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04.08.2017 , 05:29 AM | #211
"Zetkor", "Sergeant Zetko", "Sun and Moon"
Ally and Public Servant to the Republic, and the Chiss Ascendancy

Male Chiss of Csilla, born on the Fifth day of the Second month, 3611 BBY
Resident Military Adviser for the Republic Outer Rim. Residence depends on which base he is stationed in at the time.
Currently 26 Years of Age
Stands at roughly 1.75 meters, at the weight of 83ish kgs (Excluding Gear)
Due to his present occupation, Zetkor keeps his hair buzzed, only allowing the most bare of hair to remain present in a strip down the center of his head. Were it to be grown out whatsoever, it would be a slightly darker shade of blue than that of his skin, as might be seen with his eyebrows, which are slightly thick in their own manner.
Keeping it rather simple, aside from his carmine-shade eyes and blue skin, Zetkor has a decently clear complexion compared to those in his line of work. Aside from a mere scar resting on his right cheek, his skin would keep a rather soft feeling to itself, as if it had been in contact with moisturizer recently. But pish posh to that, soldiers don't have access to those kinds of luxuries, right? Aside from this, his jaw structure in its own merit isn't, while not strong, unappealing as it keeps a slight downwards angle to where it meets with the chin. On terms of other facial features his nose is of the smaller side of a Grecian variant, and his eyes are hooded yet are not tilting downwards or upwards particularly.
Remaining in the same theme as before, thanks to his career choice, Zetkor has the ability to have built up, and maintained a fit body, and stamina. Due to the specific routines he runs, Zetkor's muscles are particularly impressive in the areas of his thighs, calf muscles, and forearms.
Most frequently, Zetkor will be found wearing his Standard Issue Republic Trooper Armor, sometimes with a helmet, sometimes not. Yet, for the times he's found without the armor, he'll be found wearing an old Chiss Expansionary Defense Force Uniform, presumably from another time in his life.
While on duty, Zetkor will be found with his DC-15 Blaster Rifle in his hands, and his DD6 Blaster Pistol on his side. But, when off duty, you'll be most likely to only find him with his DD6.
On a usual day, one might find a few credits, a holocomm, a set of keys, and a pack of matches in his pocket. On an off day? All of this, plus an Identification Card.

This profile is subject to change, as with most things.
For the sake of RP, and realism, I'll be excluding his biography from this profile.

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04.13.2017 , 08:20 PM | #212
Race: Miraluka/Human

First Name: Daxton

Middle: Aeo

Last name: Darkrider

Nickname: Dax

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 16 BTC

Place of Birth: Kashyyyk

Age: 21

Height: 6'00"

Weight: 220

Hair color/style Dirty blond spiked

Facile features oval face slim nose and a. Burn on right side of his face caused by a training mission gone wrong.

Eye color: Blind

Body Appearance: Toned/Slim

Home planet: Kashyyyk

Current Residence: N/A

Allegiance: Jedi Order

Profession: Former Jedi Sentinel

Clothing: Standard Jedi apprentice* robes with a white and gold strip down them.

Primary Weapon: Duel blade Sentinel saber with custom engravings.

Secondary Weapon His grandfathers Guardian saber ( Though it has never been used).

Miscellaneou: A picture of his grandfater in his robe tucked under his left side.

Bio: Dax was born on kashyyyk after his family had left from the jedi order born from two human parents of a smuggler and farmer. dax's parents went missing after an attack on kashyyyk by bounty hunters looking for force sensitives for the imperial army nothing was found of dax's parent's. Dax's grandfather had taken dax before the attack to the jedi temple. As dax was born blind he spent his first six years there with a Miraluka guardian by the name of aru he helped dax learn how to use the force to fight as the years went by on dax's 10 birthday aru had made dax a special mask that helped dax see as the force moved around objects and people alike dax provide a strong padawane as his 12th year appociced dax was chosen by an all to familiar voice to be his master. As dax raised waiting on the man to speak. It was Darrin marek ( no relation to galen marek just like the name ) his grandfather watched as dax ran through the trails but what set dax apart was when a training droid went a rie and started fireing rockets at the trainees. A rocket that was launched at a younger student dax had moved to jump on the student to save him from the blast dax was left with a burn on the right side of* his face. But years passed dax fell from the order after his grandfather died. But still lending a hand in the fight against the dark side. And so after 6 years the still yound jedi returns to the order to be met with open arms of a new master and old friend aura greated the young man back to the order and thus training him aura after meeting the same faith as dax's grandfather dax threw his saber in with the temple guards gaining a spot and removing his connection with any chance of loosing another master to a shallow grave again.

