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New Guild System Idea

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12.11.2016 , 08:44 PM | #1
Hey, I was just thinking about this, and talked to a few friends, and they said it sounds cool, so I figured I may as well make a forum post.

Alright, so the base of this is a completely redone guild system. When you first go to register a guild with a group of 4 people, it could start as a naval squadron or army squadron, both having different pros and cons. Naval squadrons, instead of getting a stronghold, could choose from a few small corvette sized ships to use as a flagship, while army squadrons keep to strongholds. After reaching X amount of people, the army part could progress to a platoon, unlocking larger stronghold options, and more options for planetary conquest, while the navy, can start unlocking larger ships, and start forming a small fleet. Again, after reaching X amount of people, the Army now progresses to a regiment, now able to buy multiple bases among different planets, and the naval(now fleet) can start buying small cruisers like the hammerhead, all while keeping the rest of their starting fleet. I forgot to mention at this point that the naval fleets keep gaining plans for the smaller sized ships. Once more, after reaching X amount of people, a Guild would turn the army into a corps, and a navy into a fleet, and at that point allow them to start from the lower parts of their counterpart. This would allow guilds to have a whole naval fleet and army, giving more opportunities for guilds, and more for players of the game to pursue.
An idea to add on:
Allow guilds to ally, giving the other guilds access to their strongholds/ships(with a controllable amount of access), so armies can work with navies.

Now I know this is VERY VERY far fetched, but It seems like a nice thought. They already have designed ships interiors and exteriors, and there are MANY buildings that could turn into strongholds/bases.

A few more things to add on:

Allow strongholds to add more buildings, turning them into bases
AI soldiers and invasion forces.
Guild v Guild battles (Would be awesome to have pvp battles on a massive scale with ships, completely conducted by players)
Reward levels

As I said, I know this would never happen, and sorry for the description being sloppy. Maybe, with the slightest chance, if we get this widely known, it can come true. Feel free to give feedback of any type, I would like to see what people think.

Still more to say.

In order for ships to be built, shipyards must be paid, and different shipyards give your ships different perks.
Perhaps players can start their own shipyards allowing them to sell ships to guilds, and have the shipyards work somewhat like crew skills.
Business system. I have a whole other branch for this, but to put it in a nutshell, players can start businesses and merge them with guilds, allowing guilds to essentially own shipyards and weapon manufacturing.

I got this idea from the way SWG worked(somewhat.)

Here's a small 'tech tree' of how the Navy could work.

Keep in mind, these ships are only republic ships.

Naval Guild Tier 1:
Can Build and Own 2 smaller ships:
Wanderer-Class Transports
Defender-Class Corvette

Naval Guild Tier 2:
Can Build and Own 2 more ships:
Thranta-Class Corvette
All of the Above

Naval Guild Tier 3:
Can Build and Own a total of 8 Ships:
Hammerhead-Class Cruiser (Limit to 3 or 4)
All of the Above

Naval Guild Tier 4:
Can build and Own a total of 10 Ships:
Valor-Class Cruiser(Limit to 1 or 2)
All of the Above

Naval Guild Tier 5:
Can build and Own a total of 15 ships:
All of the Above
Can start 1 infantry platoon (AI) per Cruiser class ship owned

Naval Guild Tier 6:
Can build and own a total of 20 ships
Can start 1st Main base on any planet with 3 buildings to start:
Barracks (Can train 1 platoon per 3.5 days per barracks)
Vehicle Factory
Main Building/Command Center

Naval Guild Tier 7:
Can merge 5 platoons into regiment
Can build 2 more bases on any planet
Can build Military Academy on Main Base:
Trains 1 Regiment per week

Naval Guild Tier 8:
Can merge 2 regiments into a Division
Can start mass producing bases, 2 per planet
Can turn Main Base into Fortress, allowing docking of capital ships, allowing diversion of naval crew to ground crew.

Naval Guild Tier 9:
Can invade Other sides Planets (Different phase so new players don't get rekt)

Forgot to mention, guilds can go against a guild that is 1 level higher or lower with them.

Armies tree would work the same, starting at level 5, then instead of level 9, will go to naval level 1, while retaining ground stats.
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12.11.2016 , 09:40 PM | #2
I like this idea.

I fear it will be way too much work to implement, but the idea I think is very good