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12.13.2011 , 07:20 AM | #1
Basically, this thread allows you to create your own character for roleplay and story writing purposes. It allows the reader to really get an idea of what your character is about, who they are, where they came from, etc.

Added below is an outline for character creation. It's purposes will be to give the writer a general idea of what their character set-up should look like. Please remember, though, that this is your character, and you do not have to follow this outline if you do not want to. You may also add to it if you wish.

Middle Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Hair Color/Style:
Facial Appearance:
Eye Color:
Body Appearance:
Home Planet:
Current Residence:
Primary Weapon(s):
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s):

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can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.

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12.13.2011 , 07:54 AM | #2
Species/Race: Human

Name: Isha'rell

Middle Name: -

Last Name: -

Nickname: Ish, Isha, Rell

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 28 BTC

Place of Birth: Coruscant

Age: 30

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Hair Color/Style: Black, ruffled, loose most of the time.

Facial Appearance: A slender nose, with a round face. Her left cheek bears a scar from an explosion and there is a cybernetic implant in her left brow to keep the bone structure together.

Eye Color: Dark green

Body Appearance: Slender, athletic.

Home Planet: -

Current Residence: Aboard the Pride

Allegiance: Republic / Jedi Order, but mostly neutral.

Profession: Jedi Guardian

Armor/Clothes: Regular, sand brown clothing, covered in durasteel plating on the chest, back and limbs with a jedi's robe and a hood hiding her features.

Primary Weapon(s): A blue lightsaber.

Secondary Weapon(s): Force powers honed to shield herself, throw her enemies off balance, disarm and/or to incapacitate them.

Miscellaneous Item(s): A very well designed lightsaber hanging from her belt that she never seems to use.

Biography: Dear god.. I'm just going to deny this. Ask her IC if you are interested.
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12.13.2011 , 09:48 AM | #3
Time to post my character... on the other side!

:General Info:
-Faction: Empire / The Sith

-Name: Vireth Danea (VIE-reth Da-NAY-yah)

-Species: Human

-Current age: 25 Standard Years

-Date of Birth: ~15 BTC

-Personality: Vireth revels in the manipulation of her peers to gain recognition and the favor of her superiors. She will go to almost any length to get what she wants, from sweet-talk and flattery to outright seduction. She carries herself with an air of confidence that could easily be mistaken for arrogance. Any sign of civility or restraint that she shows is but a faÁade however and will disappear at a moment's notice when refused or backed into a corner, causing her to revert to her true nature: heartless and cruel.

-Combat Experience: She is mainly used by her Sith Masters as a lone operative in intelligence gathering, sabotage or assassination. Her preferred method of completing assignments is the usage of stealth and subterfuge: spying, stealing and killing while remaining undetected. However, when compromised - something that does happen from time to time - she has no issues with engaging her enemies directly. In open combat she seeks to pressure her foes into submission with a relentless barrage of lightsaber strikes performed with the grace and finesse of a dancer.

:Physical Description:
-Height: 172 cm (5'8")

-Weight: 61 kg (~136 lbs)

-Eye color: Dark Side eyes. Example by

-Hair color: Although naturally dirty blonde, she has dyed her hair dark red.

-Facial structure and Hair style: Oval shaped head with a thin nose and full lips. Thin dark eyebrows and black eyeliner. Hair is short and straight with a fringe. Example by

-Skin Color: Very pale. (due to Dark Side corruption)

:Combat Equipment:
-Main Weapons: Dual lightsabers*, red and purple blades respectively.

-Armor: A sneaking suit.*

-Personal Starship: "The Impurity", a Fury-class Imperial Interceptor

-Artist Renditions: Artwork by Adam Brown, Artwork by RiaStarchild, Artwork by Lonelion4ever, Pixelart by Onionman

-Theme song: Grendel - Dirty

Vireth Danea is the daughter of Larsev Danea, a greed filled fallen Jedi who managed to gain control of various small mining facilities on a remote colony world. Through the continued exploitation of the local populace, essentially turning them into slaves, Larsev and his daughter gained much wealth and power, controlling a sizeable chunk of the planetís industry.

Vireth was instrumental in creating this small but lucrative mining "empire." Trained in the ways of the Force by her father, Vireth used her talents to spy on local communities, bribe Republic and Imperial officials and assassinate the competitionís key personnel. To the teenager, it was all a game and the people were the toys.

