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So... Whats next? The Future of SWTOR...

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So... Whats next? The Future of SWTOR...

lobstah_rofls's Avatar

01.10.2017 , 06:49 PM | #11
Increasingly, I find it unavoidable to conclude that Bioware Austin is burnt out on SWTOR and wants to kill the game on purpose, as their only good way out from having to work on it for the next ~decade (EA's deal with Disney is up in 2023 but they could easily end up renewing it).

GC is a casual killer and MMO players are mostly casuals. I mean they have to know that. They made it so the casual raiders with jobs and lives etc can't just show up on Tuesday night or whenever for the op.

DrewFromPhilly's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 12:51 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by lobstah_rofls View Post
Increasingly, I find it unavoidable to conclude that Bioware Austin is burnt out on SWTOR and wants to kill the game on purpose, as their only good way out from having to work on it for the next ~decade (EA's deal with Disney is up in 2023 but they could easily end up renewing it).

GC is a casual killer and MMO players are mostly casuals. I mean they have to know that. They made it so the casual raiders with jobs and lives etc can't just show up on Tuesday night or whenever for the op.
It's not just the gearing issue, it's that with no new MMO content in two years there isn't even anything to do with the gear when/if you do actually get it. It's like going through all of this just to keep doing what we've already been doing since well before kotfe.
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01.11.2017 , 01:41 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by LordPaulusCobris View Post
What do you guys think about this?

Best Regards,

I think you're kidding yourself and holding on to hope that should have died years ago... 3.0 was ok, 4.0 was terrible, but if 5.0 had launched the way 2.0 did, then it would have been ok... 5.0 has turned this game into a joke and it is never going back...
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01.11.2017 , 03:44 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by LordPaulusCobris View Post
Like i told on another topic, there is a way for do a proper expansion/clean slate for the game...
Get back to the roots but include all the learning so far...

It will require decent writing skills to pull this off.
Im a writter my self and i envision this way out of this mess.

I coup is made by the republic or the sith empire to us... We are taken by force and tortured by an unknown foe.
After allmost being dead, we are send to be frozen in carbonite and left to die on some storage place in and outer rim planet...
With a void on power, sith and republic combine forces against zakkul and the alliance, destroying zakkul on the process... The alliance disbands and ppl scatter around...
The "temporary alliance of the republic and empire" is broken because of the spoils of wars, and both factions start fight each other again...
In the mean time 200 years passed... the player is unfrozen an put to work as a slave, due to the long time in stasis the memories are lost (but not unrecovered), and we donīt know who we are or what can we do...
After this start we are helped by some rebels to escape the slavery camp, and to work to the rebels (or sith or republic), to turn the tide of the war that lasts for many many years...

I could writte some more of this story, but i believe this could allow to revisit some know planets again (with changed landscape), get new companions, new friends, new heroes, etc...

What do you guys think about this?

Best Regards,

Sounds to me like you are trying to unite KotFE/KotET with KOTOR. The whole carbonite thing has been done recently and the memory loss smells just like KOTOR. Not to mention the 200 year time skip makes the player sound a lot like Revan. Makes for a bad story if you ask me. It sure will not turn things around for SWTOR.

It's really too late to turn this game around. SWTOR was mediocre at launch and has gotten worse over the past five years. BWA failed to reach the game's potential in any area including story. The stories, for the most part, are good but they had potential to be great. Everything else is either mediocre or downright awful (looking at you GSF).

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01.11.2017 , 04:01 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by TX_Angel View Post
I think you're kidding yourself and holding on to hope that should have died years ago... 3.0 was ok, 4.0 was terrible, but if 5.0 had launched the way 2.0 did, then it would have been ok... 5.0 has turned this game into a joke and it is never going back...
3.0 was great indeed, it provided all aspects of an expansion, new story, new ops, new abilities, new system, new places you can actually keep traveling to and doing dailies there etc. What came after it was just a joke, only means to keep the players subbed.

When Bioware realized that with 4.0 people are unsubbing and using CM passes for stuff they had to remove this option too and also had to make getting gear only the benefit of the subscribers. Those are the last resorts of a dying game!
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01.11.2017 , 04:38 AM | #16
1) Vanilla class stories were really good. You felt like you were the center of the story which is what you should be. That all changed with KOTFE and KOTET. All the companions people really liked are gone, especially all the romances that most looked on with fondness, and you are thrust into a world where you can be thrown around like a rag doll and have no power and your husband/wife is no longer interested in you even though they damned well know where you are since the Alliance has been broadcast through known space and probably beyond.

