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[Artifice] Crafted relic

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[Artifice] Crafted relic

Ayok's Avatar

12.10.2016 , 04:22 AM | #1
Anyone noticed that the crafted relic stats, are wrong?

The tank relic have Mastery and Power.

The DPS have Endurance and power..

It's that working as intended?

mwissie's Avatar

12.10.2016 , 07:14 AM | #2
It's been that way for a long time already, and only the 220 MK-26 tanking relics had endurance in 4.0
looking at the torcommunity database there's again only 1 type of tanking relic with endurance; but I've not seen it anywhere ingame

it's working as intended, but in my opinion it's still ****** (I'm keeping my old relics for a long time)
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