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05.22.2017 , 02:19 AM | #213
Osazur The Zabrak

Nickname: The Blooded Wrath
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3609 BBY
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Age: 28 (At the time)
Height: roughly 1.76 Meters
Weight: around 80 Kg
Hair color: Dark Red
Hairstyle: Short Mohawk
Facial appearance: A big nose, medium ears, scary eyes
Eye color: gold - dark orange
Body Appearance: A Muscular man with alot of Cybernetic body parts
Home Planet: Iridonia
Current Residence: Dromund Kaas Apartment
Allegiance: The Sith Empire
Proffesion: Sith Marauder
Amor: Cybernetic limbs and part of his chest, no helmet at the moment
Primary Weapon: A lightsaber with a white crystal
Secondary Weapon: A lightsaber with a white crystal

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05.22.2017 , 06:05 AM | #214
Wauw some of these are so detailed. I dont even know where to begin :P
Join/rejoin us in this wonderfull world of Star Wars

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09.26.2017 , 11:31 AM | #215
Master Suhehr

At the time of the Treaty of Coruscant :

Species/Race: Miraluka
Name: Suhehr
Nickname: Mother Suhehr
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3974 BBY
Place of Birth: Miraluka’s colony world of Katarr
Age: 321 years old
Height: 1.75 meters when standing tall but she is often bend by her age.
Weight: 75 kg
Hair Color/Style: White hair
Facial Appearance: Kindly face full of wrinkle
Eye Color: She is a Miraluka so….
Body Appearance: A kindly old lady. (I dare you to call her old and you will see how “kind” she can be)
Home Planet: Wherever the children are (they keep moving those little thing)
Current Residence: Tython
Allegiance: oldest Jedi Master alive
Profession: The “mother” of nearly every jedi alive. She take care of the youngling.
Primary Weapon(s): Her mouth (you don’t want her to scold you it is the one thing that scare every jedi in the order)
Secondary Weapon(s): A cane (trust me she is deadly with it, she rarely has to use the light saber hidden in it)
Miscellaneous: Only the most powerful jedi of her time. The sith have their emperor the jedi have her, however the only one who know about her power is the emperor. She refuse to participate in the war and the only thing that would make her move was if the emperor himself attacked the youngling which she take care off. She is the reason the emperor never dared to attack the home of the jedi.

Yes I know “The most powerful jedi of her time” stink “321 years old” also stink but I always found that the fact that the sith had an “all powerful” emperor and the jedi just had Satele Shan whose only good thing is her grandmother so I decided to make someone at the level of the emperor however which stayed in the background and refused to wage wars (and you can say what you want but a jedi who refuse to wage wars is basically the perfect jedi). This character is in fact only a secondary character in a star wars story I want to write.



Born in 3974 BBY, ten years before the Mandolarian Wars, Suhehr a young female Miraluka was born from two farmer on the colony world Katarr. The Miraluka been highly Force sensitive a test is mandatory to test their midichlorians count when they reach 1 year old. When it was Suhehr’s turn it was quickly found that she had a high count of midichlorians. She was then send to the jedi at the age of two which at that time was early.

During this time of peace she was trained by some of the best jedi, like Revan and her friend Meetra Surik a promising padawan which seem to particularly like her and treated her like a little sister. Surik once told Suhehr that when she became a jedi knight she would take her as a padawan.

Unfortunately in 3964 BBY the Mandalorians War broke out and soon Revan and his current apprentice left to fight in this wars.
Suhehr still young and impressive wished to go with Meetra Surik however she was simply too young and even Meetra Surik told her to continue training and she would take her as a padawan if she was ready at his return.

