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The War On Reskins (Cartel Market Focus) - Feedback is needed!

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The War On Reskins (Cartel Market Focus) - Feedback is needed!

Zipacnaa's Avatar

01.27.2017 , 09:58 AM | #11
Account Creation Date: 06.09.12

Love this game, but for an MMO the game development focus seems all over the place. Not just how much resources are poured into the cartel market but how they introduce CXP, and have the audacity to then sell CM CXP boosts ... That is just downright wrong, and leaves me with a sour taste.

Back on topic: I'm not against them releasing Cartel Market packs - but the sheer number of them, including how quite a lot are reskins or minor alterations pales when looking at how many bugs still exist from when I begain playing. How about redirecting half the resources from the CM to actual new game content, content testing before release or even hiring a 2nd Community Manager if the primary one is too busy to communicate.

I do buy crates, but less and less so. Any 'old' rare item I may have has been reskinned, and is no longer rare. If I first spend real life money on items then those shinies should remain rare.

hiloes's Avatar

02.02.2017 , 03:13 AM | #12
It really erks me every time a new cartel pack came out and had a bunch of reskins in it the last straw for me personally was the probably during the mission were you get whats supposed to be an incredible, powerful new weapon to fight Arcann, what we ended up getting was a crappy rekin and in the Troopers case a reskin of a weapon that looked like something youd pickup as junk to sell from ord mantell! i bought a few packs since then just cause i really like one or two things and thought I'd try and buy em to get if they dropped {in most cases they didnt} but now i stopped buying the packs only ones i get are what i can buy with the monthly coins cause in my opinion they cant even be bothered to fill it with only unique items when we're paying real money for it and now with the stupid chance cubes thrown in the packs too its even harder to get gold or hell even silver sets that are usually the unique ones let alone platinum and with 90% of the new and unique weapons and armors going into the the cartel store i'd think they should put a little more effort into it...

SithKoriandr's Avatar

02.03.2017 , 01:21 PM | #13
My thought on reskins...

If they're going to do it, can they do it to all the ones with flaps on the sides?

Ambitious Warrior. Stylish Loungewear (and all it's recolors). I would like the waist/butt flaps removed, so the chest piece doesn't clip with robe/skirt leggings!
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-momori-'s Avatar

02.06.2017 , 03:09 AM | #14
Hi there,

I fully support everything you've mentioned.
I'll also like to add that it looked like a lot more work has been put into the older armor designs.
The newer packs felt like the designs were made really hastily. no effort at all.
As a designer, i'm very disappointed at the new designs.
They really need to hire some better designers and stop reskining things that we pay good money for.

Armargis's Avatar

02.06.2017 , 07:25 PM | #15
I certainly agree with everything that has been said, there are so many options and talented people working there that could be put to better use than reskins. Hopefully, we receive some sort of feedback. I really enjoy your videos as well.
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Omnigame's Avatar

02.07.2017 , 03:46 PM | #16
i support you 100% man
i also think they should put a hood option to activate your hood n deactivate it as people like hooded items but we would like the option as to weather we have our hood on or not i happen to enjoy seeing my character's full face time ti time , really hope everyone's complaints n changes they hope to see get through to the DEVS.

admirallawson's Avatar

04.09.2017 , 04:07 AM | #17
Man, I completely agree. I used to buy packs every here and there with the hope of getting something I really wanted, but of course that never happens. For a couple months now, I've been stalking the GTN and I as well have noticed that a lot of Gold item's are losing value because of reskins ans "retextures". This needs to stop. I already pay a subscription, so it's pretty absurd that I have to pay extra money for cosmetic gear that DOES actually look nice. Also, It's almost impossible to get a nice cosmetic outfit, because nearly ALL of the nice cosmetic outfits are old ones that are either no longer available or selling for insane prices on the GTN. Also, these platinum items are total BS, because some plat items are the ONLY kind. For example, Senya's Force Pike is the ONLY force pike currently available, and it's a plat item so it's lowest price is like 100,000,000 on the GTN. These Cartel Packs have f****ed up the GTN economy, and makes it incredibly difficult making credits through it. Honestly, these cartel packs should also be offered as rewards for Subs, alongside being able to be purchased by Preferred players and only come out monthly, so they have more time to actually put EFFORT, DETAIL, AND UNIQUENESS to armor, weapons, mounts etc. I mean, if you search up Sith Armor deviantart on Google, you'll see how much BioWare is looking over GREAT things to be inspired from. And if inspiration isn't happening, then they need to get some new desingers, because it's been awhile since I've seen an outfit that I really feel is unique.

sam-marc's Avatar

04.13.2017 , 05:39 PM | #18
I'm glad to see so many people jumping on board with this!

Keep it coming folks!
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DarkKnightShado's Avatar

04.15.2017 , 07:07 AM | #19

I agree with the removing butflaps on the top so they don't interfere with pants, skirts and whatnot. I think for those that want them it should be attached to the belt, that would make a heck of a lot more sense than being part of the top.

I would also like to see them stop the reskinning and pawning it off as a new set, that just makes collecting new armor sets a waste of funds. Make new sets and do what they do with Companions, offer a set mod that changes the colors and sell those on the CM or make them drops in Crates or have vendors sell them!