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03.01.2013 , 04:15 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by kyneris View Post
hey everyone, i'm not sure if anyone knows or remembers me, i used to frequent this thread a lot back in the day (before the forums were wiped). Anyway, i've been going through the new entries recently and i have a suggestion.

I would like to invite everyone to do the mary sue litmus test. I'm quite curious what score people get.

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03.20.2013 , 09:28 PM | #152

Species/Race: cyborg
Name: folly
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Gender: f
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Age: 28
Hair Color/Style: red hair gathered in a large bun with fringe at the top of her head
Facial Appearance: very pale, freckles, very thick pronounced dramatic eye makeup
Eye Color: light green
Body Appearance:
Home Planet:
Current Residence: hutta
Allegiance: herself
Profession: bounty hunting, refuses to do delivery tasks
Armor/Clothes: heavy or adaptive armor
Primary Weapon(s):
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s):


objective: proving herself, keeping her edge

let the smugglers scrabble after creds and scutwork, F is out for glory and gold. there's no point in going after a job if it doesn't involve showing off her skills and someone's head on a platter. only the truly skilled test themselves and keep their edge.

and she's one of the best trackers in the galaxy. she means to be the best bounty hunter too, and she'll cut down anyone on her way to the top.

according to her code of honor, she refuses to renege on a contract. it doesn't matter if her bounty offers more money, it's bad for business if clients get wind that she's easily swayed and unreliable.

she's skeptical of mandalorians, family means obligation and she's more into freedom.

she grew up your average middle-class girl -- except she was into guns and ammo. her seemingly wide-eyed naivete as had enemies underestimate her more than once -- a trait she uses to her advantage.

she feels no real ties to the sith empire except it's easier to be bad.

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03.22.2013 , 11:28 AM | #153

Species/Race: zabrak
Name: iolle
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Gender: f
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Hair Color/Style: dusky brown
Facial Appearance: red
Eye Color: blue
Body Appearance:
Home Planet:
Current Residence: tython
Allegiance: consitor sato practitioner, agricorps
Primary Weapon(s): double bladed lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): shield or focus
Miscellaneous Item(s):


sassy and outspoken, all iolle ever wanted to do was heal. she is a natural teacher and healer and enjoys challenging people to help them grow.

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04.03.2013 , 03:12 PM | #154
Species/Race: ECHANI
Name: ?
Middle Name:?
Last Name:?
Nickname: Kath
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/5/1992
Place of Birth: ruins of the star forge
Age: 20
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 278 lbs
Hair Color/Style: long down right side left side shaved silver in color
Facial Appearance: scar down one eye light scruff onhis chin
Eye Color: silver
Body Appearance: his frame speaks of power broad shouldered and trim wired mucle under pale well trimmed skin
Home Planet: noone
Current Residence: none
Allegiance: jedi watchmen and other sentinels
Profession: technician splicer and spy
Armor/Clothes: he wears alight tunic with leather pants and armored boots. wrist cut gloves
Primary Weapon(s): modified brayer pistol, shot staff, simple combat knife 6 "
Secondary Weapon(s): pike saber
Miscellaneous Item(s): cybernetic comlink with private access to his system wristband terminals that also help regulate his force restraint system

Biography: having lived on his own for so long his beginning on dantooine and training there was a surprising and unforeseen burst to knight hood. accepted into the ranks of sentinels by his numerous successful missions and frowned apon confirmed kills of sith lords left him with wonder lust after the murder and deaths of his masters
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04.28.2013 , 09:17 PM | #155
OOC Info
Server: Jung Ma,
Class: Sith Warrior'
Advanced class: Juggernaut
Alignment: Lightside

Basic Info:
Species/Race: Human, [ May be considered A Cyborg]
Name: Aodoka.
Middle Name: Tanish.
Last Name: Artisan
Nickname: Called Darth Hermit by Some sith behind his back
Gender: Male

Date of Birth: [ Unsure]
Place of Birth: Hoth
Current Residence: His ship, [ Dragoon 2.0]

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'6 [ Body type 2]
Weight: 130 Lbs. [ Body Type 2]
Hair Color/Style: He has long black [ but greying] Hair, which he will usually Slick Back, and A Beard. [ Unsure of how to describe it, but the first one without the Ties]
Facial Appearance: He has many scars on his face, the largest going from his jawline to his left eye.
Eye Color: Dark Green,
Body Appearance: He Has Multiple scars and is heavily tanned. and is Fairly Muscular. He also Has a Prosthetic, which is Dark grey on his right leg.

