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The War On Reskins (Cartel Market Focus) - Feedback is needed!

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The War On Reskins (Cartel Market Focus) - Feedback is needed!

sam-marc's Avatar

01.25.2017 , 01:45 PM | #1
Hello folks!

As you may know, I created a petition here on the forums to battle against reskins and the focus on the cartel market!
This has had a response from the devs. This is a good thing. I was contacted and asked to move the discussion to a new thread seeing as petitions are against forum rules (convenient hehe). We made some good progress with the short amount of time used and still got a response.

So, if you would please continue your support on this thread and leave your thoughts / feedback on the situation that would be excellent. Please do not become the silent majority. Change will not happen if you don't push for it. We already got a response, so let's keep pushing and let them know how we feel. Even if you are against what this thread stands for your feedback is still welcome.

Personal thoughts
Community thoughts

All these are needed here. Now is your chance, the devs are tracking this post

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dominicsithlord's Avatar

01.25.2017 , 03:11 PM | #2
Signed.. Lets hope they listen to us! Is it too much to ask for simple things? I dont want to pay real money for re-skinned items i loved the CM to begin with because it allowed you to customise everything about yourself! now everyone looks like you no matter what kind of a downer for a '' Create your own path/story '' Game.

Nuverious's Avatar

01.25.2017 , 04:04 PM | #3
Sam you know i will gladly state my disgust in the cartel market. I have not and will not spend money on cartel coins or cartel items until they give us some thing worth buying. IE new race, new advanced class, or some thing that adds to the game. not a mount, out fit or any other skinned waist of money. I have been against the cartel market for a long time now and people need to stop buying things from it so they would have to reconsider giving us crap. after 5 years of being a sub the lack of effort they have produced makes me want to quit subbing.

Krazhez's Avatar

01.25.2017 , 04:04 PM | #4
I agree with what you said in your video. I rarely buy packs because they are so reskinned and I feel like they are not even close to worth the money. If the game is so focused on CM, the items should be much better. If they are just going to be lazy and keep reskinning, then there's no reason the game doesn't have more unique items earned through game play and that there isn't more content overall.

MaldroidX's Avatar

01.25.2017 , 04:11 PM | #5
Unless they add a steady way to earn cartel coins other than paying; such a huge focus on cartel packs really detracts from development in other areas of the game. I am already paying my subscription and for what? For them them to release new packs which I don't have access to unless I pay them more money. I haven't received the content I want to play in over 2 years. If they want to earn money maybe they should focus on actually delivering content to players.
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Ylliarus's Avatar

01.26.2017 , 04:55 AM | #6
And here is my suggestion as to what Bioware could do to improve the Cartel Market and the current fiasco with reskins. I posted it under your video but will do so here again:

What Bioware could do to make things better is really simple actually, because prior to KotFE there were so many amazing armours and weapons you could obtain via Planetary Commendation Vendors and random world drops. I believe that Bioware should look at the designs of those armours and then (NOT RESKIN THEM) but try to make armours and weapons in that style. Basically what Bioware needs to do with the various items is to return to its roots, where it began with SWTOR.
How will this improve the Cartel Market? This is how: there are so many areas ingame where there is content to do, thus I say combine Cartel Market and a world dropping system. Basically each area, for example the Oricon daily zone, drops items with a special something added to it, like a flair, a visual effect, perhaps even set bonuses and let it be a purple item. Those could be a challenge to get because either you have to be lucky until it drops or fulfill certain conditions. Now, for those who want the armour or weapon for purely cosmetic purposes can get a basic version of it in the cartel market. For example they introduce a cool looking Dread Master-like saber dropping on Oricon that gives off like a cool sound effect or has a different saber glow, you can get that item in its basic form, without any flairs or additions just a customizable hilt, on the Cartel Market in a tab called "Oricon" for example.
This could be done for every area so Bioware could expand the Cartel Market significantly but they also cater to the players not wanting to buy their items with real money (because for example they already pay monthly subscription). Each planet would have gear designed in the style of that particular planet. Tython would have Jedi Padawan-like gear, Dromund Kaas Sith-inspired gear etc. etc. Each area that has a unique weapon/armour/item added to it could then again have variations of gear. For example Dark Temple on DK will have more Sorcerer-looking gear while Lord Grathan's estate Sith Warrior. But the key in this would be to return to the style of gear that SWTOR started with.
With time they could add new gear/additional gear to the areas to create diversity. But basically this is what I think Bioware could do to improve the Cartel Market and stop reskinning.
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HumanDeath's Avatar

01.26.2017 , 03:00 PM | #7
I totally support this! And my ideas how to improve it? Damn Sam is 100% right, if you donīt want focus on the Cartel Market properly, so donīt do it at all. Focus on whatīs matter. Gaming experience! We donīt need reskins, we are subs and we need new mmo content. Donīt get me wrong new expansions are trully awesome, but focus on rich PvE and smooth PvP content instead. I miss the old times and classic class stories.
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TacoTroubles's Avatar

01.26.2017 , 03:24 PM | #8
The current problem with the market, that I see right now is the the fact that, I could spend over a hundred dollars on coins, then packs, and get nothing but bronzed reskins, and comp gifts. I can't remember the last time i needed a thousand comp gifts, I think they really screwed the pooch, when they introduced platinum level items, the quality of all the lower tier items has dropped significantly, because all the focus has been to platinum items, items which I have never even found in a pack, so a few people get cooler looking items, while the casual players are left with bronze, AND silver reskins, making it not so fun to play. and adding new packs to the market every update helps only so much, it floods gtn with you guessed it, reskins. I tried building a unique look the other day, but everything looked the same, either a darth vader or darth reven wannabe look. Basically the problem is they put out so little unique content, and any content that's worth getting is nearly impossible to actually get with out spending way to much money to MAYBE get.

cthuluftw's Avatar

01.26.2017 , 04:54 PM | #9
Support 100%. Heck, I've in all my years with this game never used the forums before, but this is an issue i wanna show support for. By means of less re skins, if time is the issue, i'd happily have packs with less armors, but the ones that are there have actual time and effort placed into them. Or perhaps have contests where fans can send in their own drawn concepts, with the winners being placed into the game.

syall's Avatar

01.26.2017 , 09:52 PM | #10
I agree with Taco it was way better before the platinum introduction and if you go back to the very first packs released nothing was the same. I have watched from day one the changes this game has gone through and you can almost pinpoint the time EA said lets make more money in the Cartel market and forget about what players really want.
I am not a fan of a new pack every few weeks with a crappy re skin of an old item that was popular years ago.
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