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Healing Question for Level 50 Corruption Sorcerers

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Healing Question for Level 50 Corruption Sorcerers

Finerva's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 11:34 PM | #1
Can you tell me a little about your healing experience later in the game?

I have a 17 Sorcerer and I wanted to see how healing felt at end game in terms of the three other healing classes.

Do you have any trouble healing raids? Do you main heal or just off heal?

Would you prefer to heal as a Merc or Operative?

Do people like Corruption Sorcerers healing their FPs/Raids or whatever, or is it one of those things like, "well, we'd like to have a druid but all we got was a disc priest".

My concern is that if I am playing the class for the healing role, I want it to be a real asset after 50 levels of /played, not just a poor mans heal bot.

Thanks in advance.

**Please don't come in here with complaints about the class being broken and how you converted to Operative/Merc whatever, I am sure there is already a thread for that.**

StevieCheese's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 08:57 AM | #2
I can try to answer your q's. I am personaly at 45, but i i have 3 sorcerers in guild that are at 50, 2 of which are healers. From what i they told me they have almost no problem healing(raid or tank) The biggest concen is force managment. Alot of people really like the heals they currently have from what i have see. They also leveled as healing.

Jigglypants's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:19 AM | #3
I don't think alot of people started raiding yet, but personally I have tried doing hard mode flashpoints.

As it is I actually think sorcerers have it pretty nice right now when people stil have bad gear. Our main advantage is that we can burn alot of force to keep people up since our resource is a pool, which fits well with the burst damage I have seen people take.

Now since I am a healer myself I haven't played with any operative or mercenary healers in any hard mode flashpoint, but my bet is that they would struggle a bit more than I do. Their regen gets lower the more resources they spend without regening, and even if they are awesome for sustainability they might face problems with all the burst healing required.

That said I have no doubt in mind that operatives and mercenaries will be awesome for raids aswell, but from what I can tell the sorcerers will always have a place beside them. Now I'm only speculating, but if I were to design an 8 man raid group with 2 healers (even if you might want 3), those 2 would probably be 1 sorcerer and 1 operative/merc. The 3rd could probably be either.