Come adolescence, Virethís relationship with her father worsens. Much to her father's annoyance, Vireth starts acting on her own, planning and carrying out her own schemes without her father's consent. This constant source of friction causes tensions to rise. Vireth, fearing her father might do away with her, decided to strike first by spiking her fatherís drink and killing him with his own lightsaber when he was at his weakest. However, the sudden loss of the organizationís leader caused a power vacuum that many of Larsevís underlings were eager to fill. Intimidated by the chaos and fearing for her life, she fled, taking her father's lightsaber with her.

Vireth drifted from city to city, planet to planet. A robbery here, a hired hit there, Vireth took oddjobs from many people and mingled with various gangs but she never stayed in one place for long. There was a restlessness inside her, a desire to rid herself of the emptiness she felt inside. Vireth was in a state of personal crisis. She missed her former life. She missed being in a position of power, being wealthy, having the respect of her fatherís lackeys and the fear of the miners. No matter how many times Vireth reminded herself that staying with her father was suicide, she could not get over her feelings of regret. After nearly a year of wandering aimlessly, Vireth came to the realization that she could never go back to her old life. Whoever was in charge now would surely have her killed if she ever returned. The only way for her to have her old life back was to either kill the current leader or create a new empire. Vireth knew that in order to do that, she needed to become strong like her father. Only when would she be able to dominate others like he did. There was but one group she knew of that could help her achieve that goal: the Sith. Virethís mind was made up; she was determined to become a Sith and use her Sith powers to create a new empire, much bigger and grander than her father's ever was

Having arrived on Korriban, Vireth was met with great disdain. No one was interested in recruiting a poorly trained adolescent when there were plenty of Imperial slaves and fallen Jedi to choose from. There was no way she could use brute force to bludgeon her way into the Academy, she needed to come up with a plan. <More on this coming soon>

Virethís diligence paid off. She was now an Acolyte of one of the many instructors at the Sith Academy on Korriban. Over the next six years, Vireth learned much about the Force and the Dark Side. She learned the basics of Ataru and familiarized herself (as best she could) with the internal politics of the Sith as well as galactic politics at large. Lastly, to finalize her transformation from a common thug to a Sith, she constructed her own red-bladed lightsaber.

Although Vireth was officially assigned to serve just a single Sith Overseer, she frequently went behind his back to work for other, sometimes rival Sith Overseers in order to gain as much prestige and recognition as possible. This game she played would not last however...

Vireth's streak of continued betrayal was eventually uncovered. Overnight, her reputation as an exceptional Acolyte changed to being considered less than a slave. Vireth had betrayed not just her own master, but many of the other Sith Overseers as well. True to the vengeful nature of the Sith, her superiors marked her as a target, a pariah other Sith Acolytes could kill for prestige.

The rise and fall of such a promising young acolyte did not go unnoticed, however. Darth Nemous was looking for desperate and downtrodden Sith for a special project. Fitting the bill perfectly, Vireth was recruited by the Sith Lord. She and about a half dozen other failed Acolytes were to (field) test an experimental bio-enhancement suit. This suit would monitor vital functions and, when needed, introduce performance-enhancing chemicals. The Acolytes were told that they were the first of the new type of Sith that would ensure the Empireís victory in the days to come, but in reality they were little more than slaves. Darth Nemous controlled the young Sith through chemical addiction and if they somehow managed to overcome that, Lord Nemous knew that without him, the other Sith would eat them alive. Darth Nemous created own private army of ďloyalĒ Sith.

The others saw this as the only way to survive, but to Vireth this was an opportunity. Vireth figured that if she played her cards right, she could climb the Sith ranks without having to deal with the Overseers. To her, this could potentially be a shortcut to Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship to an actual Sith Lord no less. Virethís goal was clear; she needed to find a way to stand out from the others, to prove her superiority and become her masterís favorite.

<To be continued>

* - Images created and designed by Kyneris
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This is Vireth Danea, my Sith OC.

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12.13.2011 , 09:54 AM | #4
Keep it coming folks.

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12.13.2011 , 10:26 AM | #5
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Hair Color/Style:
Long black hair with braided parts
Facial Appearance:
Bearded with tattoos
Eye Color:
Body Appearance:
Home Planet:
He aint the sharin type.
Current Residence:
Nar Shaddaa
Armor plates over jumpsuit
Primary Weapon(s):
Autocannon styled slug thrower
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s):
Knife, flask


Ex-SAR Trooper that was dishonorable discharged for striking an officer. OF course he wasnt taught much about the civilian world so he became a mercenary. He is abit of a free spirit and enjoys drinking...mostly found in cantinas and bars doing a few sips.
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12.13.2011 , 11:26 AM | #6
Ah, good, this thread is back.

