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12.28.2011 , 09:49 PM | #31
Time to put my Shien character on here...

Species/Race: Human
Name: Karratan
Middle Name: none
Last Name: Ashmantar
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Age: 37
Hair Color/Style: Black
Facial Appearance: Unmarked
Eye Color: Brown
Body Appearance: Tall, yet Thin. Swarthy/
Home Planet: Dromund Kaas
Current Residence: N/A
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Dark Lord of Science!!
Armor/Clothes: Robes and masks. Preferrably the feathery ones.
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): An invention of his, The Gauntlet.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Toolkit, a small portable laboratory.

Biography: Karratan was born to a well-rounded family on Dromund Kaas. His father, being a member of the Imperial Reclamation Service, often brought home spare ancient artifacts that he had permission to, showing them to Karratan, giving birth to an interest in science in the young lad. When he was sent to Korriban for training, he came to his own conclusion independant of his lessons that, since competition was inherent, peace could not exist until the last breathing organism perished. Also coming to the conclusion that morality was abstract compared to everyday life, he became a Scientist, merging technology and the Force into a true path to power. As a result, he has often become detached and eccentric, such as fixing grenades at meetings, or casually discussing the implications of a failed experiment to relatives of a former test subject.
Char name: Karratan
Class: sith Sorceror
Race: Human (male)
Guild: The Black Mantle

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12.29.2011 , 02:58 PM | #32
Species/Race: Human (Some technological implants, not enough to be considered a Cyborg)
Name: Craig
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Martel
Nickname: Cragg
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: (WIP)
Place of Birth: Corellia
Age: 21
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 132
Hair Color/Style: Short
Facial Appearance: Somewhat elongated with a small scar on his chin
Eye Color: Brown
Body Appearance: Small and skinny
Home Planet: Corellia
Current Residence: Nar Shadaa
Allegiance: Himself
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Armor/Clothes: Heavy Bounty Hunter armor, only with lighter tones (imagine Boba/Jango Fett, but give him some lighter colors like peach and a light yellow)
Primary Weapon(s): Twin blaster pistols
Secondary Weapon(s): Rocket Launcher
Miscellaneous Item(s): Huttese Gutting Knife

Biography: A small, skinny Bounty Hunter with a heart of credits. He is small and skinny, but is known for his ability to take a beating and get right back up. This has made him invaluable as a Bounty Hunter who won't squeal if caught. He stands by his principles, that is, the principle that if he wasn't asked to kill a man, he won't, but if he was paid to kill a man, regardless of what he's offered, he will.

He was born on Corellia, but his parents owed a serious debt to Sulda the Hutt, a vicious Hutt crime lord on Hutta. He was offered to Sulda the Hutt in exchange for canceling the debt, and Cragg, at age 14, was sold into slavery. However, a foolhardy gamble on Sulda's part resulted in all of his land, his city, and his slaves, including Cragg, to a slave driver near Jiguuta, who Cragg killed. Now he is a Bounty Hunter, who is known for getting the job done, nothing more, nothing less. He was rejected a position in the Great Hunt, and now spends his time traveling the galaxy taking out small-time lowlifes in hopes of establishing a reputation.

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12.30.2011 , 06:59 PM | #33
Species/Race: Sith Pureblood
Name: Taral
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Nickname: Lord Taral
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 8 BTC
Place of Birth: Drommus Kaas
Age: 23
Height: 6’1” ft
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair Color/Style: n/a
Facial Appearance: As a Sith, Taral have the typical facial structure, but with somewhat longer chin tendrils with a few decorated rings on his two longer tendrils. His eyes are serpentine and yellow naturally, but when calling on the Dark Side, they are rimmed red. The right side of his face is scarred from a attack from a Tuk’ata.
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Appearance: With his height, Taral is lean with noticeable muscles, and have other scars from his slave overlord before becoming Sith Inquisitor.
Home Planet: n/a
Current Residence: Dark Messiah
Allegiance: The Sith Order and the Empire
Profession: Sith Inquisitor
Armor/Clothes: As a rising Sith Inquisitor, Taral wear the uniform purple armored robes of a official Sith Inquisitor but wear a face mask of intimidating appearance of a scolding face to give a more mysterious appall to his appearance.
Primary Weapon(s): Curved-hilted lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s): Dark Medallion, Sith Focus of Dark Agression

