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Imugr Home Tour @50% Done (Tatt)

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Galactic Strongholds
Imugr Home Tour @50% Done (Tatt)

Jinook_Phi's Avatar

12.27.2016 , 08:57 PM | #1
Hey All ;-)

Greetings and well wishes for epic color schemes! LOL I just just hit the 50% done mark on my Tatt casa, "The Alliance Commander Private Residence". I am very happy with the progress, although come Jan, wont be able to do much. REALLY wish the female meditating Padawan was cheaper on my server (Harbinger), case I really wanted several for my Jedi room, but I cant even afford one! Like they start at 8M- crazy. But Im the most happy with my sculpture garden just outside the bottom floor elevator, where the hangar door is.


Xina_LA's Avatar

12.29.2016 , 09:51 AM | #2
Very nice! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Do you have any other strongholds to share?
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--

Jinook_Phi's Avatar

12.29.2016 , 11:52 AM | #3
No, just the Tatt place and that's taking over a year to get to 50%! Thanks for the compliment! Appreciate it.

Jacewen's Avatar

12.30.2016 , 11:20 PM | #4
Not bad - keep working at it. Decos are always overpriced and of course the longer they are out of rotation the more ppl will ask for them. However if I were you - and you really needed some decos - you could start sending tells to the sellers and offering something you can afford via COD transaction. A lot of times ppl will list their decos very high bc that's what others have them at - but that doesn't mean they sell. It doesn't hurt to make an offer using the ingame email - and have them send it COD. I've gotten a few decos that way. Unless the decoration is a gold or plat item you shouldn't pay over 1 mil. Also - don't always click and collect every deco you come across. If it doesn't fit your theme then just put it up on the GTN or keep it available to trade. Literally if it's not going to help u at all with completing your SH theme then u dont need it. Try to find some ppl who like to decorate on your server and friend them and try to help each other. Good luck!