Well, since I can't access the game just yet (why are they staggering Early Access anyway? ), I might as well post my character Bios here again.

I'll only do one or two, though.

Right now is my Main:


Name: Takeshi Yamato
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Home Planet: Corellia
Age: 25

Physical Appearance:
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Buzz Cut
Facial Appearance: Takeshi has a fairly average looking face, with a bushy moustache and violet eyes. He also has a scar running diagonally from the bridge of his nose down under his right eye, which he got during the Sacking of Coruscant.
Skin Color: Light
Height: 5í11Ē
Body Appearance: Takeshi is fairly slender for his height, but his Sentinel Training means that he is fairly well-muscled for his slender build.

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic

Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Jedi Sentinel
Moral/Force Alignment: Chaotic Good/Light Side

Weapons: Twin Single-Bladed Lightsabers (Violet Amethyst Blades [shown here])
Clothing: Takeshi wears a set of dark blue Jedi Sentinel Robes, customized to provide greater mobility and range of motion in combat. The robes also have a moderate amount of armored padding around the torso, giving him a decent amount of protection.

Personal Ship: Elsa (Corellian DefenderĖClass Light Corvette)

Personality: Don't ever tell him the odds. He is a resilient and easygoing young man with a short fuse. He can take a joke, he can take a hit, but don't ever push his buttons. Patience isn't one of his strongest qualities; rounding out what makes Takeshi Yamato your typical Corellian. He is punctual and dependable; a man of his word; and often a man of many words, depending on his level of interest.

He is also a thrill seeker and an adrenaline junkie; if he isn't doing something dangerous and exciting, then he isn't living. He also cares deeply for his wife, Sarah Reston-Yamato, and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe from harm.

Biography: Takeshi Yamato was like many other Jedi in the Order; taken away from home as an infant and trained at the Temple on Coruscant. He practiced the art of Lightsaber combat, learned how to use the Force and studied Jedi history. His training was no different than other learners. Takeshi, early in his training, became adept with a Lightsaber, and his training was focused into that of the Knight. He showed exceptional promise, but his Corellian nature and love of combat raised doubts amongst the Council.

When it came time for him to be apprenticed to a Master at the age of nine, he was chosen by a Female Miraluka Sentinel by the name of Voany Maris, who felt Takeshi showed incredible potential as a Sentinel like herself. From that day on, he began training with two Lightsabers, and found that that style of combat suited him well. He trained in both the JaríKai and Ataru forms, and also began a project to combine them into a brand new style, which he called Kotetsu. Furthermore, Voany did not follow traditional Jedi Beliefs in regards to emotions. Emotions should be controlled, yes, but not in the fashion the order typically taught, which was essentially suppression. Instead, Voany taught Takeshi to harness his emotions, use them to increase his efficiency in battle without being dominated by them. She also gave him an Astromech Droid, designation T7-X5, which became Takeshi's trusted traveling companion.

At the age of twelve, Takeshi began to "notice" the female learners, and his instinctive attraction to them slowly became a distraction. It was through insistent urging from Voany (who had become like a mother to him) that Takeshi would turn to training to occupy his thoughts. Like most Corellians, he didn't care to know the odds, but he loved to stack them against himself. It began with his training, to ebb his flow of thoughts on women, and later manifested itself in Takeshi's missions, where he'd purposely seek less than favorable odds.

Takeshi's lack of patience became more pronounced with age, along with his preference for danger. When with Voany, Takeshi preferred combat-oriented missions, feeling everything else was like a vacation; relaxed and dull. For the Council, this was a less than favorable quality. However, Takeshi remained staunch in his approach, claiming: Through combat, I truly feel alive. And, as long as I am, so will remain those Iíve sworn to protect. He'd channel his enjoyment for combat and danger, often using it to try and help improve his connection to the Force during battle.