The son of a somewhat long lineage of Sith Pureblood who tried to annihilate their rivals a hundred years after the fall of the Emperor’s agents, Darth Revan and Malak, and were disgraced and enslaved by their greatest rival. Taral, showing a incredible connection with the Force that surpassed many of his ancestors, was chosen by the Sith to become a candidate of rising into a Sith Inquisitor. Seeing this as a clear sign of his destiny, Taral became the most successful and ruthless of his peers, and killed his own personal rival, whom been his pompous overseer’s favorite. With sadistic glee, Taral became the apprentice of a mysterious Sith Lord by the name of Darth Penthus.
A couple years under his new Sith master, Lord Taral has became a skilled Inquisitor with a profound mastery of Sith magic and alchemies. A skilled duelist, particularly in the elegant form of Makashi, Taral isn’t quick to falter, and when that occurs, his refusal to die manifest in the form of barrages of lightning.
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."

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01.03.2012 , 02:25 PM | #34
My Main character, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter: Aka'an Tal

"Don't you know better than to argue with a Mandalorian?" - Aka'an Tal

Species/Race: Human - Bloodlines traced back to Mandalore during the Mandalorian Wars. Not of Taung descent.

Name: Aka'an

Middle Name: N/A

Last Name: Tal

Nickname: Skap, Kaan

Aliases: Skapek Skocap, Benom Retrev

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 3,677 BBY (24 BTC)

Place of Birth: Iego, Outer Rim

Date of Death: 3,728 - 3,725 BBY (27 - 30 ATC)

Place of Death: Unknown

Age: 24 at Treaty of Courscant (34 at the start of the game.)

Height: 5'10

Weight: 175 Lbs

Hair Color/Style: Short, wavy brown (Rarely Seen)

Facial Appearance: Scar along his right cheek that runs to his forhead that just missed his eye, rugged, with some facial hair (Rarely Seen)

Eye Color: Brown

Body Appearance: Average build, scar on right shoulder from Lightsaber Burn. Tanish skin. (Rarely Seen without Armor on)

Home Planet: Iego

Current Residence: N/A

Allegiance: Mand'alor, Mando'ade, and Currently the Empire.

Profession: Bounty Hunter, Strategist, and Historian.

Armor/Clothes: Customized and slimmed down Neo-Crusader Armor. Padded fibers for movement along joints, with heavy armor plating to protect vital areas. Black main, with Red trim. (Gold with Black trim during Great War Campaigns.)

Primary Weapon: Dual Heavily Modified Mandalorian Disintegrators that were given to him by his father. Although highly illegal to carry, Aka'an usually has little problems with the authorities.

Secondary Weapons: High Powered Mandalorian Assault rifle with long range and stopping power, but slow firing. Two custom made real metal swords (He prefers the weight and feel of real metal over viroblades) with a small Mythosaur skull on each of them near the hilt.

Miscellaneous Items: Colors on his Armor represent his family and clan he comes from. He bears small marks and insignias on his right bicep armor plate representing honors and awards from battles and campaigns he fought in during the Great War. He wears a necklace with a golden moon shape, with a mythosaur skull in the middle of it, representing the forgotten Mandalorians who settled on Iego, (Planet of a Thousand moons) after the Mandalorian Wars. Various amounts of ammo and grenades carried in his belt or bandolier (If worn). In his personal pack he carries a small holoprojector, three die, a small amount of rations, a small kolto pack, and a combat knife.

