full of fighting. Vakama spent most of the time reading though, taking advantage of the literature there. His education was great before but it soon grew as well as his curiosity. Orokai Savex, a Sith Pureblood teacher, taught him how to use his patience over the hot-headed acolytes. This proved useful to his survival through all the years of training. He never was accepted by a Sith which led to greater reward in Vakama’s perspective. He wasn’t on a leash nor had to obey anyone but his superiors. He went through books, tomes, scrolls, even dipped into a holocron which showed him abilities of lightning. This all strengthened his survival and skills. The War was becoming more heated and led to more acolytes being chosen by experienced warriors who took out much competition on the planet.

When a rumor of a holocron that was located in a cave reached the Rattataki’s ear, he set out to gain more knowledge to bolster his power. This was a trick though; a seed to poison young minds into getting themselves killed and make room for the strongest. A Terentatek stirred there, no holocron, no type of container, just bones. This monster proved to be a great challenge, with just a standard lightsaber and his Shock technique, long battle took forth. The beast swung and roared while Vakama dodged and taunted the monster. It finally grew too angry; it charged and ran into a wall with his prey behind him. Vakama’s plan worked, the Terentatek went into a stupor of rage and was blinded. Vakama went on the beasts back and with a moment of truth. Allowed his power to go through his arm and his lightsaber, a downward thrust into the brain in front of the sharp spines ended. Vakama pulled a tooth out of the massive mouth and returned to the Academy with an upset mind.

Vakama soon rose out of the dirt of Korriban and worked as a spy for Imperial Intelligence. The Rattataki took on missions of gathering information, plans, and sometimes even to steal a holocron. Vakama met many interesting individuals and made friends on planets, even went as far as learning their native language there. Seeing both sides of the War, Vakama soon began to show mercy to captives when prying for intelligence. He was soon called the “Web Weaver” by some in the Republic; this name was very odd the Rattataki but it stuck. Vakama called himself “Draka” in hopes to suppress the other nickname.

Long years passed, he took two acolytes at once in hopes they would serve useful to him. Serving as decoys or distractions in his missions which in turn, helped them gain greater experience. They both prospered from his teachings but grew arrogant of their abilities. The two bragged of their skills to others to cause intimidation. This only led to their downfall, the apprentices both were powerful indeed but they could not defeat an experienced Sith after boasting a story one too many. Vakama didn’t take revenge on them, only pitied them. He continued his missions now without any distractions and visited friends in systems after the Treaty of Coruscant to perhaps gain information on any secret doings. Many experiences followed soon after.
"Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal. Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?" - Han Solo

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02.16.2012 , 09:37 AM | #72
Biographical Information
Full Name: Grundie, -No Known last name.-
Aliases: -None.-
Callsigns/Nicknames: “Old Red.”
Gender: Male
Age: 43 BTC
Born: 3,690 BBY
Species/Race/Skin Color: Sith Pureblood, Dark maroon.
Homeworld: None.
Birthplace: Born on a ship orbiting Korriban.
Current Residence: No ware, Nomad.
Profession(s) & Title(s): Philosopher, Sith Historian, Force Monk.
Abilities/Skills: Force Lightning: Unarmed Force combat, Single Blade Combat Style, Duel Bladed lightsaber Style.
Siblings: No known Siblings.
Spouse: None
Children: None
Parents: A father and a mother, Both Sith, Unnamed.
Significant Others: None.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5” 9’
Weight: 175 Ibs.
Eye Color: Pale Orange.
Hair Color/Style: Dreadlocks put into a small bun.
Body Description/Condition: Stalwart and in physical perfection.
Distinguishing features: The common Face spines of Sith, And a small Tattoo in the center of his lower back, A simple tribal Design.

Chronological and Political Information

Allegiances: The sith race.
Known Instructors/Commanders: His father, A sith by the name of Xanaxa.
Known Subordinates/Apprentices: None that are public.
Partners/Sidekicks: None that are public.

Additional Information
Armor/Clothing: An open chested set of white robes, Covering his arms and back loosely, Often strands of then Cloth are used to hold them down at his Wrists, this more stands across his bare chest. He wares simple and loose fitting pants with simple sandals, Over them a the old open white robe covers down to his ankles, tied at the waist.
Primary Weapon(s): His hands, A lightsaber Proof metal Staff.-Does Exist lore wise.-
Secondary Weapon(s): Whatever he happens to get his hands on,
Transportation: Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor

Optional Statistics

Habits (smoking, drinking etc.): When overly stressed he will often use a pipe to smoke a harmless tabbaco.
Hobbies: Meditation, Reading, an obsession with the History of the Sith race.
Personal Quotes: " And you would dare call yourself a Sith? Your -Order- Has killed my race and stolen our Identity, But you would -Dare- ask that I address you as Sith?'*Whispered to a sith lord who did not reply.*
Speech patterns: No accent.
Weaknesses: Is not as young as he used to be, and his force style requires an immense amount of work, often tiring and having to rest during battle.

