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The Case for an Alderaan Stronghold

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The Case for an Alderaan Stronghold

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12.27.2017 , 07:35 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by LordFell View Post
I'm thinking very square construction. One big, central room (big enough to house a Starship Hook, should you desire) with an overlooking balcony. The balcony would be held up with a series of round pillars... but there would be room around the outside of the pillars for Large hooks. For the most part, walls would be very squared off. Flat wall coming down to a 90 degree angle with a flat floor. Grand double stairs up to the second floor... nice SQUARE rooms off the ring around the balcony. Perhaps a nice garden outside the fancy main doors.

...another idea. If you do the Bounty Hunter story, you can pick up the title Baron(ess). I was thinking it would be neat-o, if other classes could pick up noble titles as well. Perhaps unlocking 9/9 your Alderaan stronghold, and getting your Completion over 90% could unlock the title Count(ess).
This sounds great to me for an interior layout! The central room would be great for a ballroom, the square rooms on the side to serve as offices, bedrooms, etc. I'd love there to be a nice outdoor garden part where I can put topiaries and statuary, ideally with a small balcony looking out over it. Think the fantastic view from the Shining Star Cantina, pubside Alderaan.

I'm also pleased by how many people like this thread, I was afraid my original post was too long and detailed and would turn some people off. Also, since I started this, we've had the Umbara stronghold become unlocked via in-game activity. Therefore the idea of an Alderaan rep and quest to unlock it doesn't seem as farfetched as it did at the start.
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01.02.2018 , 02:47 PM | #32
Alderaan is without a doubt, the next stronghold I really, really want.
...I mean, except for maybe a Manaan Stronghold.

"but wait... you just got a Manaan stronghold!"
"no. we really didn't."