Personality: He is not much for words with strangers. He is very untrusting of people since word has spread that Mandalore the Lesser was a puppet of the Empire. Raised a Mandalorian, he views the Resol'nare and his Mandalorian heritage as the very center of his life. He is fiercely loyal to those he respects and will follow them without question. He is a calm person in the heat of danger and is not one to rush into things blinded by rage and fury. Underneath his exterior, he has a profound interest and respect for Jedi as opponents. He has studied their culture and way of life in attempt to understand and best them. Although he has slain many Jedi during and after the Great War, he still hopes to given the chance too best a Jedi Council Member in battle. On top of all this, he is merely a soldier of Mand'alor, doing his duty in hopes of one day renewing the Galaxy's fear of the Mandalorians.

Additional Categories:

Bounty Hunter: Currently Active

Number of Bounties Captured: Classified by Imperial Records... Clearance Level Status: Rejected

Number of Bounties Slain: Classified by Imperial Records... Clearance Level Status: Rejected.


Aka'an Tal, (Birth name of Aka'an Skocap) was born in 3,677 BBY on the planet Iego in the outer rim. His family were decendents of the Mandalorians exiled by the Republic at the end of the Mandalorian Wars. He was born into a rich Mandalorian culture and at a young age, began harsh training to shape him into a warrior. From the start of his training, Aka'an was always fond of history of the Mandalorians and of the galaxy's many wars and conflicts. This gave him an exceptional eye for battlefield strategy and helped him to quickly advance in the ranks witin his clan.

By 3,661 BBY Aka'an and his village had heard the rumors of a galaxywide conflict, called the Great War, between the re-emerged Sith and the Republic. Aka'an and his fellow warriors were anxious for combat and eager to prove themselves against worthy foes. Answering the call to arms by a new Mand'alor, a few hundred warriors of Aka'an's clan left Iego and rallied with the thousands of Mandalorians massing on Mandalore.

Aka'an quickly proved himself in a number of small skirmishes near Mandalorian space in the months following. Days after returning to Mandalore from a mission, Aka'an was summoned before the Mand'alor and was given the rank of Captain in preperation for the upcoming attack on the Republic's trade route of the Hydian Way. Honored, Aka'an accepted and vowed to lead his troops to victory and glory.

After the easy victory over the Jedi in the first months of the blockade, Aka'an was stationed among the blockade fleet. For weeks Aka'an waited for a worthy challange to emerge from Republic space and dare to challange the massive Mandalorian fleet. His plea was soon answered when a group of daring smugglers attacked the fleet in 3,660 BBY. The Mandalorians, outmanuvered by the smuggler's small and nimble ships, were crushed and were forced to retreat in thier worst defeat since Malachor V. In the closing moments of the battle, Aka'an could only watch as his father's ship was destroyed in the final smuggler attack.

Aka'an returned to Mandalore in ruins. The tales of Mandalorian invincibility were shattered and the clans fragmented as many left the order. Upon returning to Mandalore Aka'an took over Aliit Tal, made up of the Iegoian Mandalorians. Of the 435 initial members, 350 were slain in the humilating defeat at the Hydian Way, 60 returned to Iego, and only a small group of around 20 remained. Aka'an, honoring those who had fallen and to rally support to his clan, changed his name from Aka'an Skocap, to Aka'an Tal.

Aka'an was soon approached by a man named Rylon Khor, a personal friend of his father and of Artus. Rylon knew the pain of losing a father, having lost his to the Jedi years earlier. With the Mandalorians in ruins, Aka'an and other prominant Mandalorian officers rallied their support to Rylon and his plans of rebuilding the Mandalorians. After the defeat of their blockade, Aka'an and many other Mandalorians still continued to fight in the Great War. But, as the war was drawing to a close and rumors of peace arose within the ranks of the Sith army, the Mandalorians formally renouced their alliance with them and withdrew into secrecy.