' Business '
Allegiance: Empire.
Profession: Sith [Lord]

Attire and equipment
Armor/Clothes: He Has a Long Black Armored Robe, And along with the Pants. With even more plating on the right leg, for protection of the Prosthetic
Primary Weapon(s): A Light Saber, with a Black Curved Hilt, [ Making it seem like a Talon] and has Gray-ish coloration, [ the silver-blue crystal]
Secondary Weapon(s): The force
Miscellaneous Item(s): His Prosthetic, and a lightsaber he keeps in memory of his apprentice, [ The Athiss Fusion Core]


* Will Post Soon*
"Inside of everyone huh? sounds a lot like Madness" - The Kinshin Asura,

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05.03.2013 , 06:31 PM | #156
Species/Race: Human
Name: Eugene
Middle Name: Kessler (Introduces himself as Kessler.)
Last Name: Laurant
Nickname: The Magician
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 26 years before the story's setting.
Place of Birth: The Underworld of Courscant.
Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 168 pounds.
Hair Color/Style: Shoulder length black hair parted to the right.
Facial Appearance: A young attractive face.
Eye Color: Ice blue eyes that have the appearance that they are glowing.
Body Appearance: In great physical shape. Kessler has many tattoos over his body figured to be meaningful to those of a Carnival.
Home Planet: Doesn't claim to have one.
Current Residence: On board a "Carnie's ship."
Allegiance: Kessler doesn't have an allegiance to either the Empire or the Republic. Works as an assassin or mercenary but follows a morale code that neither side can figure out all the parameters of it yet. On a few occasions Kessler has taken a job then had to decline after finding more out about his job. His only true allegiance says with his Carnival that raised him.
Profession: Assassin/Mercenary/Entertainer
Armor/Clothes: Face and color scheme.] Body image and armor while not preforming as an entertainer.
As an entertainer Kessler wears a black trench coat that goes down to his ankles and a very elegent suit and tie. He also wears a Kaleesh mask while preforming that he won in a bet against a Kaleesh warlord. That warlord has been trying to get it back ever since.
Primary Weapon(s): A yellow long handle saber staff. It serves as a "show cane."
Secondary Weapon(s): A set of throwing knives hidden from plain sight on the back of his belt.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Smokes grenades that explode on impact. A deck of cards in which he goes through to calm himself or help him make hard decisions.

Personality: Kessler grew a split personality between Kessler and the Magician. One was for the performance and the other for defense and fighting. Both have a theatrical entertainment. Both have been considered to be completely insane, however he has been be properly diagnosed. Kessler is in control of the Magician, however seeing him as a completely Dark equilivant that he doesn't like to release on the world. Kessler is out-going, while the Magician is quiet and keeps to himself.

Biography: Eugene Kessler Laurant "The Magician" was born to a force sensitive Miraluka father and human mother on Coruscant. Both his parents were on the run from the Empire for the belief of stealing secrets in the intention of selling them to the Republic. Kessler's parents agreed to abandon their child for his safety. On Coruscant a Carnival was showing. Against his mother's wishes the father gave the child to the head of the "Carnies" for protection. They agreed on the condition to keep him safe as long as they left to never return for him.

Kessler grew up thinking that he was born into the Carnival life. The leader of the Carnival was a human male by the showname of "Max the Magnificent", but Max to Kessler. Kessler grew close to Max as he aged. By the age of 7 Kessler's force powers started to grow. Max convinced Kessler that his powers were have yet to be discovered by the Galaxy. Kessler's first force power that started to show was his telekinesis. Kessler helped around the Carnival while the show went on, but on his down time he practiced the force. His force powers seemed to be growing exponentially to Max. Max saw Kessler as a great possible asset to bring into the Carnival. Max returned to Coruscant to consult a Jedi that was an old friend of his on what force powers that he knew. Max took this information and tried to train Kessler at a young age.

By the time Kessler was 14 he was extremely proficient in his telekinesis, as well as, draining knowledge on willing or extremely weak minded individuals, Force cloak, Doppelganger, and various mind tricks. Such as Force illusion, Mind control, Force projection. Max by this time has implemented Kessler in his acts labeling him only as the Magician.

