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[Cybertech] Possible Bugged Cybertech Vectron mount crafting.

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[Cybertech] Possible Bugged Cybertech Vectron mount crafting.

DrDaMoZ's Avatar

12.15.2016 , 03:41 AM | #1
I was crafting 3 of the Vectron mounts before going to bed this morning: Vectron Archeologist, Vectron Scavenger and Vectron Slicer. All on the same companion (the one with the highest crit chance) and a maxed out Cybertech skill.
Now that i've logged back in i've discovered that only the Vectron Archeologist has been crafted and the Scavenger and Slicer are missing. The crafting materials are gone and i also never received a completed or failed mission report in the chat log when i logged in. It went from the Archeologist straight to the mods i had queued up after the Scavenger and Slicer mounts. I did have a Scavenger and Slicer already listed on the GTN so it might be the case that the game doesn't like you having multiple versions of the same crafted Vectron mount on a single character. I've got a ticket waiting to be answered so in the meantime consider yourself warned when crafting any of the Vectron Cybertech mounts.

Ackire's Avatar

12.18.2016 , 06:10 AM | #2
I have also noticed that items Ive crafted and logged out for the night have not been made. But mine were varied relics and dyes. It seems to be extremely random and Ive not been able to repeat it.