2)RNG, what the hell or what a hell, BW. My gosh, They put RNG in the Cartel Packs, but then they make it worse. They put RNG in endgame gearing and made it worse. I understand the need for RNG but they went way overboard here and purposely did it so that some foolish person who wants a certain armor set or mount or companion will continue to buy, buy, buy. BW Austin has turned into it's greedy parent company.

3)Where did all the good writers go. A good MMO writer knows that the player wants to be the hero of the story. A good writer knows that the reader wants to put himself/herself into the story and be able to identify with it. They want to get to know the companions, they want a long drawn out story that they can play over the months and they want to feel good about it. That was vanilla stories before all the XP boosts and it certainly isn't KOTFE/KOTET.

I love BW games, the Dragon Age series, the Mass Effect series, really looking forward to ME Andromeda and I loved vanilla SWTOR so much that I've made all new characters so I can play vanilla class stories again and do the flashpoints over again. My friends are coming back for the same reason. They don't give a damn about KOTFE or KOTET. They want vanilla.

BW Austin can't make sweeping changes and expect people to stick around. They have ruined the economy. Damn you can't even buy an armor set on the GTN without paying a fortune. 50mil for a mount? That's bloody ridiculous. But BW because of their RNG made that possible.

Next, the damned restrictions on FTP and preferred players. That is the most ridiculous of all. I'm a subscriber so don't go on the you just want everything rant. No, I want fairness and equitability. I don't want F2P players to have the massive restrictions they have. You know what, if BW loosened up on the restrictions to F2P and announced it, there would be an influx of players. The CM is making a ton of money and everyone knows it. They'd still be bringing in the flow. They would have to adequately compensate the subscribers and they would stick around if they had reason to, but more players would be in the game.

Lastly, BW Austin doesn't know MMO gaming at all and they don't want to know it. If they did, they'd be on these forums reading every reasonable post and putting every idea on the drawing board. Voice acting isn't expensive. In fact, it's dirt cheap, 825.00 per session. If they had not moved away from making new class stories and new OPs, this game would be thriving. Alas, BW Austin doesn't appear to give a damn and have fallen to EA's total and complete greediness.

Do I think there is a way to save this game? Yes I do. They need to go back to the drawing board and make class stories and new operations. There is so much Star Wars content out there. Surely they could use it since this game is not considered canon. They need to lessen the restrictions on the f2p players and release new content as DLC except for subscribers. They should look at the other MMOs that have gone f2p. Honestly, ESO, f2p, the free players get to play everything with no restrictions and the subscribers get an amount of store currency and the new content for free. I can name several other MMOs that have the same policy.

I definitely think BW has this game on life support. I don't know if it's caused by a decision from EA or if BW Austin is just incompetant. The other BW teams are on the top of their games and producing excellent games (except the ending of ME3 which fans have fixed). Now granted, not every change they've made is bad. I really like being able to use any companion I want. I like not having to gear them. Those two changes were very good. I hate what they've done with the Alliance quests, no PC voice acting, especially now that I know how cheap it actually is. Yes, BW/EA, you are cheap, cheap, cheap to pull that crap when a session is so inexpensive.

And do you know what's worse of all? They'll never read these comments and even if they did, they won't take them to the drawing board and try to make things better. *shrugs*
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LordPaulusCobris's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 07:41 AM | #17
Thanks for all the replyīs...

I agree with everyone... SWTOR could be a lot more, but i donīt understand all the KOTFE/KOFET idea...
They could have done the same story in the vanilla format... Less Streamlined and on rails...

They should have give us, the control to go from planet to planet, and land on the story planets, and do the chapters as FP for example.

Who wrote the story was clearly not a very experienced writter... It dindnīt understand what draws a person to a book or even to a game with narrative... What is compelling and what is not...
The "runaway" companions should have come back allready, even more the ones that had romantic affairs with the player.
They should have been given more structure and dialog, we (the player), must feel that we do exist in the world...
That we where missed when we where "dead", and that even if life goes on, some of the companions still missed us.

I also like the multitask companions and the no need for gear (at least the atribute part), what i donīt like is the inability of change the looks of the companion...