In 3,653 BBY, the Treaty of Courscant was signed and the Great War came to a stalemated and controversial end, creating an undeclared Cold War between both sides. Aka'an and the newly established Mandalorians began to reappear in different sectors of the Galaxy conducting very secretive operations. No one was quite sure what the reformed Mandalorian's intentions were, but the galaxy were full of whispers and rumors of their current reapperance.

Aka'an in the time after Artus' death, still leads Aliit Tal under the new Mand'alor te Implacable and is anxious to bring the Mandalorians back to center stage in the growing conflict.
Aka'an Tal - The Mandalorians - Bounty Hunter
-- Verda kat'taylir nass be trattok'o - A warrior knows nothing of defeat - Mand'alor the Indomitable --
Arsenal Mercenary - The Best Class in PvP since the Mandalorian Wars

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01.04.2012 , 12:17 PM | #35
Species/Race: Zabrak
Name: Valjan
Last Name: Remal
Nickname: Val
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: (( Not entirely sure how the date works in Star I'll leave this blank))
Place of Birth: Dromund Kass
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color/Style: A simple brown overlaying the spikes protruding just barely from her skull. The style is short but still longer than the common 'male' hairstyle.
Facial Appearance: Heavily tattooed as is the way of the Zabrak. She looks rather young and the word 'cute' is one of the quickest thins to come to mind when one looks over her facial features.
Eye Color: Deep green with a red shattered ring about the outside of her iris.
Body Appearance: She is often wearing the lower half of a robe and the upper half of a full functioning body suit. Her head is most often covered by a fully functional mechanical skull mask which also gives a mechanical twang to her voice. With this she appears still rather skinny... even frail looking...but quite horrifying all the same. She is rather wiry, an incredibly skinny looking girl but without the clothing she is seen as well built just skinny. Corded muscle runs along her arms and legs. If one were to see her without clothing they would discover her body is littered and heavily marred by scarring from burns and whip marks. Her arms are tabooed as well signifying 'strength' and 'wisdom'... one might think she placed these tattoos without earning them but anyone who actually knows her would see otherwise.
Home Planet: Dromund Kass
Current Residence: Fury ( She rarely lives anywhere but her favored Ship nowadays.)
Allegiance: Sith Empire
Profession: Fighter Pilot
Armor/Clothes: As stated above. Her Armor is generally that of a black and red combination but she wears casual clothes from time to time.
Primary Weapon(s): The Force ( particularly lightning)
Secondary Weapon(s): Single-bladed, Self-crafted, Yellow light saber.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Three vibroblades, a hidden blaster pistol, force focus, Holocomm., various gear required for adventuring or delving into tombs in her pack.

Biography: (( will post later I am needed :P))

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01.06.2012 , 10:52 AM | #36
Species/Race: Human.
Name: Yorgan
Middle Name: Terrormind
Last Name: Rayzee
Nickname: Lord Yorgan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unkown
Place of Birth: Unkown
Age: Unkown
Height: 7’2" ft
Weight: Average
Hair Color/Style: Dark, yet grays as of his age.
Facial Appearance: Yorgan has a black, yet graying beard and hair. He bears multiple scars all over his face. He looks proud of himself, grinning mostly.
Eye Color: Red.
Body Appearance: always covered by a robe.
Home Planet: N/A
Current Residence: He travels.
Allegiance: The Sith Order and the Empire
Profession: Sith Inquisitor
Armor/Clothes: He mostly goes around in strange robes that look like they belong to a Jedi, otherwise dark robes.
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s): A straw doll. A corrupting necklage.

((typed this on the IPad. ^^))

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01.06.2012 , 08:39 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by StealthNerf View Post
We really need server forums for this... I more want to find out about other characters on my server.

But here is mine for anyone on Ajunta Pall.

Name: Llelaena Orlais (pronounced Llel-lay-enna Orlayis) ((Yes, inspired by Dragon Age... :P ))

Occupation: Pirate slaver

Location: On her ship, Princess Snuggles, currently based out of Port Nowhere, at the edge of Republic Core Worlds and Hutt Space.