Old, worn, But oddly social. Known to making clam conversation and pleasant advise, he enjoys the company of others. However he is vary sensitive of the subject of the Sith order and it's relation to the Sith race, as He blames them for leading his race to its ruin. He has a distinct love for cultures of all kinds. Despite his race and advance fighting style, he is often attempts to be neutral, though rarely in this day and age does he have the option.

Little is known about the past of this independent Sith force user.-Aka, Learn IC.*Sticks tongue out.*-
'The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.''Qui-Gon Jinn, Addressing Jar Jar-Binks.

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02.16.2012 , 12:17 PM | #73
Preliminary character sketch, will return to flesh out with more info.

Species/Race: sith pureblood
Name: golle
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Gender: F
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Dromund Kass
Age: ?
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 61 kg.
Hair Color/Style:
Facial Appearance:
Eye Color:
Body Appearance: Has a female muscle fetish and the somewhat discomfiting physique of a female bodybuilder (but without the steroid use [or whatever they're called here, stims idgaf]). 0.7 waist-hip ratio okay.
Home Planet: Dromund Kass
Current Residence:
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Profession: Sith Juggernaut
Source of income:
Primary Weapon(s):
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s):

Much more ruthless than her sister, R, G was raised by an unremarkable middle-class Imperial family on Dromund Kass and sent to the Academy on Korriban for training when discovered to be a Force-sensitive.

She is utterly practical and has no qualms about a quick and permanent solution to anyone who stands in her way. She does not tolerate disrespect of any kind and shows no mercy to those who have insulted or offended her.

Of late, she has been more motivated by the concept of "honor", as she sees that the Force-using caste of the Sith Empire is doomed to cannibalize itself through its endless machinations and secret plots. She sees that without open challenges and grabs for power in broad daylight, a magocratic class without some open rule of sanctioning for its intrigues is likely to destroy itself.

While R was concerned with the spiritual/sorcerous applications of the Force, L is more concerned with upholding the institution of Sith power and enforcing its total domination amongst other citizens of the Empire and the galaxy at large.

Along her ascendancy to power, she realized that she was in much more need of friends than servants and has since released and befriended Vette.


Loyalty, obedience


People getting in her way, disrespect

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02.16.2012 , 02:29 PM | #74

  • Species/Race: Human, whight
  • Name: Labern
  • Middle Name:
  • Last Name: Sortakai
  • Nickname: Lab
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth: Dromund kass
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: Skinney
  • Hair Color/Style: Dark brown
  • Facial Appearance:
  • Eye Color: Yellow. ( sith corruption)
  • Body Appearance: Skinney and tallish
  • Home Planet: Drommund kass
  • Current Residence: Kass city
  • Allegiance: Dedicated and loyal imperial
  • Profession: Sith inteligance
  • Armor/Clothes: Imperial officer uniform
  • Primary Weapon(s): Sniper rifle
  • Secondary Weapon(s): Blaster pistol
  • Miscellaneous Item(s): Datapad

Biography: Lab is a highly inteligent officer. He loves to learn and is extreamly logical. Also, ever since the republic killed his parrents, he extreamly hateful to the republic.
Imperial Intelligence, Sniper Corps
Designation: cipher agent Labern Sortakai
Guild: UMBRA
Marksmanship Imperial Sniper

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02.27.2012 , 01:53 PM | #75
Species/Race: Human
Name: Bruno
Middle Name: Henry
Last Name: Shaffer
Nickname: Lazy-Eye
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Age: 31
Hair Color/Style: Brown and well-kept, has a bit of a formal touch to it.
Facial Appearance: Big brown beard that goes up to his ears, he has a Mandalorian Dragon tatoo on the side of his head, despite not being a Mandalorian.
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Appearance: Corpulent, a lot of fat everywhere, especially on the lower body.
Home Planet: Ord Mantell
Current Residence: Tatooine
Allegiance: Himself
Profession: Gladiator Ring Owner
Armor/Clothes: Grey, red, black and purple robes and usually a facemask to keep his face hidden.
Primary Weapon(s): Self Defense Blaster
Secondary Weapon(s): Vibroknife in his right boot
Miscellaneous Item(s): Shock Collar Activator

Biography: Maybe I will put this in later.

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02.28.2012 , 04:26 PM | #76
oooh. I should do this.
Time to go a-killing!

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02.28.2012 , 04:58 PM | #77
Species/Race: Sith Pureblood

Name: Amiri

Middle Name: Files unknown.

Last Name: Krade

Nickname: None. She does not take nicknames. She stabs people if they give her nicknames.

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Files unknown.

Place of Birth: Files unknown. Possible location: Dromund Kaas?

Age: 31

Height: 5'9

Weight: Files unknown.

Hair Color/Style: Short, jaw-length, curving around her face, pitch black, has a few strands tied at the front with a leather band, and in the back.