SWTOR really need to get back to the drawing board... Return to 3.0 style. Adjust and learn with the changes, but lets return to the vanilla mode... Lets explore new parts of tattoine (some hidden parts, some cave system, some hidden temple, etc...).

Lets discover a diferent part of taris, or even do a diplomatic mission to Coruscant (as empire), or Dromund Kaas (as the Republic).

Hell... Lets rediscover some ancient planets or even some places new...
I miss the excitment of the Planet Quests story arcs and the Story Class that happens on that planet...

There is so much that can be done with what there is allready...
Come on BWA lets do it!

Best Regards,

Lord Paulus Cobris

Norkkan's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 07:56 AM | #18
I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I also really enjoyed 1-50 base game of early Swtor and feel like Bioware is just making this into a expensive singelplayer game with the newest expansions.
I would like that Flashpoints became level based again ex Athiss lvl 21-25 and that rolls like tank and healer matters again. Not so much fun being lvl 25 tank when you got 3 lvl 65s in your group just smashing their way trough everything and at every boss you have healing nodes you can just touch so no one feels like a healer is required anymore. No to me Flashpoints were more fun in the old days.
I would also like new Races (Nautolan!) more fun side games such as Pazzak and Swoop races, more fun PVE and PVP content and that they make gear throughout the entire playtrough matter again (Also random drops on planets and hard enemies would be cool) Some new leveling zones on existeing planets such as Korriban or Tython would be really fun and lets us go back to the planets we already like.

Talon_strikes's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 08:07 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by DrewFromPhilly View Post
I've been around since the beginning as well, but I have to say I think you might be looking on the past with rose-colored glasses here. My memory of vanilla SWTOR is nonexistent endgame, an overly hyped pvp-map they just straight up abandoned, far too many servers which made 95% of them ghost-towns, and friends/guilds leaving in droves. Oh and let's not forget the lack of MMO basics they've slowly been rectifying since then. When they announced F2P and the cartel market that summer I wasn't surprised at all.

I won't be here after the end of the month and I'm done waiting around for SWTOR to finally reach it's potential (it never will), so I honestly don't care in the slightest. But I seriously doubt BW even knows the answer to that question. If you go back over the history of their "content" since 2012, there is no clear plan or direction. No vision, no niche, no focus, no anything. It has been one random, desperate idea after another so it could be anything but based on their past releases I'd say chances are good it will be underwhelming.
Honestly, vanilla is way better than post-F2P SWTOR, you have to admit that. Vanilla had an abundance of issues of its own, but I transferred early on to the then-2nd largest server in the game (The Fatman) and I loved how SWTOR was still a true MMO and had a much larger and more active playerbase than it does today.

I wish Ilum PvP would get another chance, ranked 8s would come back, PvP servers would come back, and for more PvE group content for the PvE'ers. At least EAware's priorities were right back then before late 2014 and the sudden shift to being a KotOR 3 pretender.
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01.11.2017 , 08:13 AM | #20
I have no idea what the future will hold for swtor. Right now I'm just disappointed, and if they don't say what I want to hear or say something interesting come the next live stream I'm walking out the door which I absolutely hate to say.

When I look at the different parts of this game whether it be vanilla to kotet one thing stands out to me: a lack of coherent direction. They develop something only to ignore it for the rest of time. They go one way only to go another way in the next expansion. They lack a foundation. They had one, in my opinion previously. But, now it's just fragmented. The story isn't connected at all to the universe we inhabit since it's removed from the places you go and travel to. The swtor universe, kotet, and kotfe just don't feel joined together. A large part of that is it's all instanced and has no planet to go to outside the story. I guess you could count denova but really, why count that? There's nothing there outside of grade 9 materials and no dailies. When you look at end game they seemingly have the foundation set with flashpoints, gsf, ground pvp, and operations. So instead of building on those they introduce uprisings. They have no consistent approach and it is a big reason why I think they're not doing as well as they could be or should be.

What I think they need to do? They need an actual expansion. Calling 5.0 an expansion is absolutely the wrong use of the word. It's just a story continuation. They should do an actual new planet like the size of makeb with faction stories at the very least. They need to stop creating companions that have no story arc, and develop story arc's like hk 51 and treek did for ones like Master Ranos. They need to develop a new "prelude" flashpoint series, a new objective based pvp map, and another gsf map along with a new operation.

They need to do so much. They need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. They need time that they wasted back.

To be honest, I don't believe in them. I don't think they have the ability to do what the game needs them to do.
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