Brief Bio:
Llelaena makes her living as a pirate. She has occasional brushes with the Republic, and has earned a letter of marque to act against the Empire.

Bio FAR to brief. I'm pretty sure there aren't letters of marque from the Republic or Empire.
Quote: Originally Posted by battlebug View Post
can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.

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01.08.2012 , 10:12 PM | #38
Species/Race: Human (Correllian)
Middle Name:Tee
Last Name: Alder
Nickname: Badger
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3,697 BBY(42 BTC)
Place of Birth: Coronet City, Correllia
Age: 51
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Layered, brown, but graying. Sort of a salt and pepper look.
Facial Appearance: Some scars, and wrinkles, and a graying mustache.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Appearance: Muscled, but somewhat out of shape..
Home Planet: Correllia
Current Residence: Currently living out of his ship/in Anastasia Nissaka's apartment
Allegiance: The Republic
Profession: Former Republic close air support pilot.
Armor/Clothes: He is rarely seen out of uniform, and when he isn't in uniform he wears a nice suit.
Primary Weapon(s): Republic Blaster Rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): Hold-out blaster, vibro blades, explosive pens, other hidden weapons.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Thermal Detonator, Credit Chip, Re-Breather

Early Life

3,697 BBY(42 BTC): Born to Correllian Ship builder Amil Alder and Val Solo-Alder in Coronet City.

3,690 BBY(37 BTC): His mother and brother, Virgil and Val Alder were killed in a terrorist attack by alleged Correllian Separatist Movement

3,683 BBY(29 BTC): Attends the Republic Academy

3,681 BBY(27 BTC): During a training mission aboard a prototype BT-6 Attack Shuttle out in the Tingel Arm, his squadron was ambushed by the newly returning Sith Fleet, forcing them to crash land on Belkan. There, the 20 year old Cadet Alder was forced to spend 2 years hiding under the reign of the puppet government established by the Sith Empire.

3,679 BBY(25 BTC): Cadet Alder is rescued, along with 4 other members of the training group he was with. He is rushed to graduation based on the dire need for soldiers. Alder is awarded the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Army of the Republic.
Current History and Status

3,678 BBY(24 BTC): Lt. Alder is stationed on Tatooine while he undergoes Cold-Weather flying training

3,676 BBY(23 BTC): Lt. Alder completes flight training for close air support.

3,673 BBY(20 BTC): Lt. Alder is promoted to First Lt, and transferred to the Bothawai sector

3,671 BBY(18 BTC): Lt. Alder participates in the Battle of Bothawai. His entire division is knocked out by the Sith, and he is awarded the Republic Insignia of the Republic for returning to rescue civilians despite considerable danger to himself..

3,670 BBY(17 BTC): Lt. Alder is promoted to Captain and remains on Bothawai to help with the reconstruction

3,669 BBY(16 BTC): Lt. Alder meets Ila Moro, of the Republic Medical Corps

3,667 BBY(14 BTC): Lt. Alder and Ila are married on Alderaan early in the year

3,667 BBY(14 BTC): With the return of the Mandalorians, Captain Alder is given command of a squadron and called to counter the Mandalorian attacks on various planets. His dedication earned him a variety of medals at first, but his decision to spare prisoners lives proved costly, and he gained a reputation amongst the higher command for being too merciful.

3,666 BBY(13 BTC): Captain Alder and Ila have two twins, Alec and Kara Alder.

3,664 BBY(11 BTC): Captain Alder is promoted to Major Alder.

3,660 BBY(7 BTC): Major Alder participates in the Battle of Alderaan.

3,656 BBY(3 BTC): Ila Moro boards the Swift Justice, a civilian cruiser, for a business trip to Byss. The cruiser is attacked midflight by Hutt sponsored pirates who take the people into slavery and loot the ship.

