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Yet another GSF-oriented YouTube channel!

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Yet another GSF-oriented YouTube channel!

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10.11.2016 , 08:55 AM | #1
Greetings and Salutations, GSF community!

Name's Heizen 'Heinz' Berg of Iota Squadron, Progenitor. After quite long struggle with my rig and Shadowplay I have finally forced it to work with SWTOR... so I thought - might as well record some kewl vids and share with the world for relax & recreation purposes as well as have our own share of contributions into the community. Who knows? Maybe some rookie or two gets inspired to fly hard?

Personally? Immah fan of Strikers and would love to have more folks show some love to these underused and underappreciated crafts! Flying META all the time is dull as hell, especially when you have to constantly deal with Evasion nonsense of Scouts and GS!

Our RepSide version of Iota is Vermilion Squadron led by Baudran Amelion. We are basically one and the same at this point as we share all our pilots with each other trying to have some resemblance of balance on server... which is really, really hard to achieve these days. So fresh blood is welcome and we are more than happy to help this community grow!

Anyways, here's my YouTube channel so subscribe me maybe? I will try to post as many interesting Striker matches as inhumanly possible! Also check out channel of my compadre Jovan. He haz some 300-400 vids uploaded and still going! For more diversity and lulz I will make an effort to include our TS babbling if people gimme consent!

Would be all for now! Counting on thine support! Clear skies! o/
Verd ori'shya beskar'gam
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