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All servers are dead

strindmo's Avatar

04.07.2017 , 09:21 AM | #1
It seems like all the severs on SWTOR has been emptied, when i see on server status all servers have a light population. This is not good, but anyone who see this post, and play on tomb of freedom nadd, must come online, so we can play together. You know, we might make the servers come back alive again.

xChAoTiXx's Avatar

05.15.2017 , 11:51 AM | #2
ahm if you want some pvp id suggest you to try out the red eclipse... its the highest populated eu server and wzs pop really frequenr still.. even tho the population has decreased its sti very active... also TRE is the home of most elitist pvpers especially from tofn...

with the excepruon of the best pvpers the game has ever had (I assume you know "Force leech my banana"?)... wassel is on T3, Drago on VC, krellton on VC and Tre so a bit split up... but i guess for some good pvp experience you should try out TRE or TSL

matthewdbear's Avatar

06.06.2017 , 04:42 PM | #3
TRE is busy right now it 23:40pm. Time zone is GMT, depends on your playing time when people are on. Ebon Hawk is busy when the kids get out of school.