3,656 BBY(3 BTC): Major Alder diverts military funding and ships to attempt to rescue his wife. His actions result in a Court Martial trial, but he is pardoned, and allowed to maintain command. Meanwhile, the slave ship which Ila Moro was aboard was destroyed by a rival gang. She is presumed dead.

3,653 BBY(0 BTC): Major Alder is called to help transport rogue smuggle Hank Ferncliffe Jr to his prison cell, but is caught in a Sith/Republic defector coup. With Captain Ferncliffe's assistance they are are able to repel the attack, and as a result Major Alder allows the smuggler to escape.

3,648 BBY(5 ATC): Kara is accepted into the Republic Naval Academy, and Alec attends Correllia's premium law school

3,647 BBY(6 ATC): Alder is promoted to Colonel, and put on a variety of missions involving dealing with rogue elements of the Sith, and attempting to maintain the peace.

3,643 BBY(9 ATC): Colonel Alder meets with Director Nassaki, and accepts a promotion to General and command of the military elements of the newly formed Republic L.A.N.C.E Agency


Garick is a high level commanding officer in the Republic Logistics Assault Network Command and Espionage Agency
Special Talents

Garick is able to speak: Galactic Basic[Standard], Huttese, Bocce[Trade Language], Jawaese, Ryl[Language of Ryloth(Twi'lek home world)

Experienced: 33 years of service have taught Garick a lot about tactics and strategy, as well as a good amount about the nature of people.

Confident: Garick is, and always has been confident in his abilities, both as a pilot, a trooper, and as a leader.

Flashbacks: As a result of his long career, Garick has endured a variety of ordeals, and is prone to occasional traumatic flashbacks. These flashbacks have lead him to opt to work more away from the front lines in command positions, due to a fear that his flashbacks might get men killed if he was on the ground.

Prejudices: Due to traumatic experiences in the field, Garick is inclined to not trust Zabrak, Mandalorians, or Sith. However, he is inclined to be more openly trusting with Cathar.

Nightmares: Garick is haunted by some of the decisions he has made in the field, that cause him traumatic nightmares, and he often wakes up in a cold sweat.

Enemies: There are alot of angry widows, widowers, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, who want General Garick T Alder's head on a plaque for the deaths of their relatives.
Personality Traits

General Alder is a fairly secretive man, generally quiet. He takes care to listen more than he speaks. As a young man he was reputable for being a bit of a hothead, but his years of service have caused him to cool down.

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01.12.2012 , 09:53 AM | #39
Species/Race: Zabrak
Name: Ravvok
Middle Name: Classified
Last Name: Classified
Nickname: The Reaper
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown, Suspected Dathomir
Age: 29
Height: 6'2
Weight: 187 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Eeth Koth style hair
Facial Appearance: Unusual tattoos, Nightbrother skin
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Appearance: Average Zabrak height, unnoticengly muscled
Home Planet: None
Current Residence: His ship, the Reckoning
Allegiance: Unknown, Suspected Nightbrothers of Dathomir
Profession: Enforcer
Armor/Clothes: Black, spiked armor, kilt, hood, cloak
Primary Weapon(s): Reaper, his black-blade, yellow-aura Lightsaber with a spiked hilt
Secondary Weapon(s): Ravager, his fathers blade of the same design, red-aura, black-blade Lightsaber he calls Arbiter
Miscellaneous Item(s): Grappling Hook, Datapad, Holocommunicator, Sith Holocron