Following Surik’s word Suhehr trained harder than anyone and soon became stronger than most padawan.
However when Surik came back the promise couldn’t be respected.

As time passed the Mandalorians War ended however the jedi order suffered many casualty. Revan and his padawan had disappeared and most important to Suhehr, Meetra Surik, the one she considered her sister and mentor was exiled from the order.

Since Surik had came back Suhehr hadn’t been able to see her and it was only after the judgment to exile her was made that she was able to meet her.
Suhehr couldn’t believe her eyes the woman before her was completely different than the one she had known in the past. Where once was a proud, optimist and kind elder sister she could only see a broken woman seeming to have lost everything. When Surik saw her and apologised to have broken the promise the pain in her eyes made Suhehr stop cold.
Suhehr tried to follow Surik to help her elder sister in those painful moment however she was stopped by the jedi master who turned their back to Surik. They then told her that Surik was no longer a jedi.

The exile of her respected sister marked Suhehr profoundly and she even began to doubt the jedi order in which she had lived nearly her whole life.
With time she managed to bury those doubt if not erase them and convinced herself that the master knew what they were doing.
To prevent herself from thinking about Surik she drown herself in training be it martial, mental and knowledge.

In 3956 BBY the jedi master of the enclave Dantooine brough Revan back to erase his memories and bring him back to the Light Side. When Suhehr which by now was 18 years old heard about it she couldn’t believe it they exiled her sister but forgave the one which lead so many jedi to the Dark Side. She viewed Revan as the one who destroyed her sister for the master to give him a second chance when they didn’t give one to Surik was something she couldn’t accept.

Her altitude displeased the master, and one of them warned her that this type of altitude could lead to the dark side.

Refusing to take part in the master actions Suhehr left Dantooine and for more than five years she wasn’t heard about.

Only one person ever heard about what she really did during those years, when she was asked she simply told that she went from planet to planet helping the desperate and meditating and by doing so she had learned more than she did in all her years with the jedi.

During her travel Suhehr had managed to make peace with herself. However unlike the master who believe that she would come to the same conclusion than them what she understood was different. She acknowledged that Revan deserved a second chance however erasing his memories made that second chance a lie if he couldn’t come back to the Light Side with his memories intact then he would not stay in it and would probably succombe at the Dark Side sooner or later. When the jedi following Revan in the wars instead of reject them the master should have guided them to resist to the Dark Side if they had done so many would have came back. Of course her belief about Serik was still the same she believed that if the jedi were guardians of the people then it was wrong of them to have exiled her especially when she was at her weakest they should have help her overcome and accept the consequence of her acts. However the belief that she had which was the strongest one was that if the jedi order was to be the guardians of the people it had to stay the guardians of the people and not the guardians of the government even if this one was a republic or another “good” government and most importantly jedi must NEVER go to war. Helping the people to survive a war was one thing but they must be forbidden to fight in a war except in self-defence.

In 3951 more than five years after she left the jedi she began to feel something that she didn’t felt for a long time. At first she thought that it was only her mind playing games. However what she could feel became more and more pronounced. The bond she had with her sister which had stayed silent for so long had began to came back to live and although it was still weak it was growing stronger and stronger with every moment who passed. Excited to feel her sister once more in the Force Suhehr followed this bond so that she could once again stand before her.

She was surprised to realise that Surik was on Dantooine, and though at first that the masters had finally understood their error. However she soon learned that the Temple of Dantooine had been destroyed in those few years she was gone and the masters had been killed.

When she reached Dantooine only a few jedi were in the temple working to restore it. She found Meetra Surik meditating in her old room.
The Meetra Surik sitting before her was no longer the young padawan which went to fight for an ideal and neither was it the broken woman with no life in her eyes. What stood before her was mature woman who had gone through hell,learned from it and still managed to keep the love she felt for other.