Word of the Magician spread quickly throughout the Galaxy as Max and his traveling Carnival bounced from planet to planet. The first to approach Kessler at the age of 16 was the Jedi friend of Max. He introduced himself as Master Chivon. Master Chivon sat in one of Kessler's performances. He was amazed at the teenagers skill within the Force without an force-using teachers. He met with Kessler in his private quarters after the show. He wanted to take a blood sample to count the midi-chlorians levels in Kessler. To the Jedi's surprise the blood sample proved even less than a normal living being's count at 1800 per cell. Kessler wasn't surprised because he was trying to keep what Max told him was "Magic" to himself. Kessler told the Jedi to leave an not come back.

At the age of 20 the Sith Empire finally caught up with Kessler. The Sith spearheading the campaign to find the Magician was much less tactful then the Jedi. The Sith organized a full on assault on the Carnival. However this was not the first time the Carnival came under attack. Each of the own entertainers had their own skills in defending themselves. The Sith grew tired of the resistance so he finally attacked himself. He quickly dispatched all who stood in his way until he got to Kessler. He claimed that there were others like Kessler such as himself. Kessler used his telekinetic power to hold the Sith off the ground in a suspension. Master Chivon was hiding in the shadows watching the actions taking place between the Sith and the young Carnie. Kessler took the Sith's long handle lightsaber. While Kessler was distracted the Sith used his strength to break Kessler's hold on him. The Sith then escaped to attack Max and kill him. Kessler could feel Max's death. Blinded by pure anger and fury Kessler killed the Sith. Master Chivon appeared after pleading with Kessler to calm down. Outraged that Chivon allowed Max to be killed Kessler killed him too.

After paying the proper respects to the dead of the Carnival, Kessler took control claiming himself to be the ring leader and restoring the Carnival to it's former glory. By doing so he has taken assignments from outsiders who have payed handsomely. Kessler prefers to take jobs for the intelligence services. Assassinations are never his favorite but if they pay well he accepts them. Ever since Kessler grew a split personality between Kessler and the Magician. One was for the performance and the other for defense and fighting.
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05.15.2013 , 12:04 PM | #157
Species: Human
Name: Kaynan
Middle Name: Unknown
Last Name: Tate
Nickname: The Hutt
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 80 kg
Facial Appearance: no scars
Eye Color: Grey
Body Appearance: Moderate
Home Planet: Unknown
Current Residence: Imperial Fighter Class Fury
Allegiance: None
Profession: Adventurer
Armor/Clothes: Revan Mask, Eradicator Armor Set
Primary Weapon(s): Virtuous Primeval Ardent Blade's Lightsaber White Color
Secondary Weapon(s): Virtuous Primeval Ardent Blade's Lightsaber White Color
Miscellaneous Item(s): Holocom

After defeating his Master Darth Baras he travel across the galaxy collecting reaches to someday destroy both Republic and Sith Empire.

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09.12.2013 , 04:36 AM | #158
Species: Zabrak (Imperial)
Name: J'mpok
Last Name: Mogh
Gender: Male
Nickname: J'm or Green Marauder
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Corellia
Age: 24
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color/Style: Loose, shoulder-length black hair diverted around the horns on his head
Facial Appearance: Red skin, pitted and lined with scars and Zabrak tattoos. the tattoos wrap around J'm's face, ending with a forked 'tounge' emerging above his mouth.
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Body type three
Current Residence: The Fury Interceptor Batwing
Allegiance: Himself and his family (The Mogh Legacy and his crew)
Profession: General bada**ery; Darth
Armor/Clothing: Green Destroyer armor; Cortoisis-reinforced tuxedos
Primary weapon: Silver-bladed lightsaber with spikes near the blad emitter
Secondary: Bronze-bladed lightsaber, hilt is identical to his main weapon
Other stuff: Holo-disguise, Emergency Med table, mobile carbonite freezer, Portable Rancor Holostatue, Czerka Incendia speeder
Known associates: Vette (Wife), Xixxaia (Daughter), Jaesa Willisaam (Apprentice, Married to Pierce), Broonmark (Err...Adopted Brother? Pet? Carpet? Pet Brother Carpet?), Pierce (Adopted Brother, Jaesa's husband), Malavai Quinn (ummm....Traitorous Bastard?), Khem Val (Taught J'm the Dougie as it was done on the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh), Worrf Mogh (Cousin), Eckard Lokin (Magnificent Bastard), Pretty much everybody in his bloodline.....
Objectives: Kill the f**k out of Darth Baras (Completed), Bada**ery (Completed), Kill things (Completed, but still fun), Learn the Dougie (Taught by Khem Val)