Facial Appearance: The darkness she holds has twisted her into something more than a Pureblood -- once crimson-red skin turned into pure white. Her bone spurs are on her jaw, two on either side being long, and the ones beside them shorter - along with the same long spikes above her eyes where eyebrows would originally be.

Eye Color: Blood-red.

Body Appearance: Body type 4. Exactly body type 4. Not thinner or heavier.

Home Planet: Dromund Kaas

Current Location: Her ship, docked in the orbital station of Voss.

Allegiance: The Empire. Very, very, VERY the Empire. That's why Quinn loves her so much.

Profession: Your Local Killer/Sith Lord

Armor/Clothes: A hooded trenchcoat and otherwise black and grey plated armor.

Primary Weapon(s): An orange lightsaber.

Secondary Weapon(s): Nothing- - she uses her lightsaber only.

Miscellaneous Item(s): A silver locket she always hides under her armor. Only Quinn knows what's inside of it, and he's never told anyone.
Time to go a-killing!

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02.29.2012 , 09:20 PM | #78
Species: Sith Pure Blood
First Name: Kaled (Darth Haos)
Middle Name: Orcan
Last Name: Ragnos
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 259 cm / 8'5
Weight: 250 lbs
Place of Birth: Korriban Wilds
Home Planet: Korriban
Current Residence: Sith Academy / The Exterminator (Imperial Capital Ship)
Hair Colour/Style: Solid black, slick and brushed up to cover the scars on his face.
Eye Colour: Red
Skin Colour: Red
Body Appearance: Tall, muscualar, Athletic
Allegiance: The Sith Empire
Profession: Sith Lord
Clothing/Armour: Dark red robes and helmet, (Similar to that of an Honour Guard.) with a black chestplate underneath.
Primary Weapon: Customary red Sith lightsaber.
Miscellaneous Items: Hendecahedron Holocron. (11 sided prism)
Biography: It's a lot easier to ask me in person about what my characters like on The Ebon Hawk than to write about it here.
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02.29.2012 , 09:55 PM | #79
Species/Race: Twi'lek
Name: Jel'nusseen
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Nickname: Jel
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Ryloth
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color/Style:
Facial Appearance:
Eye Color: Purple before sith corruption, now blood red
Body Appearance: Petite. Light blue hued skin with black markings along her lekku and face.
Home Planet:
Current Residence: Aboard her Fury Class Space Ship the 'Mayhem'
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Profession: Sith Inquisitor, Sorcerer
Primary Weapon(s): Single light saber with a silver blade
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s):


More to be added once I get home from work
The Greyspear Legacy
Jel'nusseen 50 Sorcerer Kiasma 50 Sentinel

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03.02.2012 , 11:28 AM | #80
Species/Race: Sith Pureblood

Name: Darth/Lord Archonus

Middle Name: Unknown

Last Name: Uknown

Nickname: Has a variety of titles among the millitary, though none are used to his face for good reason. One of them is "the Shadow".

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Uknown

Age: Apparent age is mid 30's

Height: 6'7''

Weight: IDK

Hair Color/Style: Unknown

Facial Appearance: Archonus's face is hidden by a fearsome mask akin to Darth Nihilus'; a pointed, skull-like visage that has never been seen under except by one person.

Eye Color: Unknown

Body Appearance: Archonus is very tall, but with a light build and a kind of sickly thinness. However, many have underestimated his combat prowess because of his thin frame and havenot lived to tell of it.

Current Residence: Dormuund Kas

Allegiance: The Empire, Himself

Armor/Clothes: Archonus is shrouded in long, black robes with ornate pauldrons and voluminous sleeves. Underneath is a complex set of ribbed armour and a long tunic under an ornate belt. His face is hidden by a skull-like mask (see above).

Primary Weapon(s): As a Sith Sorcerer, Archconus uses the Dark Side as his greatest and most potent weapon. He excels at manipulating the life forces of other beings, as well as conjuring Force Lightning with practiced skill.

Secondary Weapon(s): An ornate, curved lightsaber (like the one on the Holonet) with a red blade that he rarely, if ever, needs to use.

Miscellaneous Item(s): A triangular holocron hanging from his belt and on his person at all times. No one knows what information it holds. All attempts to retrieve it have failed. Miserably.

Personality: Archonus is cold, calculating, and secretive. He is an expert in working behid the scenes, often plotting ingenious schemes to crush his enemies from the inside. Few understand his goals and modus operandi, but are wise enough to follow the orders he gives them without asking why. His enigmatic nature has earned him the nickname "the Shadow" amongst the Empire. He displays a very apparent hatred for the Republic, as well as a thirst for knowledge on how to gain immortality.

Biography: Little is known about Darth Archonus's past. For all intents and purposes, he just appeared on Dromund Kaas and ascended with surprising efficiency through the ranks of the Empire. Many of his strategies have resulted in the capture of Republic planets, and he even had a hand in the Sacking of Coruscant.

Heres what I got so far. I may flesh out the Bio later.
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