After a warm reunion the two friends talked about the time their time since the Mandalorian Wars.
Suhehr was happy for her friend for she had never been able to talk to her about the Mandalorian Wars.
They spend months together, talking about anything and everything, sharing their view on different subject and their knowledge of the Force.
Suhehr told Surik about what she had learned during her self-imposed exile and Surik told Suhehr about her different experience and about the decision the masters had to seal her access to the Force before Traya interrupted them.
Sad that the master would stay rooted in their narrow mindedness Suhehr told her friend that although she was sad that they had to die she was happy that Traya had stopped them.
Seeing that Surik still feared that her being a wound in the Force would lead to destruction she asked more question about Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion’s abilities.
Suhehr then developed an ability usable only by Surik using Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion’s abilities. From Darth Nihilus she took his ability to encase himself in his mask and armor and from Darth Sion his control of his body allowing him to be unkillable. This ability allowed Surik to attach her spirit to her body in a different way that most people’s spirit. This allowed Surik to sealing the wound that she was in the Force. It was however not as total as Darth Nihilus ability to live without a body and Darth Sion’s immortal body and was in fact very limited, it had been created to seal the wound in the Force and while it also allowed Surik to link herself to Revan’s body after her death to help him survive the torture he endured as a prisoner of the Emperor of the sith this used was only a byproduct.

After those few month Surik came to Suhehr and told her that she had found a lead about the whereabout of Revan and she was going to follow it. Suhehr who with time had accepted Revan and forgave him proposed her help for she didn’t wish to lose her friend once again.
However Surik looked profoundly at Suhehr and told her that the wisdom she had gained in her self-exile was too important for the Jedi Order and that she had to rebuild the Jedi Order and teach the youngling to follow this wisdom this way no more padawan would do what she had done.

Suhehr then went to search for the help of the jedi spread around the galaxy to rebuild the Jedi Order. After a few month she felt the death of her sister. The bond they shared which had stayed even when Surik couldn’t have access to the Force although weak had broke.

Sad that her dearest friend she had only just reunited with had died Suhehr excused herself from the other jedi and secluded herself in Surik’s room on the temple of Dantooine for a year during this year she used a technique taught to her by Surik which sealed her from the Force. For a full year she stayed separated from the Force thinking back the memory she had with Surik then meditated on what Surik had told her about her live as an exile she then remembered her own exile and only when she felt herself be at peace with Surik’s death did she finally stopped the technique and once again gained access to the Force. With the Force coursing her body she felt a stability in herself which seem to be able to resist any temptation.

Respecting her sister’s word Suhehr made contact with the other jedi to continue to rebuild the jedi order once again.
For nearly a century she sat in the jedi council. However with time the jedi order became more and more involved in the Republic. Despice Suhehr warning them that if they wished to continue to guard the people then they couldn’t the government she only managed to retard the inevitable for a few years.
Seeing the council take the same road the master of her young Suhehr refused to follow the rest of the council and left her seat in the council dedicating herself to teach the youngling as her long dead sister had once asked of her.
Saysir a grey jedi which happen to be a sith sorcerer.
Here my reference page if you're interested

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12.14.2017 , 12:42 PM | #216
Species/Race: Chiss
Name: Rrist'Asiw'Urne
Nickname: The Blue Devil
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 36567 BBY
Place of Birth: Nar Shaddaa
Age: 35
Height: 6'4
Weight: (Unknown)
Hair Color/Style: Black
Facial Appearance: Normal, without scars.
Eye Color: Red
Body Appearance: average (number 2)
Home Planet: Nar Shadda
Current Residence:
Allegiance: Whoever pays
Profession: Freelance agent
Armor/Clothes: Brimmed Hat with Gasmask ([Bounty Tracker's Hat])
Remnant Underworld Smuggler's Jacket (Black and Grey) (Durasteel plating)
Leather Belt (Canderous Ordo's Belt)
Leather pants (Battle-Hardened Apprentice's Pants)
Modified rocket boots (Devout Overseer's Boots)

Primary Weapon(s): Twin R-30017 Aikion Blaster pistols, modified for power blasts.
Secondary Weapon(s): Two mark TT-17A Hydra Gauntlets, one modified (Armed with Rocket Launcher/Flamethrower) and one equip with grappling hook and commlink.
Three standard issue Grenades (One Frag, One gas, the other Ion)
Nine metal capsules (Every three containing a different poison. One, Nerve gas. 2, stink gas. 3 tear gas)
Two Vibroknives (Modified to double as tasers with 1,200 volts)

Miscellaneous Item(s): Depends on the time.