Takeshi was fifteen when the Sacking of Coruscant occurred. Alongside Voany, he protected and transported many Younglings to the temple 'to be' on Tython. During the fighting, Takeshi split off from Voany to assist another Padawan, a Human Female named Sarah Reston who was training to be a Shadow. Takeshi and Sarah fought and defeated several Sith, before running into a Male Feeorin Sith Juggernaut who identified himself as Zark. Zark was not your typical Sithóhe was a battle-lusting, bloodthirsty maniac who lived only to fight. This disgusted and angered Takeshi, because even though Takeshi enjoyed combat, he still fought to protect others, unlike Zark who simply fought for the sake of fighting. With Sarah alongside him, Takeshi engaged Zark in a fierce Lightsaber Duel. Although they fought valiantly, apparently impressing Zark, Takeshi and Sarah were both overpowered by the Feeorin, with Takeshi getting a scar on his face from a glancing blow, and might have died had Voany not arrived and driven Zark away. They did survive though, and Sarah became one of Takeshiís closest friends. Takeshi also decided to keep the scar Zark had given him, as a reminder to never get overconfident in his abilities. He still has that scar to this day.

It was through his effort and abilities on Coruscant that the Councilís doubt in young Yamato was erased, and he became a Knight at the age of eighteen, and a full-fledged Sentinel a year later at the age of 19. He was paired with Sarah on many missions, and the two steadily grew closer, eventually falling in love, although they kept it secret from most of the Jedi, only telling Voany. Voany, who had become something of a mother figure for Takeshi, couldnít be happier for the two, and helped them keep their relationship secret from the rest of the Order. And when Takeshi was 24, he and Sarah were secretly married.

Since that time, the Sith have become a dominant presence in the galaxy, presenting the newly trained Jedi Sentinel with a worthy adversary, and an opportunity to feed his insatiable hunger for the dangerous.


Skilled Lightsaber Combatant: Being a Jedi Sentinel, Takeshi is very skilled with his signature Twin Lightsabers. Given his choice of weapons, itís no surprise that he has become an expert in the JaríKai form, which is much better-suited to Two Lightsabers than the other seven Forms. However, he is also an expert in the Ataru Form for if he ever needs to use a single blade. He has also managed to combine JaríKai and Ataru into a brand new style, which he calls Kotetsu.

Natural Pilot: Takeshi is a natural Pilot, capable of flying anything smaller than a gunship. He still doesnít have that much skill yet, but he is definitely on par with the average Republic Starfighter Pilot, and often enjoys flying his personal ship, the Elsa.

Force Sight
Force Persuasion
Moderate Self-Healing Abilities
Minor Telekinetic Abilities
Force Speed
Force Leap
Force Body

Sarah Reston-Yamato (27-Year-Old Human Female Jedi Shadow [Love Interest])
T7-X5 (Astromech Droid)

Treasure Hunting

Voice Actors/Actresses:
Takeshi: Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach)
Sarah: Anna Cummer (Miriallia Haw from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)

Main Theme: Men of Destiny
Takeshi & Sarah Romance Theme: Force of Love (opening to RF Online)
Journey Through the Cosmos: Cosmic Voyagers from Star Ocean: The Last Hope
A Time of Respite: A Place for Reflection from Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Battle Theme: Roar, O One Who Breaks Supremacy from Super Robot Wars Original Generations Gaiden
Boss Battle Theme: Battle Theme 3 (Arranged) from Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals
Space Battle Theme: Eliminating Targets!! (00 Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam 00)
Just in Time!!!: Triangler (Ver. Z2) from Macross Frontier
In a Tight Spot: Boosted Crisis from Super Robot Wars Original Generations
Community Hub Theme: Silk Road in the Sky I from Star Ocean: The Last Hope

This is my Main Character, and I will be making him in TOR as soon as I have access to Early Access (which will hopefully be later today, or tomorrow at the latest).

Of course, if you want me in a Forum-Based RP, and want me to use him, feel free to let me know. Just know that you'll be getting his Companions with him in a Package Deal.
Takeshi Yamato- 24-Year-Old Human Male Jedi Sentinel
Hitomi- 21-Year-Old Human Female Sith Marauder
Sayane- 27-Year-Old Human Female Imperial Sniper
Zark- 300-Year-Old Feeorin Male Sith Juggernaut

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12.13.2011 , 01:19 PM | #7
Species/Race: Amaran
Name: Vel
Last Name: Selik
Nickname: Vel
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 53 ABY
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Age: 6
Height: 4'11" Last 5 inches is ears
Weight: 45 Lbs
Hair Color/Style: Think fox pattern fur
Facial Appearance: Vulpine
Eye Color: Amber
Body Appearance: Didgitgrade legs, Tail, Thin overall
Home Planet: Amaran
Current Residence: Korriban
Allegiance: Character isn't certain yet.
Profession: Student
Armor/Clothes: Light robes, prefers darker colors
Primary Weapon(s): Training Saber
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force
Miscellaneous Item(s): Holocommunicator

Biography: Vel is one of the twin daughters of Garandi Selik and his wife Anoxia Selik. Her twin sister is Garanai. Born far off in an alternate timeline of Star Wars (Table top RPG with my friends) she ran into the force spirit of Naga Sadow when her group found a holocron. Naga Sadow tried to kill them but the holocron being made for protection converted the energy but this resulted in them being thrown back in time to The Old Republic. After her and the rest of the group were captured by a more powerful sith they were taken to Koriban and forced into being acolytes to Lord Zash (yes the one from the game) This is where she is today.

