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Looking for mobility and deep resource pool, is this it?

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Looking for mobility and deep resource pool, is this it?

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12.27.2011 , 09:09 AM | #1

I've played BH and IA (a little in beta and now in release).

I find that I am very bad at managing my resources (heat, ammo, whatever) and always end up spamming my abilities then waiting for my resource pool to replenish.

How is the sorcerer's force pool? Can you sustain a high use of abilities once you have enough skill points into cost reductions and such?

Also, how mobile is the sorcerer? I have a BH Merc and find mobility is pretty terrible because my main ability is tracer missile which is a 1.5 sec cast. Only a couple of the abilities I use a lot are instant.

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12.27.2011 , 01:14 PM | #2
For a mobility spec w/ good force management, id recommend looking at my spec that is listed in the "sith sorcerer pvp guide" (tbh its not much of a guide). Its main focus is control and mobility. Post any questions or comments in there as i dont check many posts in these forums very often.
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12.28.2011 , 10:10 AM | #3
I have a really good force and mobility spec.

For a moving boss encounter here is what I will do.

Bubble Tank > Resurgence > Innervate > Bubble (cooldown should be off) > consumption > Resurgence >innervate > Consumption > Resurgence >Dark Infusion (1.5 second cast) if tank is taking a lot of damage

and so on

Sassy’s Sith Sorceror *Healie Build*

In the Corruption Tree

Dark Mending (2 of 2) It is extremely important to have your cast time reduced. I use the spell religiously. It will become the main rotation once you add points into Resurgence.

Seeping Darkness (3 of 3) Crit makes a difference. I think this is pretty self-explanatory

Haunting Presence (2 of 2) Since Presence affects mana regen. This is a MUST. Plus the added bonus is stronger heals.

Lucidity (3 of 3) It seems that par for the course is getting pushed back in some way in pretty much every fight. Our top heal has a casting time so I puts points in this as soon as I could. Healing also tends to grab a lot of aggro. Prior to having this maxed I was peeling mobs off everyone to me.

Resurgence (1 of 1) This is your first heal over time dot. It is also part of the main healing rotation.

Force Bending (2 of 2) Right after you pop Resurgence this spell gives you two awesome options. A free lesser quick heal… or a faster Dark Mending (which I tend to use more) I think this will depend on personal healing styles and types of mitigation

Dark Resilience (2 of 2) I have found that I use Corruption all the time. But I space it out so that I do not kill my Force regen. I will never Corrupt more than twice in the cool down period. (that is to make sure I do not take too much damage myself ) But the extra 2% makes a huge difference in how much health I can maintain.

Efficacious Currents (2 of 2) The shield mitigates a good chunk of damage and I keep it up on me and the tank at all times. I find that when I do have mobs come at me being able to shield that 3 seconds sooner can be clutch in me getting off a Dark Mending on myself.

Reconstruct (2 of 2) I did this for the additional armor. Though it is nice to have the heals last longer as well. (Since I use this spell religiously)

Innervate (1 of 1) It is nice to have a second quick heal to pop on critically low health people (I believe this should go without saying)

These are all the points I plan on adding to my Corruption Tre after 28

Sith Purity (1 of 1) I haven’t done much dispelling as of yet… but for endgame content this will be necessesary

Life Surge (2 of 2) Damage reduction will be important for my build… since corruption is in my rotation. The extra crit is also nice.

Penetrating Darkness (3 of 3) Extra healing bonus = win It is also nice to be able to hit with my spells… I do tend to CC in my runs (want to make sure whirlwind hits)

Force Surge (2 of 2) Free consumption means more survivability in longer encounters.

Revivification (1 of 1) I generally keep this spell up on every cooldown. Purple circles are easy to see and stand in.

Force Suffusion (2 of 2) Extra Healing bonus to my AoE heal

Empty Body (2 of 2) When people heal me I can Consume more health for my own Force

Points I will Place in my Lightening Tree

Electric Induction (3 of 3) Reduced Force Cost on my heals

Reserves (2 of 2) Extra Force to work with (making my healie pool larger and more efficient)

Lightening Barrier (2 of 2) This adds to the damage mitigation of my bubble

Points I will place in my Madness Tree

Will of the Sith (2 of 2) This is buffing the raid buff (anything I can do to make the encounter better for everyone)

Sith Defiance (1 of 1) Another way to take less damage (hence helping my consumption build

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12.28.2011 , 10:50 AM | #4
It sounds more like you have a trouble balancing optimal skills with your resource pool. A common adage is that if you're out of resources, you're out of DPS/HPS. The key is to find a rotation that weaves in resource building abilities while maintain competitive damage or healing.

Sassy posted a good rotation. If that doesn't suit you (and you're healing), remember to weave in force bending, innervate and consumption for mobility and regen.
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