Rrist'asiw'urne was born on the planet Nar Shaddaa, In the year 36567 BBY during The Great Galactic War, to a pair of Chiss nobles, named Rrist'Izaura'Urne and Jez'Ciath'Uaci, who were members of separate and competing noble families in the Chiss Ascendency. The two had secretly moved to a Palace house on Nar Shaddaa, away from the warring Family and Clans. The two on Nar Shaddaa for the better half of two years, until the Great War forced Izaura to return to his family, as his brother died and his Clan required him to take over his brothers spot. Unfortunately, Ciath had already given birth to the infant Chiss and had no way of returning home with him, for fear of public humiliation and disgrace to her family.

The two hired a local delivery droid to take the child to an orphanage, somewhere deep and remote in the corrupt moon, where they hoped the child would never see the light of day. The droid, name MA-77, drop the child off at an Orphanage in the lower Redlight sector of Nar Shaddaa, where he would be taken in by an abuse and manipulative Hutt lieutenant named Balrog Fesch.

During Tasiwu time in the orphanage Balrog forced him and the other orphans to work the streets of Nar Shaddaa, selling Spice and death sticks to the locals so they could afford food to eat from Balrog. It was at this time, Tasiwu killed his first man at the biological age of seven. The boy was an orphan, like himself, who tried to take a piece of his Pie. After that, things became easier and easier for the ever-maturing Chiss Male to take life for money, or for whatever reason he needed.

One day, after murdering a fellow street gang member, Tasiwu was adopted by the Ex-Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Gam Zost. He soon became a Bounty Hunter with his now adopted father turned mentor. Together, the two roamed the stars as a Father and son, all the while Gam Zost was teaching Tasiwu the tools of the trade.

After a few years, when Asiw learned all he could from his mentor, he shot the old man in the back and collected a bounty the Hutt Cartel had placed on him. After that, he later tracked down and murdered his parents. Once he was done, He adorned the black and grey hat of his mentor and headed out to make his way in the Galaxy.

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12.18.2017 , 10:59 AM | #217
Species/Race: Human (Echani)
Given Name: Terrick
Last Name: Nar
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 183 lbs.
Hair Color/Style: White, scruffy.
Facial Appearance: Pasty, 3 scars on the left side.
Eye Color: White
Body Appearance: Toned, muscular, fit.
Current Residence: Kerrick Station
Allegiance: The Republic
Profession: Fleet Commander, Security Officer
Armor/Clothes: Republic Uniform, several survival outfits.
Primary Weapon(s): Cathar Honor Sword
Secondary Weapon(s): Double-Bladed Lightsaber with a White Crystal

Biography: Terrick was on Ilum when the Sith struck in an attempt to take control of the galaxy's kyber crystal supply. He and his fellow Jedi were caught completely by surprise by the attack on the Jedi outpost. The Sith thought the last student would be one to toy with and torment, but they weren't expecting his rage to fuel his power. Terrick murdered the Sith and their cohorts without mercy and restraint, calling on the force to attack.

Several days after the incident, the Jedi sent a rescue party and took Terrick back to Tython. Terrick believed that he would be cast out, or demoted to a Guardian of the Whills. Instead, the Order decided to show young Terrick mercy, and the move made him disenchanted with the Jedi. He believed that he not only deserved to be punished but should not be able to continue his training for the safety of others. Terrick left and found an Echani clan, where he trained in their martial art then joined the Republic Fleet to push back against the Sith.
"The moral relativity of the Jedi Order will be its ultimate demise. You condemn torture until it becomes the most expedient path to your own ends. You step over the hungry on your way to matters you believe are more important. While you watch the threats from without, your demise is fostered from within." - Terrik Nar

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01.07.2018 , 09:33 PM | #218
Species/Race: Human Cyborg
Name: Zavekos
Last Name: Thorir
Nickname: Stitch
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Age: 24
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 lb's
Hair Color/Style: White, short but dense
Facial Appearance: Somewhat masculine. (Exactly like Facial Appearance 1 in the Creator)
Eye Color: Left eye: Cyborg, red glow/ Right Eye: White-silver iris
Body Appearance: Thin, semi-strong, unremarkable.
Home Planet: Dromuund Kaas
Current Residence: Personal Ship
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Sith Inquisitor, Part-Time Scholar
Armor/Clothes: Simple robes
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber, Red crystal, small hilt.
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force
Miscellaneous Item(s): None, for now.

