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This place still alive?


SW_Smurf's Avatar

02.19.2017 , 01:22 AM | #1
I am just wondering if the server is still alive. I've been gone for a bit from here, but the pull to come back is there so I figured I would ask

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02.19.2017 , 03:50 PM | #2
It really depends on ones definition of alive. There still seems to be somewhere around 100 players on at one time but that is both the republic and imperial sides together. There is more bots that make their way to fleet then players themselves. Do bots count as actual players? I'd guess bioware thinks they do since the credit sellers do have at least on paying account on the server somewhere.

I'd guess most left for Ebon Hawk. I think some left for Jedi Cov and maybe even harbinger. The rest probably quit altogether.

I might be bold to say the few guilds remaining may only pop in to do conquest on the dead planets just to get titles with ease. I know myself I have been doing that. I managed to get Tatooine and now Black Hole.

------Starkiller's Avatar

02.22.2017 , 10:06 PM | #3
I would say we are still active. Yes, we may not be as active as a few of the other servers out there but during Prime Time hours Eastern Time there are normally around 100-150 players online at a time on Empire side when it is slow and around 75-130 on Republic side. My guild (The Shadow Empire) is hosting events with other guilds so get some server activities going and we have ran a few Operations. As for PvP, we are trying to get it to pop more often and one trick that we do is have everyone in the guild que for Warzones and GSF even if they don't participate in it just so we get a pop for those who want to do some PvP. As for RP, there are many active guilds out there that do many RP events and are still activity looking for members. I have been spending my time lately helping out other guilds and trying to get more events going for the server. (This Saturday 2/25/2017 we do have a server wide planetary PvP event that I posted in another Thread)

A few good things about this server being smaller then others but larger then "dead" ones is the fact that everyone knows each other and are willing to help each other out, many guilds have spots open so that you can join a group you feel home at, and there are a lot less hackers, bots, and trolls on this server compared with others. Also, If you ever want to start a server event then you can just announce it on the Forums or to other guilds.
-Jeffon/Jaffon (Jung Ma)
Guild Master <The Shadow Empire> (Imp Side)
Guild Officer <Coordinating Confusion> (Pub side)

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02.23.2017 , 09:50 PM | #4
I encourage you to read the threat, "This server isn't dead, this is living on the rim's edge".