Duelist Mixalot, Grand Champ Tellsa, Lord Saml, Apprentice Syynx, Captain Cirris, Skirmisher Janewei, Jedi Knight Jugger'not, Agent Ez'zio of <Wookies and Cream>, Harbinger
"Aim for the trolls! Kill the trolls!"- Gandalf

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10.07.2013 , 10:48 AM | #159
OOC Info:

Server: The Ebon Hawk

Class: Sith Warrior (Juggernaut)


First Name: Imitiss

Last Name: Mordo

Title: Lord

Nickname: The Prince of Debauchery

Race: Sith Pureblood

Gender : Male

Age: 29

Height: 6’2’’

Weight: 225 lbs.

Physical Description:

Taller and larger than most men, Imitiss is commonly referred to as a giant. Perhaps he has a little overweight, but not much and is very muscular anyway. His skin is as red as blood and his eyes are of a dark yellow. When he stares at you, some could say he is staring at your soul. Needless to say, Imitiss is a pretty intimidating fellow. But he isn’t only intimidating; actually, most people would describe him as very good looking.

He combs his hair, which are black as coal, in a fashionable way. His jaw is strong and square, but not too much and he has a small nose. He always seems to be grinning in a confident way, this annoys some people, but others find him irresistible because of that. Most people could say that a strange aura emanates from him, an aura that commands respect and loyalty, an aura that makes his friends confident and strong. This could be a mix of superstition and his naturel presence, or it could be that the force flows so strongly in him that he influences the view others have of him.

When it comes to clothing, Imitiss likes heavy armors that he wear like it was only a second skin. But the armor he wears are not scraps of metal, they are actually very elegant and are often combined with pieces of clothing such as capes and robes. Imitiss is a very distinguished man and likes when others take notice of him. Even the design of his lightsaber is very intricate. His equipment is worth a fortune, simply because he loves to look stylish. But this doesn’t mean he is a bad warrior, actually, he is one of the most dangerous Sith in the galaxy.

Psychological Description:

Cunning, refined, fun loving, and yet a ruthless master manipulator. This is a pretty adequate description of Lord Imitiss Mordo. He is very smart, smarter than most. He always plans the battles he takes place in and is often leading his men into the battle field, because Imitiss is also a born leader. He appreciates the fine things in life, always staying at the nicest places a planet has to offer, eating in the best restaurants and drinking the best alcohols.

He also enjoys to party, with or without other Siths. He loves women, he loves credits, he loves alcohol, there is no denying that, which is why some of his superiors see him as an irresponsible man, but they are wrong. He taps into his greed and his lust, like other Sith tap into their anger and their fear to gain new strength and power. He has become a master at using emotions and desire to become more powerful.

He can act formally… when the situation is needed, but when he is with his friends, he prefers to drop the act and say what he thinks. He is a Sith Lord, which means he is always planning to gain more wealth or power, but he is also a man of his word, which is rare amongst his colleagues. He punishes treason very severely, even when it profits him. Since he refuses to betray, he prefers to say the truth, in a way that always profits him, because he knows that the truth can sometimes be more powerful than a thousand lies.

Imitiss, like most in the Empire, thinks that humans and Sith Purebloods are naturally more powerful than the aliens. But unlike most of the Sith, if an alien should show some worth, either by his cunning or strength in the force, Imitiss would gladly accept him by his side. He owns some alien slaves. Mostly for his pleasure or the one of his guests, but he is a fair master. Imitiss has one goal in life, since he was born he knew it wasn’t his place to serve. He wants to be on the top, even to be the Emperor perhaps, and to live eternally. Controlling and enjoying the world for ever. But for now, he serves, but he knows the day shall come where people will recognize the name Imitiss Mordo for it’s true worth.