Biography: Ravvok was born supposedly on Dathomir. Days after he was born, the Jedi found him. They brought him and his twin brother Jerrick to Tython to train. Ravvok had much potential, but Jerrick had more. The light shined on his brother, leaving Ravvok in the dark. Ravvok didn't mind though. Jerrick was still his friend, and to him, that was all that mattered. During his teenage years at the academy, he fell in love with a girl named Rhea. She was a human. Ravvok knew emotion was forbidden at the temple, but he still had feelings for her. Luckily, there was a special permit for Jedi raised from the temple from birth. Ravvok and Jerrick were told that they were born at the temple, like Rhea, so they had permission. Ravvok had his breaking point during his teenage years. Jerrick fell in love with Rhea too, and she returned the love. In a blind rage, Ravvok tried to kill his brother. After he was retained, he was banished by the Order. He was dumped onto Balmorra. There, a Sith pure blood named Lord Drakkar found him. Drakkar raised the boy in to his rogue clan. Ravvok was his star student. With all the hate inside him, Ravvok was the perfect Sith Lord. Amongst the rogues he met Kya, a Miralian girl who showed affection for him. This fueled his darkside power. His years of training paid off. He slew more Jedi than some of the more experienced Sith Lords. Ravvok even almost killed his brother. If it hadn't been for Rhea's interference, Jerrick would be dead. Ravvok almost slew his brother many times, but Rhea saved Jerrick every time. Finally, Ravvok accomplished slaying Lord Draag, a very experienced Sith master. Drakkar was usurped soon after. The clan was now lead by Ravvok and Kya together. They expanded the numbers and territory of the clan. To this day, a joint effort of leadership leads one of the most powerful clans in the galaxy.

Companions: Kya Cayrus (Lover), Varior Takroy (Sith 'Brother'), Kade Rayor (Mandalorian Ally)
War Hero Drazir
Carnage Marauder
Ebon Hawk, U.S --> Star Forge, U.S.

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01.14.2012 , 01:30 PM | #40
Species/Race: Human
Name: Uesugi
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Kenchu
Nickname: Kenchu
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 7/5/1992
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 19
Height: 6.1ft
Weight: 14st
Hair Color/Style: Brown slowly fading
Facial Appearance: Scar on left cheek childhood wound
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Traditional Jedi Robes which has been turned white
Home Planet: Unknown
Current Residence: Data Corrupted
Allegiance: Data Corrupted
Profession: Data Corrupted
Armor/Clothes: Medium Jedi Armour
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): Lightsaber (Heirloom)
Miscellaneous Item(s): Pendent around neck which has his family crest on


Not much is is known about Kenchu all that can be confirmed is. Kenchu, Father Sugi Kenchu (Sith Warrior) who turned back to the light when a(Jedi Consular) Jen Ki found and nursed him back to health, Sugi was impressed of this act of compassion and swore to protect her till this debt was paid of. Upon finding out of Sugi betrayal 3 years later Sugi's old mentor sort him out under the impression that he also turning back from the dark side with knowleadge of a pending attack on a republic planet using this ploy to get close to Sugi and Jen. Over the years the 2 grew closer and eventuly fell in love which later led to Uesugi being borned (Named after his grandfather) while Sugi's mentor had taken up a post in the Republic Fleet. While no one new that Sugi's mentor was feeding the empire information it was not till Uesgui was 13 and his force powers begin to strenghing did he set his plan into action by bombading Uesugi's Home world, still pretending to be a ally he led the Kenchu family to safety which turned to be a sith ambush which then he revealed his plan to take Uesugi with him to train him to be his new apprentices, the 1st lesson to teach Uesgui what happens to traitors and murders Jen in front of him; Sugi tried to fend of the sith and protect his son screaming at him to run and dont look back while his mentor stabbed him in the back. This was the last trace of Uesugi we had until he resufaced 5 year's later working on a Sith transport ship as a engineer which was carrying a jedi prisoner, while the ship was in hyperspace he rigged the hyperdrive to blow making the ship stranded unroute to the planet Korriban. While the ship and crew was in confussing trying to figure what had happen Uesugi lept into action taking the gaurds who was gaurding the prisoner with his force powers, freeing him and helping them escape; Master Maroka Shan later intorducing him self and offering Uesugi a chance to become a jedi he was born to become.