Her force powers are rather high for her age but her sister is even better. Her most noted attribute is her dexterity. She is fast and quick acting often attacking before the person finishes talking if it looks like they are about to be hostile. Although she is not particularly aggressive she will do what she has too but prefers disarm maneuvers at least to start off with. Very young at this time and of a species that hasn't become sentient yet her and her sister are unique in this era. (From the RPG her species wont become sentient for another thousand years) Because she has a bit more attitude than her sister she is more susceptible to falling to the dark side while her sister took after their father in being an idealist about the light side and thus is unlikely to ever fall to the dark side. She has with her a training saber that comes from her time but is only capable of doing stun damage though it does look like a light saber. This has led to contention with some other acolytes and likely will again as she will need to defend herself from people that want to take it from her.
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12.13.2011 , 02:36 PM | #8
Species/Race: Human White/Caucasian
Name: John
Middle Name: Solo
Last Name: Matiernin (Birth name is Caas)
Nickname: Little Johnny
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 17 BTC
Place of Birth: Dromund Kaas
Age: 19
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Hair Color/Style: Longish Shaggy Brown hair.
Facial Appearance: Mustache like the band KoRn's lead singer.
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: A tad bit overweight.
Home Planet: Tatooine
Current Residence:No Residence
Allegiance: Sith Empire until debts are payed.
Profession: Sith Inquisitor.
Armor/Clothes: Sith Robes.
Primary Weapon(s): Light saber.
Secondary Weapon(s): Force
Miscellaneous Item(s): Bacta Stimpack

Biography: Little Johnny was born on Dromund Kaas where his father James Caas and mother Tilda were fugitives when he was born, they knew that they were to be dead soon so they left the baby at a friend's house, the friend's name was Seamus Matiernin, he was a part time smuggler for Nemro the hutt, he took John with a kind heart and left to Tatooine to escape the grasp of the Empire and hutts. While John was growing up his force sensitivity shown, while working in Seamus's shop(similar to Watto's) things around him would levitate and he had fast reflexes, eventually the Empire started to look for him as well as the hutt clans for someone to ship things for them and someone to repay debts.

When John turned 18 Seamus was killed by a cannibal named Jorge (pronounced Hore -hay), the Empire eventually found John and made him work as a slave to the Empire, eventually they found out he was force sensitive when he turned 19 and made him learn the ways of the Sith.

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12.13.2011 , 04:37 PM | #9
Species/Race: Corellian
Name: Treyus Halcyon
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 8 BTC or 3,647 BBY
Place of Birth: Corellia
Age: 18 (assuming 10 years ATC is current start time of Game.)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 285
Hair Color/Style: Short Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Broad and strong frame
Home Planet: Corellia
Current Residence: Where ever the force needs
Allegiance: Jedi
Profession: Jedi
Armor/Clothes: Heavy Armor he Forged himself.
Primary Weapon(s): Single Blade Lightsaber with a silvery Blue blade colored by a Force crystal he infused through years of meditation.
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force, Though he is not very proficient with Telekinesis, he seems overly proficient with the ability to harmlessly absorb force attacks to be repurposed. He also has proficiency with mind affecting techniques.
Miscellaneous Item(s): Standard Jedi Equipment, which normally seems useless until it's needed.

Treyus is first and foremost a protector and defender to his very core, though he sees the value in sometimes Striking first. Though Patient and Orderly as most Jedi he does possess some of those iconic Corellian qualities. Mostly it comes out as a wanderlust that is never sated, though this could also be subtle promptings from the force.

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12.13.2011 , 05:11 PM | #10
I was going to post my char... but then I caught an arrow in the knee. But in all seriousness good to see familiar faces.

Question: Why do a lot of people use the last name Halcyon... or is it that there are just several names that look similar... or is it that I just see the same char over and over again?
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