Born the son of an unknown human bourgeois merchant on Dromund Kaas and of an infamous Sith Pureblood Lord named Janna Mordo, no one ever thought he would achieve such greatness and become so powerful in the force. He spent his childhood in luxury, receiving one of the best educations in the galaxy and he trained with some of the best weapons masters on Dromund Kaas, becoming a very promising young Sith, unlike some others would think, since other than the fact than being very strong in the Dark Side, the family Mordo never achieved anything great in the history.

Some Mordo in the galaxy even became Jedi and others, who weren’t force sensitive, fled the Empire centuries ago. Needless to say, the name Mordo isn’t looked up on well in the Empire, but Imitiss always wore it proudly. His father, the merchant whom history doesn’t even remember its name, died when he was 12, his mother, the Sith, was killed by a Jedi Master when he was 17. A few months later, he was to leave Dromund Kaas to travel to Korriban to officially train as a Sith.

His training was completed in a record time; he gained power every day spent at the academy. Many powerful Sith Lords and Darth wanted him as an apprentice. A Darth got to be his master. He wanted Imitiss as his enforcer; he crushed every enemy that stood in the way of his master. But there is one thing his master never knew about Imitiss, Imitiss can be controlled for some time, but never fully tamed…

The day came when Imitiss was named a Sith Lord, he was very happy, because he knew that meant only one thing, he would be able to gain more strength than before, so that one day, he would destroy his master and take his place. Imitiss didn’t spend all of his time serving his master, he was planning, forging alliances, forcing some of his enemies into servitude. One day, when he knew he had gained enough power, Imitiss challenged his master.

A great battle ensued, and after a long fight, Imitiss was standing victorious. Of course, he couldn’t admit he had
murdered his master, but people knew he was the real culprit. After that, he didn’t became a Darth, but he knew he would gain this title soon enough. After his great victory, he became his own master in a way. People interested in Sith politics knew he was a great Sith in the making.

He helped the Empire conquer a couple of small worlds and cities, but his latest great achievement was at the siege of Palnans, on Alderaan. He was tasked with visiting an alderanian noble, when a rival house sieged the city he was in, Palnans. Imitiss then took control of the men stationed in Palnans, he knew the walls of the city wouldn’t last long, so he needed to act quickly.

Imitiss and his army were outnumbered fifteen to one, but that didn’t stop him. The siege lasted nine days, on the last day; he opened the gates of Palnans… and stormed out with most of his men in an audacious frontal assault. His enemies thought this was a desperate final attempt to end the siege, but they were wrong. Imtiss had ordered a group of his men to exit the city in secret and to attack the enemy from high grounds.

The Battle of Palnans was won in a day, Imitiss and his men had very few losses, while none of their enemies were left standing. From that day, he was recognized by the people of the Empire as a hero, a protector, someone they trusted, which was rare for a Sith. Rumors say Imitiss caught the attention of the Dark Council, some say the Emperor himself, it is dangerous for such a powerful Sith to gain such popularity amongst the people in so little time. Only time will tell what will happen to Imitiss, will he achieve true greatness, or will he end up as one of the Empire’s many fallen heroes…

Note: I’m also looking for a heavy roleplaying guild, should my character interest anyone, send me a message

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11.05.2013 , 09:43 AM | #160
Mi’ia Ish

-Faction: Republic, Jedi Order

-Species: Twi’lek

-Current age: 22 years old

-Personality: shy, easily impressed, warm and funny

-Combat Experience: accidentally killed a rouge Manka Cat once...

:Physical Description:

-Eye color: Brown

-Facial structure and Hair style: exotic, full lipped ; as for hair - impressive Lekku, left and also right

-Skin Color: light red

:Combat Equipment:
-Main Weapons: Dual Lightsabers

Young and clumsy Twi'lek, Mi'ia, grew up on Alderaan, being cared for by the House Organa's kitchen staff after her father (one of the Organa soldiers) died in what Mi'ia was told was an House of Thul attack. Mi'ia did not have a warm relationship with him because, as she feels, he blamed her for her mother's death during childbirth.
She had spent most of her childhood in the kitchen's garden, where she’s discovered her talent to make things grow and blossom. A Jedi Master Zenká brought the child into the temple after hearing reports of her sensitivity to the force. But Zenká found more on Alderaan then just the youngling, she found out the truth about her father - an executed imperial spy, and felt Mi'ia's mother's presence, signifying that she also is alive and force sensitive but has, perhaps, gone to the dark side. She kept this knowledge from young Mi'ia for her own protection.