Biography: Zavekos was born to a group of four brothers on Coruscant, two years prior to the Sacking of Coruscant and subsequent Treaty of Coruscant. Life was initially peaceful and happy for the boys, though on the day of the Sacking, in the large chaos that ensued, Zavekos was snatched away from his family by an enterprising slaver who knew how to take advantage of chaos when it was around. Separated from his family and sold into slavery, Zavekos grew up transferring from job to job as his owners dictated. It was a miserable existence, and he was very, very unhappy with it. During one of the jobs he partook in at the age of around 18, on a mining job on a large asteroid, an accident occurred that left Zavekos's only friend injured. The man tried to help, but the friend perished. The overseer of the job wasn't too happy for Zavekos breaking from his work to try and save his friend, and had the poor slave beaten savagely. At the end of the beating, Zavekos was thrown from a ledge, landing face-first onto a rock that broke or fractured most of his skull and gouged out his eye. Surviving by the skin of his teeth, he was taken to a 'doctor' of sorts who dealt mostly in second-rate medical tech and as such, Zavekos was left badly scarred from his doctors visit. After many surgeries and a long coma spent hidden away in a ventilation junction that had been converted to a dingy medical facility for slaves, Zavekos had regained his ability to work, and was transferred to Korriban to slave away for a Sith Lord. His jaw had been reconstructed with cybernetics, allowing him to articulate and speak once more, his brain held together with tech, his left eye replaced with a robotic one. Indeed, Zav looked like his skull had been peeled apart and stitched together again, hence his nickname of 'Stitch'. Fortunately for Zavekos, he'd shown some semblance of Force Sensitivity after his Sith master had pushed him just a bit too far. In Zavekos's anger, he'd thrown a large object at another slave on accident. And so, Zav was finally given a break from life as a slave to become an Acolyte. For four years he worked tirelessly to prevent himself from returning to service, before finally being granted a lightsaber and ascending from acolyte to Sith. Now 24, Zavekos is... rather directionless, moving from side project to side project, exploring his ability with the Force, and, despite being a Sith, doing good where he can, helping out those he thinks are worth the time and effort. Whether it is for personal gain or for some benevolent whimsy. Either way, he still has a noticeable soft-spot for slaves. Zavekos is quite loyal to the Empire, having grown up in the environment enough to rather not like the Republic, unknowing that all of his brethren are of the Republic. As it stands, Zavekos knows nothing of his upbringing in any capacity, save that he was a slave from before he could remember much other than his name.

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01.11.2018 , 05:48 PM | #219
Species/Race: Human
Name: Keverus
Middle Name: ---
Last Name: Black
Nickname: Kev
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Corellia
Age: 25
Height: 5" 12
Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown, medium length
Facial Appearance: 5'o clock shadow, scar across right eye
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Athletic build
Home Planet: Corellia
Current Residence: Jedi Temple on Tython
Allegiance: The Jedi Order (Light side) - not necessarily the Republic
Profession: Jedi Knight
Armour/Clothes: Jedi Robes
Primary Weapon(s): Blue Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): ---
Miscellaneous Item(s): ---


I was not involved in the battle of coruscant, as at the time I was participating in my Joining trials on Illum finding my lightsaber crystal. I had been searching with a group of other Jedi for our lightsaber crystals. By the time we received them and we got back to our ship we had heard about coruscant. And we was sent immediately to Tython to finish our trials.

I was found as a child on Corellia, and was taken to at the time the Jedi temple on coruscant and came top of my class in lightsaber techniques, and star-fighter simulations.